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screein the udev rules00:02
screesection # fb devices00:02
screealready has GROUP="video"00:02
screei have created said group and added my user to it00:02
screestill no dice00:02
screepermission denied to /dev/fb000:03
screedo i have to restart udev too, or what?00:03
* scree grumbles00:03
prologicand logout of that user00:03
screei logged in on a separate tty to test it00:04
screeeh, is there a way to restart udev without bringing down the whole system?00:04
prologicused to be that00:05
screeit did something. :/00:05
screebut not the right thing, apparently00:05
prologicneways, I gotta go, got training00:06
screesee ya00:06
screebah, still didn't work00:06
screei'm just gonna reboot00:06
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prologicumm Q: in order for those pesky warning messages for ssl cerfs not to show up... you have to get an ssl cert that's signed and that matches the domain name in question right ?07:16
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prologicwhatever happened to the "identify as..." feature of opera ?08:35
prologicit seems ot have disappeared in the latest version (only noticed now)08:35
prologicthat's what I mean08:38
prologicI can't find it08:38
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j^2hey all08:46
j^2how yall doing?08:57
drijentakin mum to the doctor08:57
* Romster shrugs08:57
Romsterdon't use opera much.08:57
Romstergot a runny nose..08:58
Romsterfeeling a bit crappy.08:58
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maroanyone tinkering with pam?10:40
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brointhemixnot me10:49
brointhemixi wanted to play with it while settipn up vsftpd but i gave up the idea10:49
brointhemixit's a potential security vulnerability :)10:49
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tilmangood to see that han has xorg-nvidia11:09
tilmanwhile jaeger already has x11r7-nvidia11:09
marois there also a x11r711-nvidia since they break ABI for each release? :P11:14
tilmanand why is eric fortner sending all of his crap twice?11:14
Romstertilman, i've been wondering why don't you have a port of it in the xorg repo?11:14
jjpktilman: the monday effect :>11:14
tilmanRomster: guess11:15
tilmanreason one is to be guessed11:15
jjpkThe posts on the ML are up there with Ronny's teh BASICS.11:15
Romsterand i recken its buggy as i keept freazing my pc...11:15
tilmanreason two: it's not an "xorg" project ;)11:15
tilmanreason three: i don't want to support nvidia's or ati's binary crap11:15
tilmanRomster: no, reason one is that i won't put in my nvidia card to be able to test it11:15
Romsterhmm k valid point.11:16
tilmanand it's a geforce2, which probably doesn't work with the new drivers anyway11:16
tilmanreason four:11:16
tilmanlatest xorg-server mostly doesn't work with latest crap drivers11:16
tilmanhaving a b0rked repo just sucks11:16
Romsteri got a geforce 4 here11:16
tilmani will NEVER delay an xorg-server update just because nvidia and ati are lame11:16
jjpkYou take the risk if you run the modular x11. ;)11:18
tilmanyou got it all mixed up11:19
tilmanYou take the risk if you run BINARY CRAP DRIVERS11:19
jjpkWhich is what I meant.11:19
drijen</3 ati11:20
jjpkTheir cards are fine, it's just the drivers that screw with their image.11:21
drijeneven on windows their drivers suck11:21
tilmanbut not to the same degree that they suck on linux11:22
tilmanthe difference is of several orders of magnitude :)11:22
drijenthey actually install if you use windows11:22
drijenand they *gasp* fuction11:22
drijenbb tonight or in class or something11:25
drijengotta drive back to school, take care fellas11:25
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Romsteryeah the latist driver is way unstable for me..11:26
Romsterand i'm certain my display res isn't as high without the binary crap too.11:27
Romstereverything jsut looks bigger yet its the rsame res i'm sure..11:27
tilmanxdpyinfo|grep -i resolution11:27
tilmancompare the DPI11:27
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mantonoI have for quite a time been thinking of moving over to Crux... and now I just saw how the "Pkgfile" is written, it is so brilliant done! It works like just my "dream-ports-system" would work ;)11:41
