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prologic <-- can someone help job my memory as to what I'm missing in my kernel :)01:18
prologicstupid burner ain't working atm01:18
cptntry 'dev=ATA'01:20
cptnnot ATAPI01:20
prologichm ok01:20
cptnor cdrecord -scanbus dev=/dev/hdc :-)01:21
prologicATA works01:21
cptn(although you don't need the scanbus then)01:21
prologichow come ATAPI used to work and now doesn't01:21
prologicand ATA works instead01:21
prologicyay it's burning now01:22
cptnI don't really know, but I guess Joerg decided it would be better that way :-)01:22
prologicta anyway :)01:22
cptnno problem01:22
prologicnow off to build my router01:22
cptncdrecord dev=/dev/hdc <image> should really work too01:22
cptnand it's easier to remember01:22
cptnalthough I keep using the ATA stuff myself as well, old habits ...01:23
prologicany wifi experts here ?01:44
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pitillohi good morning. Trying to understand the swapon problem. Reviewed the rejected files and no one related to udev. Quite strange. Going on reading.01:48
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pitillowell, searching wich is the needed rule in the older udev ruleset.02:05
pitillo:? adding inotify support at kernel solves the problem.... Dont need to touch udev rules. Sorry was my error.02:25
pitillonow time to fight a bit with the touchpad.02:27
cptnI fail to see how inotify affects that02:27
cptnwas it the very same kernel before, or an older one?02:28
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pitilloummm, is a custom kernel(2.6.15). Using the default one, a lot of errors with acpi. Im using apm at the moment and no problems.02:40
pitillolike I said yesterday, it is a fresh install with a ports update and a sysup. Before do that, recompiled the kernel to make the system usable.02:41
cptnpitillo: I just disabled inotify in my kernel02:52
cptnwithout any effect on swap02:53
cptnso I would guess that you did something else which resolved the problem02:53
pitillocptn, sure I didn?t touch anything more. Remerjed to see any changes, tried the older rules with lot of errors and recompiled the kernel. Only did that. It?s the first time I see that error.03:32
pitilloprologic, what is your doubt about wifi? (Im not an expert but may be I can help if I know the problem)03:46
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prologicpitillo, oh good thanks07:31
prologicsorry for the delay07:31
prologicI'm just not sure about the technicaly requirements I'm after07:31
prologicI'm setting up an outdoor AC (all the networking side of things I can handle) just need some pointers on the hardware07:32
rxi_hey prologic your back07:32
prologicwhat kind of card, antenna, etc. I'm wanting to cover at least a 300-500m radius07:32
prologicand most people will be using laptops of some kind indoors07:32
prologicyeah I am rxi_07:32
prologicglad to be too :)07:33
rxi_hehe good to have you back :) .. netgear rangemax 240?07:33
prologicatm I'm thinking of going with the Senao 400mW miniPCI wireless card, 802.11abg and a 6 or 8 db antenna, but not sure yet07:33
prologicyeah either a 24007:33
prologicor 36007:33
prologicI'm just a bit weary about the coverage I'm gonna get and wether or not it will cover the radius I want07:34
prologicand give nice signals for clients in most of the unit complexes around us07:34
rxi_ahh .. tried just calling manufacturers and asking them?07:35
prologicactually not :)07:35
rxi_hehe .. thats usually a pretty good start07:36
prologicmight actually try that aye07:36
rxi_yeah netgear is pretty good07:37
prologicas in the antenna ?07:37
rxi_havent tried there antenna but asfar as support and quality goes07:38
prologicI like netgear myself07:38
prologicdlink can kiss my ass :)07:38
rxi_lol .. yeah they suck07:38
prologiclast time I rang them up for support to find out how to switch a dsl modem into bridged mode07:38
prologicthey couldn't tell me07:38
prologicand were rather rude07:38
prologicstupid bloody interface :)07:38
prologictook me the better part of a day finding it07:38
rxi_lol .. netgear were hard to nail down on bridge mode on the DG63207:39
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prologicRomster has one of those07:39
