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predatorfreaktreach: They busted .12 ;)00:00
treachlooks like it. I whish they could quit the habit with these "whoopsies". The release cycle is more and more beginning to look like a two-step dance than something that revolves... :-/00:06
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predatorfreaktreach: If it's a dance they keep stepping on their partner's toes ;)00:15
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marois it just me or have the lm_sensors tarball changed md5sum?01:28
marohm, or url... the new tarball is 12K :P01:29
TRIBBim wondering if its needed to rebuild apache after a rebuild of php to make the new settings work? problem is php was build without GD installed ...02:00
maroTRIBB: nope02:04
maroTRIBB: but perhaps restart it02:04
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TRIBBmaro: tried that ... :(02:36
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jjpktreach: agreed with the kernel release cycle...03:13
Auge^mh, is there a mail from me on crux-contrib? ( - i've lost some mails, i guess.03:14
Auge^ah... i see it in web... ok... i have to check my script for sieve...03:16
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jjpkHusio: gnu screen, use it.05:11
Husiook, sorry05:12
jjpkNothing to be sorry about, just a suggestion. :p05:12
blizzis there a decent way to convert chm files (windows help) to html or even pdf?05:29
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marolol :)07:07
tilmanxorg bork bork07:08
maroBORK BORK BORK!!!07:08
tilmanThe error was 'BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)'.07:08
tilmanwhere's my memory07:09
tilmanfirefox cannot alloc enough memory to view your sshot i think07:09
nipuLyou forget where you memeory was?07:09
maroit's 600K07:09
tilmanyeah well07:09
marolikely a tad bigger when decompressed07:09
tilmanx * y * sizeof(pixel)07:10
maroah yes07:10
maroit's black and white :P07:10
marohow much video mem do you have?07:10
maroI've only seen that error on one of my servers with 4 megs07:11
tilmani'm messing with the driver07:11
marowhen I tried to use xvideo07:11
maroah :)07:11
tilmani fscked up somewhere i guess07:11
nipuLugly, couldnt the mess of dependencies for xorg be fixed with meta ports?07:12
maronipuL: "xorg" is a meta port07:12
tilmanmaro: i think i don't like your xorg-fonts approach ;D07:12
nipuLok then mr semantics, sub meta ports07:12
tilman(yeah, it took only 5 months for that reply .___o)07:13
marotilman: it's useless if we get postinstall support in pkgutils07:13
tilmannipuL: no need imo07:13
tilmantry to convince me!07:13
tilmanmaro: yeah07:13
marotilman: the only reason I suggested it was to integrate with (then current) pkgutils :)07:13
tilmanthat sshot is FUCKED07:13
maroit isn't a shot07:14
maroit's an xorg dep graph07:14
nipuLtilman: probably, just a passing thought. like the x11r7 repo needs more ports07:14
treachtilman: kde/gnome might benefit from sub-metaport, even if it isn't strictly needed.07:14
tilmanwhich ones?07:14
tilmanx11perf maybe, but that's only interesting to developers. ;)07:14
nipuLi could see the benefits of a xorg-libs meta port07:15
tilman 29160 x 1112, 2-bit colormap07:15
tilmanyou said it was b/w07:15
tilmannipuL: for non-server installations?07:15
tilmanwhat libs would it depend on? ;)07:16
tilman'all' is a bit silly there ;p07:16
tilman.oO(athena o_O)07:16
marosort of ruins the idea of a modular xorg anyway07:16
marothe only thing that'd make sense (I think) is like debian's xorg-drivers meta package07:16
nipuLwasnt the modular approach to help development, not packaging07:17
cptnprobably both07:17
maronipuL: it was both, according to the xorg monkies07:17
tilmanit would be pretty silly to have a "xorg-drivers" port07:17
tilmanthat installs all the damn drivers in the world07:17
marotilman: why is that?07:17
tilmanmaro: cause i don't give a damn about ... via and nvidia for example?07:18
tilmangimp can open the file07:19
marothen don't use the xorg-drivers package :-p07:19
tilmanmaybe firefox wants to use a argb visual for the pixmap? (moronic guess)07:19
