IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2006-08-28

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pitillothis week will continue again with nut work. Working but not made a nice user/group configuration with udev....Bit a bit. And next, the gui to see nut?s reports.02:05
mike_kpitillo: nut - ups monitoring tool?02:10
mike_kI ve made a quick port... not tested yet02:11
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pitilloei I like to see it if I can02:21
pitillomike_k, and I can upload mine if you want to take a look.02:22
mike_kpitillo: of coarse, but I've only made a dirty port. Not tested, so expect no comments from me for now02:23
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pitillomike_k, mine is tested but not well done b now. If you want to take a look the Pkgfile is here.
pitilloand footprint is here too.
pitilloIf you can take a look and tell me about problems or sugestions :)02:26
pitilloby now I?m working with udev rules. I can run it only by root, and want to do it well, runned by nut (user/group)02:27
mike_kI'd like to see it free of gui stuff. I only need a possibility of network monitoring... no other comments yet, it's not on my todo list for this week02:34
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pitillowell I can get it working only by root like I said. When I?ll finish it I like to port mge utils too, and use the gui to see ups state. By now usable in terminal mode by root. Bit a bit...03:37
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richi_authi, could someone please tell me, how I can find out the names of my network interfaces?03:46
Falcon|dmesg |grep eth03:47
richi_autoh... thanks. was grep'ing for net :(03:48
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cptnrichi_aut: or ifconfig -a03:59
richi_autthanks (should read more man pages...)04:00
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treachsomehow I got the impression /usr/share wasn't supposed to contain files..06:05
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treachmost stuff seems to be put into dirs that are related to the package, like curl grub, and so on. but apparently pciutils doesn't play nice. :p06:13
treach(I just found pci.ids and usb.ids skating around in /usr/share.)06:14
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tilmantreach: ah, that's what you mean. agreed, that's unusual. not sure what the FHS position is on this07:13
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mike_ksometimes people talk of LFS like the way to go, other day they blame it... Afterall - it's a kind of standart. I can't get that point.07:23
treachLFS is a standard?07:24
treachFHS, LFS, LSB, LSD... What's a standard and what isn't. :p07:25
mike_kI prefer LSD07:27
rxiyeah gotta love limited slip diff07:27
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treachwell, all fhs says is "It's recommended that a subdirectory be used in /usr/share for this purpose"07:31
treach(fhs 2.3 p22)07:31
nipuLi just saw the emmys, give themselves an emmy, for the emmy awards ceremony they did last year.07:33
rxihence why the tv is on in the other room and im not there07:35
sematikanyone know how to build wxpython properly?07:39
rxiprt-get depinst wxpython --install-scripts?07:39
sematiki haven`t used the last part07:39
sematiksame error07:45
rxiwx* can be a whore at times07:46
pitillosematik, which port are you trying? is your own port? at there are 2 options. Take a look to Pkgfiles  if you are using one of them and see diffs between them. If is your own port may be you can take some idea from there. (I din?t tried that and can not help in other way, sorry)07:51
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cptnsematik: also, providing the error message often helps08:12
sematiki have tried both08:23
sematiksrc/helpers.cpp:1366: warning: control reaches end of non-void function08:24
sematikerror: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 108:24
sematik=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/contrib/wxpython/wxpython#' failed.08:24
sematikthat after many error lines...08:24
qidgenerally the first error is the most important, because it could be responsible for any errors after it08:25
j^2hey all08:26
rxihey j^208:26
j^2how's everyone doing?08:26
rxi*looks around* pretty good im guessing :P08:26
brointhemixyup, cool here :)08:28
sematikqid may i send you the log ?08:29
brointhemixhi j^208:29
qidum... not sure it'll do me any good, since I have none of the source code and have never used whatever package this is08:30
cptnsematik: post the log on a pastebin service08:33
sematik...a pastebin service?08:34
pitillo for example08:34
sematikok, here it is :
cptnerror: wx/wx.h: No such file or directory08:38
sematikyes i saw that but dont know what it means08:38
cptnwx.h is missing08:38
treach /o\08:39
sematikfrom where? the source?08:39
cptni.e. the package (wxwindows) to which you want to build the python bindings for08:39
cptnsematik: just install the dependencies of the ports...08:40
sematiki have them installed man08:40
sematikpython + wxgtk08:41
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cptnbut wxgtk provides wx.h08:52
