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marocptn: oh, I wasn't aware it didn't do that :)00:00
marocptn: hmm, you didn't touch the post-install on your last commit00:23
maroso I don't thinki it's foxed ;)00:23
maroerr, you did00:23
maroit just looked so much like a Pkgfile version upgrade that I missed it ;)00:24
blizzcan anyone confirm a build error for libgphoto2-2.1.601:41
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blizz2.1.6 works, 2.2.1 doesnt. bummer01:50
Romsterwhat program?01:55
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maroblizz: ah, you get that "error: does not work" message?02:26
blizzyep, something about 'String' not being defined02:30
blizzbtw maro, i grepped the chanlogs for aiglx/compiz.. you got it working?02:30
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Hanblizz, well that's a very clear problem-report :-)02:44
blizzHan, no need to fix anything02:53
blizzthere was no need for a problem report.03:01
blizz2.1.6 is just fine. 2.2 branch was released mid june, maybe the maintainer had problems with the new version, too.. anyway, nevermind..03:03
Romsterhmm i'm trying to build it03:04
Romsterno 2.2.103:06
blizzyup, that one should work03:06
Romsterthe one that you said is broken03:06
blizzi just bumbed the version number to the test the most recent version03:07
Romsterwaht tool chain you on crux 2.2 or gcc 4.1.1 and glibc 4 ?03:08
blizzgcc 4.0.3, glibc 2.3.603:08
Romsteri'm on 2.2 on this pc, i wanna bump up the tool chain but i jsut cbf doing it heh.03:09
Romsterah k the default for 2.203:09
blizzmaro, still on? ;-)03:10
Romsterhmm problem in the sonix03:13
blizzi just rm -rf'ed /03:27
blizzsecond time in.. 4 year03:27
blizznot bad03:27
blizztime to reinstall i guess *cough*03:27
cptnblizz: _lots_ of software doesn't compile against 2.2.x03:28
blizzcptn, noticed that. using 2.1.6 now03:28
cptnmaro: I also had a look at the LFS docbook stuff yesterday, but didn't manage to get it right yet :-/03:31
cptnblizz: ah, you very talking about gphoto... :-)03:33
cptnnot freetpye03:33
cptntreach has some ports03:33
blizzahh, i'll have  a look then :-)03:34
blizzgphotofs doesn't really work.03:34
cptnhttpup sync libgphoto203:34
cptnhttpup sync gphoto203:34
cptn(his repo is not on portdb IIRC)03:34
blizzack, didn't find anything there03:34
blizzanyway, right now i'll have to think about backups03:35
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bd2 another shit emerged06:18
mike_kcptn: is there a plan to add reports about undefined version comparation results in the prt-get summary? E.g. "1.4.2a ? 1.4.2"  and "1.0PR1 ? 1.0RC1".06:18
mike_kfor the "prt-get sysup"06:18
cptnmike_k: you mean when using -kw?06:18
guaquawhat is the way to move a whole system to another hd?06:19
cptnor -kh or whatever the option is called06:19
guaquais there a command to copy all the files and their attributes?06:19
bd2 - the same thing with gentoo06:20
mike_kcptn: no, that is nothing to do with these switches. I mean if prt-get is unsure if it has found a newer or an older version in the ports tree - it simply ignore that package on sysup.06:21
mike_kSome kind of report at the end would be nice.06:22
cptnmike_k: the rule is very simple v1 != v2 -> upgrade06:22
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cptnif they're ignored, that would be a bug06:22
cptnthe version= files doesn't tell you whether the port is newer or not06:22
cptnand since the ports tree only changes forwards in time, any different version found in the ports tree is considered "newer"06:23
cptnalso if the actual version numbers appears to be lower06:23
mike_kcptn: oh, that "preferhigher" caused such behaivour06:24
cptnin this case, it sounds like a good idea06:25
mike_kok, I'll rephraze all above plus 'when preferhigher is on"06:25
cptnit's not planned, but sounds like a good idea06:25
tilmanmaro: noooo06:30
mike_kcptn: please consider, if that if you'll have a time. I am not a qualifyed c++ coder :(  Thanks again.06:31
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deus_ex_I just *love* when someone in the building is playing with fuse box...07:15
deus_ex_Fscking lunatics07:15
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deus_ex_Recomendations on good UPS are welcome.07:16
tilmanbuy two and send one of them over to me :P07:16
