IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-09-20

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pitillotilman, dont know if this was my error, but with mesa3d installed, got some errors while updating from X11R7 repo. Removing mesa3d first and updating again from x11r7 builds. (if this seems a bad comment, ignore it :)05:26
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pitillowell, this afternoon I will try the new battle with fonts... Nice job tilman and nice howto too. Easy to understand and easy to setup. Thanks :)06:57
richi_autpitillo: which howto?07:06
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pitillorichi_aut, the little X11R7 document07:47
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brointhemixyou ever tried desktopBSD? :)07:55
brointhemixi think i'll give it a try :)07:55
pitillonever tried *bsd, ummm netbsd a little with g4u and thougth to give it a try, I made a partition to install dbsd but trying to learn more about CRUX07:56
brointhemixy, CRUX is the shit07:57
brointhemixbut now i'm looking for a close-to-zero efort desktop *nix solution :)07:58
pitillowell, I do not think that about. :) By now, CRUX is what I was looking for a time, but need more knowledge and CRUX is giving me. :)07:59
brointhemix"the shit" means that it is a very good thing, you know :)08:00
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brointhemixand yes, CRUX makey you learn tings08:01
pitillono I do not. Thought the opposite sorry.08:01
brointhemixi like the freedom of chocice and simplicity CRUX gives08:01
pitillomy english level is poor, like my knowledge. Learning bit a bit. :)08:01
brointhemixbut i'm kinda bored with my wrong set-ups of xorg and i decided it's time to try something more desktop-friendly :)08:02
pitillowell, I think this is very easy to setup like a desktop machine, easier than make a nice "server" configuration.08:03
brointhemixof ciurse with CRUX still running as my router/gateway/server OS08:03
pitillomine is sarge by now. Need more knowledge like a said to setup correctly some services.08:04
brointhemixsarge's on debian?08:05
pitillo(another reason is that is i586 and compiling times growns, and mantaining it is quite easy)08:05
brointhemixnah, it IS debian08:05
Romstermaybe ubuntu for a simple no fuss desktop? bit i'll stick to crux for my desktop pc myself.08:05
brointhemixubuntu is too bloatware :/08:05
pitilloI use ubuntu with a laptop (hpnx7010) Trying to configure a acer Travelmate and when I done it well I will think to install CRUX on it08:06
Romsterhell i jsut realised clearsilver dosn't have php support *mumbles*08:06
Romsterhaev a look at zero install maybe :)08:06
Romsterwonder if there is a work around or i'll make it pythonand give the pyhton example to the person thats after it..08:07
brointhemixwow! CRUX's popularity grows :)08:09
brointhemixi think it was 63 and now it's 7108:09
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rxihey vektori08:16
vektoriHey rxi!08:16
Romsterhi dude08:17
rxihows things in vektoriland08:17
brointhemixhi vektori :)08:17
vektoriHey, pretty busy with school but managing somehow. :)08:18
aonhi vektori08:18
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brointhemixvektori: who is developing prt-get? cptn?08:24
vektoriWell, sort of. I think he said doesn't have much time to work on it right now.08:26
brointhemixcuz i got this little problem...08:26
brointhemixthat when i run sysup or depinst the prt-get builds the first package but it can't install it08:27
brointhemixpkgadd run by prt-get says that the path is incorrect and everything stops08:27
vektoriDo you have a log file of that?08:27
brointhemixit wasn't like that until the last prt-get update08:27
brointhemixlet me check08:27
jdolan_wtf is up with the fucking lepers in alaska?08:28
jdolan_that dude is so insane.08:28
jdolan_maybe sip can blacklist his address.08:29
jdolan_i really have no desire to ever receive mail from him again.08:29
aonlepers eh?08:29
aonhe must've dropped a finger on .08:29
aonsomeone should tell him to move it off08:29
brointhemixyup, i got the logs08:30
aonhow much exactly is "16 credit hours"?08:30
brointhemixvektori: and i think i just found out what is the problem08:31
jdolan_aon, normal full time student.08:31
jdolan_nothing above and beyond.08:31
jdolan_5 classes.08:31
jdolan_one with a lab.  big deal.08:31
aonso how much hours per week does that make?08:32
jdolan_..16 in the classroom.08:32
jdolan_isn't he there for forestry or nutrition or some shit?08:32
aoni wonder how people who do 40h/week manage08:33
jdolan_studies nuts and berries.  what a fag.08:33
