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prologick well I'm reinstalling my router in a moment00:00
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tilmanRomster: thanks04:25
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treachand -> :P08:41
treachbut I guess tilman is already all over it. :D08:42
aonhmm, one would think that if you want to sell software via ed2k private messages you should not end your ad with "think about it idiot"08:42
aonapparently not, though08:43
tilmanCVE-2006-2006-3739 was fixed by a patch some weeks ago08:46
tilmanthe 2nd one was fixed by libxfont 1.2.208:46
tilman(which was released a few hours after 1.2.1)08:46
tilmanopt/x11 mmh08:47
tilmankinda begs the question when will take over ;)08:47
tilmanmaro ;)08:47
treach ;)08:49
tilmani just have a wild idea08:52
tilmanjust remove opt/x11 now08:52
tilmanand make x11r7 the official solution once crux' setup can handle the huge amount of packages08:52
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marotilman: hehe10:00
thrice`can someone update xchat?10:02
tilmanopt stuff that's maintained by "core" is the devil10:02
thrice`well, it's still maintained by Per, according to the Pkgfile10:03
rxithats what he means10:03
tilmanthrice`: look at the email adress10:03
tilmanbut yeah10:03
tilmanPer == "core"10:03
tilmanso to say ;)10:03
thrice`oooh, I gotcha10:03
thrice`I didnt' see the e-mail change10:03
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~/devel/crux-stuff/ports-2.2] > grep core opt/*/Pkgfile|wc -l10:04
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~/devel/crux-stuff/ports-2.2] >10:04
tilmanminus a few false positives10:04
thrice`right...yeah, that makes things difficult10:05
tilmanthat just needs to stop10:06
tilmanaon: do you use xchat? ;)10:06
rxido a mass ctcp versioon?10:06
tilmanugh, no10:06
rxichicken :P10:07
tilmani heard chicken tastes like human10:07
tilmanbut i didn't try it yet10:07
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aontilman: no i don't11:45
aonwhy on earth would i? :D11:45
tilmanto attract the girls11:45
tilmangirls dig xchat11:45
tilmanor so i've heard11:45
marothen who dig bitchx?11:49
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bd2yay!! I got Xfbdev running on ARM. thanks for the ports, tilman  ;-)13:02
drijentilman rules.13:02
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drijenhail tilman.13:02
bd2it's not understanding touchscreen and touchpad right now, but it's fixable (I've done it already once on Familiar distribution)13:02
* drijen hails13:02
* drijen hails13:02
* drijen hails13:02
mike_kbd2: any docs on 'stripping down' so far?13:03
bd2mike_k, yeah..
bd2unfortunately we started talking russian there...13:04
mike_kfortunately to me13:06
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bd2as for stripping itself, I'm talking there about pkgdiet utility. It's in archive amoung other ports13:07
bd2I think that crux-arm will fit in 15-17 Mb, with X11+Matchbox/GPE13:12
drijeni plug in my usb flash drive and it spits at me "not a valid block device"13:12
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deus_exI've sent diff for xchat to core-ports.13:34
treachhmm, drijen, hailing a german is a bit sensitive, in case you didn't know..13:34
treach(speaking on that cultural thing we had up yesterday.)13:35
tilmandeus_ex: did you test it?13:35
deus_exI'm using it now.13:35
tilmandid it eat your baby or disk?13:35
deus_exNot yet :)13:36
tilmantreach: i'm usually very sensitive to this, but i think hailing me is okay13:36
tilmans/usually/in general/13:37
treachok. I guess some are more sensitive than others.13:37