prologicthing is, it's a bridging option now07:39
prologicusually a bridge filter07:39
prologicused to be just "modem" mode on my dm60207:39
rxi_ahh .. didnt know there was a difference07:40
prologicrfc 1483 full bridge afaik07:41
prologicand usually found under bridge filters now07:41
prologicnew router almost done07:41
prologicbuilding my family a new router07:41
prologicrunning MikroTik RouterOS 2.907:42
rxi_im going for a cisco adsl router07:42
prologicexpensive :)07:42
rxi_hehe nah ebay job :)07:42
rxi_<$200 for a second hand 83707:42
prologicahh nice07:43
prologicRouterOS does the job just as well07:43
prologicif not better (and cheaper) :)07:43
rxi_or ~$500 for a new soho from ingram07:43
prologicbut yeah cisco is nice07:43
rxi_hehe .. yeah now they have a web interface i dont need to us ios07:44
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copworkcrouterx <- find the hidden word08:08
cptnpsst, rxi_, it's crux08:12
cptnbut don't tell anyone08:12
copworkdang, i wanted it to be trout08:13
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cptncohan: is there a crux vserver howto?08:15
cptnI looked in your wiki, haven't found anything though08:16
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pitilloprologic, I dont know a lot about that Q. I can talk about my little experiencie with wifi cards and antennas. The antenna of a pci/pcmcia card can give you about 8db, thats for 10-15m like much (my experiencie) and changing the default antenna qith a "cd antenna" made by me, gives about 15-18db. (20-30m). But in this lenght you need to rest walls, rain and more (too many packets lost in my opinion, dont know if were the cards or antennas)...10:13
pitillo A electronic, may be, can give you more info about length with differents antennas; like I said, its my little experiencie. I hope I can test 802.11n to see the new speed and if it can give more leght.10:13
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jdolan_name service recommendations?10:49
jdolan_bind?  something else?10:49
tilmanthe one by that retarded professor10:50
tilmanwith the retarded licenses10:51
cptnfor a small site, dnsmasq is great10:51
aontilman: s/the retarded license/no license/ :)10:52
jdolan_cptn, i'll only be handling a few 2nd level domains, with potential for many 3rd level subdomains (a wildcard record would be nice).10:52
jdolan_everythings going to be pointing at the same IP.10:52
tilmanaon: really?10:52
tilmani don't remember the details10:53
tilmanjust that it wasn't very good10:53
tilmandjb: i apologize for calling you retarded!10:53
cptnjdolan_: it definitely has some wildcard support10:56
cptnI remember using it on a wireless setup, where we redirected everything to a portal10:56
cptni.e. every hostname was resolved to a single IP10:56
cptnit's been a while though10:56
aontilman: afaik yes10:59
cptnjdolan_: address=/
cptn"send any host in to a local11:00
cptn# webserver"11:00
jdolan_cptn, i need to actually be authoritative for several internet domains tho.11:00
cptnmmmh, okay11:01
cptnI don't really know that field, so can't help there11:01
tilmanaon: ok, it sucks.11:06
rehabdollbind is nice11:07
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juejdolan: maradns11:11
tilmanaon: iirc he doesn't allow redistribution or something. i cannot find that paragraph right now and don't have time to look further ;)11:11
tilmannipuL: ping11:35
tilmannipuL: cut down your signature to four lines please... 23 lines is way too large11:36
tilmanit makes me want to swallow a tennis ball and choke on it11:36
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jdolan_cptn, thanks for your help anyway :)12:04
aontilman: yeah, you can't redistribute modified binaries12:43
jdolan_sweet.  named simply exits on startup, no error messages, strace and gdb are no help.  heh.12:55
treachmh, "find somedir -iname {foo,bar} -delete" doesn't work, is that effect possible in some other way?12:55
jdolan_-exec rm -rf {}\;12:55
treachah, nice. :)12:56
jdolan_it works..12:56
jdolan_that's the problem :D12:56
treachheh, yeah. :D12:56
treachI take that as "-exec rm -rf{foo,bar}\;" then. (just double checking, since I'm duly warned.. :p )12:57
juejdolan_: have a look at maradns: secure, fast, easy to configure and very well documented12:58
