IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2006-09-19

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prologic__how come the apache port doesn't include mod_proxy ?01:01
pitilloprologic__, seems that in Pkgfile are modules enabled. --enable-modules=all I dont try it, but think only configuration is needed01:11
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prologic__hmm yeah01:28
prologic__not quite what I asked but anywy :)01:28
prologic__but I have added --enable-proxy01:28
copworkerso it enables mod_proxy next to everything else01:28
prologic__yeh so :)01:29
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copworkergood work01:32
prologicyou sound so sarcastic :/01:33
copworkernaw, its because the bailiff sticks stickies on stuff here01:36
prologicthat made no sense :)01:40
copworkerhaha, no - I am pissed at lawsters again :P02:11
copworkerone guy came here yesterday and put his stickies on stuff in the warehouse02:12
copworkersmells like the rats are leaving the ship02:12
copworker<- but i am still here02:12
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pitilloanyone setup a Ati Rage mobility? I tried with free radeon driver but no way. Dont know what I am missing. Any clue?05:39
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pitillois quite strange, radeon driver is loaded but not used when server starts. Using the kernel module r128 the same results. If anyone can help I can give details. Thanks anyway.05:43
rxiyou only need the r128 driver05:44
pitillorxi, tried too, and the same results. With the kernel r128 driver and the one provided by freedesktop.dri05:44
rxikernel driver works for me05:46
pitillorebuilded x11, mesa3d and wm... Don?t know why the server isn?t using any module.05:46
pitillowell, I?ll try it again. At xorg.conf wich driver do you use? ati?05:46
pitillorxi, well, thank you. I?ll try it again. :)05:47
rxierr r128 rather05:47
pitilloummm with r128 mine didn?t find it. Tried with ati and find the device, but the r128 module wasnt used too05:48
Husio_where to set the compilation flags?05:50
rxi /etc/pkgmk.conf05:51
rxihmm why am i feeling so helpful tonight :(05:52
pitillowell, rebuilded with r128 support. Trying with r128 driver ant xorg.conf and when Xorg starts, the r128 module is not used.05:58
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pitillowell, no way with this card. Using it without redenr. I will give it more time another day. (tested radeon, r128 kernel drivers and mach64 xorg driver)06:36
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Husio_in what package is gpasswd ?06:52
bd2pkginfo -o gpasswd06:56
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HanThat would not be so bad if this guy didn't overwrite copyright notices. Like he remove the copyright of mirabile for mksh, now named oksh07:00
jdolandoes conky refresh every 5 seconds no matter what you set it's interval to?07:03
jdolanit's quite annoying.07:03
rxiyeah you can change it cant you07:03
jjpkjdolan: see update_interval in .conkyrc07:05
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prologicwhat's the link for the channel logs ?07:30
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prologicI could not find it on the website anywhere07:38
prologiccan someone check if there's a link to it ?07:38
rxiyeah theres a maol link but i cant copy+paste sorry07:38
richi_autprologic: i got it from the page ;)07:39
prologicoh k good07:39
prologicthen excuse my blindness :)07:39
prologicno I kid you not, I am blind :)07:39
jdolanyea that update interval doesn't work for shit.07:45
jdolanit draws every 5 seconds or more.07:45
rxilol .. complain to cptn then :P07:45
jdolani don't think it's his fault.07:45
jdolani remember the same behavior from torsmo.07:45
rxii know but who else can you blame07:45
jdolani don't understand how the devs can work on other stuff and ignore that.07:45
jdolanit's so annoying to have to wait for the thing to reload your file and then finally draw.07:46
jdolanor anytime you move a window it leaves dribble on the screen instead of refreshing.07:46
rxiyeah thats why i dont use it anymore07:46
jdolanit likes boys.07:46
rxiwhy the long face?07:47
jdolanyou mean dong face? =P07:47
jdolannice little program, but the update interval makes it unusable.07:48
jdolanthe slow refresh makes me feel like my machine is at 99% load all the time.07:48
jdolanshower(); work();07:49
rxiwhat time do you start work?07:50
jdolanusually 9am-ish.07:51
jdolanbut i've been putting in so much overtime that i don't stress getting there at 9 on the dot anymore.07:51
rxiahh cool07:51
