IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2006-09-03

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marotilman: can you think of a clever way to make git Pkgfiles? (like cvs -D $version)02:01
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Romsterhmm i've made a nice svn version been meaning todo the same for git and then add cvs to it and then modify it to maybe be apart of pkgutils.02:19
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cptnRomster: check out prt-utils03:47
RyoSmaro: you should stop that with some water :o03:48
aonnot if it's a grease fire03:50
RyoSoh then03:51
cptnmaro: doesn't it make even more sense for git to create a tarball first, and then make the port use that?03:54
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cptnmaro: considering that unlike svn, you'll check out the whole history of a project03:54
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Romsteri was wondering about the git revision numbers there not there O_o03:56
Romsteryet its got 100 commands yikes03:56
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mike_kaon: I don't remember if I asked you: can you actually '.sync' (make it available) splint?04:05
aoni don't have that port around anymore04:08
cptnI don't think we have your repo synced in portdb anymore04:09
aonme neither04:09
cptnso the last state is preserved04:09
mike_kaon: oh, it appears in ports db somehow even with .sync file.04:09
cptnin case people want to use those ports to base theirs off04:09
mike_kaon: Don't you mind if I take your version, and '.sync' then?04:10
aonor i could take it and you could start syncing me again04:11
cptnto contrib as well?04:11
aonwhy not? :)04:12
aoni'll see what i can .sync04:12
cptndid you just remove ;-)04:12
aoni moved it to anttinyk.httpup04:13
Romsteri'm wating for damn prologic to co hes svn so it can resync *mumbles* i've emalied him but hes prolly too busy with hes sport to even login and update it, and no he wont cron or give me access todo it...04:13
cptnaon: ah, okay04:13
mike_kRomster: will it be rude to ask if there is any energy drink you use constantly?04:15
cptnmike_k: :-)04:15
Romsterlol why?04:15
cptnaon: portdb will be synced 7 am tomorrow only04:16
Romsterand no i don't04:16
cptncontrib in about an hour04:16
cptnthanks for joining in again04:16
Romsteri have heaps of energy as it is now04:16
mike_kanyone has *BSD system by hand? Is getopt_long(3) available there?04:19
aon(on openbsd)04:19
aonand on netbsd too04:20
mike_kaon: thanks. that brings another question: anyone had troubles with qemu running recent Open/NetBSD (even without accelerator)? My keyboard just presses return key randomly during install o_O04:21
Romsterrofl thats funny04:22
mike_k(google didn't confirm that is a known issue)04:22
Romsterat the same time as being anoying04:22
marocptn: it isn't that bad actually04:27
marocptn: I like the ports to be independent of the maintainer04:27
maroe.g. a user can bump the version himself, and isn't dependent on the maintainer's server being up04:28
Romsteryeah like i did earlier with wine04:31
maroor like Han does with the e17 stuff04:36
Romsterwell some stuff i keep a local copy and modify it here and not have it in a repo as it would be a duplicate then.04:40
marocptn: hm, have you considered some sort of option for prt-get to ignore certain packages in recursive dependency listings? :)04:49
maro(all x11 apps are pretty hard to get an overview of with X11R7)04:49
Romsterlooked at the ML recently?04:53
Romsteri read about a patch one person made for such a thing well adition ya can do yourself.04:54
mike_kmaro: wouldn't that be a particular case?04:54
Romsterxorg already says its x11 so thats not a problem anyways04:54
Romsterx11 (provided by xorg)04:55
maroRomster: it still lists its dependencies04:57
marowhich is a whole lot04:57
maromike_k: yes, that's one particular case, I'm sure there are others04:57
marognome and kde to mention some04:58
mike_kthat way user must have an ability to choose such apps(groups), not hardcoded in prt-get.04:58