sematikyes i have read that too08:56
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sematiki installed wxgtk from opt...08:58
sematikbut dont have that file...i think it should be here : /usr/lib/wx09:00
mike_k usr/include/wx-2.6/wx/wx.h09:01
sematikdont have that folder...09:02
cptnwxgtk installs it09:02
pitillosematik, are you sure that port is correctly installed ?09:02
sematikok i have that folder and yes the port installed without any errors09:03
sematikthe file is @ /usr/include/wx-2.6/wx like mike said09:03
mike_kstill get that "error: wx/wx.h: No such file or directory" ?09:04
sematiki can try a simlink or something09:05
mike_kthat might help09:05
cptnsematik: you get a perfectly clear error09:06
cptno config found to match: /usr/bin/wx-config --toolkit=gtk2 --unicode=yes --version=2.6 --cxxflags09:06
cptn# in /usr/lib/wx/config09:06
cptnTha'ts N o config found to match: /usr/bin/wx-config --toolkit=gtk209:06
cptn               --unicode=yes --version=2.6 --cxxflags09:06
cptndamn :-/09:06
cptntry running that command09:06
cptnif it fails, then something's obviously wrong09:06
cptnit works for my 2.6.309:07
cptn(wxgtk 2.6.3)09:07
sematikso i have to change the Pkgfile?09:09
sematiksymlink didnt work09:09
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cptnwhat does that command tell you?09:12
sematiki dont know...09:13
treach"go back to windows."09:13
sematikshut up09:13
sematiksick of your shit09:14
treachwhoo, feisty one.09:15
sematiki am here cause i need help, you arent here to help so sht09:15
* rxi shakes his head09:15
treachtsk, tsk.09:16
treachHow much did you pay me for the ritght to tell me to shut up again? I guess the check got lost in the mail.09:17
rxitreach: you big bad n00b basher :P09:18
treachgah. I'm not bashing anyone. I just don't get why people think we owe them shit.09:18
rxihehe im just playin09:19
rxii hate them too09:19
treachAnd where they got the notion that this is their 24/7 paid support line, I have no idea.09:19
sematikif want dont want to help why are you here? this is supposed to be a place were people help each other09:20
sematikjust grow up09:20
treachno, it's a place where people chat, mostly on topic. (oh well.)09:20
rxisematik: no where does it say anyone has to help anyone else09:21
treachI got told to grow up. Right. I wish I could frame that one..09:21
rxitreach: right next to the other ones :P09:21
treachyeah. :)09:21
bd2sematik, welcome to the internet: most people here not so polite than you expect. it's better to ignore things you don't like.09:22
treachand some people expect everyone else to bend over backwards for them.09:23
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sematik2 times i ask for something and there is always this one person to make some comments09:24
treachyeah, I'm the local fly on the wall.09:24
rxisematik: thats just our antin00b device09:24
sematikbend over? dude i just asked for help to install some software09:25
treachWas I talking abou you?09:25
pitillosematik, this is a free world... you have the choice to ignore them and people here have the choice to ignore you. Dont worry about and look for a solution. If here can not help you, look for in another way09:26
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treachalso note that this channel is about crux. Random problems related to $stuff you try to put on it is usually better solved by using resouces that are specifically available for that $stuff.09:28
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bd2"Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you'll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself." (c) boy from matrix :-)09:30
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cptnwow, quite the attitude09:45
rxiyour suprised?09:47
jjpkcptn: monday angst. :]09:48
cptnrxi: yeah, kinda09:49
rxiits seems like a 50/50 chance these days that we get a n00b with an attitude or a normal one09:56
cptnit's just sad since there are newbies who are willing to learn, and help resolve the problem09:58
rxiyeah thankfully there a few of those out there09:59
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pitilloI ported a little app, dmidecode If anyone can take a look to it and tell me about the port :)10:13
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pitillothe /usr/share/doc is well done removing them? or may be it's a good idea to keep README at least? (I removed it entirely)10:45
pitilloI think it?s well done removing all...10:48
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rehabdollthere's no way to automagically force make via ports to use multiple threads (-j 5 etc) ?11:07
rehabdollthe only make-flags are those specified in the Pkgfile?11:07
cptn export MAKEFLAGS=-j<n> in pkgmk.conf11:08
rehabdollah, beautiful.. thanks11:08
cptnlast time I tried it, a couple of port broke11:10
cptnsince their Makefiles were not save...11:10
cptnunfortunately I can't remember which ones11:11
rehabdollthanks for the heads-up11:12
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qidpitillo: yeah, there are guidelines for which files to delete11:27
qidin the handbook11:27
