IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2006-09-11

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cohansubversion 1.4.0? wow01:42
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blizzlol.. seems like pygi motivated everyone to use those happy manga smileys ~_~02:44
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Husioif I have grub on mrb, and root partition on hda2, it should looks like this? :05:32
Husio kernel (hd0,1)/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/hda205:32
guaquause lilo X>05:37
HusioI like grub05:38
pitilloHusio, it looks fine05:40
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Husioif I hadn't found pkgfile on official site, there's no chance to found it anywhere else? I have to make it on my own?05:56
pitilloHusio, may be there are some repos that aren?t published, and may be exists there. If not, you always can do it.05:59
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Husiohow to set depends for each compilation?06:40
Husiowhen I make some package, I would like to set what to use. For example: I whant to compile conky without xmms support. Where should I search info about that?06:49
tilmanextract conky source06:49
tilman./configure --help|grep xmms06:49
tilmanis a good start06:49
tilmanreading README and INSTALL rocks, too :D06:50
Husiook, thanks06:51
Husiocrap... can't start X with badwm XD06:55
HanSounds logical06:58
Husioyep... it just 'doesn't work' ;)07:00
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tilmansubversion 1.3.2 tarball is 6.6 mb07:10
tilman1.4.0 is ~4mb07:11
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j^2hey all08:13
aonhey j^208:14
rxihey j^208:16
j^2how yall doing?08:19
HanNP: Elend - Winds Devouring Men - 07 - Vision Is All That Matters.flac08:19
Hanfine :-)08:19
HanAnd what are you doing?08:21
j^2*sigh* monday 8am....i'd prefer if i were in bed08:21
aoni guess we're all ircing08:21
j^2and btw, "Happy 9/11" :-P08:21
rxij^2: ahh .. monday was a shit day08:21
* aon gets the party hats08:21
j^2or some shit08:22
tilmanj^2: hah! i wondered whether it was okay to say 'happy 9/11' this morning too08:22
tilmanj^2: but decided to _not_ say it08:22
tilmanin case someone might be offedned ;)08:22
j^2hehe, yeah i dunno no one seems sad or anything...08:22
rxitilman: and you'd care if they were? :P08:22
j^2"we are celibrating life!"08:22
tilmanrxi: yes08:22
Han15:23   mirabile| :)08:25
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Husiohow to start X and print the error msg to some file ?08:57
tilmanstartx 2> foo.log08:57
tilmanit's also in /var/log/Xorg.0.log btw08:57
Husiono, there's no info about my last errors08:58
Husiono idea why08:58
rehabdollare there any docs somewhere on how to build crux boot-cd's?09:01
Husiook, so.. I've installed BadWM, and add it into .xinitrc. Here's the error from X load
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Husioany ideas?09:05
pitilloHusio, seems to be a problem with /dev/null permissions09:05
Husiosome manual for me? :)09:06
Husiono idea what's that09:06
pitilloHusio, take a look to /dev/null permissions09:07
treachand filetype..09:09
Husioit's something with bad partition mount?09:10
* Husio is searching some info in google09:10
pitilloHusio, take a look to the udev rule asociated to /dev/null, may be it isn't using the good mode09:14
Husioreboot then09:15
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treachI bet /dev/null isn't "crw" on his system.09:16
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Husio --> now it's something with fonts09:21
cptnthe font thing isn't a problem09:22
cptn# /home/piotrek/.xinitrc: line 5:  1267 Segmentation fault      /usr/local/bin/BadWM09:22
treachaptly named apparently.09:22
Husiobut it's app that I whant to run o_009:22
treach-> /usr/bin/gdb09:23 is hard :|09:23
tilmantreach: think he'll manage?09:23
cptnBadWM actually segfaults if there's no $HOME/.BadWMrc09:24
treachtilman: well, all things are possible.09:24
tilmancptn: it's minimal! :D09:24
tilmanit even lacks error handling09:24
cptnand when I touch it, it just segfaults09:24
cptnHusio: are you sure you don't want to try a maintained window manager?09:25
Husiono, Badwm rox09:26
tilmani can recommend a good one09:26
Husionope :P09:26
tilmanno, i can't09:26
treachhaven't found any replacement for ob yet?09:26
tilmani won't replace it09:27
tilmantreach: i fixed the bug that annoyed me so much yesterday09:27
