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Romsterjdolan, heh06:05
RomsterJust as bad as the "C:\ Is not a system disk, please insert a system disk and press anykey to continue"06:06
Romsterfirst off wtf ya can't eject a hdd, and second n00b's 'wheres the any key' :)06:07
Romsteri find this slightly amusing "updating xmms2 from 0.2DrDolittle-1 to 0.2DrFeelgood-1"06:09
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* Han enabled processor scaling. =)07:24
RyoSsomeone here using lazarus?08:37
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tilmanmaro: just for the record, urxvt's transparency works the same way09:26
tilman       This requires XFT support, and the support of your X-server. If that09:27
tilman       doesn't work for you, blame Xorg and Keith Packard.09:27
Romsteris processor scaling even possable on a desktop K7 ?09:53
RomsterI tryed and failed.09:53
Romsteri would of thoguth it be possable since this K7 mobo uses bios settings.09:54
treachyou can't scale the porcessor.. the frequency is another deal though, and it can be done, if you've got the right hardware.10:02
tilmaneven _i_ could resist to note that :D10:03
treachBut it'd be seriously cool if it was possible. :P10:04
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jjpkSome call it upward scaling, others call it overclocking. ;)10:06
jjpkMore than enough scaling there methinks. :p10:06
aonapply some heat and stretch10:14
aonthe processor scales! :)10:14
aonyay, mv ../* and forget '.', where * matches two files10:17
aonthat can hurt a bit10:17
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tilmanisn't xfce4 supposed to contain a compositing manager?10:51
aonso it says in their faq10:52
aonah, you need to build xfwm4 with --enable-compositor10:53
tilmanoh, thanks10:54
jjpkaon: hahaha. sudo makes it happen. :]10:54
Romsterhaha treach made a spelling error :P~10:57
Romsteryeah I did mean the frequency to be dynamicly settable though load on the system. I didn't make myself clear, I'm using a giga-byte ga7-dxe, I arn't sure if its possable or not. I'm slightly overclocking now :) about the best clock on this pc thats stable is 140MHz from the default of 133MHz11:00
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treachRomster: it's only possible if  you've got the nforce2 chipset.   it's done via the atxp1 and cpufreq_nforce2 modules.11:13
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* tilman considers switching to blackbox11:23
tilmanopenbox is b0rked11:25
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tilmanand noone knowledgable is around to fix it11:26
treachcraschily crash. :D11:26
RyoStry pekwm maybe, i like this one very much11:26
tilmanpekwm blows, thanks11:26
* treach points to old trusty fvwm. ;-)11:27
tilmanRyoS: pekwm is the worst window manager ever11:30
RyoSwhy do you think so?11:31
tilmanare you a chatter bot?11:32
RyoSi dont understand this question. please add additional information to the line above11:33
RyoSjust joking11:33
RyoShonestly why do you think pekwm is the worst wm?11:33
tilmanhonestly i don't want to discuss it11:33
treachIs your RN Eliza?11:33
RyoShow can you know treach?11:34
treachThe questions gave you away.11:34
aonwhat's wrong with openbox?11:36
aontilman: i thought you were already using e17 :)11:38
HanI don't know it.11:40
treachaon; starts at 11:24:23 :-)11:50
tilmanaon: no. raster's image of the perfect wm just doesn't match mine11:50
tilmantreach: the crash doesn't bother me atm11:51
tilmanthere's a patch for it that adds support for argb windows (translucent windows), and it doesn't work quite right11:51
treachok. I see, after all it's such a small thing I guess ;)11:51
treachopenbox supports it?11:52
tilmanit works with translucent gtk windows just fine11:53
tilmanbut translucent ecore_evas'es just don't :xxxx11:53
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pygihello folks12:22
pygiyou have wrong libburn package ^_^12:22
pygior port, or whatever you call it12:22
tilmanpygi: talk to maro, it's his port12:24
tilman(you are talking about the one in the 'mark' repository, right?)12:24
pygiwhatever 'mark' would be =)12:25
cptnwell, our ports are in several repositories12:25
cptnlibburn is in none of the official ones12:25
pygiyes, it's mark repository12:25
cptnjust in the one named 'mark'12:26
pygiaha,ok, understood12:26
cptnso that's a personal repository :-)12:26
* pygi is upstream author ^_^12:26
cptnmaro is the maintainer, he'll probably read it in the backlog12:26
pygimaro, awake?12:26
cptnwhat's the problem with it? wrong version?12:28
pygicptn, well, yes ^_^12:29