deus_ex_You have similar problems(crazy 'hood?)07:17
deus_ex_APC 350va/210w seems nice, and  price is below 100 euros.07:19
deus_ex_I was/am saving to replace my gf4mx440, but most of the cards sold here are either pcix, or radeon ;)07:20
deus_ex_And I will not replace my m/b so I can put pcix card in just yet.07:22
tilmanall the cool kids have a radeon07:22
deus_ex_tilman: Never was a cool kid me.07:22
tilmanradeon = good ;)07:23
tilmanget an older agp card07:23
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benitojust an update from my sda problem yesterday07:23
benitoi installed kernel and the problem is gone07:24
deus_ex_tilman: There are rumours that gf7300 gt will come in agp version, too.07:24
tilmandepends on whether you want a card that's usable with free drivers or not :P07:25
deus_ex_Pcix version is around 80 euros.07:25
deus_ex_I don't have a probelm with using nvidia binary drivers.07:26
rehabdolli just bought one for less than 70 euro07:26
deus_ex_I have a problem spelling, apparently...07:26
rehabdollall passive cooling07:27
deus_ex_rehabdoll: 7300gt?07:27
deus_ex_Is it any good?07:27
rehabdollgood enough for me07:27
deus_ex_Reviews I read are very positive.07:28
deus_ex_Great value for money.07:28
rehabdollalthough there are some tvout issues with their drivers.. overscan is reset whenever i switch from tvout to tft, wich can be quite annoying07:28
deus_ex_I hope agp version will come out.07:28
deus_ex_rehabdoll: iirc, that would be fixed in 9x series of drivers.07:29
deus_ex_Check nwnews.net07:29
deus_ex_That and few other issuses, problems with Xvideo, I think.07:31
benitothre is something i dont understand though...using this kernel and the new udev all the modules are auto loaded, that didnt happen with the default kernel+udev from crux 2.207:31
benitosorry for the offtopic :-/07:32
benitobut i would like to understand that07:32
deus_ex_benito: Now udev uses black magic, few spells were added in this version.07:34
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treachtilman: the only problem with that approach is that soon won't be able to get a m/b with an agp port. If they aren't entirely off the market already.07:37
benitoi can see that there are plenty of jokers around07:38
deus_ex_treach: No pata on new intel m/b.07:38
rehabdoll#crux humor is quite "special"07:38
treachdo you know the real joke..?07:39
treachthe real joke is that if you want a well supported gfx card that fits on a new mb, you'll have to get a pci card..07:40
deus_ex_treach: full circle?pci-agp-pci07:41
tilmansome radeon pci express card are supported well, too07:41
tilmanr300 class ones :P07:41
treachindeed. It's a killer joke.07:41
deus_ex_In a few years, I expect agpx :)07:41
treachtilman: they are? I thought r9250 was as high as the support went.07:41
cptntreach: asrock has a new agp board07:41
treachcptn: Oh, I haven't seen any of that.07:42
cptnwell, I'm not sure how new it exactly is07:42
treachok, I guess it's just the places where I look for hardware that doesn't get such old fashioned things.07:42
cptnbut it has sata2 :-)07:43
mike_kasrock is known to produce very budget boards, isn't it?07:43
treachmike_k: yeah07:43
treachbasically it's some ultra budget asus boards iirc.07:43
mike_kI heard that too07:43
cptnand the nice thing is that is also has a PCI Express x16 slot07:43
treachI've got one system here with one, floppy disk controller DOA.07:43
cptnand an AM2 extension board for future CPU/DDR2 setups07:44
treachhappily that doesn't matter..07:44
deus_ex_1 x Future CPU Port, too.07:44
guaquaasrocks sometimes suck07:44
guaquaand sometimes they are ok07:44
cptnguaqua: any other brand you'd say never sucks?07:44
deus_ex_I like gigabyte m/b.07:44
treachI've always had good luck with epox07:44
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mike_ksun boards? =)07:45
guaquacompared to the experience i have from asus, asrock boards suck a lot more07:45
treachgigabyte have had some odd quirks in the past.07:45
deus_ex_treach: I never had any problems with them(this is my second).07:46
deus_ex_ymmv, of course.07:46
cptnit appears to be similar to filesystems07:46
deus_ex_Gigabyte/intel chipsets.07:47
treachhehe.. two boards, now that is statistically fireproof, right? ;)07:47
cptnyou can always find someone with good and had experiences with a particular type07:47