tilmanthanks ;)09:27
treachI guess that just leaves the !#"??!!! keyboard screwup..09:27
tilmani promised the maintainer to look into that this week09:28
tilmanbut i also wanted to hack on pkgutils09:28
tilmani could also throw my computer out of the window and live happily ever after09:29
treachdecisions decisions. :-)09:29
tilmani'd miss the daily madness in #crux though09:30
treachI don't think this place is worse than anywere else.09:30
cptnjust for the record, BadWM starts without BadWMrc09:32
cptnthe segfaults happen later09:32
tilmancptn: are you bored or interested in badwm?09:33
cptntilman: guess :-)09:33
tilmanterribly bored09:33
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* Husio just give up09:45
cptnI guess evilwm should suit your needs just fine09:50
cptnand its code quality is definitely better09:51
treach"Please, just tell people to use KDE." signed: L.T   :P09:52
Husiocptn: no, it doesn't becouse of bad keybindings09:53
guaquai like e1709:53
Husioe17 is nice but other wm's are smalle09:54
jjpktreach: lol09:54
cptnHusio: ah, I see09:54
tilmantreach: is that an accurate quote?09:54
guaquakde does have good applications, if you go comparing09:57
treachnot hard, since gnome essentially doesn't *have* any apps..09:57
treachjust a bunch of more or less hi-jacked gtk apps.09:57
guaquahaha :)09:59
aonwell, there's the stuff that depends on so many gnome libraries that you should just go and install the whole thing10:00
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treachsure, but they are, at least in my experience, very few. And besides, if apps are to be *part* of a DE, they have to *integrate*... and how many of those apps do that?10:02
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j^2hey does anyone know how to read dig?10:57
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j^2hey does anyone know how to read dig?10:58
j^2the dns thingy, the output that is10:59
j^2how do i read that?11:00
tilmanj^2: replies are in the ANSWER section11:01
tilmanyou got no ANSWER11:01
cptn"status: SERVFAIL"11:01
tilmani get11:01
tilman;; ANSWER SECTION:11:01
j^2ah so it didnt work?11:01
tilmanj^2: yes,your dns couldn't look it up11:01
j^2yeah i'm creating an internal dns11:02
j^2awesome thanks!11:02
tilmanyeah, what cptn said11:02
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deus_exWill someone hit me on a head with something,please?11:39
deus_exI'm stupid beyond belief...11:39
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deus_exFor better part of last 3 hours I was trying to figure out why my net connection is out.11:40
tilmanyou pulled the plug?11:40
deus_extilman: Close enough.Cable that goes into cable modem loosened, just enough to break connection11:42
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* deus_ex googles for 'you know you are addicted to net when...' list11:47
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j^2hey all14:24
j^2any jabber admins here?14:24
brointhemixi played with jabberd14:31
j^2have you ever used Bandersnatch?14:31
j^2it's the only thing i can find that works with logging messages14:31
brointhemixdon't even know what it is14:31
brointhemixyou mean logging peiple messages?14:32
j^2yep, i need to spy on teh messages to make sure it's "business related"14:33
brointhemixhmm gotta check tis thing out :)14:36
brointhemixhmm... istn't that an illegal practice?14:37
brointhemixlogging private messages, that is14:38
guaquait is illegal14:38
guaquait can be tried in court, but in most countries it would still be considered illegal14:38
j^2not if it's my server with a corporate server14:38
guaquait doesn't matter whose server it is14:39
copworkerthen its espionage :P14:39
brointhemixit doesn't matter who owns the server14:39
brointhemixprivacy is privacy14:39
brointhemixyou'll fire a person for private chat and the person'll sue you for cracking into the person's private msgs14:40
guaquaand you end up paying your ass off in the process14:41
brointhemixsniffing on people's privacy is legal only in the USA :)14:41
guaquaand by the government :>14:41
brointhemixin the real world you can sniff but you can't use it14:41
brointhemixand if you use the data collected - you're f****d14:42
brointhemixso, it might be safer to turn off your IM server completely14:43
guaquaor just leave it on and disable any logging14:43