deus_exIt has spell checking now(xcaht).Or did it have that before?13:38
treachI once really made a mess with a historical reference, because I didn't think of it carefully enough. Thankfully the gentleman rather got exculpatory than angry.13:38
deus_exGuess not....13:39
tilmanlooks like it sucks13:39
drijentreach: i apologize13:40
deus_exHmm...Lemme try.13:40
drijentreach: i really didn't think of it - it was meant more EQ style, if there was a reference at all13:40
treachtilman:  "Ordnung müß sein" is just a common expression nowadays for stupid things that just must be, but unfortunately it has fallen out of the common knowledge were that qoute comes from.13:40
drijentilman: apologies as well13:40
tilmandrijen: no offence taken13:41
tilmanif i was, i had already insulted you ;)13:41
tilman(offended, that is)13:41
* drijen floats a keg around13:41
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drijeni also forget that in this chan, i am speaking to mainly non-americans who cannot possibly think of my culture references in the same way13:43
tilmanwhat's EQ btw?13:44
tilmanthat's some RPG, right?13:44
drijenused to have a command called "/hail", sort of a hello in game13:44
* drijen plays world of warcraft13:44
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tilmans_evil_clotesting 12313:45
drijenoh god.13:45
* drijen hides13:45
tilmans_evil_closeems to work13:45
treach321 gnitset13:45
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* drijen peeks out13:46
drijensafe from the ban hammer?13:46
tilmandeus_ex: thanks, i committed the patch13:47
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deus_extilman: np :)13:48
deus_exNow I have to figure out how to enable spelling check in it.13:49
deus_exIt has --enable-spell configure switch.13:50
deus_exBut, wtf is '--enable-spell=static' ?13:51
deus_exAltough I like the sound of '--enable-spell=libsexy' ;)13:52
tilmanwe don't have libsexy in ports though ;)13:52
Hanread the configure script13:52
deus_exHan: I'm reading it now, but Simpsons are on tv, so... :)13:55
Auge^you should script faster in advertisement breaks13:55
aonpublic broadcasting channels really suck for that :)13:57
* tilman hytter med näven13:58
deus_exAuge^: There are no ads during The Simpsons on this tv channel :)13:59
deus_exThey are cool like that.13:59
drijen  thats some awesome public broadcasting14:02
drijenours is horrid beyond compare14:02
drijennot even worth the tax payers dollars14:02
deus_exHRT2, croatian national channel.14:02
* drijen wants the BBC channel14:03
deus_ex30 sec commercials between shows :)14:03
drijen prt-get depinst k3b14:03
Auge^simpsons on national channel? how is the channel paid? with taxes from every broadcast receiver?14:03
aonheh, we don't get simpsons on the public channels :/14:03
deus_exAuge^: Yes.14:03
aonbut no ads ever :)14:04
aonexcept for their own shows14:04
deus_exMuch like the BBC.14:04
Auge^so... similar to germany..!?14:04
tilmanwe had the simpsons on a public channel in the early 90s14:04
tilmanfor ... 3 years or so ;)14:04
Auge^germany is a little crazy on public broadcasting...14:05
drijenany suggestions on why xmms keeps complaing that another program is blockign the sound card?14:05
deus_exOTOH, serbian public channel sux big time.14:06
Auge^try to find whats happens with lsof14:06
drijennot installed, lol14:06
drijen*dicks around*14:06
Auge^deus_ex: lucky one. on national channels there are just good documentations and news... but movies, shows...? nothing which can hit the big private channels...14:07
treachwhich is a good idea, really.14:08
