IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-09-16

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treachNP: Gregorian - The Sound of Silence03:41
tilmanNP: Sentenced - [silence]03:41
rxi_np: silence03:42
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jjpknp: Grand Magus - Wolf's Return03:59
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Hantreach, by jove, that's the most horrible music I ever heard!06:37
nipuLnp: with myself06:43
nipuLerrr, did i just say that out loud?06:44
treachwe can't all be connoisseurs, and besides, it just happended to be what amarok drew on "silence" :p07:01
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Auge^i can use every patch in my ports for GPL software 'cause the patch is also GPL, right?07:25
treacha wild guess would indicate that a gpl licensed patch should be compatible with a gpl application..07:26
Auge^sorry. my english... i just want to ask, if i am allowed to use patches for gpl for free, cause it is gpl-software... and every diff have to get the gpl too, or i am wrong?07:27
HanFor 99% of those patches the license isn't specified.07:28
HanSo they agree with the license.07:28
Auge^mh. ok... i c.07:28
HanYou make up non-existing problems.,07:28
treachAuge^: who wrote those patches? You?07:29
Auge^nope. but i want to use them in a port...07:29
treachI guess it ultimately depends on who wrote the patch, and how you got it.. (think of schiliy and his CCDL/GPL debacle..)07:30
tilmanwhat Han said07:30
treachgenerally speaking submitting a patch under a different license than the original work would seem a bit retarded, but the law - at least here - says that unless you specify your terms, it's all © to you, and unauthorized use is infringement.07:37
treachwether that matters IRL is another matter.07:37
Auge^uh... alevt needs a lot of patches :/07:47
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Auge^ok, alevt ready. crappy software...09:29
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brointhemixhave anyone of you tried to compile keg2 ?10:25
brointhemixthat's a CLI jabber/irc/gg client10:25
brointhemixi as coz when i try to build it i get little_endian.h errors over an over again10:27
brointhemixyet it's the only app that complains about it, everything else builds fine10:27
rehabdollis there any particular reason why debufs is excluded in e2fsprogs?10:38
tilmanseems a bit weird10:39
brointhemixok, the problem's solved, sorry for taking spacew10:39
tilmanbrointhemix: np, gzip will shrink it down to 0.1% anyway10:39
brointhemixtilman: ;)10:40
tilmanonly today i realized that httpup can sync a single port, too10:48
tilman(= i realized, that the "download command" works as advertised in the ports db)10:48
tilmanpretty cool10:49
tilmanshould have tried it sooner o_O10:49
jjpkAs that one saying goes, you learn something every day. :]10:49
cptnso you can start slacking now10:52
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XATmike_k> a u ? :)11:43
mike_kXAT: ok. private, please )11:44
XATmike_k> emm...currently can't use privates.....sorry :)11:45
RyoSlol :)11:46
jjpkRegister and identify to nickserv, problem solved.11:46
tilmanwhy is '>' so popular with you guys?11:46
mike_kxchat default?11:47
XATmike_k> you'd be better to check dioxin :) seems to be your shaper's going down ;)11:47
tilmanmike_k: really? ._o11:48
mike_kXAT: calm down, i've fixed that already. (not permanently though)11:48
mike_ktilman: I can't swear, but it seems so...11:48
XATmike_k> what do you think 'bout compiz ?11:50
mike_knothing, absolutely nothing.11:51
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Auge^is it possible with nvidia-driver to use the tv-out as second display (e.g. for video output)11:57
XATAuge^> yes, just configure your xorg settings correctly, and it would be possible....11:59
Auge^ha... yeah... correctly ;) of course... but that is "correctly"?12:00
tilmani don't want to reveal that i'm an ass, but did you try searching the intarweb?12:01
tilmaniirc the driver has a nice huge README too :P12:01
Auge^of course... i know it... but all i got is one or the other screen... not both at the same time :/12:02
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XATAuge^> did you read nvidia documentation popertly ?12:09
XATAuge^> try to check out the following >
Auge^mh... now it works... there was something wrong before... i guess.12:09
tilmanAuge^: ok :)12:10
XATAuge^> :)12:10
* Auge^ is a man for hardware... so software needs more time ;)12:11
Auge^ok... how to tell them "fullscreen"="fullscreen of current screen, not both screens?" mh...12:12
tilmanthat probably depends on whether you use xinerama or twinview12:13
tilmanxinerama = two or more screens iirc12:13
tilmantwinview = one screen12:14
tilmanbut i might be wrong :P12:14