maroit probably makes more sense for debian since each package is less than 30k07:19
maroyou mean libporn? :)07:19
tilmanthat's mozilla image library, right?07:20
maro(I think that's what they use)07:20
tilmani wonder why they don't advertise it on mozilla.org07:20
maroit's a corporation now :(07:21
* maro considers switching to gnuzilla and iceweasel07:21
tilmani think i read that some ms security guy has been hired by mozilla07:21
RyoSthe end is near :(07:23
tilmannew cdrecord release, it seems \o/07:27
marotilman: tried cdrkit?07:28
* maro hasn't, only made a compilable port07:28
tilmani prolly will when i burn a cd the next time07:28
marome too :)07:28
tilman(that's not often)07:28
tilmani think i'll never update cdrecord again, it's somewhat working right now ;)07:28
marothose debian shitheads chose cmake07:28
maroit's like they want to make life a bitch for source distros07:29
rehabdolldid they actually decide on cmake? i thought they were going with auto "in the future" ?07:30
marorehabdoll: at least the most recent cdrkit tarball uses cmake07:31
marowould rock if they're just working on getting autotools to work07:32
rehabdolli think they are.. remember it was jörgs mess to begin with.. and he's working on his own build system07:32
maroright, the silly makefile system07:33
tilmanit's "just" an improved make though, no?07:33
tilmanwould be cool if opensolaris chose cdrkit in the future07:33
marotilman: a huge one, I've been packaging in contrib for a while07:33
marohahaha :D07:34
rehabdollhave you guys read any of those flamewars with jörg on the debian list?07:37
rehabdollhes fucking _INSANE_.. no sense what so ever07:37
rehabdollgood entertainment though :)07:38
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marotilman: hmm, should one bump release when you change dependencies?07:54
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maro(since prt-get doesn't track them anyway)07:54
tilmani added one dep07:55
tilmanso, yes :)07:55
maroupgrades won't install that dependency07:55
tilman'merge' isn't always needed, so you might not even notice07:55
tilmanin a perfect world, they would07:55
marono way07:56
maroin most distros, they would07:56
maroI'm glad they aren't07:56
tilmango write a paper on bumping the release no07:56
tilmanif it's good, we can prolly mergerize it07:57
maroare you serious or is it some sort of attack? :)07:57
tilmanyou have a point there, i'll agree07:57
tilman.oO(prt-get depupgrade)07:57
tilmaninstalling deps on 'upgrade' would be a PITA07:57
maroyep, since (at least I) ignore a lot of dependencies07:58
maroe.g. sdl_mixer's smpeg dependency07:58
tilmanif it was a attack i had appended "lolz" or something ;)07:58
marohehe :)07:58
maropersonally I'd advocate the crux-commits list as mandatory for any crux user07:59
maroit removes so many problems that would otherwise require complex solutions08:00
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tilmanas a 'mandatory subscription' you mean?08:00
tilmandamn forgot to reset away status08:00
tilmanmaro: lolz :D08:01
maroit's like changelog.Debian.gz delivered to your mailbox :)08:01
marobut since the actual change is also there, one is always certain that the described change is actually what changed08:02
maroobviously other distro's can't do that with the size of their build files and package archives :)08:02
tilmani don't think anyone puts wrong comments in his commits08:02
marono, sometimes they just forget to mention some things08:03
tilmanare you looking at every single commit?08:03
marobtw, huge thumbs up for your last commit message :)08:03
maroyep, it's actually not that bad08:03
tilmandoesn't that take way too much time?08:04
maro2 minutes a day08:04
marothere's been 1000 commits for the past 9 months08:04
maro(or some such)08:04
Hancptn, hmm with the new prt-get diff finds ports in ~/src/ports/ which is not in my prt-get.conf ...08:04
cptnstrange, I can't think of anything that changed in this part of the code08:07
RyoSprt-get diff works for me like the "older" one, just that it shows additional infos08:08