guaquait might actually offer more security than public messengers14:44
brointhemixeee, what can coffer more security?14:45
brointhemixdamn, what's with my fingers? :/14:46
guaquaprivate jabber server14:47
guaquano-one else gets in between14:47
brointhemixyou mean a LAN-only jabber server?14:47
guaquaor just properly firewalled14:47
brointhemixbit i think that j^2 is referring to people inside the corporation who are talking trash instead of talking about business issues14:48
guaquawell it's all about trust anyway14:48
guaquathey'll be chatting whether there's jabber or not14:49
brointhemixyea - you can trust people to takl about private things when you'll build a comm network inside a firm :)14:49
brointhemixbut chatting using IMs degrades their computer-based tasks significantly14:50
brointhemixever tried to write something in MS Word/OO Writer with your IM on? :)14:50
guaquaor irc :D14:50
brointhemixor irc :)14:50
guaquabut it's just a matter of getting used to it14:50
guaquai know a few finnish it firms use irc as their communication method inside work teams14:51
guaquaIT firms that is14:51
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brointhemixbut who said j^2's firm is an IT firm? :)14:52
brointhemixmaybe it's a women dominated firm? :)14:52
brointhemixand, you know, women always chat :)14:52
brointhemixj^2 set the MOTD of your server that the messages are logged and that's it :)14:54
brointhemixinstill fear in them :)14:55
brointhemix "Logging  with  a DEBUG level  violates  the14:55
guaquaoften as effective as actual logging :)14:56
brointhemix"Logging with a DEBUG level violates the privacy of users  and  is not  recommended." <-- that's the welcome message you get when you ssh to my box :)14:56
brointhemixa copy-paste from sshd manual :)14:57
brointhemixit makes people think :)14:57
brointhemixguaqua: agreed14:57
brointhemixactually, i need to change the logging level of sshd someday just to see the results :)14:59
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brointhemixdo you think that syslog-ng will become the default CRUX logger in future CRUX releases?15:01
brointhemixhi treach :)15:02
brointhemixhow's going?15:02
treachnot too bad.15:02
brointhemixglad to hear that :)15:03
treachme too. ;)15:03
guaquadunno about the loggers15:03
guaquahaven't really paid any attention to them15:03
brointhemixi guess that as long as you log things locally you can safely use sysklogd15:04
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brointhemixi want to try network logging, that's why i asked15:06
guaquayeah :/15:06
guaquai've never had that many computers in the same network and an actual use of such logging15:06
brointhemixi got 2 :)15:06
brointhemixenough to try that ;)15:06
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treach   laugh, or cry?15:45
RyoStry to cry and laught at the same time15:51
treachI'm a quite gentle person, but I really hate people like that.. No ressidues of brainmatter detected at all. :-/15:55
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treachNo doubt the same breed which tried to force people to use their credit cards as access cards (which were *logged*) at the uni. :/16:02
tilmani wonder what happens when they see a guy with a Cannibal Corpse shirt16:03
tilmanthey probably arrest him right away16:03
treachnah, they call the london anti-terrorist force.16:03
treachblam blam blam blam blam blam blam.16:04
tilmanshit it's Auge^16:12
* tilman takes cover16:12
Auge^is it easy/possible to print on a windows-shared printer? which software to use?16:12
treach"the everwatching, neverresting eye"?  :p16:12
treachsamba iirc16:13
treachfirst hit on google even..16:14
Auge^smbclient and cups installed... mh... let's try.16:17
Auge^mh, printer found... but access denied :/16:33
_mavrick61Hi all16:33
_mavrick61I have a strange problem. The load order of NCS' have changes after upgrade to kernel and then changed again afer upgrade to
_mavrick61Check this
treach_mavrick61: maybe udev can help with a workaround?16:37
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deus_exwxgtk from opt is non unicode, right?16:53
bd2cptn, I think it's good idea to put "UPGRADE ^var/run/utmp$ NO" into /etc/pkgadd.conf to not bother with messages like "WARNING: could not determine runlevel - doing soft reboot" when doing "reboot" after filesystem (the package) upgrade.16:57
deus_exCan this error be related to that[wild guess]?