marowhich is what I suggested04:59
mike_khow to generate such hard-to-overviw listing on 2.2 with xorg 6.9?05:00
marothere is no xorg in 2.205:00
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mike_kare you shure? prt-get info x11: "URL:"05:02
mike_knot X11R7 of coarse05:02
maroare you being stupid on purpose?05:04
mike_kI doubt, but some misunderstanding is always present with such un-native speakers as I am05:06
mike_ksounds like for me it's better to be silent05:08
marofair enough :)05:08
maro(the first part)05:08
marono need to be silent, but perhaps read twice if something doesn't seem to make sense :)05:09
mike_kmaro: I can't recall... was that you being pasting live journal links on gentoo community crisis?05:10
marocould be05:11
maroactually I think it was netbsd05:11
maroalthough they seem to all be in crisis :)05:12
mike_kyeah, thats another story05:12
Romstermaro you sure you put xorg as the first item on the conf?05:12
maro(or have been for a while, but the press is covering it now)05:12
maroRomster: thanks for trying to help, but please, don't05:13
Romsteri haev xorg and there is no such problem you have if you relly need to use the update or install and lnly list the dependicys you want.05:14
Romsteri'll go and do something useful then not needed here...05:14
maroRomster: here's what I mean:
maroand the one I'd like to avoid to see:
Romsterso thats normal i get that too just install xpenguins05:19
marodoes seem a bit weird that the dependencies of the "real" x11 is added05:19
Romsteri don't see the problem there it'll not put X11R6.9 on the system as it says xorg is on05:19
maroRomster: did you check deptree-2.txt?05:19
Romsterx11 can be R6.9 or R7.1 it dosn't matter its still X1105:20
Romsterzomg just keep X11 on the list and it'll be fine.05:20
Romsterelse the database needs to be altered along with all ports that say X11 to be saying xorg05:21
Romsterx/xorg its still X1105:21
Romsterand yes i've been down your path b4 and figured that one out for myself.05:22
Romstermaybe crux-2.3 will use xorg by default.05:22
Romsteri hadn't looked at the roadmap05:22
maroyes, that's why this is a fucking problem05:22
* treach watches the mushroom-cloud forming at the horizon.05:22
Romsterand xorg will have more modules as its modular05:23
marodamn you're fast05:23
Romsteri still do not see a problem.05:23
maroI bet there are lots of problems you don't see05:24
Romsteryou got everything else installed so it wont try to install them again05:24
Romsteri design electrical gear for heavens sake and do sound mixing i see alot of stuff.05:24
Romstermeh sort it out yourself.05:25
Romsterits nto broken so why fix it?05:25
* Romster walks off todo other work.05:25
Romsterps the only thing i can see as a problem would be installing the xpenguins program would use x11/xorg depending on what you list, but oviously everyone would have there prefered x version on before so that situation would be a very rare one.05:28
Romsterand see i do find problems! but the chance of that is slim, the ports system isn't ment to be idiot proof. -is off now-05:28
maroit isn't a matter of being fool proof05:29
maroit's a matter of making a dependency list that's so long that it takes two minutes to read05:30
maroand an hour to understand05:30
Romsterthen don't use xorg!05:32
mike_kwith the current output format it wount be nice, but is really have to be implemented on the prt-get level? cat deptree-2.txt | grep -E -v "xorg|-->"05:32
mike_k*is it05:32
Romstermaybe it needs a is missing but you could grep for '[ ]' to only show the ports that are missing.05:34
Romstererm that arn't installed.05:34
Romstermaro, if it bugs you that much make a patch for pkgutils and submit it for review/inclusion that probbly what any dev here would say right?05:36
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maromike_k: true, although it could become unhandy when you also consider gnome and kde (which I know you don't :))05:58
maroRomster: pkgutils doesn't support dependencies05:58
maroRomster: also, some use prt-get to read dependencies, not to just blindly install them06:00
