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cdHan: you there ?02:50
Hancd, ?02:50
cdnice ;)02:50
rxiHan: looks like someone has a crush on you :P02:50
cdi try to compile the updated xcompmgr02:51
cdand yes i use your x11 port ;)02:51
cdwait... now the error02:51
cd/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXcomposite02:51
cdcollect2: ld returned 1 exit status02:51
cdi see that there is libxcomosite in the xorg cvs repo. but i think x11r702:52
cdok i wait ;)02:56
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cdnow solution ;) ? please03:01
cptnwell, do you have that library?03:03
cptnif not, install it.03:03
cptnif you do, verify your ld settings03:04
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cdno i don't have it cause i use x11r603:08
cdbut han should update the Pkgfile to set this as dep03:08
cptnI use r6 and have it03:08
cptnso your system appears to be broken03:08
cdmh ?03:10
cdyou installed it manaully ?03:10
cdhow then ?03:10
cptnit's part of my x11 package03:10
cdwhich x11 do you use ?03:11
cdi use the one of han03:11
cptnI use the one from opt03:11
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cptnalthough Han's that doesn't make any difference in this regard03:12
cdyeah but why i don't have this ;)03:12
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cptncd: you tell me03:13
cptnyou probably removed it manually03:14
cddon't think so03:14
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cptnthen why would it not be there anymore?03:15
cptndid you get a footprint missmatch when building x11?03:15
cdcan you look how the lib is named03:15
cdand where it is located ?03:15
cptnerr, sure03:15
cptnpkginfo -o
cptnPackage  File03:16
cptnx11      usr/X11R6/lib/
cptnif you didn't know that, why did you say before you didn't have it?03:16
cptnwhen I asked for that?03:16
cdcause i searched for libxcomposite03:17
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cdbut now i have the full filename ;)03:17
cptn[09:53] <cd> /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXcomposite03:18
cptn-> pkginfo -o Xcomposite03:18
cdoh sry :)03:18
cdnow i know how to use nice portage system *g*03:19
cdok i have this file ;)03:19
cptnoh, you might be in the wrong channel then03:19
cptnportage is used in gentoo and vidalinux03:19
cdi call it portage ;)03:19
cdok the error must be within the ld config03:20
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cdcptn: you still there ?03:30
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cdin is a line /usr/X11R6/lib that should be ok ?03:32
cdi don't understand why the gcc cannot find lXcomposite03:32
cptnyes, it has to be there03:32
cptn ldconfig -v|grep Xcompo03:32
cptnwhat does that say?03:32 ->
cptnsounds okay to me03:34
cptncan you post the complete buildlog on some pastebin server03:35
cptnor your webspace if you prefer03:35
cdyes wait03:35
treachnipuL: You don't want the new gnome anyway, apparently it's now *depending* on mono.. (at least for gnome-bindings)03:43
cptncd: -L/usr/lib/X1103:45
cptncd: does that tell you something?03:45
cdoh damn03:45
cptnthe pathes in the Pkgfile appear to be for r703:45
cptnjust change it and it should build fine03:45
cdok done ;)03:47
cdthanks cptn03:47
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cptnno problem03:48
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treachcptn: In general and totally unrelated to anything, what's your opinion on adding the relased patches for vim?03:57
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cptntreach: sounds good, can you post a link?03:59
cptn(afk now)03:59
treachcptn: just remove the README to get to them.03:59
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cohan'morning - tilman is not awake, i fear? was interrupted yesterday04:40
cohanrequest for comment - i am strongly interested in:04:43
cohanare all requirements met so the isdn ports can be integrated into the Crux Ports DB,04:44
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cohanis the site cruxish enough to serve as (co)devel platform for some special ports (right now, i only have isdn and vserer in mind)04:46
cohanis the any obvious technical issue or security flaw, or experience with similiar projects/groups that tell me running such a site will not be useful overall,04:51