RyoSbtw, got gcc 4.1.1 with newest glibc to work08:08
cptnso if you run 'prt-get dumpconfig', it's not there08:08
cptnbut prt-get info <port> shows ~/src/ports/port?08:08
Hanlemme paste some stuff08:08
cptnRyoS: yes, that's because you have 'preferhigher yes' in your prt-get.conf08:09
cptnRyoS: at least it should only happen then08:09
RyoSjust to tell: i first build glibc and then updated gcc, works perfectly fine now :)08:10
Hancptn, oh wait, now I get it! =)08:11
HanIt reports differences between installed versions and available versions.08:11
cptnyes, and the version comperator can't tell whether 27e is newer than 2808:12
cptnalthough it appears that this would be a case I could implement to be handled08:12
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rxi_hello jay08:14
jdolanhi :)08:15
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marowould someone bump gnutls to 1.0.25?09:30
maroit's more than a month old and contains security fixes09:31
tilmanit _is_ at 1.0.2509:32
tilmanbut 1.2.9 seems to be the latest release09:32
marotilman: 1.0.x is stable09:32
marothere's an 1.4.3 and 1.5.0 as well if you want to go that route :)09:32
maroI know the arch gnutls maintainer tend to bitch about them switching sonames all the time09:33
tilman sucks09:33
tilmanlists both 1.2.9  and 1.2.9809:33
tilmanyou were an arch developer, right?09:33
marohmm, perhaps I missed the "since" part of "The stable branch since 1.0.14 [...]"09:35
tilman(+45) 255 3133709:35
maro(it's true)09:36
maromy employer number at work is 31337 as well (and I really had no influence) :)09:36
brointhemixleet phone number :D09:37
brointhemixnice ;)09:37
tilmanwhat are you suggesting to bump it to?09:37
tilman1.0.25 is the latest in the 1.0 series09:37
maronothing, I'm a clown who should double check before making suggestions :)09:38
tilmanthat's what i'm saying09:38
marognome-terminal got true transparency now09:43
deus_exblizz: Check archmage (chm convertor/decompiler).09:44
deus_exIt is in portsdb, I think.09:44
tilman!port archmage09:46
maro(so that only the background is transparent, the text remains fully visible)09:46
deus_extilman: ?09:48
* deus_ex wonders how much prison time is hit-and-run worth these days...09:50
jjpkdeus_ex: why's that?10:01
deus_exjjpk: Because my sister did just that.I just got a phone call from a police, looking for her.10:03
tilmanwhat does hit-and-run mean exactly? theft?10:03
guaquahitting someone with a car10:04
guaquaand not stay on the scene10:04
deus_exIt seems that my father,who was also in the car, was too bored to wait for police.10:04
tilmanrxi_: lol, "car"10:04
rxi_tilman: im a man of few words :P10:04
rxi_and it is 0106 here10:05
deus_exrxi: Few words, lot of content :)10:05
tilmandeus_ex: your father and your sister seem to be cool fellas :D10:05
deus_exStupid, more like it.10:05
rxi_deus_ex: couple of years id guess if it was delibrate "run"10:06
jjpkdeus_ex: ouch. :p10:06
deus_exMy mother tried to kill herself few weeks back, now this...10:06
deus_exAre there any jobs on Antartic?10:07
tilmanpenguin care-taker maybe10:07
jjpkProbably not unless you are a scientist, or working for the US military.10:07
rxi_if your am penguin10:07
guaquaquite a few actually10:07
deus_exOr Artic, or whatever its called..10:07
tilmanctags is being used in the antarctic iirc10:07 ;)10:07
tilmanso they probably have sw dev jobs ;P10:07
rxi_deus_ex: btw its Antarctica10:08
tilmandeus_ex: _ant_arctic is in the same hemisphere where the _ant_ipodes live10:08
tilmaneasy to remember ;)10:08
tilmanif you're from the northern hemisphere anyway :D10:08
rxi_we had like a whole lesson on how to spell it when i was in primary school10:09
tilmanwas that a "special" primary school?10:09
rxi_yeah thats where we learned car too10:10
deus_extilman, rxi : Thanks for clearing that up :)10:10
Auge^driving car on antarctica :)10:10
Auge^it's like steering the titanic i guess, if the car is a ferrari =)10:11
deus_exMcLarrenMercedes F1 was tested there, iirc.10:11
deus_ex(It was on Top Gear).10:12
guaquamanouvering those old ships must've been a bitch10:12