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pygiit's listing correct url with wrong tarball (he should really use svn instead, and the real one :P)12:29
tilmanwe don't usually pull the trunk of upstream packages and package that12:30
pygitilman, perhaps, but he's packaging wrong stuff =)12:33
treachsupposedly that's why it's in a 3rd party repo.12:34
tilmanpygi: didn't xor work with you on libburn?12:35
pygitilman, "xor"?12:35
tilmanben jansens12:36
tilman(years ago)12:36
pygiI haven't been working on libburn years ago ^_^12:36
pygibut I think he was working on libburn, yes12:37
pygiright :)12:39
pygiin that time, libburn was no more then childrens toy12:40
tilmani see =^_^=12:40
cptntilman: ^_~12:41
tilmani need to look that up12:41
pygitilman, look what? :)12:41
pygilol, ok ^-^ (libburn is now
bd2cptn, prt-get do not support PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR?12:46
tilmani think it worksforme12:47
cptnworks for me too12:47
* treach too12:47
treachLooks like you've got poor odds there. ;-)12:48
cptnbd2: do you set it in pkgmk.conf?12:48
cptnor just via the environment12:48
bd2it's in pkgmk.conf12:49
tilmandoes pkgmk respect it as expected?12:49
bd2but I'm using --config + --install-root. Seems I've made mistake, but don't know where12:50
bd2tilman, yep.12:50
cptnbd2: no, it's mine12:51
cptnFILE* p = popen( ". /etc/pkgmk.conf && echo $PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR", "r" );12:51
cptnit doesn't take install-root into account12:51
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tilmani know nobody gives a damn, but13:01
tilmani fixed the openbox bug13:01
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* Han still prefers: FILE* p = popen( "eval $(fgrep -h 'PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR=' $(which pkgmk) /etc/pkgmk.conf) && echo $PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR", "r" );13:10
cptnyeah, I still have that in TODO13:14
cptnunfortunately, in the context of --install-root, the `which pkgmk` call would need some tweaking13:14
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cptnbd2: I've committed a fix13:24
cptnwill do another change, then create an updated port13:24
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sepenhi all!13:32
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Hanwell you could replace it with /usr/bin/pkgmk of course.13:33
bd2cptn, thanks a lot!13:35
cptnthanks for the report13:35
cptnbd2: although I'm a bit uncertain now13:37
cptnyour PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR is in the chroot?13:37
cptnI mean, it's set in pkgmk.conf in the install root13:37
cptnsince prt-get won't call pkgmk from that install root, just pkgadd -r13:38
cptnHan: okay, I'll commit that later today; thanks13:41
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HanYes that backslash was a typo13:47
rehabdolloh, and here i was waiting for a second line ;)13:51
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cptnbd2: I actually reverted that change, since it's inconsistent14:11
cptnI'd be interested though to hear what you wanted to do, maybe I missunderstood the original problem14:12
bd2cptn, yes you're right. It won't fix my problem either, as i'm use different pkgmk.conf, which I specify to pkgmk by -cf option (and to prt-get via makecommand)14:12
cptna -cf option for prt-get would solve that14:13
cptnor parsing makecommand, but that's a bit more work :-)14:14
bd2-cf option for prt-get?14:14
cptnpassing on the config file to pkgmk14:14
guaquacan anyone give me a hand with enlightenment...i really can't get the application shortcuts to work14:15
bd2I'm already do it14:15
cptnbd2: no, I mean add an option to prt-get to understand it14:15
cptnand pass it to makecommand14:15
cptnas well as use it to determine the PKG_DIR14:15
bd2yes, that would be great, I think.14:18
cptnit's the only way to solve it in prt-get I think14:20
cptnyou could also change addcommand14:20
cptnand execute a script there14:20
bd2yeah, but not that pretty. though it's okay as "quick&dirty" fix14:21
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cptnsure, it's not nice14:26
cptnon the other hand, it's a hack either way14:26
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tilmantreach: do you happen to know whether fvwm supports argb visuals/colormaps?14:49
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treachtilman: nope, I don't think so.14:54
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marotoo late15:03
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bd2heh. it's easier to not use pkgmk_package_dir at all, as prt-get use -u when doing "prt-get update", thus ${PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR}$* won't work for the pkgadd wrapper15:05