deus_ex_treach: :)07:47
tilmantreach: i think all of these are supported
treachtilman: thanks, I'll bookmark that.07:48
tilmanjust these ARE NOT:
tilmanand above, if any o_O07:49
treachcptn: Windows® VIsta(TM) Premium Logo Hardware Ready.. Damn, I've got to get one of those..07:49
deus_ex_Nice m/b.Too bad it is for AMD :)07:50
treachtilman: Good to know. :)07:50
treachdeus_ex_: are you joking?07:51
deus_ex_treach: I'm not big fan of AMD.07:51
deus_ex_No particular reason, I just prefer Intel.07:52
treach*shrug* Your loss.07:52
deus_ex_I would take Core Duo over 64-bit AMD any day of the week :)07:53
rehabdolli recently bought my first intel cpu since -99 :)07:54
treachIf you've got money to burn, I'm confident intel is a good choice.07:54
rehabdolli bought the low end duo 2 core, E6300 or whatever its name is07:55
rehabdoll~1500 SEK07:55
deus_ex_treach: I'm not rich enough to buy cheap stuff :D07:55
treachSo? I don't know anyone who ever had a problem related to their AMD CPU.07:56
treachI wish I could say the same about intel... :p07:56
rehabdollintel chipsets are a lot sweeter than nvidia/via ones though07:57
rehabdollthats my experience atleast07:57
deus_ex_With amd cpu no, with amd chipsets....07:57
treachamd doesn't really make chipsets.07:57
treachsis and via has a tendency to produce lemons from time to time though.07:58
rehabdollvia chipsets give me nightmares07:58
deus_ex_Chipsets for it(via, nforce etc.)07:58
treachthe nforces I've had all worked pretty well. Nivida is tight with specs though. :(07:59
deus_ex_rehabdoll: Exactly.07:59
rehabdolli ripped out my server motherboard (via) and replaced it with my old desktop mb (nforce2) when i bought my new hardware08:00
deus_ex_treach: Recently my friends sister had problems with dvd-writer(only reads cds, no dvds).08:00
rehabdolland the nforce2 board seems to be a lot more well-behaved than the via one though08:00
deus_ex_So, we tried it on several other computers. 6 to be exact.08:00
treachand that proves what?08:01
deus_ex_On computers with intel chipset it worked perfectly.08:01
deus_ex_On via and sis chipsets didn't.08:01
treachmm. so, tell me, where is the problem?08:02
treachA is compatible with B, but not C or D. Which component is most likely to be faulty..?08:02
deus_ex_treach: Same happened with my dvd-writer(same model).08:03 I spy a pattern?08:04
deus_ex_Also, replacing said dvd with several other didn't work, either.08:04
deus_ex_What did work, apparently, is switching from VIA chipset to nforce one.08:05
deus_ex_So, choosing 'wrong' chipset for amd can pretty much make life miserable.08:06
treachAs I said, VIA and SIS are known lemon producers..08:06
treachbut sure, the mb chipsets has always been the achilles heel of amd.08:07
treachStill, intel isn't worth it, imo.08:07
treachridicoulusly overpriced spaceheaters imo.08:08
deus_ex_They come handy when winter is cold, and heating doesn't work :)08:08
treachmm, but they are quite expensive radiator replacements.08:09
rehabdollintel hasnt been worth it since athlon was released.. until now with core 2 duo IMO08:09
treachwe'll see about that, amd isn't on the same generation yet.08:09
deus_ex_They should switch to 65nm next year, iirc.08:11
deus_ex_That should allow them to go over 3Ghz.08:12
deus_ex_Interesting times ahead :)08:12
treachheh. If this old piece of junk still works, I bet I'll still be using it next year. :)08:13
treachTotal overkill already. :p08:13
treach(barton 2500+ @700Mhz, 1G RAM.)08:14
deus_ex_celeron@2Ghz, 512 Mb.08:15
rehabdolli had no real reason to buy new hardware, except that i was bored :(08:18
deus_ex_rehabdoll: Buy me 1G RAM next time you're bored :)08:19
treachmaybe you should see an shrink instead. ;)08:19
treachs an/a/08:20
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treachtilman: btw, I think the fact that I have downclocked the cpu might have something to do with the fact that openbox won't work right.08:21
treachiirc all the people who have reported problems have fairly lowend systems.08:21
treach(me waits to be told he's completely wrong.)08:21
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deus_ex_treach: Why did you downclocked the cpu?Experiment?08:34
treachno. Less heat. Less noise. Longer life span. Absolutely NO need for it to run at max speed.08:37
deus_ex_treach: Have you played with cpufreq?08:38