* treach is currently pissed of at the board of the swedish national tv company who seem hellbent on making tv for viewers they don't have, and already are catered for in 56 million other channels.14:09
Auge^of course. but we have to pay a lot of money for the movies and shows - but just a few people want to see them. so... it's an outdated system in germany.14:09
Auge^movies and shows on national channels...14:10
Auge^17,03 EUR per month... you have to pay IF you have a receiver...14:13
treachsomewhat less here, but basically the same system.14:13
deus_exAuge^: This is on cable tv.Cable network knows that most of  local tv sucks big time, so they14:13
tilmanAuge^: don't forget to mention that you'll have to pay if you have a internet-capable PC, too :D14:13
tilmanfrom 2007 on14:13
deus_exmust provide something to watch.14:14
treachtilman:  that's a seriously fucked up idea.14:14
deus_extilman: You are kidding, I hope.14:14
treachdeus_ex: I doubt he does.14:14
tilmanyes it is14:14
tilmanno i'm not14:15
tilmanthat fee includes public radio channels14:15
treachsome asshole politicians are trying to market the same idea here.14:15
tilmanand some of them are broadcasting via teh intarweb14:15
Auge^tilman: but just if you use them NOT private...14:15
tilmanso if you have an internet-capable pc, you could listen to the webcasts instead :)14:15
tilmanAuge^: huh?14:15
deus_exHere, if you have electricity, you have to pay a fee for public tv.14:16
Auge^deus_ex: nope... not cable... IF you have a receiver which is cabable to receive national tv/broadcasting14:16
Auge^tilman: really14:16
tilmanAuge^: hast du zufaellig eine quelle greifbar?14:16
tilmandeus_ex: rofl14:16
Auge^tilman: muß ich mal schauen, mom.14:16
treachdeus_ex: I heard you use irc to chat with your friends and email to do your work. Better pay for the tv you never watch..14:17
treachor the radio you never listen to.14:17
deus_extilman: Sad, but true :) Not that anyone actually *pays*14:17
treachdeus_ex: with internet capable stuff it's much easier to enforce..14:18
treachyou just crossref with the isps..14:18
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treach"You say you don't have an internet capable pc, but I see here you have a 100/10 internet connection, care to explain that?"14:19
tilmanAuge^: nice14:19
deus_extreach: That is just insane, even for politicians.14:20
treachIt's a fucking moneygrab.14:20
deus_exFight the power!14:20
* deus_ex goes to Public Enemy mode14:20
treachman, I wish someone blew up all that crap.14:21
deus_exFight Club-style14:21
deus_exSorry, I've watched Blues Brothers today, so I'm little...what's the word...hyped?14:23
tilmanblues brothers rules14:23
tilmanthe german dub has two awesome errors14:23
deus_exAmen, brother :)14:23
deus_ex'german dub'?14:24
tilmanknow the scene where he talks about how great his car is?14:24
tilman"blabla, it has catalytic converters, blabla"14:24
tilmanthey did a STRAIGT word by word translation of that14:24
tilmanie in the german version he also talks about "katalytische konverter"14:24
tilmanalthough NOONE uses that term in german :)14:24
tilman(it's just called "kat" here)14:24
tilmanrofl, that's so stupid14:24
treachhehe, direct translations are great. :)14:25
aonon one dharma&greg episode they translated "navy seal" using the word for seal the animal14:26
treachI saw some movie or somthing where they consistenly translated inter-state to "innerstaden", which means "the inner-city".14:26
tilmanaon: hahahhaa, awesome14:26
deus_exHave any of you ever heard russian dubs?14:28
deus_exOne voice, male, doing all the voices.14:29
aon:D, yeah14:30
deus_exWomen, children, pets, same intonation, like reading really boring news.14:30
