IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2006-09-05

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blizzcan i have a link? :-)00:40
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cohananyone using isdn and crux? for vbox and fax? i brewed a port for isdn4k-utils including those - could name it isdn4k-utils-capivbox ...02:25
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cohanls -la02:42
cptnoh wait02:43
blizzcohan, *lol*02:59
blizzcptn, lol02:59
cohan;) sorry for any inconvenience... hm, perhaps it is the best to make a port for every common isdn4k-utils application02:59
Romstermodulise it like xorg is prolly is best03:00
Romsterthat way they can chosoe what they want and don't have to have everything, unless its 2 distfiles that _only_ that one program will depend on, is it ok to package them together, example wvdial03:01
Romsterbe good to see ISDN :)03:02
blizzimho providing modularized ports for modularized sources is ok03:02
blizzjust don't do it like debian did it with ruby :-)03:02
Romsterlol what did they do?03:05
Romstera port of reach small bit of ruby modules?03:05
blizzoh yeah.03:06
Romsteri hadn't looked maybe i should and be amazed. it be like sub-sub-modules/ports03:07
cohanhmpf, vbox places needed sample scripts to /usr/doc/isdnutils/examples03:14
cohanhow un-cruxish03:15
rehabdollisdn.. those were the days03:25
cohanfor such modularizations, which all use the same sourcefile... is the a defacto-standard or rule-of-thumb how to name the package in the Pkgfile?03:25
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blizzcohan, xorg is like xorg-*whatever*03:26
cptncohan: is it one source tarball?03:29
cptnif yes, what's the reason to separate it into multiple packages?03:29
blizzcptn, how about adding an input group for /dev/input/* devices and setting perms 640?03:31
blizzmaybe still 644 for mouse*/mice03:31
pitillotalking about modularice ports, I?m making e_modules in separate ports Han. What do you think about this? (e_modules_screenshot, e_modules_engage,...)03:32
HanIt's your port03:33
pitilloHan, well there are my ports, but really do you want all modules in contrib?s port?03:34
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blizzcptn, actually i don't know if it's mandatory to add an input group. seems like the only software which effectively makes use of evdev atm is x11r7 and Xorg is a setuid binary anyway.03:34
pitilloI said that because now is needed a EXML lib that only developers really need it.03:34
HanDo you want them?03:34
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cohancptn: isdn4k-utils is a rather unrelated collection of tools, only common thing its all about isdn03:35
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cohancptn: the port already available just features the isdn-dialup stuff03:35
cptnblizz: okay, we can always change this later on03:35
cohancptn: but there are capi-things and vbox inside03:35
cptnah, okay03:35
blizzthanks though for fixing permissions :-)03:35
cptnthanks for reporting03:36
pitilloHan, only an idea to keep them separate. I?ll probably use mine instead of contrib, some errors reported yesterday compiling all modules03:36
blizzoh it was fun coding that little sniffer ;-)03:36
blizzpitillo, e17 ports?03:40
pitilloblizz, e_modules port03:40
Hanafter many many questions, finaly the word, there is `a problem'03:41
pitilloHan, well don?t think in the problem, think if you really want all modules. Only that. Sorry if I disturb you, only want to talk about modularice that port, only a suggestion.03:44
HanIt's a free world, do as you please, I already told you.03:44
HanAnd I'd appreciate it if you'd report `problems'03:44
pitillohackedhead, ok thanks and sorry. Like I said I?ll try to modularice them03:45
pitilloHan, sorry03:45
richi_autpitilo: only a question, but why aren't you using the snapshots fom e17?03:46
pitillorichi_aut, don?t understand your question, I?m using cvs version, and Han?s port template.03:47
richi_autpitillo: there are some snapshots on , or do I missunderstand what you mean with modules?03:48
richi_autpitillo: and i don't know how often they are updated (I tried once to ask, but even they don't know)03:49
pitillorichi_aut, there are a few modules, Han ported them, you can take a look to the port and you?ll see that it makes all modules.03:50