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Illusiadoes anyone in here know anything about the new release delilinux 0.712:15
IllusiaI thought maybe since it mentions ports from crux useable12:15
tilmani knew a little about it :P12:16
Illusiaknew .... lol12:16
Illusiathe older rel12:16
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Illusiak tnx12:17
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tilmani typo'd12:18
rehabdollwhere can one find an updated crux-install cd?12:20
XATi have something i wanna figure out....does the crux portage system take care of software dependencies ?12:27
XATfor example i want to install "Licq", it has some qt depend.12:27
tilmanrehabdoll: might have one12:28
rehabdollmy hero!12:33
deus_exXAT: prt-get depinst licq.Done.12:35
deus_exAnd it's 'ports', not 'portage', btw.12:36
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drijen|sleepportage == heresay!13:28
drijen|sleepburn him! burn him!13:29
tilmanheresay != heresy13:29
drijen|sleepw/e i just woke up13:29
drijen|sleepSat Sep 16 14:30:19 EDT 200613:30
drijen|sleepoh yeah13:30
drijen|sleepnot my server13:30
* drijen|sleep notices his kde compile is down, and jumps forjoy13:31
drijen|sleeplunch time, see you peeps later13:31
* treach gets an evil image of drijen|sleep coming back only to realize he's built kde 3.5.3.. :P13:34
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drijen|sleepprobably becuase i have...14:11
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drijenand whats wrong with 3.514:12
treachnothing, it's just that 3.5.4 is out, and has been for a long time14:13
treachIMO, the 3.5.3 ports in opt should be removed - to avoid this kind of mistakes.14:13
drijeni only install kde cuz i want konq14:14
drijeni use fluxbox for daily use14:14
predatorfreakdrijen: I used to do that.14:14
predatorfreakThen I found my terminal, aterm back in the day.14:15
predatorfreakand then I found cd, rm, ls, cp, mv, etc :)14:15
drijenpredatorfreak: thats insuffiencient for my needs14:15
tilmanpredatorfreak: hehe14:15
treachwell, there is a fair amount of bugfixes in 3.5.414:15
predatorfreakdrijen: How so?14:15
predatorfreakThe primary task of konqueror is file management.14:16
drijenpredatorfreak: hard to shift and sort 1000+ images at the same time using command line14:16
predatorfreakThe other use, browsing, can be done with Opera or Firefox or hell even links2.14:16
treachpredatorfreak: and that way you waste lots of time copying files around if you work on files stored on the netwrok..14:16
predatorfreakdrijen: Actually, I find it easier with wild cards.14:16
drijenpredatorfreak: i sort on a visual basis14:16
drijennot on files14:16
predatorfreakThen again, I know my shell almost as well as I know the back of my hand ;)14:16
drijencli cannot comprehend abstract art from sci-fi to wallpapers to pix of my gf14:17
drijentherefore: insufficient for my needs14:17
predatorfreakdrijen: Of course not.14:17
predatorfreakBut you have the file name.14:17
predatorfreakand you SHOULD know that.14:17
predatorfreakHence sorting is easier ;)14:17
drijenpredatorfreak: is this your system?14:17
predatorfreakrename 'girlfriend' 'porn' girlfriend*.jpg14:18
predatorfreakdrijen: Nope, but I find that people get so hung up on their GUIs that they become very inefficient because of it.14:18
drijenpredatorfreak: then stfu.14:19
predatorfreakdrijen: A little touchy aren't we?14:19
drijennothing is quite as annoying as someone else telling me how to run my own system14:20
predatorfreakdrijen: Oh, I'm not dictating how you should run it.14:20
drijenbut you are.14:20
predatorfreakI'm merely defeating your points that Konqueror is more efficient than a terminal with proper knowledge.14:20
predatorfreakdrijen: There is a world of difference between "Konqueror sucks lolz, use a terminal."14:21
treachbullshit. since your points are only valid for you.14:21
predatorfreakand "Konqueror might work fine for that, but I know I can do it more efficiently in a terminal and save massive amounts of time."14:21
drijenno you are making assumptions about how i use my system to do my work, and i think about how my FS is setup14:21
drijenyou then apply these misguided assumptions to the further assumuption that you perhaps know more about the cli than i do.14:22
predatorfreakdrijen: No I'm not, I'm being generic and stating that a terminal is almost ALWAYS more efficient.14:22
predatorfreakThe only thing I find it's NOT efficient at is image editing, myself.14:22
drijenkeyword almost; this is has gone on long enough, please be quiet and let me finish my beer14:22
predatorfreakdrijen: I didn't say that.14:22
predatorfreakdrijen: Well that would explain things, I think you'd better put that down and clear your head first ;)14:23