jdolanmy typical work day has been 9am-7:30pm for the past 10 weeks.07:51
jdolanplus saturdays 10-5, so.. fuck them.07:51
rxiahh thats alot of work :(07:51
jdolanyea.  sux0r.07:52
prologicwe ses are dedicated :)07:52
jdolanaight i gotta scrub my nutz.  peace.07:52
rxiprologic: you part of ses?07:52
rxijdolan: lol can i help?07:52
prologicses - software engineers07:53
rxiahh lol07:53
prologicnew acronymn :)07:53
prologichehe scrub my nuts07:54
prologicbeen there done that :)07:54
rxii thought i had a brother volunteer emergency worker :)07:54
prologicnah I don't think they'd take me on :)07:54
prologicI'd be like, fire? what fire!?07:54
rxiyeah i thought that would be kinda funny07:54
prologicwhree ? I can't see no stink'n fire :)07:54
prologicI'd be able to smell it though :07:54
Husio_if I whant to add ALSA_CARDS I should write it into /etc/pkgmk.conf also?07:59
prologicwhat has alsa got to do with pkg-utils ?08:00
prologicor pkgmk ?08:00
Husio_thought that compilation will need ALSA_CARDS variable08:02
rehabdollthe readme explains it all08:02
deus_ex Finally.Latest lirc cvs snapshot compiles with
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jdolan_<jdolan_> the mailing list accepts posts from non-subscribers?08:28
jdolan_<jdolan_> (i just re-subscribed to yesterday and am receiving spam)08:28
blizzis there maybe a php4 port? searched the repos via but couldn't find one.08:31
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rxisup dawg08:41
pitillorxi, wich version are you running with r128?09:03
rxi6.9 i think09:04
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pitillook, I am thinking in give a try to R7 and see if it works. Thanks :)09:05
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richi_autsip: on the second line tells, that the latest release is 1.2.509:31
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siprichi_aut, thanks, fixed.09:34
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richi_autpython 2.5 is out10:17
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prologicQ: What's the best way to load ssh-agent and add your private key in X11/Wmaker ?10:24
treach.xinitrc I think. ICBW, YMMV etc. etc though.10:25
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prologicbut you'd have to start X at the console though10:26
prologicI start it automatically via slim10:26
prologicnot entirely sure that method would work10:26
prologicknow of any other way ?10:26
treachand how does that start x?10:26
treachcorrection, how does slim start wmaker?10:27
prologicoh no it doesn't10:27
prologicI still have an .xinitrc file10:27
treachIIRC slim reads .xinitc.10:27
prologicbut afaik if I put the stuff in there, I won't be able to type in the passphrase10:27
prologicor will i10:28
prologicany experience with that ?10:28
treachNo, I don't know. Maybe put it in a terminal? ("xterm -e blah")10:28
prologicthat could work10:30
prologicneways, thanks10:30
prologicI'll try something a bit later10:30
rxidamn its late :(10:30
treachIt is?10:30
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rxiwell i guesss its early :P10:31
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drijendooby dooby do11:16
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j^2am i retarded...or is contrib no longer with the install cd?13:45
j^2you have to add it?13:45
thrice`it should be as contrib.rsync.inactive in /etc/ports13:46
thrice`or similar13:46
j^2thanks thrice`13:46
thrice`and I won't answer the are you retarded question :)13:46
j^2love you too :*13:46
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mantonowhat is the easiest way to install gnome-settings-daemon? By hand?14:59
treachIf jaeger hasn't already made a port for it, create one.15:19
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zybreakdo anyone know which xorg port includes the /usr/bin/xsm program?15:19
treachzybreak: do you have the xorg ports?15:20
zybreakits needed by xorg-xdm, but isn't in any of the dependencies xorg-xdm lists15:20
zybreaktreach: yeah, of cource15:20
treachuse prt-get fsearch then.15:20
zybreaktreach: installing them manually is a pain :S15:20
treachI didn't know wether you had installed it or was pondering it..15:21
zybreaktreach: fsearch, never heard of it, but why!? someone should'v told me sooner! :)15:21
zybreakprt-get is pretty powerfull!15:21
* treach gives zybreak a dosis of RTFM15:21
zybreakbut no, the only port including xsm is x1115:23
zybreakno xorg ports where listed15:24
zybreakand xorg-libxsm doesn't include /usr/bin/xsm either (maybe it shouldn't)15:24
mantonotreach: maybe I should...15:24