deus_exI'm trying to build comical, comic book reader.16:58
deus_exwxgtk is its only dependency.16:59
deus_exwxgtk-unicode, apparently ;(17:00
treachdeus_ex: if you can accept a qt dep there is qcomicbook.17:02
treach(it's *not* a kde app afaik.)17:03
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deus_extreach: As I already have qt installed, it's not a big deal.17:05
deus_exThanks for the tip, I'll check it out :)17:05
treachok, then you could give it a shot. It worked pretty well for my brother. (I never used it myself.)17:05
deus_exComix, too(pygtk as dep).17:05
deus_exI really should d/l some comics, too...17:07
tilmanme too17:07
tilmani just read up on the comics that i read as a kid17:07
copworkerlucky luke17:08
treachthe smurfs! :P17:09
deus_exI've found Sin City complete collection, and few other interesting ones(Maus)17:09
copworkernever smurfed them on paper17:09
tilmani read a bunch of belgian/french ones (NOT the smurfs)17:10
tilmanthe smurfs are lame17:10
deus_exOne of my favorites when I was a kid is Umpah Pah(not sure how its called originally).17:10
tilmandoesn't ring a bell17:11
tilmani recognize it though17:11
deus_exIt is parody on Wild West, Old Shatterhand, all Carl May's books.17:12
deus_exCrazy ass Indian and his pale friend.17:13
treachheh, they needed parodying?17:13
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* treach got a bunch of those books from his dad when he was a kid.17:13
treachI wonder what happened to those. :/17:14
* tilman ditto17:14
deus_exMost of my comics and books ended up in trash.My parents just couldn't stand to have17:16
treachI was refering to my dads old books.17:16
deus_exfreaky son that rather reads than plays with neighbourhood kids.17:16
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deus_extreach: I know, but that reminded me of my books.17:17
tilmani'm getting spam with subjects like "auto indent wheel mouse"17:17
tilmanand similar stuff17:17
tilmanthat actually makes me open it :(17:17
deus_exI got one with subject 'though it meant farting.'17:19
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deus_exSpam can be midly amusing at times...17:20
deus_exmildly...oh, i give up...17:21
treachas can text written by clueless people.. :-)17:21
deus_exLike Windows help?17:22
deus_exI have vague memories of that...17:22
treach(read yesterday an ingress to a tv-prgm about the worlds biggest man made island, involving... 80m³ gravel and stones.)17:22
tilmanMS has automatically translated articles in MSDN these days17:23
tilman_that's_ fun17:23
treachright.. 80m³, what's that? Like two lorries?17:23
deus_extreach: 80 mililiters?wtf are they smoking?17:24
tilmancubic meters17:25
treachuh? Milj. liters.17:25
treachNot milli..17:25
treachgah. I should go to bed.17:25
tilmanme too17:25
treachmy maths is totally off..17:25
deus_exOoops, that strange symbol after m looked like an l to me.17:26
treach1 m³ -> 1000 l17:26
tilmanit's 3 in superscript17:26
treachoh. m^3 looks better?17:26
treachI'll remember that.17:26
deus_exPlease do ;)17:27
* tilman gives deus_ex a wtf-8 capable terminal17:27
* deus_ex wonders if xchat is wtf-8 friendly17:29
tilmanmost likely17:30
tilmangtk2 uses wtf-8 internally since forever17:30
treachgah xchat17:31
treachnothing but bad experiences there..17:31
deus_extilman: I'm using lucida-console as a font in xchat.could that be the problem?17:32
tilmantry bitstream vera sans17:33
tilmanor possibly bitstream vera sans mono17:33
deus_extreach: I have an irssi also, but I keep forgeting to actually use it :)17:33
treachYou don't need to make excuses. :-)17:34
treachafter all, here I am, using kopete of all lame programs atm. :D17:34
deus_extreach: :)17:35
deus_exWhat do you use as IM client?Gaim?17:35
deus_exicq etc17:36
tilmankopete is an IM, no?17:36
deus_exI don't know.17:36
treachIt's MAINLY IM.17:36
deus_exWith irc as added bonus?17:36
j^2ichat all the way!17:36
*** c0x has joined #crux17:36
treachdeus_ex: yeah.17:36
treachbtw, using an acronym after using caps for emphasis isn't a good combo..17:37
deus_extreach: kopete is part of kde, yes?17:38
treachIt's pretty far from ideal as irc-client but it works for me, and I don't like to have a million different clients running, so..17:39
deus_exI think I've seen it.Haven't played with it, though.17:39
tilmanoh, there's an easy solution treach17:39
tilmanjust tell your IM contacts to get an IRC client17:40
treachright. power-off17:40
tilmanthat works, too17:40
treachmh.. I don't think any of my friends would know what to do with an irc-client..17:40
_mavrick61treach: Can you give some more info/hint abut udev and eth handling.. I have no clue how it works.. It is far a way of my knowledge..17:41
treach_mavrick61: write some custom rules to take care of it. I've never done anything like it for nics, but it can't be too different from doing it for USB memsticks.17:42
treachIIRC greg k-h suggested that solution in the link you posted as well.17:42
deus_extilman: I've changed to bitstream vera sans font.That cubic meters still look like m(ili)liters to me...17:43
tilmandeus_ex: LC_CTYPE probably needs to be set to an wtf-8 locale17:43
tilmani'm using de_DE.utf8 e.g.17:44
deus_exHow do I find out which one I'm using?17:45
tilmanrun 'locale'17:45
* treach applauds tilman17:45
_mavrick61Yes I know... Any way it is really strange the load oder of NIC's just change... And why the don't get the ethx as it is configured in modprobe.conf17:45
tilmantreach: why thanks :p17:45
treachnice to see someone who knows the difference between i.e and e.g :)17:46
deus_extilman: LC_CTYPE="POSIX"17:46
tilmantreach: oh. hehe. occasionally i notice that that wisdom isn't spread all over the planet ;)17:46
tilmandeus_ex: hui17:47
tilmanthat's funny17:47
treachNo.. It's more common to see it wrong that right.17:47
treachs that/than17:47
tilmandeus_ex: don't you have non-ascii characters in your charset?17:47
tilmandeus_ex: "your" being serbian/crotian/something17:47
treachtilman:  hehe, I guess he *only* has non-ascii. :P17:48
_mavrick61What's the difference between e.g. and i.e.?
