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pitilloummmm testing a new version of amsn. Anyone test the contrib version? If yes, which tk and tcl versions has?03:51
pitillowell, updated and works fine, but with older tk and tcl versions. May be need to test it again with the newer versions. Thinking in mail maintainer and talk about this port.03:54
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pitillo(It?s a bit old, seems to be halted)03:54
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rxipitillo: generally contrib is tested stuff03:59
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pitillorxi, I can not make contrib port working with lastest tcl,tk and tls ports. (and without tls too). I touch all Pkgfiles of them and it works great. But see the version in contrib it?s a bit outdated too. Think mail maintainer is the best in this case. Thanks for the tip.04:23
rxiyeah err you do that :)04:24
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pitillowell like I say always, if anyone want to take a look to Pkgfile is in problems or opinions are welcome. (.footprint at same location but hide)04:45
pitillotrying with newer version of tk and tcl. Hope it works now.04:54
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pitilloAt the end works with opt ports :)05:06
pitilloummm but not tested without tls...05:06
pitillohappy to have known CRUX. :)05:12
bd2pitillo, you're mixing tabs and spaces. :-)05:32
pitillobd2, thanks. I?ll review all to remove that errors. :)05:34
bd2 - personally I prefer that style. Tabs for indenting, and spaces for formatting.05:37
pitilloreading a bit at core ports and there are some ports that mix spaces and tabs too05:39
pitillowell, found one by now but continue checking a few more05:40
pitillonot sure if are mixed or are formated. Putting my ports with spaces only...05:41
rxiaslong as its readable doesnt really matter eitherway05:41
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pitillowell, bit a bit :)05:53
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systemx_hi, i no longer get a long in prompt when i start crux. although if it loads X/GDM i can login just fine. any ideas how to fix this?09:31
qidbd2: nice broken page09:32
qidHTML served as text/plain09:32
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Romsterdriver-zoran is ment to be in 2.6 kernels yet i can not find it.10:44
treachRomster: type "make menuconfig", then type "/" then "zoran"10:46
pitilloalways learning here...10:47
treachquite useful trick, isn't it?10:48
DaViruzoh you can search in menuconfig10:48
pitillosure, don't know about it. Always use grep xD10:48
guaquai grep too :D10:49
Romsterwas using xconfig10:49
Romsteri looked in .config file10:49
Romsterwith vim10:49
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j^2hey all10:50
Romsterffs i'm lookign in video capture adapters i do not see any zoran10:55
Romsterfuck it i'll do it int he config file10:55
pitilloRomster, wich kernel version? In are them.11:04
pitilloRomster, did you folow the info provided by the trick?11:05
Romsteri see it when i search menuconfig but its not either in the menu nor int he .config file so i manually added it to the .config did oldconfig and it just removed the 2 entys on me11:06
RomsterVIDEO_ZORAN=m and VIDEO_ZORAN_DC10=m11:06
Romsteri added11:07
Romsterunless it can't be a module for VIDEO_ZORAN ?11:07
blizzi didnt know menuconfig can be searched via / either.. damn cool11:08
Romsteryeah i didn't realsie that either i did the search in a text editor on the .config file11:09
Romsterwarning: unexpected data < pos, I got the 3 lines it needs VIDEO_ZORAN=y VIDEO_ZORAN_DC10=Y and VIDEO_DEV=m and it still bitches to me on the 2 zoran lines...11:13
Romstererm and no i didn't mess the caps and lowercase that was just a typo here.11:14
Romsterseriously i do not see it "unexpected data" my arse i'm taking a shower and i'll attack this later.11:19
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pitillono way with udev. Don't understand why can change the group of a device but not permissions11:50
treachpitillo: tried this one?
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pitillotreach, Yes but think I'm missing something. Looked at /dev and group were changed, but no effect in /proc. Thinking it isn't doing nice12:06
pitillothe rule is provided in source, but readed some links related to create udev rules too.12:07
* treach puts on his "?" face. "Sorry. That makes no sense to me."12:08
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pitillosorry, my english level is poor. When plug device, in /dev/bus/usb/... puts the group defined in udev rule, but in /proc/bus/usb... do nothing. I'm trying to run a little script to change group and permissions by PROGRAM option in the udev rule. Thanks for the link :)12:11
treachyou are welcome. Good luck with it.12:13
treachand don't be sorry for your english. Provided that you did your best, it's your school that should apologize.12:14
treach<- afk12:15
tilmanwhy would you want to change ownership of stuff in /proc?12:18
tilmani think that doesn't make sense?12:18
tilmani cannot think of a sane use case12:18
treachwell. Accessing a ptp camera as a normal user would be one such case in my books.12:19
pitillotilman, I'm trying to change group to monitor a ups. Reading documents included recomend to create it. Really I need to be root to see it?12:19
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tilmanmmh, okay12:20
pitillowell, found the problem. Need to read better. Missed the usermap file needed by hotplug.12:23
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pitillowell, time to test it and see when it'll crash the system13:04
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pitillowell, nut ported :)14:05
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cptnwow, that's pretty bold15:56
cptngentoo spam as global notice15:57
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brointhemixmaybe they payd for the advert :)16:02
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brointhemixaren't gentoo people overeacting about performance?16:03
brointhemixi got a friend who prefers to sepnd all his night building gentoo to doing a 45 minute-long CRUX install16:04
brointhemixjust for the sake of "better persormance"16:05
brointhemixbut hell, what's the difference anyway? both are i686 built, right?16:05
cptnwell, you can optimized harder16:05
cptnit won't necessarily be faster16:05
cptnnor work better16:05
cptnbut if you read their forums, you'll see plenty of "it feels a lot faster now, although I didn't measure it" type of comments16:06
cptnso it seems to make them happy, which is a good thing16:06
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brointhemixthat's more like social studies linux distro :)16:07
brointhemix"how to make people think it's faster that it really is" ;)16:07
rehabdollby the way, why no more crux64?16:07
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brointhemixrehabdoll: little interest?16:08
cptnrehabdoll: the time was not ready yet, it appears16:08
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rehabdolli see16:09
cptnI guess as long you have to duplicate major ports in 32-bit to get mplayer with win32 dlls, acroread and flash it's pretty uninteresting16:11
cptns/ports/parts/ although it's almost the same meaning16:11
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nut543Does every package from ports work just like that?17:50
* treach mutters about arrogant gentoo shitheads.17:51
treachlike what?17:51
nut543just like in woooosh! package installed!17:52
treachports in core/opt/contrib are supposed to be tested and working.17:52
treachand the woosh! factor is highly depending on your hardware.17:52
nut543i have i68617:53
treachtechincally an old p6 with 32MB ram fits that description.17:54
treachnut543: The provided ports should work, that doesn't mean it's like running apt-get, some minor work might be needed. Usually simple things like footprint mismatches etc.17:57
treachthose are usually pretty easy to explain and of little to none consequence, however, if you want to avoid doing things yourself, you should probably look at another distro.17:58
nut543i haven't said that...18:06
nut543ok thanks.18:06
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rehabdollwow, lilo apologizing for worthless global notices. oh the irony18:27
treachthere is a first time for everything, apparently.18:45
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treach hmm.18:59
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Hantreach, =)22:19
Hanfrightened citizens are so much more obedient to insane laws.22:20
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