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Romsterjust wtf is going on here, have i made a mistake or discovered a bug?01:43
Romstersh-3.1$ pkginfo -i|grep jack01:43
Romsterjack 0.101.1-101:43
Romstersh-3.1$ [ -z $(pkginfo -i|grep -o jack) ] || echo "should not show if 'jack' is installed"01:43
Romstershould not show if 'jack' is installed01:43
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Romster-z String is empty01:44
Romsterhow can it not be empty...01:44
Romsterits got text there.01:44
nipuLthat's the point, it's NOT empty01:56
nipuLthe -z test failed01:56
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cptnoh, Romster's gone02:25
cptnit's funny how he believes he found a bug in something used in many many scripts02:26
cptnif there would be a bug, millions of scripts would suddently fail02:26
cptnhow would this go unnoticed?02:26
treachcommon way of thinking. "If I can't make it work, it's broken."02:26
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copworkerso my penix might work ?03:11
* rxi_ hands copworker a viagra03:12
copworkerhehe, thanks03:12
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aonprologic_: bind 9.3.2-P1 is out06:21
tilmanUpdating collection contrib06:23
tilmanrsync: readlink "/xmms/xmms-1.2.10-gcc4.patch" (in crux-contrib) failed: Permission denied (13)06:23
tilmanworked on retry06:24
jdolanlol @ romster06:29
jdolanso many programmer errors originate from convoluted logic.06:29
rxi_hey jdolan06:30
jdolanhi rxi_06:30
rxi_jdolan: btw did you check out pete tong, its all gone?06:30
jdolani've not had a chance.  my good friend recommended it as well.06:30
jdolanpretty crazy/sad story.06:31
rxi_yeah .. its pretty good06:31
rxi_i thought i burnt a copy but i forgot :(06:32
cptntilman: maybe you hit the very moment svn did the update07:22
tilmanthat's what i thought too07:22
tilmanmy first thought was that my /usr partition went bananas though07:22
jdolananyone know how to break zip passwords?07:23
rxi_probably easier to find another unprotected copy07:24
treachjdolan: find a cracker app. Only problem is that they all seem to be for windows..07:30
rxi_it takes ages07:30
tilmanisn't wine designed for cracks & games?07:30
rxi_like a couple of days07:30
treachrxi__: no it doesn't.07:31
treachespecially not if it's a  passWORD.. :)07:31
treachI know, I had to do the same thing a while back, but unfortunately I don't remember what app I used, or where I got the wordlist from :/07:32
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jdolani found fcrackzip07:40
jdolanbuilds with autoconf even.07:40
jdolan(small change required to build on gcc4, wasn't difficult to fix)07:41
treachmm. but does it work? iirc I didn't have much luck with it..07:41
jdolanso far no luck.07:41
jdolanit runs, chews up plenty of cpu.. but nothin so far, heh.07:41
treachiirc I found a bunch of useful wordlists at openwall.07:41
treachjdolan: you know, if it turns out to be any good, it could be a useful port. ;)07:42
jdolanpossibly ;)07:42
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treachthen all we need is an easy way to set up openmosix. :P07:53
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rehabdollthe wine port is a bit outdated08:05
tilmandaniel walpole will retire as a maintainer08:05
tilmani'm waiting for his e-mail..08:06
tilmani thnk i'll wait a few more days before contacting him again08:06
treach"will retire" or "will be retired"? :p08:06
rxi_sounds like someone has a contract on him :P08:08
rxi_i bet tilman is the name given to german underworld bosses08:09
tilmantilman isn't a very common name08:10
tilmanthere's probably more underworld bosses than tilmans in germany ;)08:11
rxi_isnt there another tilman associated with crux?08:11
treachhe's just "Till"08:12
cptnbut he's called Till :-)08:12
cptnTill, man!08:12
tilmani thought poeple finally got that08:12
tilmanbut of course there's still an aussie left who didn't08:12
treach(which somewhat means "To" in swedish. :) )08:12
rxi_tilman: woah .. racism coming from you :P08:12
* treach wishes everyone would just stop labeling any form of xenophobia as "racism".08:14
rxi_treach: well its quicker to type for one thing :)08:14
treachit's lame, and dumb.08:14
treachit's like calling green "blue" for the same reasons.08:15
tilmani think i won't participate in the discussion ;)08:15
treachtilman: I don't think there is any discussion. ;)08:15
tilmani just realized something anyway08:16
treachwhat? OB didn't die at 15.00?08:16
* treach hides08:16
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pitillogood weekend to all!08:55
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tilmanpitillo spends his weekend sleeping i think :)08:55
rxi_thats what im gunna do :)08:56
rxi_cant be weekend where he is cos its not weekend here for another 4min08:56
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bd2"~/x11r7$ git diff | wc -l" -> 3462   hahaha12:55
bd2tilman, now I'm understood why you're so serious all the time. x11 drives crazy.. ;-)12:56
bd2btw, "prt-get quickdep xorg | grep xprop" gives nothing, but xorg-xprop exist. is it normal?13:00
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Romsterpkginfo -i|grep xprop13:56
Hanbd2, it's not a dependency14:00
bd2okay, I got it. "install it when you want"14:12
bd2it's good, I think14:12
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tilmanbd2: xprop isn't needed to drive x1115:20
tilmanthat's why xorg doesn't depend on it15:20
tilmani see you alraedy solved it :)15:20
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prologic_aon, ta mate20:11
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