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pitilloqid, I read it and didn't see a lot of info about. But thanks for the remind I reread it again and see that doc, can be putted like unwanted info.11:35
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brointhemixthere's a md5 mismatch in contrib/gcc-fortran12:37
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pitilloI think mainteiner isn't here. May be is a good idea to email him and tell the problem12:48
brointhemixhmm, that's not a bad idea after all :)12:50
pitilloI think it's the better if maintainer isn't here.12:51
pitillowell, IMO here you can talk about the problem better than by email, but if maintainer isn't here, you always have the option to email him12:53
tilmanecho "here is a leet kernel.diff" > /dev/null12:54
pitillohere the answer that someone tell me about that problem is directly to email him12:54
tilmansame thing12:54
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sumAuge^: did you try crux now?13:03
Auge^uhm... i tried 1h after i joined... ;)13:03
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sumand is it working?13:04
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Auge^sum: yeah. but some things aren't working... v4l, zsh settings...13:06
Auge^and wmakerconf :/13:07
Auge^wmakerconf: proplist.c:1384: WMGetFromPLString: Assertion `plist->type==WPLString' failed.13:08
sematikwhat is the prob with v4l13:09
Auge^no prob. just unconfigured.13:09
Auge^### video4linux device info [/dev/video0] ###13:10
Auge^general info13:10
Auge^    VIDIOCGCAP13:10
Auge^        name                    : "BT878 video (Hauppauge (bt878))"13:10
sematiki use bttv 213:10
Auge^bttv2? version 2?13:10
sematikno, bttv to13:11
Auge^another version of bttv driver`?13:11 i was just saying my hardware uses that module...bttv13:12
Auge^ah, "too" then.13:12
Auge^:) np13:12
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Auge^hi treach13:12
treachhi Auge^13:13 I apparently asked while I got silently disconnected.. Anyone with a suggestion for a more fully featured sftp client than the one shipped with sshd?13:16
treachyafc is too buggy for me. :/13:16
tilmanlftp does sftp, too. i never used it w/ sftp though13:17
tilmanfuse-ssh might be someting to try :)13:17
treachdoh. I didn't think of that. :P13:17
treachthat one has served me well in the past.13:17
Auge^wmakerconf: proplist.c:1384: WMGetFromPLString: Assertion `plist->type==WPLString' failed.13:18
pitillotreach, gui ones? gftp13:18
Auge^mh, any idea?13:18
tilmanAuge^: is awesome :-)13:18
Auge^tilman: maybe. but i am wmaker slave =)13:18
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treachpitillo: I can't get that one to work, and I kind of prefer cli programs, but thanks anyway.13:19
tilmanbother the wmaker losers^Wguys then13:19
tilmani think the only crux user who uses wmaker is/was per13:19
treachI used to use it quite a lot in the past as well.13:20
pitillotreach, no problem, mine works prefectly. I use it and it's easier than cli ones (in my case)13:20
treachheh, I've got konqi right here, and it works excellently, but I'm trying to break that habbit. :p13:21
pitillotreach, fish it's nice :D but a I change it for a little one... gftp. I changed kde :)13:22
treachyeah. KDE is sometimes more than you need.13:22
pitillotreach, In my case was always more than I need.13:24
pitillo(and I had a little machine to run it, that's another truth) xD13:25
treachthen it's a good thing there are alternatives, isn't it. :-)13:25
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treachYou don't need that much of a computer to run it, building it is worse.13:25
treach500MHz/256MB should be more than enough for most things.13:26
pitillosure, but with other wm got more performance and not all the stuff installed by kde13:26
pitillosure, in the first I used was in a 300Mhz/128MB and works fine... but when see flux or E, I fall in love with them13:28
tilmanpitillo: openbox!13:28
treachtilman: what's so fantastic with openbox?13:29
tilmanit just works13:29
tilmanhard to say when you're using it for years, i think13:29
treachmost windowmanagers fall into that category I think, with the exception of fvwm, obviously. :p13:30
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* treach triumphantly holds up the remote13:32
pitillotilman, sure, I tried it too, and black... but by now thinking only in E :D13:39
Auge^*grrrrr* wmaker don't want to use my old config... *grrrrrrr*13:44
Auge^.oO( 3hrs later... )13:44
tilmanhf ;)13:44
Auge^tilman: shut up! ;P13:44
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treachtilman: Actually I'm trying it out atm, but I'm not so happy about the themes. You don't happen to know how you shrink the name-list, do you? (make it not quite that high.)13:47
treachI can't find the name of that value. :/13:47
tilmanwhat's a name-list? :)13:48
treachthe thing on top of your windows where the title is.13:48
treachI guess titlebar is another name.13:48
tilmanhang on13:49 = .... :pixelsize=something_smaller13:50
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tilmani think13:50
tilmanborderWidth too maybe13:50