* treach dares predatorfreak to tell how many steps it would take him to update a html file stored on an ftpserver, from the cli.14:27
tilmancp blah.html fuse-mounted/some-ftp/crap14:27
tilmanadvocato freako! ._o14:28
treachtilman: cheater. You didn't update the file..14:28
treachyou just uploaded a new copy.14:28
predatorfreaktreach: Depends on how you do it.14:28
predatorfreakIf it had to be done by updating I could do a diff run on the file and then patch the other file via some fuse mounted FTP setup.14:28
predatorfreakBut it is faster to just upload the file again in most cases.14:29
treachfire up kate, tell her about that lovely url, edit, save.14:29
predatorfreakUnless it's a giant fucking HTML file.14:29
treachoh, I forgot, "quit"14:29
predatorfreaktreach: vim is my preference, but let's not turn this into editor wars.14:29
predatorfreak-wars +war14:30
treachit doesn't have anything with the editor to do.14:30
drijenmy poor memory is kicking in, wtf is the mouse device in 2.6 called?14:30
tilmantreach: the same works in vim, too14:30
tilmantreach: mmh, at least with scp. there's a plugin14:30
treachI could do that with yzis if I had it.. or kedit or kwrite14:30
tilmandrijen: /dev/input/mice14:30
drijentilman: thankyou14:30
* drijen mutters somethingabout silly xorg14:31
tilmanxorg is the shit, man14:31
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treachtilman: basically my point wasn't that it was impossible without kde, but that it's a great deal more kludgy.14:31
treach(screw around with fuse, mess with 3:rd party plugins to vim etc.)14:32
treachalso, you have to waste time to set up the fuse connection, so you lose already there. :P14:33
predatorfreaktreach: I still constantly find that GUI apps just start pissing me off after 20 minutes when I find a terminal app doing a similar thing, but personal preference I suppose.14:34
predatorfreakHowever I still maintain that file management on large amounts of files can be drastically more efficient because of wild cards and shit in the terminal.14:35
treachNobody ever argued otherwise.14:35
treachbut this "guis suck nyah nyah" gets old pretty quickly, and demonstrates little more than your ignorance.14:36
predatorfreaktreach: I'm not trying to claim that.14:37
predatorfreakI never said "GUIs suck, use the terminal because GUIs are crap."14:37
treachI'm using "you" in a general sense.14:37
predatorfreaktreach: I don't really mind if people use GUIs, it's personal preference.14:37
treachEnglish sucks because I can't express myself the way I want! :D14:37
drijentreach: not a native language for you?14:38
predatorfreakI tend to use xchat for IRC, for example.14:38
* predatorfreak just likes the tabs.14:38
tilmanlolzor xchat sucks :P14:38
drijentreach: thats awesome - *loves other cultures*14:38
treachdrijen: swedish culture isn't very interesting. :-/14:39
drijentreach: i beg to differ14:39
predatorfreaktreach: Besides, I never really intended for the discussion as to console-is-more-efficient-for-file-management-stuff, I was just stating that I switched to the terminal from Konqueror ;)14:39
drijentreach: i belive americans live in a "stupidity bubble", so i like to learn as much as i can about other people14:39
predatorfreaktreach: Hey, you have polar bears roaming the streets and attacking people according to Pirate bay :P14:40
treachpredatorfreak: "I'm merely defeating your points that Konqueror is more efficient than a terminal with proper knowledge." doesn't sound very "I'm not trying to start anything".14:40
tilmancurrent TPB logo is cool14:40
aonhmm, sweden14:41
predatorfreaktreach: Way before that.14:41
predatorfreaktreach: All the way back to <drijen> i only install kde cuz i want konq14:41
predatorfreak<drijen> i use fluxbox for daily use14:41
drijenbbl, must go pick up some meds for my mother14:41
treachdrijen: quite possible. At least I get the impression that europeans in general are much better educated than americans, since we seem to have a more functional eduaction system.14:41
predatorfreaktreach: That was well after the discussion got started.14:41
drijentreach: anything is better than my education14:42
drijeni regret not going to a private school14:42
drijenthats anotehr story- must go now, take care14:42
treachpredatorfreak: ok, it sounds much more like "im going to continue this.."14:42
treachdrijen: same.14:42
predatorfreaktreach: I have a problem dropping discussions when I get started.14:43
tilmani'll help you14:43
predatorfreakHey though, at least I know it :)14:43
tilmanplease stop14:43
predatorfreaktilman: Bye.14:43
predatorfreaktilman: Hit me with a blunt object.14:43
predatorfreaktilman: Whoops I read that wrong.14:43
predatorfreakI saw you say bye and I thought you were leaving too.14:43
treachtilman: sounds like he's going to kick ya. :p14:43
predatorfreaktreach: Nah, I like tilman.14:44