pitillorichi_aut, modules are always updating, someone told me that there are more moving, developers are working on them.03:51
richi_autpitillo: ah, ok, I see, so you take them directly out of the cvs...03:52
pitillorichi_aut, yes, all Han?s ports take stuff from cvs03:53
pitilloonly thought in modularice the modules and don?t build all in cvs. Like he said, I can port them myself and just use them :)03:54
Hanpitillo, the easiest way is to only build the modules that build.04:03
richi_aut*gg* saw your post in #e ;)04:03
pitilloHan, that?s the easiest way true. But thinking in crux way like I said, Is a good idea to make modulariced ports for them? Or is better to modify the e_modules port to make only the modules that can be built?04:05
pitilloI ask this before for the reason that there are some broken, only an idea, don?t wat to disturb like I said04:06
Hanrichi_aut, of course, if pitillo doesn't make proper problem reports I have to do so myself.04:06
Hanpitillo, why don't you eh... give it a rest?04:07
pitillosorry, don?t understan that, "give it a rest?"04:07
pitilloIf I can see a problem, before report it I try to solve it, and if I can give a report and a "solution" that can be discussed, I prefer to do in this way.04:10
pitillowell, understand that didn?t make a good report problem I see.04:13
pitilloI hope next time I can report it nice and give a good solution too. Sorry.04:16
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rxiwhere would i find the wireless config file for wireless-tools?04:34
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cohandefault crux has /var/lock ?04:38
pitillorxi, what do you mean? I think that port provides the wireless tools, you can use your own config file, like /etc/rc.d/net file and there use iwconfig to setup the card or touch a new file. (Don?t know if you mean that)04:38
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rxipitillo: yeah looks like ill have to string together my own iwconfig04:39
pitillodidn?t try wifi with CRUX at the moment, can?t help much. :)04:40
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cohanhm, i got a source with some old autoconf stuff - is there a standard approach to update this?06:01
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cohanif i'd known what i startet this morning with that isdn stuff..07:04
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cohanif a port consists of vital parts of two urls, shall the Pkgfile just have two #URL-lines?07:29
HanDoesn't one of them refer to the other?07:36
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cohanno, i use a patch included in the second url to make the first one work07:46
cohanso, for operation, the second url is not necessary, because i packed the very small patch itself into the port,07:46
cohanbut if anyone wants to understand where this patch comes from, and to credit the author of that patch, i want to point to that second url07:47
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Hannah, that's too much credit ;-)07:55
cohanperhaps i only point to the second url then ;)07:57
cohanhe refers to the original driver manufacter as well07:59
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j^2hey all08:35
j^2so my project today is to get a livecd router distro running, any suggestions?08:35
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guaquajust modify the crux install :>08:36
j^2hehe, yeah true, but i'd like to have it working today ;)08:37
guaquathere are plenty available already :/08:37
j^2yep, i was looking for any people that my have worked with it etc08:38
richi_autipcop? but i don't know whether you could modify/run it how you want...08:39
cohanwhat i'd love, similiar to a livecd router: a simple program, runnable on any linux system or from a livecd, offering bootp, and whatever is needed to start a crux install - and a floppy-image which installs crux over the network from that source08:46
cohanbecause usually the pcs i install crux on do not have a cdrom08:47
richi_autok, I don't think it's possible with ipcop (you can only run it installed on a compact flash)08:48
cohankind of life-net-boot, with multiple boot options for the new host (usbmemstick/cdrom/floppy)08:49
richi_aut (Linux LiveCD Router)08:51
cohanj^2, i used knoppix for a livecd router last time - just used 5 custom config files for pppoe, dhcp, bind etc. and a script for iptables from a memory stick08:51