tilmanprologic: btw, that mail was directed at core/opt maintainers. i'd prefer to have these ports remain in opt, rather than contrib. if possible. _if_ some of them are moved to the attic, you can feel free to put them in contrib instead11:42
Romsterhmm k tilman11:55
Romsterhmm my DPI is too bigi never thoguht about that one.12:02
bd2_tilman, is /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/ a proper location for the fonts coming with Xorg? Or I messed with something?12:03
tilmanbd2_: no. the footprint matched, so it must be okay ;)12:03
tilmanbd2_: you can use /usr/share/fonts/blah for your own additional stuff if you prefer12:04
tilmanrather than /usr/lib/X11/fonts12:04
bd2_tilman, okay. Just asked to be sure..12:04
Romsteri shold read more man pages more oftern i've just learned something new O_o12:07
copworkerman woman = interesting ?12:09
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* Romster wats to replace my windws key with some linux logo and assign it to the menu :P12:13
Romsterthink its jsut the ctrl+esc combination?12:13
Auge^the left one, yes.12:16
* Auge^ uses an old windows-free-keyboard12:16
* RyoS doesnt want to know how "used" Auge^'s keyboard is12:17
Auge^>6 years ;)12:18
jjpkFinally a sane answer on the ML. \o/12:25
tilmanin the alaska-i-depend-on-it-for-school-ZIOMG thread?12:26
jjpkThat's the one.12:26
jjpkWonder if we will see another two-for-one reply :D12:28
tilmanit's that time of the day again12:31
tilmanit's time for all good men to run rdate and make it mess up openbox12:31
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Hanjjpk, I just added another one. :-)13:00
aonlol @ the alaskan13:02
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jjpkHan: looks like a good fix, I could try it out.13:11
jjpkaon: yep :D13:11
jjpkA real professional imho. :p13:11
jjpkA little patience would not hurt anyone. ;)13:14
bd2_is damn slow only for me now?13:14
jjpkHmm, have a link I could test?13:17
bd2_index page htt13:17
jjpkIt has been slow recently, sometimes even offline.13:17
aoni wrote an enterprise-ready(tm) mail to him.13:17
bd2_heh.. I hope you'll see it, first screenshot of CRUX-ARM running X11R7+matchbox , don't miss it!13:18
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jjpkbd2_: nice :D13:19
bd2_click to the thumbnail to make it bigger13:19
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tilmanbd2_: \o/13:21
jjpkaon: notice how mr. alaska is saying that Rouven needs to show more respect to himself. I find that a very unusual point of view :D13:22
aoni wonder if he meant 'your shelves'13:22
* jjpk goes and bows to the book shelf. \o/13:23
jjpkOnly four more times per day to go!13:24
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tilman " in young boy"13:26
tilmanyou little shit13:26
jjpkI don't understand that part either :D13:26
tilmanholy cow13:26
jjpkI hope he is not trying to be poetic because that does not rhyme.13:26
aoni wonder if he's a phd student13:26
tilmani wonder whether he's a prototype alaskan ;)13:27
tilmanmaybe he's sad because he didn't find any gold ._o13:27
tilmanYou probably should turn down the "hostility" knob and switch on the13:29
tilman"clue" switch.13:29
tilmanaon: nice wording13:29
jjpk"time to stop singing and start swinging"13:29
tilmani just thought of something13:30
jjpkThe next thing you know, it's war.13:30
jjpkAt least on a verbal level. :p13:30
tilmando finnish people name their companies and institutions so their _abbreviations_ follow vowel harmony?13:30
tilman.oO( :D13:31
aonsee the university domains, they aren't anything like that13:31
aonutu, tut, hut, uta, etc.13:32
jjpkAdd hkkk to that list. :p13:32
jjpkAlthough they go by hse instead, the 3 k's scared them too much :D13:33
aonsomeone said that when he was in the usa he couldn't wear his h_kkk_ shirt :)13:33
treachlol @"" and "".13:33
Hanjjpk, it's a workaround. Actually wget should be smart enough not to download html-files if you told it not to.13:34
treachHan: nice addition, I'll give it a shot next time sf tries messing with me. :-/13:34
aonyeah, seems cool13:36
aonsometimes it's a bit tedious to remove the html ten times13:36
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jjpkYeah, if you get a html the first time, it usually happens the next few times as well.13:37