rxi_they dont test cars in the antarctic10:12
guaquanowadays they got all sorts of azipod propellers and all that stuff10:12
rxi_thats the artic10:12
guaquabtw, does someone know if there's a simple shortcut in X to switch between displays?10:13
deus_exrxi: That's the white patch *up* on the globe, right?10:14
guaquaor screens, or whatever the correct term in this case is10:14
treachtilman: btw, I think you were thinking of  "smash 'n grab"10:14
rxi_deus_ex: yeah northern hemishere10:14
Auge^"In March 1999 BBC\x{2019}s Top Gear, in conjunction with McLaren Automotive, set a new UK closed circuit record in aid of the Comic Relief charity. Driven by Tiff Needell XP5 once again sensationally set the fastest lap record of a British circuit averaging 195.3mph round the 2-mile banked circuit at Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire."10:14
deus_ex'artic circle'?10:15
guaquaarctic circle isn't anywhere neat the arctic :)10:15
rxi_deus_ex: actually i think it was in greenland .. i could watch the episode but i cbf10:15
deus_exIt is a wide circle...10:15
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deus_exrxi: Actually, i think you are right.Greenland it is.10:16
deus_exAuge^: That is...?10:16
treachyour sis10:17
Auge^not the f1... but ice frozen car =)10:17
deus_extreach: lol10:17
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marohow do you handle variables that contain + in sh?11:26
maro(passed to pkginfo -o)11:26
tilman${blah+foo} ?11:26
marono, the value can be e.g. libstdc++.so11:26
marobut pkginfo -o obviously doesn't work11:27
tilmanwhy not?11:29
marotry :P11:40
marobecause it's smart and do regexps11:40
maroand the package db isn't really nice to parse in sh11:41
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tilmanah right, it's a pattern...11:48
maroso how to quote it?11:50
maroI remember I've read somewhere, but I forgot where11:50
maroand man bahs is just too long ;)11:51
tilmanpkginfo -o "/usr/lib/libstdc\+\"11:51
tilmanso, use the correct RE, and quote the whole expression11:52
marobut is the value of a variable11:56
maroI just need to quote the +'s11:57
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treachannoying.. if I try to make "sudo command" clobber files I get permission denied, however, if root does it it works. Anyone who could tell me where I should start looking?12:04
treachmy own user doesn't have "noclobber" set, and I'm not sure what to google for..12:05
treachbah. easier to just "sudo sh", which works.12:15
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treachhm, I think it's related to what kind of file is.. since it works with normal file but not with /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_setspeed12:26
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Husiofvwm sux12:36
treachno it doesn't.12:36
guaquahusio, could you start using screen?12:36
Husiook, I'll try ;)12:36
treachbecome a screener or an (e)x-chatter.. :p12:37
Husioanyone use evilwm here?12:37
treachHusio: what's your problem with fvwm?12:37
Husioit hangs my scroll-binding12:37
guaquai like the default on12:37
Husioand then I just can't change pulpit12:37
HusioI like evilwm but it's incompleate12:38
* treach bounces between fvwm and KDE... from one extreme to another apparently.12:39
* Husio change fluxbox into evilwm...12:39
HusioKDE is too heavy :)12:40
treachno, it isn't really. It's just a PITA to compile.12:40
treachthat KDE is too heavy is a myth.12:40
treach(If you make fair compairisons that is.)12:41
HanIf you run a 486 kde is too heavy12:41
guaquai liked enlightenment12:42
guaquajust couldn't get it to work properly (like the shortcuts) ;)12:42
Husioit's nice but also too heavy12:42
guaquamm...didn't notice any slowness at all12:42
guaquaand my system isn't very special12:43
Husioanyway, I like small and very fast wm's12:44
treachevilwm isn't very fast. at least it wasn't when I used it.12:44
treachsmall, yes, but not fast.12:45
Husioit is now12:45
Husiobut there's missing some stuff12:45
Auge^mh, id3v2 seems broken... convert.cpp:3:21: error: id3/tag.h: No such file or directory.. :/12:53