mike_kmaro: at least some simple shell filter could be written with configuration stored in ~ or /etc, then making an alias prt-get=filter_prog...06:02
mike_kIMHO, much less work than adding such functionality to prt-get06:02
maromike_k: true, good catch06:02
marothere aren't enough use cases to justify it being in prt-get, I agree06:03
mike_khope that is not dissapointing? there are many other handy things we can imagine. But KISS is behind a corner.06:06
maroyeah, perhaps feature removal should have a higher priority in prt-get ;P06:08
marothough it does seem bogus that the x11 deptree lists the real x11 dependencies when xorg is providing x1106:09
Hanmike_k, `grep pattern file' is better that `cat file|grep pattern'06:10
bd2mike_k, that was me who pasted urls to crisis around debian and gentoo06:11
mike_kbd2: I remember that, but someone had posted the gentoo link before you06:11
mike_kHan: of coarse, it's a bad habit I can't get rid of (06:12
mike_kmaybe I like the 'cat' utility too much.06:13
Hangrep bd2\| .irssi/logs/\#crux.log|grep http06:14
Hanyes that could be replaced by grep 'bd2\|.*http' .irssi/logs/\#crux.log06:15
rxiHan: was regex your first language? :P06:23
treachnah, aon is probably the only one who was born speaking it.06:24
cptnmaro: I'm starting to thing that the deptree feature should maybe be a separate tool06:38
Romsterseperate tool i quite like it in prt-get...06:43
tilmanmaro: checking out a tag or head-of-some-branch is easy, but date... dunno06:45
Romsterand the long list dosn't bother me, seems to bother maro the most06:45
Hanmaro is a grand-distributor of opinions.06:46
treachI don't get that long list problem. Seems like I can't provoke that listing..06:47
cptntreach: do you depend on 'x11' or 'xorg'?06:49
cptnI mean, the port you're checking :-)06:49
treachx11, I guess.06:49
treachoh. So that list appears when the port depends on xorg?06:49
treachI see.06:50
cptnthe x11 case is special cause it's an alias06:50
treach(I think I missed the beginning of the discussion.)06:50
Romsterx11 is x/xorg though so why does it matter? R6.9 Vs R7.1 just beause Xorg have taken over X, and the fllesystm layout standard still says X11R6 iirc so its still X11.06:52
Romstermy 2 cents worth06:53
tilmani missed the beginning of the discussion, too06:53
tilmanare you silly?06:53
tilmanthat alias is there to make opt/x11 compatible (dependency-wise) to x11r7 (xorg)06:53
tilmanso it _does_ matter06:53
Romsterif R7+ is on X11 sound be a (sym)link instead of a alias.06:53
marocptn: yeah, makes sense :)06:54
tilmansymlinking what?06:54
tilmanthere are no symlinks in the package database06:54
Romsterbasicly saying its xorg on te system without haveing to sed all the ports from x11 to xorg.06:54
* treach shakes head06:54
Romsterwell x11 provided by xorg thing in the database06:54
cptnit's not in the database06:55
cptnsome BASICS are lacking here06:55
cptnat least that's what the desert fox told me06:55
marotilman: not necessarily date, it could be anything that makes the tree unique06:55
Romsteri haven't looked at how the database works all i know the flatfile in /var is increadibly slow to parse wouldn't a RDBM be much better like sqlite..06:55
tilmanmaro: like, the commit id (sha1)? :D06:55
tilmanthat's easy!06:55
marotilman: but obviously the commit id is a bit sucky :)06:55
tilmangit reset --hard deadbabe06:56
tilmanthe port author gets the tree, looks up the commit he wants06:56
maror42 or 20060123 is a bit more saying06:56
tilmanr42 isn't06:56
tilmanit is, a bit ;)06:56
marohm, wondering what pkgadd's max length of the version string is06:57
tilmandid you check the git docs whether there's some date-to-first-sha1 function in git?06:57
marotilman: i tried, but you know what quality they are in ;)06:57
tilmanwould be trivial to implement, if it isn't there yet (hint, hint :D)06:57
tilmanbother #git06:58
Romsterbe limited to the commandline length?06:58
maro(man pages that underline "see this page" various places, ...)06:58
maroRomster: I don't think it is06:59