cptnI don't think the 32-bit athlons support that yet08:39
cptnexcept for the mobile ones08:39
treachyou can archive something like that on the nforce2 mainboards.08:39
treachI just haven't bothered with it.08:40
deus_ex_Oh.I did.Cool stuff.08:40
deus_ex_treach: nforce2?You mean m/b regulates cpu speed?08:41
deus_ex_How does that work?08:41
treachinvestigate the  cpufreq-nforce2 and atxp1 modules.08:41
* deus_ex_ adds yet another thing to mile-long TODO list08:42
treachiirc there is an howto at gentoo somewhere.08:42
deus_ex_There always is.08:42
treachyeah. :)08:43
deus_ex_'Gentoo.The crash test dummies of Linux'.08:43
deus_ex_guaqua: They consider themselves leet.It comes with the teritory, I guess :)08:46
guaquait must :)08:47
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rxijdolan: you seen its all gone, pete tong?09:28
deus_ex_Pete Tong.That sounds familiar.From MoS?09:42
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deus_ex_Or were that cheesy remixes in the 90's?09:43
deus_ex_I don't remember much of the 90's...09:44
deus_ex_Answer is google away, but I can't be bothered :)09:45
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cptnmike_k: lists undecided ports in diff and sysup10:00
mike_kcptn: very kind of you!10:01
cptnI wasn't quite sure about the output format10:02
cptnso I didn't commit it yet10:02
cptnneed a bit more time to make up my mind :-)10:02
deus_ex_cptn: undecided?10:02
cptndeus_ex_: well, there's a "prefer higher" feature10:03
cptnwhich prefers higher version numbers of ports10:03
cptni.e. if the tree has 2.0, and you have 2.1 installed, sysup won't update it10:03
cptnhowever, I think it's impossible for a tool to understand all notations10:04
cptni.e. 1.0RC1 vs 1.0PRE110:04
cptn-> the version comparator returns undefined, and prt-get is undecided whether it's newer or not10:05
mike_kor with the latest mysql: 5.0.24a vs 5.0.2410:05
deus_ex_imho, tool should report, and let human decide.10:05
cptnthe default is just to trust the human beings creating ports10:05
deus_ex_Cool :)10:06
mike_kdestruct_: and let human to decide if to run "prt-get update" by hand10:06
cptnbut the prefer higher thing has been requested10:06
mike_kerr, I should get rid of XChat10:07
deus_ex_mike_k: :D10:08
deus_ex_cptn: Thanks for explaining that, our fearsome leader :)10:09
deus_ex_Yay, food.10:10
cptnyeah, right :-)10:11
treachdeus_ex_: those are non-exclusive. ;)10:12
deus_ex_treach: 'fearless' is 'knows no fear', right?'fearsome' is...errr...10:17
* deus_ex_ wishes he hasn't stared at english teacher's breasts so much10:20
deus_ex_She was a babe, plain and simple.10:20
treachfearsome -> inspires fear10:24
treachopposites, but not exclusive. :)10:24
deus_ex_treach: Can someone inspire fear and have no fear at the same time?10:25
deus_ex_Inspire fear in newbies and has no fear dealing with them in most unpleasent manner?10:26
deus_ex_Most unpleasant for them, naturally ;)10:28
treachNothing is impossible, or so they say.10:30
deus_ex_When there's will, there is a way.10:30
deus_ex_Look at msft.10:32
treach< afk10:33
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tilmanopt/wine is outdated so often it's not even funny13:08
mike_kalso, it's man page was in /usr/share/man13:13
mike_ksame update frequency with samba last days... both have much to do with win32 world.13:26
tilmanare you suggesting that there's a conspiracy?13:27
mike_kyeah, a plot13:32
mike_kthey are trying to oppress low bandwith users13:34
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treachwhy? Does your computer die if you aren't running the latest and the greatest?13:50
tilmanthat last statement makes me think you misread 'outdated' as 'updated'14:05
mike_kit could be me, nevermind14:09
tilmantreach: nah14:09
treachfunny really. Wine is really beginning to seem like it could be useful now. Only, at least I don't have anything I'd need it for..14:12
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rehabdollI tried playing the game "call of duty" via wine.. it worked flawlessly17:21
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Romsterdon't supose there is already a script that uses the ports database or footprint files to show rouge files in the filesystem, ex ones that have been manually installed.23:58

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