aona friend of mine got the mr. bean movie from someone who brought it from estonia14:30
aonsaid "finnish subtitles" on the cover14:30
aonand it was just that kind of russian dub14:30
aonwith no subs at all14:31
tilmanisn't finnish like russian with more vowels anyway?14:31
tilmandeus_ex: sounds cool :D14:31
treachno, more consonants..14:31
aonnah :)14:31
aonthose consonanty words like hääyöaie14:31
tilmantreach: yes, i meant finnish has more vowels14:31
tilmanwas a bit unclear14:31
deus_exI d/l 'city of rott' from russian site.Big mistake.14:31
treachaon: I was thinking of the kk habit you've got.14:32
deus_extilman: It's hilarious :)14:33
deus_exFrom now on I only d/l music from russian sites, I've learned *that* lesson.14:35
deus_exNot that I d/l anything....14:37
deus_exOS X is somewhat based on BSD, right?14:51
RyoSdarwin as far as i know?14:51
RyoSdarwin is the osx kernel and its based on bsd.. but i am not sure14:51
Auge^deus_ex: OS X is based on FreeBSD in big parts14:52
deus_exI've seen Tiger intel/amd dvd iso on some sites.14:53
Auge^mach microkernel, matched freebsd userland14:53
deus_exAuge^: apple eye candy?14:54
Auge^... and additional apple desktop, of course14:54
deus_exI would like to test it out, but at size of around 4Gb, it is too much.14:55
deus_ex(dvd iso)14:55
deus_exIt should work perfectly on my hardware, afaik.14:56
tilmanthe darwin project was stopped afaik, btw14:56
deus_exDarwin was open source varian of OS X?14:57
cnukedarwin is the kernel/core system14:57
tilmanjust the tiny base below all the nice stuff14:57
deus_exMuch like Crux :)14:58
Auge^but crux lives =)14:58
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RyoSit breathes,.. and sometimes it comes out to eat some midgets too14:59
deus_exI certainly hope so :)14:59
deus_exI like Crux very much, I would hate to see it vanish :(15:01
Auge^crux is my first linux where i feel comfortable with... before i lost my love to netbsd ;)15:06
Auge^uhm... s/before/after/15:06
rehabdollcrux is the first distro i felt that I had control over15:07
Auge^yeah... in suse you're lost with it...15:10
Auge^in mandrake you feel like a click-and-doesn't-work-user.15:10
Auge^and with debian you have to love the past ;)15:11
HanI'm pretty happy with ubuntu when I have to install linux for others.15:20
RyoSubuntu really is ok for those who want to make first experience with linux15:24
RyoSit works most of the time, even out of the box, i installed ubuntu on my aunts pc and she really liked it *surprise* =D15:25
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bd2and what experience gives ubuntu? it's just another windows, but with linux kernel inside :-)15:25
Auge^its free!!15:25
treachwindows has synaptics? I'll be damned..15:26
RyoSlol bd2 :þ you scored a goal ;)15:27
treachan own one.15:27
bd2Auge^, windows is almost free, because it's hard to buy computer without it preinstalled :-)15:27
HanEverybody pays M$ tax15:28
treachnot us who builds from scratch.15:28
Hanlike me :-)15:28
bd2treach, are you building laptops from scratch? ;-)15:28
treachwho said anything about laptops?15:29
HanI'd buy a mac if I would buy a laptop15:29
treachbd2:  right on.15:29
RyoSme too han15:29
RyoSthose powerbook really are neat15:29
treachI'm quit happy with my ibm tp. :-)15:29
treachReally only the modem which never sees any use anyway that isn't supported.15:30
Auge^bd2: it is possible... but i never bought a ready-to-run-computer.15:33
Auge^ok, just one time: a mac.15:33
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RyoSanyone runs psi here?16:12
RyoSanyone here at all? ._.16:28
treach(today is election day here, with basically two blocks of parties duking it out..)