aontheir sending smtps must be under such a heavy load that the messages don't even hit the lists08:33
aonwell, studying nuts doesn't seem like the most heterosexual thing to do08:33
vektoribrointhemix: Great. :)08:33
brointhemixvektori: "prt-get: Using PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR: /usr/ports/x11r7/mesa3d" <- that causes problems, because i've set PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR to point at "/usr/ports/packages-sources", and that's whre prt-get should look for the package, not in "..../x11r7/mesa3d" (wtich is the default)08:34
jdolan_hi vektori08:34
brointhemixvektori: but still it doesn't work. and yes, i've edited /etc/pkgadd.conf properly08:34
vektoriHey jdolan_.08:34
vektoriHrmmh. :\08:34
brointhemixthere's a piece of info in the prt-get devel log somewhere that says something has changed in the way prt-get or pkgadd handles the PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR variable (or whatever that is ;))08:36
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Romsterbrointhemix, PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="/usr/ports/packages"09:02
jdolan_anyone here ever run their own bind server for an internet domain?09:03
rxii did a while ago but bind and me dont play nice09:03
jdolan_yea it's not terribly simple, huh?09:06
rxiyeah i cracked the shit with it and got someone to ssh into the box and do it for me :P09:06
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jdolan_can someone dig www.dealermind.com09:12
pitillojdolan, I dont know if you refer to this:
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jdolan_thanks pitillo, just had to verify that my isp had modified the port forwarding on my router properly :)09:42
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pitilloummm no way with fixed fonts... need to read more, but it is the first critical error with fonts I found. Missing something sure.10:42
pitillowell, tomorrow more reading. A bit tired by now10:46
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jdolan_lol.  what a toolbox.10:57
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jdolan_eric fortner tried to cc the mailing list on a reply to a private message i sent him.11:03
jdolan_of course, he's unsubscribed so it just bounced.11:03
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brointhemixroot? O_O11:04
mantonoHello! When the computer boots I get a message saying that one of my partitions is not a valid ext2-system and could therefor not be loaded... How ever It is formatted ext3 and in fstab I have written that it should mount it as ext3, so why this message?11:06
brointhemixthe filesystem is corrupted?11:08
mantonoWell, corrupted how? The hardware seems fine at least...11:09
brointhemixno no, i mean the filesystem itself11:10
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brointhemixhave you tried to boot up a liveCD and mount that disk there?11:10
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mantonobrointhemix: Using a live-cd now with the partition mounted11:12
mantonoWorks fine11:12
mantonoAnyone else got a clue?11:18
brointhemixdoes your on-disk kernel support ext3?11:23
mantonoI think so, unless I have updated my kernel without being aware of it. I have used Crux for two days now without any problems mounting that partition before.11:24
mantonoI'll check if I got more kernels11:25
brointhemixi'd say it's a kernel module problem OR a "I didn't install e2fsprogs" problem11:25
mantonoHm, I got that program installed, and I still have the same kernel11:32
mantonoor which kernel is delivered with Crux 2.2?11:32
brointhemixdouble check your fstab then11:32
brointhemixand if it won't work then i'd say you are missing an important CRUX core package11:33
brointhemixi once removed a package like e2fsprogs and after reboot the system couldn't mount any partition11:33
mantonoCould it be some of the options in fstab?11:33
brointhemixmaybe a typing mistake11:34
mantonoI mean "<options>"11:34
brointhemixa comma in the wrong place can screw things up ;)11:34
tilmanpitillo: that error is a bit useless without more details, sorry ;)11:35
tilmanerror report*11:35
mantonowtf... Kernel coming with Crux 2.2 is but uname -r on my system says
mantonoI doubt I compiled a kernel the last 24 houres without noticing it...11:40
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pitillotilman, was solved removing mesa3d and getting it from x11r7 repo. I did not save the error, sorry.11:51
tilmanyou had opt/mesa3d before11:51
pitilloreading the little howto does not mention about that port (in my case of course, do not know if can be my error or a general error), Only a observation.11:53