predatorfreakHe has +o ;)14:44
treachNo? Are you sure about that?14:44
predatorfreaktreach: Yep.14:45
treachI never noticed. I'm very glad you're here to tell me these wonderous things.14:45
tilmani'm a bit confused, but i won't admit it14:46
predatorfreakOkay, now where did I put that idea sheet.14:46
* predatorfreak rummages through crap.14:46
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treachtilman: I fail to get the point with that.. sorry. *feels stupid*14:47
* predatorfreak gives sim-im a whirl.14:50
predatorfreakMaybe this thing won't molest my puppy like Gaim :)14:50
tilmantreach: it may help people whose desks are filled with idea sheets14:50
jjpkaon: haha. kummeli <314:51
treachtilman:  ah. I thought maybe the discussion on editors/network transparency before brought it up.14:51
tilmantreach: nope:)14:51
treachI see, it didn't make sense in that context.. :P14:51
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treachpredatorfreak: btw, did you read this? It's a Norwegian problem, not swedish. :-)15:32
predatorfreaktreach: Bwahahahaha15:34
jjpkSince it happened in Svalbard islands, I'm not surprised. :D15:49
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drijentreach: what time is it there, if i may ask16:14
tilmanTZ="Europe/Stockholm" date16:15
tilmantreach is in sweden16:15
drijenyeah simplify that for the wonky amerikan16:15
tilmanstockholm is in sweden16:15
tilmanso the above gets you the date in treach's timezone16:15
tilmanwhich is what you were asking for :)16:16
drijentilman: i know - i would like to knowthe precise time while being lazy enough to not look it up16:16
tilmani admit it's not as good to start a conversation though! :)16:16
drijentilman: lol!16:16
tilmandrijen: hehe, okay :)16:16
drijenhmm, on alsa should the driver be a module or built in16:19
drijeni remember it puking when you did it one way16:20
tilmanyo no tengo problemas w/ modules :P16:20
drijen1$ says it works if i module it16:21
tilmanyou could also go with opt/alsa-drivers16:21
tilmandoesn't make that much of a difference16:21
tilmanother than current opt/alsa-lib doesn't work with the drivers that ship with linux 2.6.17 ;D16:22
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* drijen hits ssimon with a _16:40
treachdrijen: it's "almost bedtime" ;-)16:45
drijenyou guys see the global announcemtn16:45
drijenbrb, new kernel16:47
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treachslow-booting system, or forgot to run "lilo" :>16:52
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brointhemixisn't there a bug in the new prt-get?17:57
treachNo. cptn only makes swiss precision programs. ;)17:59
brointhemixi run "prt-get depinst blahblahblah", the package is built successfully and then i get a message like this one here: ""pkgadd: could not open opencdk#0.5.7-1.pkg.tar.gz: No such file or directory""17:59
brointhemixi use a non-standard dir for packages and sources but all is configured properly18:00
treachwell, is the file there?18:00
brointhemixprt-get is essentially pkgmk + pkgadd, right?18:00
treach"pkgadd: error blah" would otherwise point to a problem with pkgadd..18:01
brointhemixmy problem is that i get the pkgmk done, but the pkgadd isn't executed18:01
brointhemixweird thing18:02
treachthe message indicates that pkgadd doesn't find the package.. I don't see how that relates to prt-get really.18:02
bd2treach, prt-get issues "pkgadd /path/to/package.pkg.tar.gz", problem may be in /path/to18:02
bd2I had such one with exotic setup (--install-root + --config option were specified). it's unfixable as now18:03
treachwell, I've got a nonstandard setup here as well, and I don't have any such problems. :-/18:03
bd2treach, yep. It's usually appears with nonstandart setup18:04
treachPKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="/var/ports/packages" works perfectly here.18:04
brointhemixthe problem showed up when i upgraded prt-get to the latest release, i think18:05
treachbrointhemix: Ok, asking along the line of "are you sure you plugged in the power?"...18:05
bd2brointhemix, there was changes lately in prt-get. You could try to revert it18:05
treachis this something that affects all packages?18:06
bd2changes regarding exactly PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR18:06
brointhemixi'll wait for the next release then ;)18:07
treachbrointhemix: this problem, is it something that happens consistently with all packages or what?18:08
brointhemixi think so, i notided it toway when i ran prt-get depinst gnutls and got the 1st dependency package made but not installed18:09
brointhemixso i added it manually18:09
brointhemixit happened the same with the next dependency package18:10
brointhemixagain manual install was requied18:10
treachok. strange.18:10
treachsure you're pkgmk.conf settings are all right?18:11
