IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2006-09-04

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SiFuhbad news guys00:05
SiFuhnot sure if you heard it yet00:05
SiFuhSteve Irwin passed away00:06
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Romsteri just posted that.00:11
Romsterbut no one is active here00:11
SiFuhi just joined00:11
Romster#linuxhelp had a big chat of it earlier00:11
SiFuhmy brother sent it to me just a few moments ago. So sad00:11
SiFuhhmm I can't get UTF-8 to work on OpenBSD :-/00:14
Romster14:45 i posted that url00:15
Romsterand you joined at 15:08 by me00:15
aonyour clock is 4 minutes off :)00:15
SiFuhso you on Thai time00:15
SiFuhoh yeah00:19
SiFuhI am on Thai time, ssh'ing into australia00:19
Romsteri got ntpd sync unless tor is really laggy00:19
SiFuhmy mistake00:19
Romsterheh tis'ok00:19
SiFuhyeah mine says 15:18:5700:20
SiFuhalso ntpd :-/00:20
Romsterwas gonna say thought you where making my ntpd lie :)00:20
Romsterthen how can it be so far out00:20
SiFuhnot sure00:20
SiFuhprobably cause it only sets time on boot :-P00:20
SiFuh 3:20PM  up 113 days,  2:42, 6 users, load averages: 0.31, 0.24, 0.2300:20
Romsterlol ntpd is a daemon its active all the time as long as its running as a daemon00:22
SiFuhfine i will rerun it :-) to make your satisfied :P00:23
SiFuhi shut it down a long time ago, because /var was filling up00:23
SiFuhi shut all down that wasn't important00:23
SiFuh15:26:26> < SiFuh> hmm00:26
* Romster shrugs00:26
SiFuhguess somthing b0rk3d00:26
Romsterlol silly billy00:27
SiFuhwhat server you getting the time from?00:27
Romsterthats so out...00:29
Romsteri use openntpd00:29
SiFuhis what i was using00:30
aon08:26 < SiFuh> 15:26:26> < SiFuh> hmm00:30
Romsterservers pool.ntp.org00:31
Romsteruse a random selection of 8 public stratum 2 servers00:31
SiFuhhah its still same00:32
SiFuhfsck this i got more important things to do like my utf-8 in openbsd00:32
SiFuh15:31:32> < Romster> servers pool.ntp.org00:34
SiFuhthat's what i had00:34
Romsterodd then read the logs has it been synced recently?00:38
Romsteror run it manually to redo it.00:38
Romsteror your timezone isn't set on the box.00:38
SiFuhi did00:38
SiFuhits all correct00:41
Romsterwtf my gateway that i sync to is like 5 minutes behind my desktop pc, looks like i got a problem here hmm00:44
Romsteri'll check it when i get back00:45
Romstergotta go out now00:45
Romsteryour ok its my desktop pc is out00:45
SiFuhtake care bro00:46
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SiFuhright cya aon00:50
SiFuhi got to go00:50
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sepenhi! anyone knowns a tripware similar but with gpl license??07:00
sepenmmm seems that's exists
* sepen porting it07:04
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blizzmike_k, tadaa, sniffing everyone's keyboard input via evdev wih default permissions: (excuse my crappy style ;-)08:10
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mike_kblizz: are you shure that will let you to sniff the _keys_?08:54
blizzkeyboard input08:55
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marohmm, wonder why jaeger suddenly imported dbus and hal12:10
tilmanmaro: dude!12:10
maroit seems that the next version of hal is going to depend on something called PolicyKit, which in turn needs pam12:11
maroand there's nothing that needs hal in opt, except for kde (optinally), but he's --disabling the qt bindings12:11
tilmanmaro: didn't you have a nice patch for ?12:11
marotilman: haha :)12:12
maroit was an ugly shell script wrapper12:12
tilmanokay then12:12
maroI've sort of gotten away from the idea again12:12
maroI'd prefer plain postinstall scripts instead, where you can run arbitrary commands12:13
tilmanshipping the same post-install script with more than a couple ports sucks big time imo12:14
maromy new idea is to make a tool that parses footprints and generates those12:14
tilmani'm prolly having a stab at it this week12:14
maroit'd need {post,pre}{inst,rm} to be ideal12:15