tilmani'll add it11:53
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pitillolike I said, not sure if it is only my or general error. If anyone can reproduce it, we will be sure then.11:54
tilmanx11r7 depends on xorg/mesa3d obviously11:55
tilmani didn't add a 2nd mesa port for fun :)11:55
pitillotilman, sorry, I see the diferences between them :)11:56
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bd2hi all. anobody know lightweight, written in C, with menus (to choose user), and not xdm login/display manager? ;-)13:10
bd2nope, it is written in C++13:16
bd2and btw, I cant recall, can slim choose user via menu?13:17
mike_kit was not capable of that a month ago, AFAIR13:22
Hanwhat's wrong with c++?13:23
mike_kbd2: what's wrong with c++ in the case of display manager for X?13:24
bd2Han, nothin. I love it, but it's PDA, and c++ apps a little slower, thus I'm trying to avoid it where possible. I know, I'm raving13:24
mike_kbd2: is that a CPU limitation? or overall RAM-CPU(-STORAGE?) weakness?13:29
bd2mike_k, no. PDA is pretty fast (624 MHz), but as it is PDA boot time matters a lot. display manager is boot time app, thus I'm trying to find fastests13:30
mike_kI assume you've seen and
bd2no, I haven't seen that links, but there are familiar topics in it ;-)13:33
mike_kwhat a tiny web13:34
bd2I think I'm just too much browsing :-))13:36
mike_kofftopic: I've bought a mountain bike and took a vocation. not much browsing now...13:38
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bd2bikes... lilo... not good13:49
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bd2mine hobby is mountain ski -> no cars near :-)13:50
bd2Dombay, usually. But in that year I'd want to test Elbrus mountain ;-)14:07
mike_kI mean, the place where you live14:08
bd2I'm in Moscow14:09
mike_kuh, that town forces people to have extreme toys&joys14:10
bd2heh.. there are a lot of extreme in province, thus they just don't need additional extreme toys ;-)14:14
mike_knot all provinces are equal14:17
bd2just kidding14:22
bd2please give me xauth lesson: when I start X11 via slim and starting some program on another terminal, I got: AUDIT: Thu Jan  1 00:08:34 1970: 394 Xfbdev: client 3 rejected from IP
bd2slim passing -auth /var/run/slim.auth option to X server. is there any way to tell slim to add "localhost" to auth by default? or something...14:32
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deus_exShould I update fontconfig to 2.4.1, and then rebuild x11, or...?16:00
jjpkHighly doubt you need to rebuild x11.16:01
deus_exjjpk: One of the deps for x11 is fontconfig, hence my question.16:03
jjpkYou always could if it does not work properly, or otherwise get peace of mind.16:03
deus_exI need to rebuild x11, anyway(to 6.9.0-5).16:04
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Romsterwhy not goto xorg?16:32
Romsterits stable enougth, jsut don't use the nvidia binary driver its a pos. unstalb eat high cpu loads i've found.16:32
Romsterthats if you got a nvidia video card :)16:33
Hanxorg-nvidia works fine here16:36
deus_exRomster: I have nvidia, and I plan to try x11-r7.16:38
deus_exMaybe this weekend...16:38
deus_exHan: From your repo?16:39
Handeus_ex, I don't test the xorg-nvidia from other repos16:40
Romsterjust keep off the binary nvidia driver unless ya feel like testing a crashing posability16:40
Romsterxorg-nv is fine.16:40
deus_exHan: I thought so :)16:40
Romsteri've used jagures its nearly the same port as hans if ya ask me16:41
HanRomster, can you tell more spooktales? They are so funny. :-)16:41
Romsterlooke at the 2 Pkgfiles16:41
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deus_exRomster: I don't recall seeing any trouble reported with it(nvidia) and latest xorg at
Romsterwell it was freazing my pc...16:42
Hanmy my16:42
Romsteruntill i switched back16:42
Romsterso hence i'd say keep away from it its unstable.16:42
Romsterand the earlier version didn't even work at all for me.16:43
HanYes! you here that, deus_ex? Stay away!16:43
Romsterso i'll wait for a newer version b4 i'll even try it again16:43
Romsterhe can try it but i do't recomend it :)16:43
Romsterjust becaue your a port whore han :P and have binary nvidia in your ports too :P~16:44
Romstermakes you biased16:44
deus_exRomster: I appreciate the warning :)16:45
deus_exBut, I'm in experimental mood ;)16:45
deus_ex(bored senseless)16:46
deus_exOr just bored ;D16:46
Romsterhehe ok then.16:46
deus_exSo, that sounds like fun in either case.16:47
Romstertry a expearemntal kernel then i'm sure that be more stable than that :D16:47