treachI don't think those are what I'm looking for.13:50
Auge^ok, settings back =)13:51
treachborderwidth is only the frame around, and active.lable.txt is only the font..13:51
tilmandunno then. never really learned the theme spec13:52
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treachok. It doesn't seem to be terribly well specified. At least I've failed to find it.13:53
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treachah. I was wrong..13:58
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treachI just didn't mess enough with the fontsize for it to make any difference.13:58
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Auge^hmpf. wmakerconf is broken. menus will be build like a random machine...14:20
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Auge^mh, i really miss alevt in ports... which videotext application should i use else?15:11
treachhow about attempting a port, if you really miss it? ;)15:12
Auge^yeah, of course :) is there a good tutorial anywhere? mh... but wait... .footprint .md5sum and Pkgfile is done in few minutes15:14
cptnfootprint and md5sum is generated by pkgmk15:14
cptnand the Pkgfile basically just includes what you'd do when building manually15:15
treachalso if you get stuck it usually isn't any worse than you can use some other port as a template/example.15:15
cptnunfortunately, alevt hardcodes pathes in "make install"15:16
Auge^so... i just need download source if the source package is "clean" (make/configure...)?15:16
Auge^not clean...15:16
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Auge^cptn: so... a patch for makefile is necessary... :/15:17
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cptnAuge^: either that, or you install the files directly in the Pkgfile15:18
cptnit's always nicer to create a patch for the Makefile, and even better to submit it to the original author15:19
cptnbut for your most urgent VT needs... ;-)15:19
Auge^ok... first some other packages to install... some things to fix...15:20
cptnalso, it's a good idea to really understand the example from the handbook15:21
cptnand to look at other ports15:21
cptnbut in the end, it's just a matter of getting the hang of Makefiles and building software15:21
cptnif you're done a couple, it'll start to feel natural15:21
cptn*if you've done...15:22
Auge^yeah ;) i've build some packages for pkgsrc (netbsd)... but this is a little bit more complicated... because of dependencies and so on...15:23
* treach collects his jaw from the floor15:24
treach*this* would be *more* complicated?15:24
Auge^be careful with it =)15:24
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treachare you sure you understand the meaning of "complicated"?15:25
Auge^treach: yeah. i never was familar with it...15:25
cptnso how does pkgsrc handle dependencies?15:26
cptndo they have a paperclip making suggestions?15:26
Auge^treach: it is my opinion. you don't have to share it.15:26
treachok, I use to say that what is difficult is in the eye of the beholder, but I have a hard to belive Pkgfiles would be more complicated than pkgsrc makefiles.15:27
treach*hard time*15:27
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treachcptn: someone told me that the paperclip recently said in an interview it had it's aim set on prt-get for it's next version, any comment on that? :p15:31
cptnyeah, I heard that too15:31
cptnsome kind of advanced used interface15:31
treachbtw that INSTALL thing seems to work pretty well so far.15:31
treachwith pkgutils.15:32
cptnyeah, tilman did a good job15:32
tilmanbasically, i just hacked your patch into shape15:32
tilmanotoh, it's not black magic15:33
tilmandue to the beauty and KISS etc etc of pkgutils, it's easy to implement15:33
tilmanbut it's cool to hear that it didn't break your system:)15:33
cptnyou meant the beauty of the C++ programming language, right?15:33
treachQuestion is, pkgutils, is it evoulution, or intelligent design? :p15:33
tilmancptn: haha <315:34
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Hancptn, I found a problem. /var/run/random-seed is world-readable. It should be chmod 60015:58
cptnwho's providing it on your system?15:59
HanI simply added a chmod 600 to /etc/rc16:00
cptnI don't have that file on my system16:00
*** destruct_ has joined #Crux16:00
cptnI only have var/lib/urandom/seed16:00
cptnand it's 64016:00
*** nope^ has quit IRC16:01
HanPkgfile:    chmod 640 $PKG/var/log/boot $PKG/var/lib/urandom/seed16:02
HanYup. Just to make sure it doesn't get messed with I added that line to /etc/rc16:02
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HanWhen I found it it was 644. :-}16:04
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_mavrick61Any core member here..20:05
* Romster shrugs20:08
_mavrick61Info to Core members: I have just restart the bigbrother client on the Crux server, it indicate not responding here.20:08
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Romster_mavrick61, bigbrother client? eh what port is that?21:54
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MalevolenTHas anyone experimented with crux and vserver?22:39
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