rxi_j^2: morpheus?08:51
cohanthe advantage: it supports almost all hardware out-of-the-box and i didn't need to mess around with isos, kernels etc.08:52
cohanbut of course knoppix focus is not on router stuff08:54
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j^2ah cool08:55
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cohanj^2: what did you choose?09:01
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j^2i tried m0n0wall, and some others but they seem not to config correctly09:05
cohanfli4l is not an option?09:08
j^2link me?09:10
j^2thanks yall09:14
cohanhm... if i think about it... perhaps i could start with fli4l for my crux-over-network-ONLY install wish09:14
fvonxwhat about devil-linux ... i didnt try it yet, since my obsd box works quite well, but that looks nice ...09:15
j^ is _not_ in english...:(09:15
RyoSwe love openbsd as a router system :P09:16
tilmanif you weren't so fucking lazy09:16
tilmanyou'd googled for "fli4l english" by now09:16
cohancombining fli4l with ..-*thinking*-09:17
j^2tilman: love you too ;)09:17
cptncohan: are you aware of jaeger's netinst iso?09:17
cohancptn: yes, but it still needs a cdrom, or wait... *checking*09:18
cohanokay, i just feared i overlooked it can boot via bootp or floppy09:19
cptnah, okay09:19
cptnit's not like I have a floppy anyway :-)09:19
cohanbut perhaps one can boot that iso via bootp/nfs.. ? ;)09:19
cohanbut that bootp/nfs-combination actually sucks09:20
cohana bootp kernel image which can start packet installation from almost any packet source (or ftp/samba at least) would be it09:21
cohantftp (used to transfer the kernel image after bootup) has no size limitation, afaik - does the kernel itself have such a restriction nowadays? and can one stuff ramdisk content right into the kernel image itself? ;)09:24
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cohanperhaps the pxe guys already have ready solutions for my dreams...09:46
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brointhemixi've installed n00buntu today12:18
brointhemixdamn it's fat :)12:18
brointhemixway too many things there by default12:19
tilmannice, linspire tries/tried to boost their distrowatch ranking :D12:19
brointhemixno worries - ubuntu's gonna leave soon :)12:20
brointhemixi'll build CRUX with fluxbox on my big box soon :)12:20
Hanhmmm ubuntu is nice if I have to do quick and complete installs with little maintainance.12:21
brointhemixi hate myself for being such a minimalist :)12:21
HanFor friends and stuff.12:21
Hanbrointhemix, also take a look at e17 :-)12:21
tilmanhehe, crux is at 83 :D12:21
brointhemixHan: isn't e17 as resource-hungry as gnome?12:22
HanI wouldn't know, my PC is too fast too notice12:23
mike_kand is it stable enogh now?12:23
HanIt's getting there quick. I rebuild weekly and I am amazed by the progress.12:23
mike_kmore usability, but no more futures for now?12:25
mike_ksounds good as for desktop environment/wm12:25
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HanThe base is done, the building is being erected.12:33
Hanhow does that grip you? :-)12:54
tilmane17 sucks nuts12:55
tilmanyay for ignoring composite and all that jazz, YAY for breaking transparent windows12:55
tilmanthat's just retarded12:55
mike_knot my favourite style, but seems it can look nice12:55
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pitillo_Han,  is that your desktop?12:57
pitillo_nice one12:58
Hanthank you12:58
mike_klike a caramel, too sweet for me12:58
rehabdollfluxbox: clean and simple13:00
mike_klet's war!13:00
HanI'm still using fluxbox as my main desktop environment.13:00
HanBut e17 is seriously contending!13:01
mike_krephraze: "blackbox should be enough for everyone"13:01
rehabdollive never tried it actually, perhaps i should give it a try13:01
pitillo_and wich terminals do you use there?13:03
HanAnd rxvt for commands like htop and alsamixer13:04
pitillo_I use Eterm with them too. Can you take a look to resources and make a little comparation?13:05
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HanI really wouldn't care, my PC's quite well equiped.13:06
pitillo_nice point of view too13:06
rehabdollwhat do you run, Han?13:06
HanThough I like stuff to start fast, so I use rxvt for htop etc13:07
Hanrehabdoll, e17 atm13:07
rehabdolli ment hardware13:07
Haneh, dunno, it's fast though ;-)13:07
HanI can play doom3 on it ;-)13:08