tilmandependency missing12:54
Auge^ok. shame on me... id3lib vs. libid3tag <- seems to similar for me ;)12:55
Husiook, now I'm leaving for real :)12:56
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marocptn: while you're in the prt-get mood, how about a non-recursive depends? :)13:24
maro(or quickdep)13:24
maroI see that some script in prt-utils to things like prt-get info and then parses for "Dependencies:"...13:25
maroor simply an optional port argument for printf13:30
maroso it only reads values from the selected port13:30
bd2function depends() { cat /usr/ports/$*/Pkgfile | grep Depends | sed s/\#\ Depends\ on:\ //; }13:32
bd2depends opt/kdebase -> kdelibs, samba, ghostscript, cdparanoia, lame13:32
bd2tr -d "," if needed :-)13:33
bd2I think that it's good idea to split prt-get into small scripts, and prt-get will be just front-end to them13:34
marobd2: yes13:34
maroit does a whole lot of redundant stuff currently13:34
maroand yet some simple things can't be done13:34
marosuch as getting the dependencies from a port13:35
Hanbd2, scratch that cat13:39
treach*prr* *prr*13:40
bd2Han, I love pipes :-)13:40
Hanbd2, in that case you should add cat|cat|cat|cat|cat|cat|cat|cat|cat|cat|cat|13:40
bd2Han, nice idea. Will be in depends-2.0 ;-)13:40
HanI wrote something else though... Don't know how to finish it of though.13:41
bd2really it's just (bad?) habit to use cat .. | grep. I'm also often use cat ... | less13:41
Hanomg! I did it too!13:43
Hanoh noes13:43
bd2ugh.. hieroglyphic :-)13:43
Hanwell I removed that nonsense13:44
HanIt's pretty innocent and it finds all packages on which your package depends.13:45
HanAll of them.13:45
HanFor real.13:45
bd2I think that is unecessary, because pipes as fast as "grep file", because pipe == file descriptor. It's just opened by shell13:46
bd2thus, there is no harm of using cat ... | grep13:46
HanJust admit it's ugly13:47
bd2I admit it. But not a tragedy :-)13:48
Auge^mh... my brain is too empty... which applications/devs/... do i need to allow the users to bind ports >1024?14:20
Hana kernel14:20
Hanthat's it14:21
Auge^works too.14:21
Auge^ok... so i missed nothing... ok... my brain is not too empty. just this information was lost...14:21
HanWhere did you put it?14:21
Auge^i wanna start mlnet as user... "can't bind port... address already in use"14:22
bd2netstat -anp | less14:22
bd2probably it's really in use already ;-)14:23
Auge^and........ it's not in use...14:23
Auge^X11, lircd, sshd, nothing else... and port 6346 is free...14:24
Auge^ for debug-options14:25
HanWho says?14:25
Hanuse lsof14:27
Auge^thx, good idea :)14:28
Auge^but lsof doesn't help. same result14:34
Auge^maybe a corrupt file in mldonkey-dir...14:34
Auge^no... just broken config... mh. ok... :)14:37
Auge^but curious error... for a broken config.14:37
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rehabdollyay, who would have thought 2.6.18-rcX breaks libdvdcss?14:48
rehabdoll3 hrs of my life i'll never get back14:48
maroHan: using ldd is wrong14:59
maroobjdump -p ("NEEDED") is much better14:59
marothat way you won't get indirect dependencies, plus it doesn't try to resolve them15:00
maroamazingly cool how you manage to replace "cut -f3" with an awk script15:02
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tilmanmaro: what you said about gnome terminal is interesting17:05
tilmanearlier i saw that urxvt supports real transparency, but then i realized that it's crap since the text probably is affected too17:05
marotilman: yep, it's the first time I've seen _true_ transparency17:26
maroand it works with wobbly windows etc. without /any/ kind of slowdown17:27
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blizzmaro, mehh, i need your aiglx stuff now :P17:57
tilmanturned out that for eternal argb happyness openbox needs more fixes :'(17:57
tilmanbut don't let treach know17:57
bd2man git: "goddamn idiotic truckload of sh*t" haha :-)18:11
cptnmaro: just use printf to get the dependencies18:20
treachtilman: too late ;D18:22
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