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tilmantreach: {} is the pattern that's replaced by the file name13:02
tilmanso {foo,bar} won't work13:02
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rehabdollseems there's a new firefox-version out13:58
tilmanxcb 1.0 tomorrow!13:59
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bd2tilman, hey. wrong "URL: " field on that page
bd2tilman, and also do you have svn/git/whatever repository of your x11 ports? (sorry if I've asked that question before)14:48
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Zeuclascould someone help me with a strange problem i have?14:50
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bd2Zeuclas, no. unless you don't tell us what exactly problem you have ;-)14:51
Zeuclasit's my network14:51
Zeuclaswhen i start crux it works just fine for about 20 sec... then it dies14:51
bd2how that?14:51
bd2computer burns?14:52
Zeuclasi wonder if i use the correct driver for it...14:52
Zeuclasi've had problems with it before.. i use the tulip driver14:53
bd2what you mean by word "die"? is it turns off, or just stops accepting connections to it?14:53
Zeuclaswell... it can't connect to other ip's14:54
Zeuclasping doesn't work for example14:54
bd2heh. seems like you're right then, it's kernel/driver problem. do you tried newer or older kernel version?14:54
Zeuclaskernel 2.6.1514:55
pitilloZeuclas, did you check logs?14:55
Zeuclaswhich logs?14:55
pitilloZeuclas, all system related logs.14:55
Zeuclasit's kinda strange... cause when i do "lspci" it says that my nic is a DEC-Tulip compatible one...14:59
Zeuclasand i think that means that i should use the tulip driver.14:59
Zeuclaspitillo, the only log i find the mention of tulip in doesn't contain any errors15:00
treachyou should try upgrading, besides, iirc 2.6.15 has security issues as well.15:02
bd2have you looked dmesg after it stop pinging things?15:02
Zeuclasit says "0000:00:09.0: tulip_stop_rxtx() failed" . any hints?15:04
Hansearch google for that message15:04
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tilmanbd2: git.code-monkey.de15:13
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tilmanthe url in the ports db is wrong because it cannot deal with rsync repositories correctly15:14
tilmanwe fake it ;015:14
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bd2tilman, okay. Thanks for the repo15:18
bd2ugh. damn fast clonning15:19
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cptntilman: is it still wrong?15:26
tilmanit says ""15:26
cptnwould there be an http url?15:26
tilmanthat one maybe15:27
tilmanor maybe the "tree" link15:27
cptnah yeah15:27
tilmani don't think it's that important15:27
cptnme neither; the .rsync file is there, and you can browse the ports on crux.nu15:28
cptnbut maybe we should just omit it for rsync repos15:28
treachok, I give up.. how do I get pkgmk to accept something like "find ... -iname \*README\*" in a Pkgfile?15:28
tilmanyou don't want the shell to expand the *15:29
treach*bangs head on desk*15:29
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treachmeh, "find $PKG/somedir/ \( -iname "*foo*" -o -iname bar -o -iname bas -o -iname qux \) -print0 -delete" finally worked, but it caused such a mega-think, I think I might be better off with separate trawls instead... :-/16:24
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Hantreach, it looks like the parens and the -print0 option are not required17:20
treachNo, I noticed that, I added the parens just in case since I had a lot of stupid errors in the beginning. I guess print0 just came from habit.  :)17:23
Hanok :-(17:24
Hanok :-)17:25
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nipuLtilman: oops, i dont usually put contact details into ML chatter. I just keep them in .signature for when im communicating on an official level21:09
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Romsterrxi_, there is a way to use the netgear DG632 in full bridge mode. i found the answer on whirlpool forums23:14
Romsterby default bridge mode goes to half bridge mode...23:14
Romsterand other than ya can't change the dsl's ip with firefox as it won't work...23:15

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