Hantreach, I would insert the code anyway. I rarely get this error. And it's not really repeatable.13:37
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HanAdding a line like ``                      heanet'' also helps a lot13:37
tilmanaon: okay13:39
treachwell, that problem it seems repeatable enough to me.. :( I too have been rarely bitten by this since I fixed the hosts file, but it's still an annoying when you're at the stage where that isn't done yet.13:40
treachjjpk: nice to hear I'm not counted among the sane. ;-)13:41
treachoh, now another Mr Serious is entering the stage and threatening to unsubscribe unless "the childishness" stops.13:48
aoni think he could look at the list with his students for laughs13:48
treachI'm afraid he had the humor portion of his brain surgically removed.13:49
jjpkA failed lobotomy perhaps? :p13:49
tilmanaon: haha13:49
treachHonestly, I don't think there is such a thing as a "successful lobotomy".13:50
tilmantreach: maybe he's just siding up with a fellow US american ;)13:50
aonmaybe they're both lobotomized13:50
treachNo idea, I just think seems lik a really boring guy quite impressed with himself.13:51
tilmanmaybe mr. alaska is one of his students13:51
jjpkHard to believe, there is a lot of distance between massachussetts and alaska imho.13:53
treachthe wonders of telecomuting maybe. :P13:53
tilmanintarweb, and stuff13:53
treachotoh, Mr Serious actually replied to Mr Alaska, so maybe there is some hope.13:55
tilmani thought he replied to aon13:55
aonme too13:56
aonbut nah13:56
aonmaybe he lost all hope with me already13:56
jdolan_so, like, did maro's reply really piss jue off?14:11
jdolan_(i know it was verbatim what jue had told maro last week..)14:11
tilmanAuge^: quick, cute animals on ARD!14:11
jdolan_massachusetts what?14:13
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tilmanjdolan_: thread on the crux ml14:14
tilmanjdolan_: probably one of your former teachers? ;)14:14
jdolan_i've a feeling my mail server is lagging.14:14
jdolan_what's the guys name?14:14
tilmanpeter desnoy14:21
jdolan_don't know him.  he's at umass amherst.  i'm near (and graduated from) the dartmouth campus.14:24
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bd2_"find cross-ports/ -name '*.patch' | wc -l" -> 63   -- haha.14:56
bd2_just thought how I'll maintain it all.14:57
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jdolan_bd2_, i have to maintain numerous sets of slightly modified stylesheets for various clients, i do it with deltas, too.15:34
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_mavrick61Hi, Is there driver support for "Intel RAID Controller SRCS16" in Linux15:46
pitillo_mavrick61, hope this can give you an idea
deus_exFirst hit on Google, btw ;)15:59
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thrice`yikes, a little ML hostility eh? :)16:49
_mavrick61deus_ex: Yes.. That link I have checked.. But dose that mean it work on all Linux and also for Crux dist...16:51
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deus_ex_mavrick61: I really don't know, drivers are for red hat, but there is also source in zip, afaict17:05
deus_exSo, in theory, it should be possibble to make it work in Crux, also.17:08
deus_exBut, based on Rick Moen's, you should/could use megaraid217:18
deus_exdriver from kernel.17:19
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nipuLLOL, just started reading the "Some ports need addressing thread"19:25
HanWell he's got one point. It's annoying if wget gets a html file and you get a md5 error.19:29
HanHis conclusions were wrong though.19:29
nipuLi find that if i use a proxy with wget sf's round robin doesnt work19:32
nipuLotherwise cleaning the source files and trying again usually works19:32
HanWell I wrote a nice solution.19:32
nipuLunless someone wants to use a html file as part of their source files, but that's highly unlikely19:33
HannipuL, read the code carefully. ;-)19:34
Hankrrrr I hate it when I my system hangs!19:37
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_mavrick61deus_ex: Thank's a lot for the info...20:06
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prologic__tilman, thanks for that clarification :)20:23
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