deus_exIf it works, great.If it doesn't, well...16:47
deus_exRomster: Any 2.6 kernel is experimental :)16:48
Romsterif it don't jsut revert to a older version :)16:48
Romsterneat :P16:48
deus_exRomster: That's the plan.I'll build 6.9.0-5, then try 7.x.16:49
HanRomster, good thinking!16:49
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deus_exYey, 2.6.18 is out.17:05
treachIt's been that all day, but I'll wait for atleast .1. :)17:06
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deus_extreach: I was sleeping.You are probably right(waiting for .1) :)17:07
screerugek: ping17:08
treachIf the pattern holds true, it won't be long.. :-/17:10
* treach is getting tired of the kernel two-step salsa.17:10
bd2"two-step salsa"?17:11
deus_exSalsa has steps?17:12
screewhile i was gone, all my ports have been taken over. T_T17:13
screenot that thats a bad thing, less work for me17:13
bd2scree, who are you? :-)))17:14
bd2just kidding17:14
screethe only ports of mine that dont have duplicates now are the ones i don't use any more, lol17:15
deus_exWhat is 'a life in Dietetics' ?17:16
HanLinux marsupilami 2.6.18 #1 Wed Sep 20 16:09:45 CEST 2006 i686 GNU/Linux17:17
deus_exHan: Thanks for the link.'marsupilami'?French comic book character?17:20
treachas french as french fries, iirc.17:21
deus_extreach: :)17:22
bd2"ATI has certainly has the leading installer at this point, with its graphical install mode..." - haha! yes, +10 mb for the GUI installer, please17:24
deus_exBelgian comic book
treachdeus_ex: as I said. ;)17:24
screefrench fries are belgian??17:24
treachyep. At least they claim so, and it's their national dish. :)17:25
deus_extreach: You have 'nasty' habit of being always right ;)17:25
screeis rugek around often?17:26
treachDid you think I meant that spirou & friends were french?17:26
treachok. I guess I only fooled scree then. :D17:27
screei like swords.17:27
deus_extreach: :)17:29
Handeus_ex, yes the famous character created by fraquin, and the man was Belgian. :-)17:29
HanI have a poster of him hanging next to my computer. ;-)17:29
treachGaston rules. :D17:29
HanYeah! :-)17:29
HanGuantanamo_bay fries17:30
deus_exHan: iirc, I've read it years back.17:30
deus_exI kinda prefer european style of comics.17:31
Hanyeah, they're more down to earth17:31
deus_exAltough 'mericans have a few good ones, too(non-superhero stuff).17:32
deus_exSin City series, Neil Gayman's Sandman...17:33
treachcalvin & hobbes, garfield and zits. :-)17:34
deus_extreach: That, too. :)17:34
deus_exGarfield.My hero :)17:35
treachit's Gaiman.. lol.17:35
Hancalvin&hobbes are also great17:36
HanAnd little nemo :-)17:36
HanThe poster next to my computer.17:37
deus_extreach: It's Gejmen in serbian, so :).My mistake :)17:37
deus_exHan: Nice :)17:39
deus_exNote to self:learn to spell, already.
deus_exI fscking hate 'Will and Grace' endless reruns.17:43
deus_exInstead of B5 or Battlestar Galactica, they are endlessly showing this crap.And 'Friends'.Argh.17:45
treachWould you prefer a dosis of "big brother" instead?17:45
screedoes anyone else have a hand in the contrib version of ion?17:46
deus_extreach: It started last week.'reality show'? Yeah, right.17:47
screeother than rugek?17:47
deus_extreach: Sadly, there is a strong anti-american/european force on national tv, so even pilot episodes for BG17:49
deus_exwere shown on Saturday
treachanti european? Now, that's interesting..17:50
deus_ex'No one watches sf, anyway.Big brother?Bring it on."17:50
treachpeople are mindless drones. Just accept it, and forget about tv. bt to the rescue I guess ;)17:51
deus_extreach: bt, valid credit card, and :)17:53
deus_exFatter pipe to net would help, too.17:54
* deus_ex holds his breath for faster connection.17:55
* deus_ex suffocates.17:55
* scree takes deus_ex's wallet17:55
deus_exscree: Be my guest,It's empty anyway :)17:56
* treach hangs scree in a lamp post for corpse plundering.17:58
deus_exJustice is quick these days...17:59
treachjawhol, standgericht!17:59
deus_extreach: Judge Dredd your childhood hero?17:59
treachNo, not really.18:00
deus_exHow old are you, anyway?18:00
deus_ex(if you don't mind me asking)18:01
treachDoes it matter?18:01
deus_exJust curious.18:01
treachok, let's just say that I'm thankfully not as old as I feel. :-)18:02
treachbut still old enough to be older than most here I guess.18:02
deus_exI know the feeling, man.18:03
deus_exSometimes I feel like I'm 1oo years old.18:03
deus_ex(but I'm not).18:03
deus_exThese days I'm fine.18:04
deus_exAnd now, I'm sleepy.18:07
deus_exGood night.18:07
treachgood night18:07
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rehabdollmade me laugh18:26