brointhemixyou updated prt-get recently treach?18:11
treachI'm running the current version.18:11
treachthat's why I'm so persistant, since I don't have your problem :p18:11
brointhemixPKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="$PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR"  <-- do you think that would be the problem?18:12
brointhemixit was OK with the previous release of prt-get18:12
treachquite possible.18:12
brointhemixwould = could18:12
brointhemixok, let's see...18:12
treachI'd strongly suggest you try to separate them.18:13
brointhemixit worked before18:14
treachwell, maybe you've found out what changed then.18:15
brointhemixok, i'll let a package build and see what happens18:15
bd2that change may broke this behaviour18:15
treachsince it pretty much sounds like the only major difference between your non-working setup and mine, still working one... :)18:16
brointhemix"determine PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR using fgrep without sourcing pkgmk.conf" <- ok, what does it mean in English? :)18:16
bd2brointhemix, that means "I will not understand PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="$PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR" anymore" :-)18:16
brointhemixtreach: c'mon, it can't be so easy... :)18:16
brointhemixbd2: oh, thanks :)18:17
treach"find the files with fgrep and don't bother with looking in pkgmk.conf."18:17
bd2I don't think it's good, thus brointhemix, you can tell cptp about that issue when he'll join18:17
bd2it is not good because PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="$PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR" is a vaild for the pkgmk.conf syntax18:18
brointhemixwill do :)18:18
brointhemixPKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="/var/ports/packages-ports" doesn't work either18:19
treachthen, otoh one might question the wisdom in putting PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="$PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR"18:19
bd2brointhemix, are you sure? :-)18:19
brointhemixwhat you got treach? /var/ports/packages and /var/ports/sources ?18:19
brointhemixbd2: i changed it and it didn't work ;)18:20
treachPKGMK_WORK_DIR="/var/build/`date +%H%M%S`"18:20
treach(the last line is a hack, I know. :o)18:20
bd2then that is really strange indeed18:20
brointhemixtreach: o, i'll try to separate sources from packages18:21
treachthat's a good policy. Makes housekeeping soo much easier. :P18:21
brointhemixok, checking now...18:23
treachHan: thanks, I'll give that a try. (Not that the other way have failed yet, but it somehow has the feeling of an accident waiting to happen. :p )18:24
brointhemixtreach: didn't work either18:25
brointhemixstrange, strange18:25
brointhemixwhat could i have broken, what could i have broken....18:25
treachyou've got a sick puppy there.18:25
brointhemixok, i'll complain to cptn when he's on18:28
brointhemixi'm off for bed18:29
brointhemixsee you later guys18:29
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jdolanwonder if lilo was wearing a helmet.21:20
rxiis it illegal in the states not to?21:20
jdolanno, not illegal.21:25
jdolanfrom what i just heard in #freenode-announce, he was not wearing one.21:26
jdolanso stupid.21:26
rxiahh .. yeah theres a huge fine in au if your caught without one21:26
jdolani ride in excess of 3000 miles per year.21:26
jdolani ALWAYS wear a helmet.21:26
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prologicok you "find" experts23:15
prologiclast time this took me ages to work out, and I forgot to write it down somewhere23:15
prologicI need to do a find . in / but skip /dev /proc and /sys23:15
prologicfind . -not -regex "\.\/dev.*" -and -not -regex "\.\/proc.*" -and -not -regex "\.\/sys.*" <-- there has to be a cleaner way :)23:37
prologicoh well23:37
rxilol .. its regex23:37
prologicbut there has to be a cleaner way23:38
prologicI tried -not -path ...23:38
prologicI hate find :)23:38
prologicnah it's okay23:38
prologicI would have thought \.\/(dev|proc|sys).* would work too23:38
prologicbut it doesn't, it should23:38
prologicbut I think that's extended regex, or egrep23:39
prologicspecifying a -regextype didn't help23:39
prologichey rxi you're down at the gold coast right ?23:41
rxinope .. im a new south welshman23:41
prologicoh right23:42
prologicsomeone here is from there23:42
rxiyeah .. cant remember who23:42
prologicme neither23:42
prologicI'm just thinking somewhere along the lines I might need to recruit one of you guys23:43
prologicmaybe for a bit of remote work, etc23:43
prologicyeah I'll check out the cruxmap23:43
prologicanyone know any MikroTik RouterOS experts ?23:58
rxii think romster mentioned it the other day tho23:59

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