cohans/the /there /04:51
cohanand, last but not least, do i violate any "cruxikette" with this site? ;) (images, stylesheets, links...)04:51
cowporkmascot too little, no adverts, no spyware and wtf is dn :P?05:17
tilmancohan: i'm here now05:18
tilmani wonder why you didn't make it into my awaylog ._o05:18
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cohancowpork: making the mascot bigger needs artwork, i am no artist ;) and what is dn? ;)05:22
cowporki like the ycrux :P05:22
cowporkwhat is isdn shorts to what is dn05:22
cohanlol - okay - isdn is "intergrated services digital network", a digital telephone line standard, but unfortunately nearly only used in central europe05:24
cowporkyep, i know :)05:24
cowporkhavent been using it in ages05:24
cowporksorry for the confusion05:24
cohanbut as long as i live where isdn is available, and not everything is handled via voip yet, i love it - 9 numbers on two lines, you can do whatever you want a unified messaging system to be like05:25
cptncohan: how small is that "small group of cruxers"?05:37
rxi_cohan: i guess you havent been to au05:39
rehabdolli believe ISDN is quite well-spread here in Sweden also, mostly with companies today though05:40
rehabdollbanking and such, credit card transactions etc05:41
treachmostly? You could *almost* say "exclusively".05:43
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rehabdolltoday perhaps.. but a couple of years ago isdn was THE way to get low pings in quake, before adsl made it's mark :)05:47
cohanrxi_: no, i've not been to australia yet - why?05:52
cohancptn: the isdn ports and that initial site setup was done by me alone - but the isdn ports are used by two other guys now, and blizz also wants to participate in ycruxdev - and it is planned to move the base vserver stuff there, this is another two developers05:54
treachrehabdoll: widespread among dedicated gamers doesn't translate as widespread in general :p And the fact is that ISDN is and has always been pretty much a niche tech. "Tack för det Telia." :)05:54
rxi_cohan: we have plenty of isdn users here too06:03
cohanrxi_: what hardware is common? over here, it is mainly AVM (fritz! cards etc)06:09
rxi_no idea dont really have much to do with it06:10
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j^2hey all08:19
rxi_hey j^208:19
j^2hey rxi_08:21
rxi_whats happenin?08:22
j^2just got to work, so in other words starting my irc idling time ;)08:22
tilmanidling in the office or at irc only?08:23
cptntreach: oh my, 91 patches only...08:28
HanSo... somebody doesn't know you can merge patches?08:31
treachcptn: most doesn't matter anyway, but I guess it's easier to apply them all than trying to sort out the irrelevant ones..08:33
cptntoo bad they're not all using the same prefix08:35
cptnso I can't just cat them into one big patch08:36
tilmanmaybe patchutils can help?08:36
tilmancombinediff maybe08:36
cptnI'll have a look, thanks08:37
tilmanpatchutils (yhafri)08:37
tilmanmaybe i should put that in opt08:37
cptnso far it appears only win32 patches were broken :-)08:37
cohantilman: what do you think about ? shall the isdn ports be added to portdb?08:40
cptncohan: I queried you :-)08:41
cptnbut I can of course also say it here:08:42
cptnit appears that the naming is rather unlucky08:42
cptn"crux dev" implies crux development08:42
cptnwhich isn't really what you do AFAICT08:43
cptnand "ycrux" is the email of Yafri08:43
cptnwith ~ 14,500 hits on google08:43
cohanups, sorry, did not notice query...08:43
cptnand YCruxDev even combines the too08:43
cptnerr, two08:43
cptnas for the rest, vserver sounds very interesting08:44
cptnand you should definitely register your ports08:44
cohanokay, but of course after a rename to avoid confusion08:45
cptnalso hist big tuxes :-)08:45
cptnand this is also the source of the images08:45
cohanwell, crux(core)dev is not intended, although i of course contribute sometimes - you are right, it is more about crux ports and crux helpers08:47
cohanlol @ the tux pages... and i thought it was made for crux ;)08:48
tilmanwhat does the 'y' in ycruxdev stand for? :)08:49
cohanyawsp - the artificial name of a loose cooperation of "geeks" providing hosting08:50