treachzybreak:  I guess tilman is your man then. :-)15:25
zybreakyeah, this is the second time i bugg him about xorg :D15:25
treachmantono: yes, it's much easier to update that way.15:26
zybreakIm trying to get xdm working on my other computer, but its a bit tricky15:26
treach(or to remove it the day you realize gnome is crap. ;-) )15:26
treachzybreak: tried slim?15:26
zybreaksome config files point to the old directory /usr/X11R6/bin, and its trying to run non-existent binaries :S15:27
zybreakno, i havn't15:27
mantonotreach: well, it's not like I am so fancy about gnome-settings-daemon, but all my gtk-apps looks like hell if I don't use it...15:27
treachyes, you have to watch out for that if you use
treachthat was for zybreak15:27
mantonooh okey15:28
treachmh, just the last part. ;)15:28
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treachzybreak: I don't know what you're using it for, but unless you're using xdmcp or somthing, slim will do just as well, and it's much easier to deal with.15:29
zybreaksounds good, cause i dont need xdmcp15:31
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treachok, just remember you'll have to edit some paths there as well in the config.15:31
treach(no biggie)15:31
zybreakgoing over to install it right now!15:32
zybreakok, so slim got installed and configured properly, and xdm is now history15:39
zybreakbut slim just restarts after a login15:40
zybreaktreach: have you experienced this problem?15:40
treachahem.. see above15:40
zybreaktreach: hey, i did actually look at the config file :P15:43
zybreakso the paths should'v been edited15:43
zybreakim gonna have a second look, but that shouldn't be the problem15:44
treachyeah, remove the X1115:44
treachi.e /usr/X11R6/bin/X -> /usr/bin/X15:44
zybreakokay, so i checked it again, all the paths where corrected the first time, so the config file wasn't the problem15:47
* treach vinces as he realizes he should have used e.g15:47
treachno windowmanager in .xinitrc?15:47
zybreaknope, the .xinitrc file is working15:47
zybreaki have "/usr/bin/startxfce4" in it15:48
treachshell listed in /etc/shells?15:48
treach(I think cptn took care of that, but it never hurts to make sure.)15:49
zybreakwhat shell should be listed?15:49
zybreaki have the defaults right now (/bin/sh, /bin/bash)15:49
treachalright, and that's what you're using?15:50
treachzybreak: if these conditions are met, the most common reasons seem to be covered. -> only one thing left to do.. look in the logs. :-)15:52
zybreakthe logs!15:53
zybreak"could not execute login command"15:56
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treachzybreak: heh, you haven't set a shell for your user, have you?15:58
zybreakhrm, maybe not :P15:59
zybreakdo you mean in /etc/passwd?15:59
zybreakshould it be set to /bin/bash now or should that be changed?15:59
zybreakhah! i didnt have a shell set :D how embarassing :$16:00
zybreakits set to bash now16:00
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zybreaktreach: hey, it works like a charm16:02
zybreakyeah :)16:03
zybreakman, i usually hate flashy apps like desktop managers and the like, but this time im trying to make it as flashy as i can16:03
slakmagikwhat's SOP for handling a bug in a contrib package?16:04
zybreaki even run xfce, and im used to evilwm16:04
* slakmagik is running evilwm right now16:04
treach<- kde user. :)16:04
zybreakslakmagik: mailing the maintainer?16:05
treachslakmagik: bug the maintainer on irc if possible, file a bug in the bugtracker or mail him16:05
zybreaktreach: the worst kind >:)16:05
treachnah, the only thing that I don't like about kde is the build time.16:05
slakmagikhm - well, I don't feel like registering for the bugtracker. I'll check who the maintainer is and try mailing.16:06
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slakmagikbut if he happens to be on, xorg-fonts-terminus tries to install x11-fonts-terminus and fails - but the x11-fonts-terminus works fine. :)16:06
zybreakslakmagik: thats tilman you need to talk to16:07
slakmagikokay, thanks :)16:08
treachactually the maintainer for "org-fonts-terminus " is.. *drumroll* prologic!16:08
zybreaktreach: oh, i thought tilman handled all the xorg ports, pretty naive of me, my bad16:10
treach(I guess he's off, or he'd kill me for pointing at him for another non-functional port. :p )16:10
slakmagikah, yeah, I see it now. Thanks.16:10
Hanno point in releasing a xorg-fonts-terminus the default install path for x11-fonts-terminus is already default: usr/share/fonts/x11-fonts-terminus/ter-k32n.pcf.gz16:11
slakmagikWhy are there multiples like that, incidentally? Transitioning to all xorg?16:11