maroI recall someone making a lot of changes to libburn (the guy who wrote the emulator) - I guess that's him15:05
maroI wonder how it's "packaging the wrong stuff" though15:06
cptnmaro: you're using a tarball from icculus15:07
tilmanthey moved15:07
cptnand apparently, it's an unfriendly fork15:07
maroalso wonder why they haven't mentioned the move at the old page15:07
cptn^ the statement of the original maintainer regarding the "project revival"15:08
marohad an idea that was what happened15:08
tilmanforeman is the buddy of ben 'xor' jansens btw ;)15:08
tilmanand xor disappeared after he finished openbox 3.015:08
aonproject revival is the pykix stuff?15:08
tilman(the fucker) ;)15:08
tilmanaon: apparently15:08
cptnaon: yes15:08
cptnannouncement here15:08
maroperhaps I'll update the port when the fucker make a release tarball15:08
aon"maintainer no take unsent patches, me fork!"15:09
marothat's just lousy15:09
marothey don't even fork, they even keep the freaking name15:09
aonwell, yeah15:10
maroit's more like a project takeover15:10
tilmanthat's kinda cool :D :D :D15:10
aonah, "I really don't see this as a forking :)"15:10
tilmanw t f15:11
tilmani shall flame pygi a bit15:13
aonhe hasn't done much commits after the initial import either :)15:13
treach"Hostile takeover". I thought that kinda shit belonged in economics 101..15:14
aonon a side note, do you think we should fork cdrkit?15:15
aonit's been 4 days since the last release :(15:15
aonit must be dead :(15:15
tilmanwhy fork15:16
tilmancan't we just whip up a new project page15:17
aonoh yeah15:17
aonand not really fork :) it15:17
tilmanand hack away?15:17
tilmanfor two days?15:17
tilmanand tell everyone who packaged the "OLD STUFF"?15:17
aonhacks like indentation fixes?15:18
guaquabah, i hate this15:18
tilmani'm great at hack15:18
guaquajust can't get e17 to work15:18
aoni'm great at sleeping15:18
aoni guess i'll go do some of that now ->15:18
tilmanthe mailing list doesn't seem like it has been very dead in the past few months15:22
cptnStill containing parts of15:24
cptnLibburn. By Derek Foreman <> and Ben Jansens <>15:24
cptnThese parts are to be replaced by own code of above
cptnholders and then is to be their sole copyright.15:25
cptnyay for rewrites15:25
tilmani thought thomas didn't want to take sides?15:25
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treachI knew there was a reason I never liked java..
tilmanwho cares who's the copyright holder if it's all gpl, and _meant_ to stay gpl15:29
* treach hides15:30
treachyesyes. different stuff, same shit.15:31
guaquaHan: i've been trying to get shortcuts working in e17, but no luck. have you got some special information about it? been reading this too, but doesn't work:
cptnguaqua: have you already asked in a channel where this is ontopic?15:33
guaquai have15:33
guaquano activity15:33
guaquaall idle15:33
guaquai'm at #enlightenment :/15:34
guaquagotta try the other one then15:34
guaquaahh, more ppl15:34
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Hanreplied on #e15:35
guaquathanks again15:36
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maroI knew it, you're all on e16:00
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pygimaro, poke?16:50
treachtilman: poke, he's yours. ;)16:50
* pygi runs away16:51
tilmanpygi: your "forking strategy" sucks ass dude16:51
pygitilman, ahm?16:52
tilmanyou should at least show some respect to the original authors and choose another name for the goddamn project o____O16:52
tilmanrather than assuming control of it and taking away ._o16:52
pygido you know the situation and whatever, etc.? bleh :P16:55
tilmani think i've read enough to have an opinion :D16:55
pygiah, I think you've read wrong stuff :D16:56
pygiso whats the problem exactly?16:57
tilmanit's unfriendly and antisocial?16:57
pygiwhat exactly is unfriendly and antisocial? Continuing project which was dead?16:58
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tilmandid you ask derek and the guys about their opinion on your move?17:01
pygitilman, before my announcement? No, but the project was dead for two commit every 6 months, no m-l activities, nothing17:02
tilman"no m-l activies" orly? ;)17:03
pygidoesn't matter, I won't discuss this for 10000 time for no reason :P17:04
tilmanif you want to rewrite everything anyway, it would have been nicer to start from scratch anyway :D17:06
pygitilman, eh ^_^17:06
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maropoor dude21:03
marowatch out or he might just revive crux too21:04
nipuLand call it netwosix?21:23
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