treachaftonbladet == swedish version of "the sun", slightly more tidy though.16:29
RyoS--qtdir is set to the location of Qt <- which is what..? /usr/share/qt?16:30
treachbtw, the headline translates as "totally even"16:30
treachRyoS: I'd guess that would be /usr/lib/qt16:31
treachbut you shouldn't need to set that manually..16:31
RyoSpsi needs qt416:33
treachit didn't when I tried some time ago..16:33
RyoSa friend made a Pkgfile to have qt3 with qt4 on one system which worked fine till now, now i want to install psi which runs into troubles for me, he is not there right now :)16:33
maro <- way cool :)16:33
marohaven't tried it yet, don't have any flac files16:34
treachRyoS: since we haven't rooted your system yet, it's hard to know what your friend did.16:35
RyoSoh i am sorry, i was checking some other stuff16:36
RyoSone sec16:36
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treachRyoS: you should probably use /usr/lib/qt416:37
RyoSdoesnt work16:38
RyoSbut i checked all that dirs before16:38
RyoS( cd /src/moc && /usr/bin/make )16:42
RyoS/bin/sh: line 0: cd: /src/moc: No such file or directory16:42
RyoSmake: *** [/bin/moc] Error 116:42
RyoSthis is what conf.log says btw16:42
RyoS--bindir=/usr/bin doesnt work..16:42
treachBetter wait for your friend I think. (I haven't done anything like that since I went from qt2 to qt3 on slack)16:44
RyoSlinking /usr/bin/moc to /bin/moc isnt allowed at all? ^^'16:44
treachsounds like a bad idea.16:45
RyoSwhy is that?16:45
RyoSmoc isnt needed in the end16:45
RyoSor is it? i could erase the link after building the stuff16:45
treachyou need to figure out what moc is.16:46
RyoSmoc builds this qt stuff16:46
RyoSi looked it up some days before16:46
RyoScreates qt meta object support code16:46
maroRyoS: you need to export some variable16:46
* RyoS dislikes qt :/16:46
marogrep -r QT /usr/ports/contrib16:47
maroexport QTDIR=/usr/share/qt16:47
RyoSsame error in conf.log, but ./configure give a much longer output now :)16:48
maroif this works, you just got beaten in qt knowledge by a gnome user16:48
treachI seem to remember you need to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH too.16:49
treachor something. As I said, it's been a really long time.16:49
RyoSError processing project file:16:49
RyoSQFile::open: No file name specified16:49
RyoSok let me check16:49
maronah, that's only for wacked distros that put qt in all sorts of weird places16:49
marothe QTDIR should do it, and it's only used at compile time16:49
maro(for the path problems, that is)16:50
*** pitillo has quit IRC16:56
RyoSguess i will have to wait for him16:57
RyoSthanks for your help all :)16:57
*** insomni has quit IRC17:04
HanRyoS, read any other qt related port, an env var is set...17:04
*** drijen has joined #crux17:06
RyoSHan: which port for example?17:09
RyoSmh ok..17:13
RyoSi guess the qt4 build is broken oO17:13
drijenmk, need to start removing lbidvdnav from port trees17:15
drijen6th package i've built asking for the damn thing17:15
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prologictilman, your email18:21
prologicthose ports listed by that regex match are ones to be taken up ?18:21
thrice`drijen, it's in opt18:21
prologicor am I misunderstanding something18:22
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drijenwb thrice`19:14
*** treach has left #crux19:15
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux19:28
drijenthrice`: libdvdnav is not needed19:53
drijenports need to stop wantingit, cuz they won't find it19:53
*** Romster has joined #crux20:04
Romsteri'm certain that the nvidia driver i was using is unstable, gone back to xorg's nv now.20:08
HanRomster, are you using my xorg-nvidia port?20:18
Romsterhmm let me check20:22
Romsterusing jaeger's20:23
Romsterany known problems?20:26
Romsterseems to be stable on xorgs nv driver i can overloaded the cpu and it dosn't freaze on me.20:28
* Han checks the forums for patches.20:30
Hanhmmm I don't see them.20:34
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*** scree has joined #crux23:49
drijensup scree23:50
drijenlong time no see23:50
screeyeah, i'll get my httpup rep updated soon23:50
screei actually came here to ask about framebuffer stuff23:51
screefirst off, how do I make directfb and/or the /dev/fb0 device available to my ordinary user?23:52
screeis there a group i can add him to?23:52
prologicmodify the group/permissions in the udev rules23:52
prologicvideo perhaps23:52
prologic$ groups23:53
prologicaudio video cdrom users23:53
drijenscree: i was speaking of in channel convo23:53
screei dont have audio or video groups23:54
screein /etc/group23:54
prologicthen add them23:54
screethats so crazy it just might work23:54
prologicnone of them are installed by default23:54
prologicdamn I wish my watch had an ntp client on it23:58

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