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* maro wonders why /etc/localtime is (re)created at every boot13:12
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marotilman: what's the /usr/share/X11/locale stuff? :)13:33
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tilmani don't know13:37
tilmanit's on my list of things to check out13:37
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rehabdollhmm, does anybody have problems building the latest udev package?13:55
rehabdoll/usr/bin/install: cannot stat `udevd': No such file or directory13:55
rehabdollmake: *** [install-bin] Error 113:55
cptnrehabdoll: 096-4 build fine here13:57
mike_kjust updated one machine to 096-4 - fine14:01
cptnand error before that?14:01
cptnyou should see the following very early:14:02
cptn  CC       udevd.o14:02
cptn  LD       udevd14:02
cptnlike 20 lines after pkgmk finishes the downloading14:03
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rehabdollbuilds fine on my server14:04
mike_kno errors before14:04
mike_kcptn: I'll try update it on laptop now14:04
phetipsSome of you guys know thex00 right?14:05
cptn@seen thex0014:05
clbcptn: I have not seen thex00.14:05
cptnme neither14:05
cptnrehabdoll: it doesn't even start compiling...14:05
mike_kcptn: updated, but it's not a time for reboot now14:06
cptnmike_k: I've booted two machines already, and the only change in -4 are permissions for input/event* and input/ts*14:06
cptnso it should boot anyway14:06
cptnrehabdoll: on your system, it goes straight to install14:07
cptnwithout calling the compiler14:07
mike_kcptn: those perms was considered a local hole?14:07
cptnmike_k: yeah, I'd say so14:09
mike_kcptn: also, is it cruxish to have that modprobe rule ON by defaul?14:09
cptnalthough it only happens if you have evdev loaded/compiled in14:09
cptnit appears pretty handy to me14:10
cptnalthough it's a valid question whether udev is cruxish :-)14:10
cptnphetips: I couldn't remember him... does he have a different nick here on freenode?14:10
cptn(or her)14:11
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mike_kregarding evdev: linux/Documentation states 644 permissions for that files, I guess it was a known "feature". Am I wrong?14:14
cptnit appears14:14
cptnall I did was check what the other distros do in their udev rules14:14
cptnand they all change it to 0600 or 0640, root:root14:15
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cptnand the mini-sniffer by blizz worked too14:15
mike_kfound any comments from upstream?14:15
cptnhaven't checked yet14:15
x44cptn: shamunkwarrior is his other nick14:16
cptnx44: okay; I found a couple of matches for his nick in my log now14:16
rehabdollseems "make -j 5" screwed everything up14:16
cptnx44: the last from december 24 2005 though14:17
cptnrehabdoll: ouch14:17
x44cptn: yeah he kinda disappeared to a lot of people =)14:18
x44thanks for checking though14:18
cptnno problem14:18
cptnhe showed up on dec 2114:19
cptnso it was only a short stay, probably the reason why I didn't remember his nick14:19
cptnnot that I'd remember all of them :-)14:19
marocptn: have you thought of a dumb "prt-get dup"?14:20
cptn"dumb" as in?14:20
mike_k a little on devices permissions in /dev/input/14:21
marosomething that only showed the ports that differed, one per line, with a space seperated list of full directory paths14:21
maro/usr/ports/local/wget /usr/ports/core/wget /usr/ports/han/wget14:21
cptnnot yet14:22
cptnalthough I'm not really a huge fan of the current format either14:22
marothen the current "cool view" could be a script, and other scripts could be made to e.g. diff them14:22
rehabdollhow about adding "-j 1" to the udev Pkgfile?14:23
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marorehabdoll: why?14:23
cptnmmmh, make -j5 works okay here14:24
cptnnon port build though14:24
marohaha, sicko ;)14:24
cptnrehabdoll: ah, no14:25
cptnthe install part doesn't14:25
cptnjust a second14:25
maroshit I'm good14:25
maroI found a solution to the glibc locale generation14:25
maroecho SUPPORTED-LOCALES= > glibc-$version/localedata/SUPPORTED14:25
marothen you can also strip the "rm -rf $PKG/usr/share/locale" at the bottom14:26
marothis is with 2.4 but I bet 2.3 works the same14:26
marotilman: did you answer to my X locale question btw? :)14:26
maro(had to cold reboot)14:27
tilmanyeah, i have no clue about those libx11 locales14:27