cohan(yet another web service provider)08:51
cohanwe're mainly using crux/vservers for doing that since... a long time ;) nowadays 6 dedicated servers running crux/vserver08:53
tilmani see they spent weeks brainstorming :D08:53
cohanhehe, yes, it was some night in 1999, i believe - we were pissed of by other providers and started with a redhat box, later it became a slackware one,08:53
cohanin 2001 it was replaced by a couple of LFS-based nodes, featuring extended chroots,08:54
cohanthen we found crux, and since mid 2003, we use it for both host and most guests08:56
cohansome guests are debian or gentoo based, but thats customers choice and update responsibility08:58
cptnhow many guest do you run there?08:58
cohanon the 6 dedicated crux-based vserver-servers we run about 60 guests08:59
cohanbut some high-cpu-ones run nearly dedicated, and about 40 of the low-cpu-guests (like that cruxdev) are on two machines only09:00
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cohanwe also offer optional centralized mysqldb and virus scanning for those who want that, and most customers use those instead of setting up their own, this saves lots of ram and cpu09:02
cohanokay, instead of ycrux(dev) - how about vcrux? for the vserver part? but does not address isdn and gateway stuff... vicrux? ;)09:12
cptndepends on where you use it09:13
cptnit would feel really good to subscribe to the 'vserver' repository09:13
cptnlike the x11r7 repository09:13
cptnas for the project name... hard to say really09:14
cptnsimilar projects where named: "CRUX PPC"09:15
cptncrux-vserver fits pretty well IMHO09:16
cohanfor that port collection, yes - but i intended it as sub-project of a more generic crux-related site, to also cover isdn - am i looking for the eierlegendewollmichsau again?09:20
cptnwhy not use as domain09:25
cptnand just call it "crux isdn and vserver" project?09:26
cptnmaybe I don't entirely see the goal of your site09:26
cptnbut what generic crux development do you plan to do?09:26
cptnI mean, there is already a wiki, we have non-devs with wiki accounts, there's the contrib ports collection09:27
cptnthere's certainly plenty of things which isn't on crux.nu09:28
cptnbut from a ports point of view, it seems to work fairly well09:28
cptnand if you want to fork crux, you certainly don't have to ask for naming tips here :-)09:29
cohani definitly not want to fork crux ;) i'd also say that crux-vserver is much less a "fork" than CRUX/* for other architectures09:29
tilmanhaving a separate project and site for CRUX/vserver makes sense IMO09:30
tilmansince your modifications probably cannot integrated into mainline crux easily09:30
tilmanotoh i'd suggest to register your isdn ports repo with contrib09:30
cptnisn't it basically just another kernel and some tools?09:30
tilmansince these probably _do_ fit in :)09:30
cohanand i am unfortunately aware that ISDN is not that wide sprad within cruxers - i think esp. for isdn the .sync-approach is perfect to integrate the ports into cruxworld09:30
cohancptn: yes, it is - for the host-os - some interesting adaptions for running it as guest could also be provided later09:31
cohantilman: yes, i'll register them - first i'll rename and "reface" my little site, though09:32
cptntilman: I didn't mean the ports, more the howto :-)09:32
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tilmanoh, i see09:33
tilmancohan: sure, no hurry ;)09:33
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cohantilman: which isdn card do you use? right now, only the fcpci driver is available as "port" (not perfect for a kernel module, but it speeds up installation)09:37
j^2what the frak is i'm seeing it more and more now-a-days09:39
tilmani don't even know09:39
tilmanj^2: digg is the new slashdot! ;)09:39
j^2oh snap!09:40
j^2digg looks so queer09:45
aonand how is that supposed to be surprising? :)09:47
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aoni like how they left all the "warnings" about not being a 100% compatible part of the Schily Universe(tm) in cdrkit :>10:02
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jjpkThat Schily never goes away silenty. ;)10:03
jjpk*silently. Another day when I can not spell to save my life, if it depended on it. :p10:04