* maro looks it up06:59
maroerr, C++ makes so little sense06:59
marowhat's the size of "string"?06:59
marodynamically allocated? :P07:00
marook, thanks :)07:00
Romsterunlimited another words lol07:00
cptnfor any machine with an unlimited amount of RAM07:01
marohehe, like jaeger's07:01
Romsteryeah limited by system resources.07:01
marooh well, git commit id's will cost a bit of page width on portspage listings, but I guess there's no viable alternative :)07:02
cptnIIRC you can shorten them as long as they're unique07:03
cptnof course, it may become ambiguous in the future07:03
maroyeah, and they still don't make any indication of the age of the port07:03
cptnmaro: are you building compiz git ports? ;-)07:11
marohave a full aiglx repo ready, just need to figure the version thing out07:16
cptnI'm looking forward to try it07:17
marowhat video card do you have?07:17
cptnplayed with it a bit yesterday, but gave up eventually07:17
cptna radeon 925007:17
maro(aiglx doesn't work with nvidia yet)07:17
maro <- there you go :)07:20
maroI'll publish a httpup repo or some such when I've cleaned up a bit07:21
maroyou'll need Option "XAANoOffscreenPixmaps" "on" in your driver section07:23
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marobut it works well, I've been running it for 2 weeks now :)07:24
maroto launch, "gnome-window-decorator & compiz --replace <plugins, I just use gconf> &"07:26
cptngnome-window-decorator sounds kinda bad...07:33
cptndoes that work without gnome?07:33
maronot gconf at least07:33
cptnI have gconf07:34
cptnbut gnome-window-decorator wasn't compiled here07:34
marognome-window-decorator doesn't link to any gnome libs at least07:34
cptn(in my own tests, that is)07:34
maroonly glib/gtk stuff07:34
maroyou didn't do any --disable-gnome or whatever? :)07:35
cptnno, but it said "gnome: no" after running configure07:35
marohm, compiz does link against control-center, gnome-desktop, libwnck etc. :(07:36
maroshould I send you my g-w-d binary? :D07:36
cptnalso, the compiz aiglx patches are in a separate subdirectory now07:36
cptnyour compiz port references an older location07:37
marothe bastard moved it07:37
cptnI'll just try my compiz build with your updated mesa, libcm and libdri07:38
cptnalsa, mesa is at rc2 now :-)07:39
cptnare you using mesa-cvs?07:39
cptnI mean, both are included in the tarball07:39
marocptn: compiz doesn't need libcm07:42
maroI get black boxes as shadows when using rc207:42
cptngood to know07:43
maro(talked to upstream already, I'll try to rebuild the X server against 6.5.1 when it comes out, it should have been released tuesday...)07:43
marocptn: the cvs thing was before they made an rc, but figured I'd keep it since it could be useful in the future07:43
cptnyeah, couldn't find the rc1 tarball yet07:43
cptnI'll try cvs for now07:44
maro :)07:44
maronp :)07:44
marolibcm is for metacity (when using aiglx) btw07:45
cptnthis is the Pkgfile for xorg-server with all patches from krh07:45
marothanks :)07:46
cptnnot sure if they caused my problems yesterday though07:46
cptnalthough that was with "stock" libdrm and mesa07:47
marothose should be fine07:48
cptnthen my hope is gone :-)07:51
marowhat happens when you launch it?07:53
cptnI get:07:53
cptn" No GLXFBConfig for default depth, this isn't going to work."07:53
cptnthe ubuntu forums recommends to reinstall mesa...07:54
rxicptn: gone over to the dark side?07:54
cptnlots of hits, nothing really helpful on crux though07:54
cptnno, I just google myself...07:54
tilmancptn: btw, you might want to use mesa 6.5.1. opt/mesa3d uses the stable release07:55
tilmanor maybe you figured that out yourself yet ;)07:55
tilmananyway, the devel release has insane amounts of stuff :P07:55
cptntilman: my /usr/ports/x11r7/mesa3d is @ 6.5 as well07:55
cptnmaybe my ports are outdated07:56
tilmani somehow assumed you ran opt/x1107:56
cptnthat one doesn't have aiglx07:56
cptnlet me try maro's mesa 6.5.1rc107:56
tilmanbump that to rc2 :P08:00
marotilman: read the backlog08:00
marothe X server won't build against any of the rc's for me :/08:00