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marosince then you could do tricks like rm /usr/share/fonts/foofont/fonts.dir in prerm (which would cause the package removal to succeed without any "directory not empty" warnings) and do mkfontdir in postinst12:17
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mike_kbtw, what about storing bash functions somewhere, which can be used from those scripts? post-install with useradd-like functionality filts well here.12:18
tilmanthat's a great example12:18
maromike_k: huh?12:18
tilmaniirc the guidelines say "DONT call useradd in post-install"12:18
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marotilman: did you look at jaeger's hal and dbus ports which are now in opt?12:19
tilmanmaro: adding the file to the footprint (touch fonts.dir) might be enough in most cases12:19
mike_koh my god12:19
maroalso he gives no credit, the problem that has most likely kept dbus out until now is that it didn't build with fakeroot12:19
maroand his new avahi port installs man pages in /usr/share/man12:21
marodamn, there's _no_ QA in opt these days12:21
mike_ktilman: where is that, got link? I really never saw that in docs (although read almost all on
tilmangive credit? huh?12:22
marotilman: I figured the LD_PRELOAD hack12:22
marobut no nothing, except a "what is it?" when I told I found a solution12:23
marowell, workaround :)12:23
maroperhaps the useless "Packager:" should be replaced with a "Contributor:" (or removed :P)12:23
tilmani have no clue what you're talking about12:24
tilmani see no LD_PRELOAD hackery12:24
tilmanbut of course that's really evil of him to incorporate an idea of yours without giving credit12:24
marohmm, true, he didn't include it12:24
maroguess it just won't build with fakeroot in opt12:24
tilmanmaybe that explains WHY he didn't credit you ;)12:24
tilmanfakeroot isn't the officially advertised way to build stuff12:25
maroI know, that's probably why he left it out12:25
marostill think it's weird that it's suddenly in opt though12:25
maro(since it's totally useless by itself)12:26
tilmandoes prtverify check for correct man page directories yet?12:30
tilmanMessage-ID: <>12:32
tilmandoes junio say he's not subscribed to the frigging mailing list of the project he maintains/12:33
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tilmanwtf o_O12:33
rehabdollwow, i'be been reading the debian thread with schilling12:35
rehabdolli enjoy self punishment it seems12:35
rehabdoll1 hour i'll never get back12:35
tilmannew prtverify bitches about /usr/share/man, excellent :)12:43
tilmanjdolan: omfg, opt/madwifi doesn't have .md5sum. please fix that12:49
jdolanbecause it downloads a snapshot.12:50
jdolanomfg =P12:50
tilmanuh, that kinda explains it12:50
cptnjdolan: did you see that madwifi had a real release?12:51
cptn0.9.2, end of july12:51
jdolannot yet, no.  cool.12:52
jdolani uh.. don't really feel like maintaining stuff anymore :-/12:52
jdolanat the same time i realize you guys are spread kinda thin.12:52
* tilman looks for his whip12:52
jdolani get about 2hrs a week total to dick around on a computer these days.12:53
jdolanand i tend to spend it running around in quake2.12:53
jdolani've not touched my ports since probably june.12:54
jdolani'm sure by autumn i'll have more time.12:56
jjpkcptn: maybe the ports team would get a boost with this piece of news.13:00
jjpkI doubt it would be too difficult to get extra help if the "teams" discussed on crux-devel get off the ground.13:01
mike_ktilman: really, I can't find a page telling such usage of post-install is a crime =)13:02
tilmanlet me look for it13:03
tilmanjjpk: what piece of news?13:03
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cptnmike_k: it's just the bad example :-)13:03
cptn(of hiding things from the user)13:03
HusioHi all13:03
jjpkjdolan's lack of free time + the "thinning" of resources as he put it.13:04
mike_kcptn: my particular ones do inform the user.13:04
mike_kok, without that bad example, is it expected at some point?13:06
tilmanyeah, i was thinking of the bad example13:06
pitillomike_k, it seems not to be a crime, but the explanation is nice.13:07
cptnjjpk: sure, it just takes time to get organized13:08
pitillomike_k, I'm not sure if you read it. Only think you don't. Don't want to disturb.13:08