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cohanhm, under kernel 2.6, and nics as modules, they sometimes swap order - even if i load the modules manually in /etc/rc.modules - how can i bring the to a fix order?10:20
tilmanmaybe udev is loading them before rc.modules kicks in10:21
tilmanmanually loading them should always work of course :D10:21
aoncdrkit works(tm)10:21
thrice`alias eth0 <module>    would that do it?10:21
thrice`or would udev override that too10:22
cohanah, udev, right - with devfs it worked the "old way"10:22
cptncohan: often, example udev rules rename the devices to symbolic names using the mac address of a nic10:44
cptnand then, they use 'lan' instead of ethX10:44
cptnalternatively, you can disable the automatic modprobing in /etc/udev/rules.d/26-modprobe.rules10:46
cohancptn: thx for the links, better than my workaround11:09
richi_autapropos udev: the version 100 is out (but i got to say, that i don't have a clue, how dangerous it is, to update it...)11:16
guaquaim not updating udev...last time it just fucked up the startup...with 2.3 then :)11:17
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richi_auti know, i think, this week, there was a guy, whose machine didn't start any more...11:22
treachand that was probably his own fault.11:23
guaquaits always own fault :)11:24
richi_auti didn't blame anyone. btw, i wanted to ask, how to lock packages.11:24
treachindeed, you should stick to windows if you want deniability. :D11:24
treachman prt-get11:24
j^2hey, is there any jabber server admins here?11:31
j^2i want to enable server side logging...anyone know how to do it?11:32
cohanisn't that a privacy issue? ;)11:35
j^2not if you are a nazi it guy trying to make sure that people are taking care of themselves11:35
treachNazi guy making sure people take care of themselves? Isn't that a bit contradictory...?11:44
thrice`i'm guessing jaeger quit irc?11:45
treachProbably not, he just picked up house maintainence as well.11:45
thrice`looks like he's trying to build gnome 2.16, perhaps, with dbus / hal updates11:46
treach2.16 now with a mono addiction. \o/11:46
jjpkIF jaeger did quit irc, then why is he still connected to freenode? o_o11:48
tilmanit's a mystery :)11:48
treachsomeone else using his nick?11:49
jjpkDoubt it, unless someone sniffed his nickserv password.11:49
treachor maybe he just doesn't care about us anymore ;(11:49
* j^2 grabs his mystery kit11:50
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cohanhm, where does /etc/crypttab come from? i installed cryptsetup-luks from opt including depencies, everything works, except that file many howtos out there refer to isn't there11:56
jjpkNo idea, never toyed with cryptsetup. Wild guess, but maybe you have to create it.11:57
cohani am confused that there should be a manpage for it as well - so i fear there is some additional piece of software the other distros are using i am not aware of11:58
cptnthe man page I find is from the debian project11:59
cptnand it says: "The order of records in crypttab is important because the /etc/init.d/cryptdisks script sequentially iterates through crypttab doing its thing. "12:00
cptn/etc/init.d/cryptdisks again sounds rather distro specific12:00
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cohanhm, yes, and several other distros seem to have copied it12:00
cptnmaybe Viper_ has a hint there?12:01
cohanits not a big issue anyway, i write an own script to mount swap on boot - just wondered if someone already played around with it12:02
cohanhm, base64-encoding on the shell with stuff only provided by core/opt - crux ?12:17
tilmanperl, ruby, python, ...12:17
tilmanruby -rbase64 -e "puts Base64.encode64('foobar')"12:18
cohanokay, you won, ruby is in opt ;)12:19
Viper_cohan: i think crypttab is only necessary by some special distributions12:19
cohanperl is always installed12:19
tilmanthat's why i mentioned perl first ;)12:19
Viper_but i never needed this file :)12:19
tilmannow it all depends on how lazy you are12:19
tilmangoogling for a perl example or taking my ruby snippet... mmmmmh!12:20
cohanViper_: do you use encrypted swap?12:20
Viper_cohan: no only encrypted loop devices12:20
cohani am not really lazy, googling all day - just seomtimes a little bit over-confused ;)12:20