maromissing slang-something.h08:00
marodid you read the backlog yet?08:01
tilmanbuild the x server against an older cvs08:01
tilmanthen update the mesa driver to the latest08:01
marodid you read the backlog yet?08:01
tilmandid you read the backlog yet?08:01
maro<maro> I get black boxes as shadows when using rc208:01
maroI'm just using an xserver built against 6.5, but others had problems when jumping from rc1 to rc2 as well08:03
maroa recompile of the X server against the rc mesa fixed it for them08:03
guaquahow would you make an exact copy of a linux system?08:10
guaquacos i need to change the hard drive the system is running on08:10
guaquaand wouldn't like to reinstall the whole thing08:10
marocp -a everything but the virtual filesystems08:11
maroor tar08:12
deus_ex_guaqua: partimage?08:12
tilmanimages are bad if you're gonna switch hard disks08:12
tilman(except if the disks are identical ;)08:12
guaquathey aren't08:12
guaquathe other one is about 10 times bigger :)08:13
deus_ex_Then backup home and packages, install 2.2 from iso, run sysup?08:14
deus_ex_Packages that you built since you installed 2.2, that is.08:15
guaquadistfiles and the ports tree should do it?08:15
tilmanthat's a bit silly08:15
tilmanconsidering that cp -a or tar work nicely08:15
guaquamaybe i'll just tar and see if i can get it working08:18
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guaquaif not, then reinstall08:18
guaquawell, it's my router so -->08:19
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cptnmaro, tilman: okay, that particular error was fixed by updating mesa08:23
deus_ex_Q: I want to package foo.jar.Shell wrapper goes to /usr/bin.Any particular place to put jar in ?/usr/lib?08:24
marodamn I'm good08:24
tilmandeus_ex_: put it in $CLASSPATH08:24
tilmanie find out what crux' default classpath is08:24
deus_ex_tilman: How do I do that?08:25
marodeus_ex_: it's /usr/lib/java IIRC08:25
tilmani'd start by reading the j2re pkgfile :P08:25
maro(which is stupid as it's arch independant, but wtf)08:25
deus_ex_tilman: OK, thanks :)08:26
marocptn: have you considered enforcing port README's to be shown and then ignore all signals for 30 seconds? :)08:27
maroperhaps with a little spinner which jump between R, T, F and M08:28
deus_ex_maro: Great idea :D08:31
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deus_ex_tilman: man java says that if -classpath is not passed when launching app, and $CLASSPATH env is not set,08:37
deus_ex_default is current directory.08:38
deus_ex_Looking at j2re Pkgfile didn't help, btw :)08:38
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o cptn08:39
deus_ex_So, my guess would be /usr/lib/java/bin, which is silly.08:40
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o cptn08:51
marodeus_ex_: no, obviously it should be the current work directory08:56
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o cptn08:58
deus_ex_maro: I'll just put them in ~/bin for now.08:58
cptnI think blackbox does the trick for me :-)08:58
marocptn: hehe :)09:05
cptnit actually ran now09:06
cptnbut once it just displayed some line pattern, and with quinn compiz it locked hard...09:07
maroquinn-compiz doesn't work for me either09:07
marobut then again, it's developed by people who distributer their code via phpbb09:08
marocptn: perhaps export LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1 in your .xinitrc09:19
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cptnI used that on the command line already09:23
RyoSi am having a slight problem with libiconv.. packages i want to build like fontconfig or the gimp fail building as they cry about a missing lib, which is libiconv..09:24
cptnI get a bunch of errors like "pixmap <addr> can't be bound to texture"09:24
RyoShow can that happen? i always need to fix the Makefile manually by adding LIBS: -liconv09:24
cptnwell, the question really is how did you end up with libiconv...09:42
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marocptn: sorry, no clue :(09:50
RyoScptn: cant tell either.. it is needed by vlc from yhafaris ports...09:52