treach_mavrick61: we know. Most people doesn't, and that's annoying.17:48
treachespecially when they try using it.17:49
_mavrick61Yes.. But for those which don't...17:49
tilman_mavrick61: "i.e." is short for "id est"17:50
treach"that is"17:50
_mavrick61I'm no expert.. But some part of english I can.. Even I have extrem spelling problem...17:50
tilman"i.e." == "that is"17:50
tilman"e.g." == "for example"17:50
_mavrick61OK.. Thats so.. he he17:51
tilmanexempl*something ;)17:51
treach"exemple gratia"17:51
treachI think.17:51
treach"given exampel" isn't it?17:51
_mavrick61Swedish for i.e = m.a.o17:51
tilmanno idea17:51
_mavrick61Just foling around...17:52
treachnej.. d.v.s17:52
deus_ex"exempli gratia"17:52
_mavrick61OJa det kan det åxå vara..17:52
tilmanah, indeed17:52
treachdeus_ex: right. My mistake17:52
tilmani should bookmark that site17:52
tilmanalways handy to be able to toss some latin at people17:53
treachI always find the swedish abr. for IOW, which is m.a.o slightly funny. :)17:53
_mavrick61Hmmm .....17:54
deus_extilman: Pick few 'spells' from Harry Potter books, that should freak them out :)17:54
tilmanhehe: "Often confused with id est (i.e.)."17:54
treachno shit.17:54
_mavrick61tilman: Is the server running well..?17:55
tilmanseems so :)17:56
tilmani didn't hear of any trouble17:56
_mavrick61I think we soon will get 1 Gbs to our site, then we can move over everyting to the server.17:57
_mavrick61to = också eller även?17:58
treachdet är too. :P17:59
_mavrick61Nej fan det är jag som snurrar till det i skallen17:59
treachjupp :-)17:59
deus_exGood night all, time for bed.17:59
treachgood night pedja18:00
deus_extreach: g/n :)18:00
j^2....that's not english!18:00
treachj^2: vet du vad? Det har du jävligt rätt i.18:00
_mavrick61Multilanguage spelling...18:01
treachfeels strange though when ze germans manage to decode what we say.18:02
tilmanthat swedish school net dictionary is quite good18:02
_mavrick61D2MAC decoder??? He he18:03
treachthat might be true, but a dictionary doesn't necessarily give you the possibility to understand.18:03
tilmantreach: "you know what? you got that damn right"? :P18:03
_mavrick61So we cant say any bad things in swedish here then...18:03
tilmantreach: yes. i guess it helps that the grammar is familiar :)18:04
treachnej, tilman och cptn är alldeles för bra på att debugga oss. :D18:04
_mavrick61Ha ha ha...18:04
treachlinguistic reverse engineering.18:04
_mavrick61tilman might work att CIA of FBI18:05
treachBKA more like it. :p18:05
tilmanoh well18:05
tilmanBKA might be kinda like FBI18:06
treachpretty much, right?18:06
_mavrick61Men i scanidnavien har vi vackra blondiner..18:06
* treach tries to get the image of "inspector Lunge" out of his head.18:07
_mavrick61tilman: Did you get that translated..18:08
rehabdollsnackar vi i kod idag?18:08
tilmanit makes me think of tudor at least18:08
rehabdollnls-day in #crux, oh the irony18:09
_mavrick61Just testing if tilman can translate.. And so far it seem to work fine18:09
tilmanrehabdoll: hahaha18:10
_mavrick61So no shit talking in swedish here....18:10
tilmanif you make your sentences long enough nobody will care i think18:10
treachoch tillräckligt många sammansatta ord, vilket torde göra ordlisteattacker besvärligare. :P18:12
j^2ai anca alkta nia igpa atinla :-P18:13
treachgiven that one of the bigger problems today is that people dived words that rightly should be written together for the correct context, that's an unlikly outcome.18:14
_mavrick61Btw our eMail server just passed 1,2 milj incomming eMail for last seven days 91,9 % blocked as SPAM...18:14
_mavrick61SPAM war... ?18:14
treachI corrected myself.18:14
tilman'milj' meaning million? :P18:14
rehabdollhehe yeah18:15