cohani think i didn't think of perl because i was too much in low-level-system-stuff12:21
tilmanConstantly Confused :p12:21
tilmanif you prefer, you can write your own implementation in c12:21
tilmanit's not that hard ;)12:21
cptnor use php12:22
cptnit's in opt too12:22
cohanno, it really isn't ;) it's just not what i am looking for when trying to write a fife-line-shellscript to setup a random key for swap encryption ;)12:22
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cohani think that'll perfectly suite my needs for random passthrase generation on bootup:12:34
cohanhexdump -n 60 -e '"%x"' /dev/urandom12:34
cohanand hexdump seems to be really core ;)12:35
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tilmanxxd man page has this:12:43
tilmanWARNINGS The  tools  weirdness matches its creators brain.  Use entirely at your own risk. Copy files. Trace it. Become a wizard.12:43
thrice`does udev release every day ?12:51
tilmangod kills a kitten everytime such stupid questions are asked12:52
tilmanplease, think of the kittens!12:52
cptnluckily, for every killed kitten a desert fox is born12:52
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cohanwhat about CruxY as short-name for wiki etc. at ?12:57
cohandoes that interfere with emails/project names?12:58
cptncouldn't think of any12:59
cptnalthough it doesn't have any immediate association for me - yet :-)13:00
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cohanwell, i'll use that now as short new interim name ;)13:00
cohanthat is not too bad, because it is not too project specific, just a "container", that contains crux/vserver and crux-isdn-stuff etc. in the future, hopefully13:01
cptnsure; depending on how serious you are, you may still wanna consider adding it to the wiki on crux.nu13:02
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cohancptn: for the isdn ports, i'll do that very shortly - oh, you mean not only the ports, but link the site/wiki itself? as on ?13:11
cptnwell, I was think of a howto13:12
cptnsimilar to the x11r7 one, for example13:12
cohanyes, if something "showable" developed... we'll see that within the next weeks13:13
cohanokay, rename completed, including new hostname crux.yawsp.eu13:17
thrice`shouldn't the driver be in /etc/ports/collection.rsync, instead of /usr/ports ?13:18
cptnI'd suggest you announce it to crux@ once you're happy with it13:18
cptnand we add it to the links page then13:18
cptnthrice`: sounds better :-)13:19
thrice`cohan, might want to fix that under "you can integrate them into your crux infrastructure by creating..."13:19
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cohants, what a typo ;) thx for pointing out - fixed13:35
HanHey, I got a co :-)13:39
jjpkco = company?13:46
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Hanno, like in `another' from the latin.13:58
Hancohan :-)13:58
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qidcohan the barbarian?14:19
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treachlol ->,71738-0.html ..some prioritys. :)15:46
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cohanlol @ Han ;) well... i used this nick since i first got online 1993/9416:59
HanI used this nick ever since I was born in 1969! ;P16:59
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tilmanopenbox 3.3.117:21
tilmanwtf, two releases in less than one week17:21
tilmanthis is unposible!17:21
* treach hugs good old *reliable* fvwm. :p 17:24
tilmani should never mention openbox in #crux again17:24
tilmanat least not when you're around17:24
treachheh, ok, I guess that particular horse is dead anyway. :)17:25
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treachaon: red faced? ;)17:29
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cohani'll NOT ask what openbox actually IS ;)19:06
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marowhat's the point in declaring variables local inside build()?21:59
jdolangenerally dont need it unless you can't afford scope overlap.22:11
jdolanrecursion is an example of when you'd need it.22:12
jdolanbut recursion is generally frowned upon in bash scripting,22:12
jdolancould it ensure that you're not bastardizing any pkgmk variables?22:15
jdolannot sure.  gnight :)22:15
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