tilmanit's on my list14:27
tilmanlow priority though :P14:27
maronote to self: never run dbus system-wide with automatic respawning from init, at least not while you're messing with its configs14:27
marotilman: fair enough :)14:28
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marotilman: I noticed the new 1.1.9x xorg-server thingies come with a shitload less nls-looking files14:28
marothe things in /usr/lib/X11/xserver14:29
Auge^which tools do you use for grabbing DVDs?14:30
maromy hands mostly, feet if they're occupied14:30
cptnrehabdoll: this should work14:30
Auge^maro: grabbing data...14:30
*** phetips has quit IRC14:30
cptnhowever it's not really pretty14:30
marotried the glibc hack?14:31
tilmanmaro: i've seen something about locales in the xorg-server git log14:31
maroI compiled it in less than 5 minutes now (because of ccache) :)14:32
tilmanmight be related to xprint being ripped out?14:32
marotilman: probably :)14:32
maroat least I recall xprint appearing in most of the footprint mismatches14:32
* maro considers beginning to submit patches for gnome to --disable-nls14:33
tilmani'm creating my xorg-server head packages manualy ;)14:33
tilmanw/o footprint checking >:14:33
maroyikes :)14:33
marothe only package I create manually is linux14:34
rehabdollcptn, yeah, that did it.. better sollution than to force -j14:35
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seekwillIs anyone having troubles compiling PHP with MySQL support?14:38
RyoSwith what can i open ttf files?14:41
tilmanlc is nice14:42
tilmanle even14:42
mike_kseekwill: no so far. I recompiled them on every minor upgarde.14:42
RyoSvi doesnt show the font itself14:42
RyoSi want to view the font what it can display14:43
mike_kseekwill: there might be a problem:
tilmananything-fontsel but xfontsel14:43
tilman(cause that one only supports x core fonts)14:43
RyoSi see thanks14:44
seekwillmike_k: Well, I'm trying to compile PHP to use MySQL. But I keep getting an error.14:44
seekwill(I'm trying to pull it up now).14:44
seekwillIf I don't include MySQL support, PHP compiles fine. It happens to two or three different crux machines. But doesn't seem to happen to other users in ##php. So I'm wondering if it's a crux-issue.14:44
seekwillAnd it's not just .24. I've tried .19-.2414:45
mike_kseekwill: are you using opt/mod_php ?14:45
cptnwe have 5.0.24 on crux running just fine14:45
seekwillmike_k: No. I'm using my own.14:46
mike_k5.0.24a is the latest stable14:46
cptnthen it's maybe a seekwill-issue14:46
seekwillDownloaded source from I pass other options.14:46
mike_kfresh php 5.0.6?14:47
seekwillRight now for testing, I'm doing. ./configure --with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql14:48
cptnour mysql is not in local14:48
seekwillI downloaded MySQL's binaries. Their installation procedure puts it in local.14:48
cptnso you're using a non-crux mysql with a non-crux php14:49
seekwillBut this was never a problem before.14:49
seekwillconfigure: error: Try adding --with-zlib-dir=<DIR>. Please check config.log for more information.14:49
seekwillThat's the error I get when I compile PHP with MySQL support.14:49
cptnand what if you pass the same zlib option as opt/mod_php does?14:49
cptnrehabdoll: now port in core, care to verify that it still works?14:51
RyoSi dont have the repo having the port containing gnome-font-sel14:51
RyoSwhich port do i need?14:51
tilmanfor the love of god14:52
tilmandon't take every word i say LITERALLY14:52
tilmanand, try to fix a problem by yourself, okaaaay?14:52
RyoSi dont use xorg14:53
cptnmost of us do14:53
tilman(21:43) <@   tilman> anything-fontsel but xfontsel14:53
tilmanxorg-xfontsel is crap anyway, as i said14:53
tilman(21:43) <@   tilman> (cause that one only supports x core fonts)14:53
RyoSi know14:53
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rehabdollcptn: =======> Building '/usr/ports/core/udev/udev#096-4.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.14:59
rehabdollyay :)14:59
cptnthanks for the report14:59
seekwillcptn: I tried compiling PHP with the same flags. I'm going to try using Crux ports to see if it makes a difference.15:03
cptnmike_k: interesting read (on input/event*), thanks15:06
mike_kit seems to be not trivial to decide on permissions15:06
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maroslackware changed their perms on that device too15:12