RyoSnothing else needs it actually oO09:53
cptnno, I don't have a libiconv on my system09:55
deus_ex_RyoS: vlc-0.8.5?09:58
deus_ex_It doesn't need libiconv.09:58
deus_ex_I'have an updated port for it, if you like.09:58
RyoSbo:fontconfig# prt-get dependent libiconv10:00
RyoSmh yes.. but what about my libiconv problem?10:00
marocptn: wtf was that commit message? :)10:02
cptnmaro: well, upstream released 1.3.4-RC110:03
cptnbut they didn't change the internal version number10:03
cptnso it says 1.3.2 in the GUI10:03
RyoSdeus_ex_: which repo do you talk about? dahl?10:04
deus_ex_RyoS: No, I have my own (semi)updated vlc.10:05
deus_ex_I'll send you tarball, if you'd like to play with it.10:06
deus_ex_Caveat emptor and all that :)10:07
deus_ex_btw, does gimp build fails at configure stage, looking for libconv or...?10:07
RyoSit fails when building apps or whatever.. i need to adjust this makefile..10:08
RyoSsame for fontconfig.. i need to adjust several makefiles to make it build10:08
deus_ex_That's just wrong.10:09
RyoSit sure is oO10:10
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deus_ex_Run revdep, that might come up with something.10:10
RyoSjust removed libiconv and now it works fine10:10
deus_ex_Good :)10:11
deus_ex_If you still want vlc repo, it is here
RyoSthanks :)10:20
deus_ex_It's been a while since I last built it, so it may require some cleaning up :)10:21
RyoSwill work with it :) thanks :)10:21
deus_ex_np :)10:21
RyoSbtw.. what shall i do with apps listed in revdep?10:25
deus_ex_Rebuild them.10:28
RyoSok thats what i though ^^ will do10:28
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marohmm :)11:27
qidis it possible to make man/less read in iso-8859-1 and output utf-8?11:43
qidI have UTF-8 working already for most things, but certain man pages are messed up, if I leave the default LESSCHARSET=latin1 I get goofy-looking block characters, if I change LESSCHARSET=utf-8 I get weird command sequences11:49
morlenxusI updated the nvidia module to the new version, and now i get on startup this message: (EE) Failed to load module "glx" (module does not exist, 0)11:50
morlenxusWhat's wrong/what has changed?11:50
morlenxusThere's a readme. :)11:51
tilmanmaro: ping12:58
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marotilman: pong13:50
mike_kthat cood be nickname spoofing attack. Be aware of that =)13:52
blizzmaro, ping!13:52
blizzhm, doesn't /dev/input/event* being readable by anyone enable keylogging?13:52
blizzwell, not enable.. making it possible13:53
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mike_kblizz: /usr/src/linux/Documentation/input/input.txt14:06
mike_kif you'll find a way to read root's keyboard - let us know14:07
tilmanmaro: didn't you have a nice patch for ?14:22
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sepenhi! all14:32
treachwhee, some action.
Hantreach, are you using my xfce ports?15:05
treachno, jues beta repo.15:08
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blizzmaro, can you give me youre aiglx repo link? :-)15:13
mike_kblizz: seems it's
blizzi saw that in lastlog, just thought there might be a httpup repo.15:16
blizzplus the link results in a 40415:17
mike_kah. so, wait for him to awake15:27
blizzyeah, i'll do :-)15:29
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blizzwhere's mike_d? i found a way to read root's keyboard17:42
blizzanyway, mailing it to jaeger..17:47
treachit's k, for kalashnikov.18:12
blizzbad c++ code reading event0 as keybaord: :-)18:21
* sepen has a new port in his repo: chkrootkit19:07
treachyou *are* aware that it's already in opt, aren't you?19:13
sepenI trying to find chrootkit ...19:15
sepenthat's the problem19:16
sepenI removed my port19:16
treach info chkrootkit19:16
treachName:         chkrootkit19:16
treachPath:         /usr/ports/opt19:16
treachVersion:      0.46a19:16
treach"Bon Appetit"19:16
sepen$ cruxer -sd chk19:16
sepen   opt        chkrootkit19:16
sepen   han        chktex19:16
sepen   yhafri     chkfontpath19:16
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