cptnthat's the only page on which really covers pre- and post-install13:09
jjpkcptn: certainly, I am not implying that the plans are not going anywhere.13:09
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tilmancptn: care to s/Packager/Maintainer on opt/python-xlib? :P13:10
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cptncertainly not13:11
mike_kpitillo: yeah, read(along time ago). So its kinda unwanted... but still needed to separate privileges.13:11
mike_kat least I've made them a little verbose, so user who is watching on the terminal window will certanly see that.13:13
* mike_k ckecks if every Readme covers that13:13
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blizzdesperate mesaure #3.. maro, are you on?14:03
maroI'm not sure what they did to evolution 2.8, but it's _fast_14:05
maroblizz: what's up? :)14:15
blizzahh, finally :-)14:15
blizzi read you have aiglx repos? :-) wanted to try it14:15
blizzand btw, compiz now works completely without gnome14:15
maroI know14:16
marocptn just didn't have any luck getting it to work :)14:16
maroand I've only tested it with gnome14:16
blizzahh, cptn is trying it, too? heh14:17
marothere isn't a repo yet14:17
cptnnot anymore :-)14:17
maroI only made a tarball for cptn so he could see how I got it working14:17
marocptn: you got it working? :D14:17
cptnheh, no14:18
blizzmaro, do i need a patched xorg? atm im using tilman's x11r7 repo14:18
maroblizz: nope, the changed ports are in my repo14:19
maroso you just put it before x11r7 in your prt-get.conf14:19
marodo you have gnome already?14:19
blizznope, and i plan not to install it :-P14:19
maro(I haven't tested it wirh jaeger's gnome repo btw, but I guess it can't be very different to mine)14:20
blizzi waited for compiz to drop gconf14:20
marohm, how are people's opinions on making pkgutils more script-friendly?14:24
blizzwhat exactly do you mean?14:24
maroe.g. drop the "Package                File" header from pkginfo -o and use a single tab between the package and filename (nice for 'cut')14:25
mike_kblizz: btw, no luck with that keyboard sniffer ;)14:26
maropkginfo -i is a great example of how I like it to work14:26
blizzmike_k, strange.. it works fine here14:27
blizzdid you get no input at all? and maybe you gotta change event0 to sth else14:27
mike_kblizz: pure linux console or whatever?14:27
cptnblizz: maybe he has CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV not set?14:27
blizzmike_k, do you have /dev/input/event*14:28
blizzcptn, yeah, possible14:28
mike_kevdev loaded14:29
mike_kevent1 - works14:30
blizzhm, so event1 was your keyboard14:30
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mike_k0 is probably a touchpad14:32
mike_kshifted letters and numbers are trivial to add14:33
blizzsure, but it was just a PoC ;-)14:34
blizzand the evdev keyboard mapping is BS14:34
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treachhow extremely unexpected.. ->
blizzhm. got a 2.4 GHz p4-gen celeron  herewhich supports p4-clockmod cpu frequency scaling from 2.1GHz to 2.4GHz (hardware limit according to cpufreq-info). is there any chance to further slow it down? i would want sometihing like 400MHz as lower limit..15:13
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benitohello again16:42
benitoi need help configuring my printer16:42
benitoi think i configured it via cups all right16:43
benitobut no sign of life16:43
benitoDescription: hp deskjet 332016:45
benito Location: /dev/usb/lp016:45
benito Make and Model: HP DeskJet Series CUPS v1.216:45
benito Printer State: idle, accepting jobs, published.16:45
benitoDevice URI: usb://hp/deskjet%203320?serial=HU29H3R3643516:45
benitohp_deskjet_3320_USB_1-22   Test Page   root   18k   1   completed at16:45
benitoMon Sep 4 22:43:14 200616:45
benitoBUT IT PEINTS nothing16:45
benitocommom someone please?16:52
benitodo i need hplip?17:06
blizzmaro, do you have the aiglx stuff somewhere? :-)17:16
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maroblizz: yeah, but I don't think you'll have any luck w/o gnome23:27
blizzhm, i'll give it a try23:40

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