treachHan: I guess he did it because your port fails on xorg.16:12
slakmagikyep - had to add that path to xorg.conf - is that supposed to be added automatically or is it supposed to be edited?16:12
treachsed -e 's/.pcf.gz//' fonts.dir|grep terminus > fonts.alias16:12
treachHan: you could just skip the /usr/X11R6/ part and it would work on both. (At least that's what I did.)16:13
Hanof course, but prologic prefers to solve this the non-friendly way.16:14
treachslakmagik: there is nothing automagic with crux.16:14
treachHan: Oh, ok.16:14
treachI thought it was just a needle gone missing in the haystack.16:14
slakmagikwell, it did have a postinstall script, and I was just wondering if that was intended to be part of it.16:15
Hannah, I even send bug-reports to people I dislike, unless they have a habbit of ignoring the report.16:15
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rehabdollseems seems there are some security issues with gzip17:17
Hanzgrep in gzip before 1.3.5 does not properly sanitize arguments, which allows local users to execute arbitrary commands via filenames that are injected into a sed script.17:23
HanThere is no 1.3.5 version17:26
rehabdollcant find it either17:27
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HanAre you sure this also applies to 1.2.4a?17:31
HanSounds like a bug in beta software17:31
* treach begins to wonder if gzip even is alive..17:34
rehabdollno idea.. all these patches and versioning is a fucking mess17:35
treachbesides, the version listed prt-get here is 1.2.4b17:35
Hanyou're right17:35
treachrehabdoll: the last change on is from 2003, where they promise a new version "soon"..17:35
rehabdollhmm, the previous slackware version was 1.3.3, so it might just be the beta-stuff17:36
treachthat's listed as alpha, actually.17:36
rehabdollwhatever :)17:37
HanI wouldn't mind using the OpenBSD code for that either. :-)17:38
treachoh. sorry. 1.3.3 is listed as beta, 1.3.5 is alpha.17:38
Hangawd if only I could get pax to work with fakeroot17:38
Hanpax == tar for OpenBSD17:38
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treachactually, pax is quite old, and not specific to openbsd.17:41
HanBut it's well maintained...17:53
treachok, point taken. :)17:53
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Handarn... it forks!18:24
prologictreach, Han: wtf ?18:43
prologicHan, what's the problem ?18:43
prologickinda not nice to wake up to yet more sarcasm :/18:44
treachsarcasm? methinks thou art too sensitive.18:45
prologicI also don't like to cause trouhble18:46
prologicif there's a problem with that port it'll be removed18:46
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prologicHan, I can't remember what was said or agreed upon, but let me know what you want with that port.18:52
slakmagikprologic: as far as the font port (not sure which you're meaning), I think it just needs the name changed in the Pkgfile, right?18:54
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prologicahh yeah never noticed that before :)18:55
prologicthanks for the heads up18:56
slakmagiknp :)18:56
prologicfixed :)18:57
slakmagikcool :) - brb, I haven't installed screen or dtach yet and I gotta restart X.18:58
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slakmagikah, much better. Can't stand that black crosshair for a root pointer.19:00
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seekwillHowdy. What's a real small/lightweight FTP server? I noticed proftpd isn't a port (or that I have)19:10
Han~% l =vsftpd19:10
Han-rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 81K Jul 22 02:02 /usr/local/sbin/vsftpd19:10
seekwillJust need to set something up quick for a user... Wow, that installed fast!19:11
seekwillIt compiled in the time it took to type that... hah19:11
Hanhere is a decent config
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seekwillHmm.. keeps saying "Connection closed by remote host."19:22
seekwillHmm.. works now :)19:24
seekwillWell, logs in just can't figure out where it is looking for root...19:27
Hanthe homedir for the vsftpd user19:34
Hangrep vsftp /etc/passwd ;-)19:34
seekwillIs there supposed to be a user name with the _ in front? I don't know if that has any special meaning.19:36
HanThat's an openbsd standard for systemusers.19:37
Hanfully legal in irrelevant detail19:38
seekwillWell, I make a user with _ though... I took it out. I wasn't sure :)19:38
seekwillI've been trying all combos.19:38
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seekwillThanks. Works now!19:41
seekwillTime to go home.19:41
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