_mavrick61Yse.. Short in swedish sorry...18:15
* tilman ponders quoting from pulp fiction18:15
tilman_mavrick61: no worries18:15
treachbah, to americans it's all billions anyways. :p18:15
_mavrick61Ha,.... Texas size...?18:15
treachone, two, many. many-one, many-two, billons.18:16
_mavrick61Ha ha...18:16
treach*billions* dammit.18:16
* tilman patches aspell into treach's kopete18:17
treachit's already there...18:17
treachIt's just bloody annoying, since I can't figure out how to make it work with multiple languages, so I have to disable it for now.18:18
tilmanyeah, i guess18:18
treachI know it can do it, I've done it before, I just can't remember how..18:18
_mavrick61I think it is time for some tea.... Any one else.. Just charter a plane, and I make some more...18:20
*** vico has quit IRC18:20
_mavrick61That was good.. A cup of tea...18:32
_mavrick61tilman: Have you seen our system.. I have nice drawing plan of the system...18:36
tilmani think i'll get some sleep now18:39
_mavrick61OK Sleep well..18:44
_mavrick61treach: Skickade en länk till dig..18:47
treachoh, really?18:49
treachyou are probably not registered.18:49
treach(since nothing arrived here.)18:49
_mavrick61Jo då.. Det har jag...18:49
_mavrick61Det var lääääääänge sedan..18:49
_mavrick61Will the registration expire after a period of time?18:50
treachwell, nothing came here, so I guess freenode disagrees with you.18:50
_mavrick61I have to check how I made the registration again then...18:51
treachare you sure you registered "_mavrick61" and not "mavrick61" ....18:51
_mavrick61Hmmm Why is it _mavrcik61??? Strange...18:51
_mavrick61There have been some other using my computer during summer veccation..., My son....18:53
_mavrick61"/nickserv register v32mdg18:58
treachoops :]18:59
_mavrick61But that vas just a random pass...18:59
treachsuggestion, make a query window to nickserv..18:59
_mavrick61Running through BNC18:59
treachand I'm sure it was the root-pass to the crux server. ;)18:59
treachBrittish Naval Connector?19:00
_mavrick61I don't see any for freenod19:00
_mavrick61Yes.. Root pass for all my system login...19:00
Dudde_mavrick61 your nick some times change during netsplits19:01
treach_mavrick61: just "/msg nickserv help" better for all of us, I think.19:01
_mavrick61Shit... nothing work..19:02
_mavrick61dudde: ICQ?19:03
_mavrick61Eller Vent?19:03
*** brointhemix has quit IRC19:08
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Chewy509Hi Guys, Is any using Dan's CRUX v2.2 (AMD64) Installation?20:22
treachI don't think so.20:27
Chewy509Has anyone built X11R7.1 from scratch? I'm having problems, that according to some may be distro related20:27
Chewy509or more correctly gcc related... (using gcc 4.0.3)20:27
treachyes, plenty, but I not sure if they've done it on danm's build20:27
treachmaybe you should try fireing away a mail at the ml, there are some amd64 users there.20:28
Chewy509sure thanks...20:28
*** ruediger-the has quit IRC20:28
*** Chewy509 has quit IRC20:29
*** treach has left #crux20:38
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux20:47
*** destruct_ has quit IRC20:50
nipuLi'm using x11r7 on crux6421:16
nipuLworks fine21:16
nipuLre: i'll probably be doing a crux64-latest at some stage21:16
nipuLin the next week or so21:17
nipuLi want to try an idea for getting quicker deployment of amd64 ports21:17
*** c0x has quit IRC21:18
nipuLi have an idea for batch processing ports using21:19
nipuLsed and diff21:19
nipuLas most amd64 ports are simply a matter of adding --libdir=/usr/lib6421:21
nipuLtrying to track official is rather tedious21:21
nipuLso tedious in fact i put freebsd back on my desktop computer at home21:24
*** destruct has joined #Crux21:35
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