maroin their latest RC15:13
mike_kin his latest RC15:13
mike_kcan anyone try to reproduce that blocksize bug from ml? I got the same error.15:14
marosearch for "relaxed"15:14
maroseems stupid to me, 640 is just as useless as 600 for whatever purpose the suggesting people had15:15
marothe default udev rules use 640 too though15:16
mike_kI cant imagine regular user with joystick/force feedback wheel in 'root' group15:17
cptnit's most fitting though15:18
cptnsince they can read root's password15:18
maromike_k: yeah, exactly15:18
maroanyone who smoke enough crack to put untrusted users in the root group are most likely going to compromise their system by other means15:19
Auge^goliath# make menuconfig15:21
Auge^make: *** [scripts_basic] Segmentation fault15:21
Auge^mh, what's happened there? can you help me?15:21
Auge^urgs... my system seems a little bit frozen.15:25
Auge^some processes crashed :/15:26
maroa kernel-pkg script without any needed arguments15:28
maro :)15:28
Auge^urgs... reboot :(15:29
treachAuge^: bad hw?15:30
*** cptn has quit IRC15:30
*** Brzi has joined #crux15:31
Auge^treach: nope... defunctional processes after a crashed pkgmk in libfame15:32
*** cptn has joined #crux15:33
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o cptn15:33
*** koefz has quit IRC15:33
treachbut what made pkmkg crash? I don't think I've ever seen that happen..15:34
treach(except due to bad hardware.)15:35
Auge^config.status... configure -> arguments list too long - the last message i've seen15:35
Auge^last line in config.log: configure:4987: creating ./config.status -> crash, but config.status seems fine.15:37
Auge^next try15:37
Auge^mh, works.15:38
Auge^maybe i should check my ram...15:38
*** lasso_ has quit IRC15:53
j^2anyone tried "redwall firewall" before?16:03
j^2...yes i'm just starting it right now, turns out our voip went down today, and that's what i've been working on16:04
Auge^AAAAAAAAAARGS. CD-R not usable... and backup #2 (SD-Card) not usable...16:10
tilmancomputers = unreliable crap :-)16:11
tilman"computers solve the problems that we wouldn't have without them.", right?16:11
Auge^mh, how can i mount unfixed cds?16:14
Auge^or how can i close a cd-rom session without loosing data?16:14
*** thrice` has joined #crux16:15
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:15
j^2Auge^: i dont think you can16:15
tilmancan't you just fix the cd?16:15
tilmanie without writing all of the data again16:15
Auge^"just fix"? how to do it?16:15
tilmancdrecord -help|grep fix16:16
*** thrice` has quit IRC16:19
Auge^all parameters in kernel config seems fine... but no scsi-devices for my dvd-rw :/16:26
cptnand you have a scsi dvd-rw?16:28
Auge^nope... ide/atapi16:28
treachcdrecord blah dev=/dev/hdx16:29
tilmanwelcome to linux 2.6 ;)16:29
Auge^oh thx =)16:29
Auge^thats new for me... *ooops*16:29
tilmani'd like to mention that enabling DMA on my cd writer fucks up the burning16:29
tilmanno idea whether i'm the only fellow suffering from that16:29
cptnit works for me(tm)16:31
Auge^wah... my knowledge of linux is a little bit "historic" =)16:31
treacharcheological, more like it. ;)16:32
Auge^YEAH! CD data is right there =)16:32
tilmancptn: i suspect my 2nd ide controller might be b0rked ;)16:32
tilmanripping a cd from the other drive on it with dma enabled makes cdparanoia cringe, too...16:33
cptnNever buy a Conrad Mainboard Kit!16:34
tilmanmaybe i messed up the soldering...16:34
tilmanon another board, one of the condensators blew up one day16:35
tilmanbut everything kept working nicely16:35
treachapparently they sent along some spare-parts.16:35
treachvery considerate. :)16:35
tilmans/condensator/capacitor/ :P16:36
cptn"Don't worry if 2-4 caps blow up; there are enough on your board"16:36
tilmanelectrical condenser maybe, lala16:36
tilmani guess i was lucky that it didn't damage any other components16:37
Auge^cptn: mh... its ok... also if you have an ESP ECU... =)16:37
tilmaniirc it was pretty close to the agp slot ;D16:37
treach"capacitator" according to wp.16:38
treachKondensator in swedish, so I'm kind of familliar with the mistake though. :)16:39
*** Brzi has quit IRC16:40
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nipuLhmm, capacitor must be one of those american things like pronouncing aluminium "aluminum"21:31
*** thrice` has joined #crux21:51
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