*** xetra has joined #Crux18:34
xetrai was thinking of installing crux, but got a few questions first.. is it hard to maintain your system (with updates) since there is no pkg manager?18:35
screethere's no package manager?18:36
screewhen did this happen?18:36
xetraso i hear18:36
xetrawhat is the pkg manager?18:36
xetrabecause on the port db it has specific commangs to install ports?18:36
screenow, the ports tree may not be as vastly populated as other distros' systems.18:36
xetralike rsync18:36
screebut its still there18:37
xetrawell i so far like the ports tree due to how up to date it is i.e gnome 2.16 already18:37
screeyou can also install slackware packages, iirc18:37
xetrascree, if i wanted to install xorg how would i go about doing that with crux?18:37
xetrausing rsync?18:38
screersync, eh... erm18:38
screewell its already in core/18:38
screeto answer your first question, the package manager is ports and prt-get18:39
screemodeled after bsd ports18:39
xetraso like18:39
xetraprt-get gnome18:39
xetrawould get me gnome?18:39
screeprt-get depinst gnome18:40
screeassuming you wanted dependencies installed18:40
xetraoh i see18:40
screeyou could also go to /usr/ports/*/gnome, and run pkgmk -i18:40
xetraah so it's bsd liek i see18:41
screevery much so, yes18:41
xetrahmm is there a big diff between crux and archlinux?18:41
screecant say, never tried arch.18:41
screeif its only the package manager you're concerned about, just remember that the package manager is a program like anything else18:42
screeyou can, within reason, put your favorite package manager on most any system.18:42
screeis arch the one that uses pacman?18:43
xetrathat's true18:43
screepacman is very portable from what I hear18:43
screethat isn't to say you couldn't just install arch... heh. do what you want, that's what linux is about.18:44
xetrai try a lot of distros18:45
bd2CRUX will be your last. ;-) That is good slogan, imho :-)18:45
screethat sounds kinda creepy.18:46
xetralol18:46 is down, so half a dozen of my sysups failed. I edited the file and am running them individually. What's the best way to handle to this and to make persistent changes to the Pkgfiles?18:46
bd2scree, it should be :-)18:46
xetrait looks cool since it's bleeding edge18:46
slakmagikalso, speaking of slackpacks, are there any crux packages? Upgrading X on the box I have crux on is... not fun. (That failed, too, with a silly footprint mismatch - debating -if next time.)18:48
screecrux packages and slackpacks are almost compatible18:49
screein fact, to the best of my knowledge, the only major difference is naming convention18:50
screeand the /usr directories, but that's easily taken care of18:50
slakmagikhm - I dunno. Pat links xterm to utempter and so on. Didn't notice that with crux. But I suspect there could be several subtle differences.18:51
rehabdolli've moved from slack to crux, without reinstall18:52
rehabdollquite painless actually18:52
screei have installed slackpacks on crux before18:52
rehabdolljust untar:ed ports and the stuff you need and slowly started to replace packages18:53
slakmagikwell, I'm sure you could in many cases, but my xterms wouldn't work if I installed slack's X, at the least.18:53
screesolution: dont use xterm. :P18:53
bd2slakmagik, regarding downloads, if you're not squeamish of gen..o distfiles:
rehabdollalthough i have to admit that i needed to use a livecd to replace glibc :)18:53
slakmagikwell, I ordinarily use mrxvt these days, but I'm looking forward to keeping this one slim.18:53
slakmagikslim overall - mrxvt is slimmer than xterm individually. :)18:54
screeright, right.18:54
screewell... hmm.18:54
screethat is a problem18:54
bd2aterm+screen rocks18:54
screeurxvt+screen does too18:54
* scree sharpens his term-war javelin18:55
bd2yeah, but urxvt is a bit slow on rendering (my opinion, comparing to aterm)18:55
* rehabdoll hates charsets18:55
rehabdollgives me a headache18:55
slakmagikbd2: thanks - not sure I'll do that, but it's interesting - something to consider. :)18:56
screebd2: w/ or w/o transparency?18:56
bd2scree, w/o.18:56
screebecause i hate transparency18:56
screeterm wars are never really that fun... all you can argue about are resources18:56
screeand occasionally font support18:57
screewhat we need is a good editor war18:57
screemaybe im just insane18:57
bd2heh.. no, just when I swithing from one virtual desktop to another, then opened urxvt "blinks" and redraws for a moment. with aterm my eye don't see it :-)18:58
screewhat wm is this?18:58
bd2I'm usually have fullscreened terminals on few desktops, thus I notice these blinks very distinctly19:00
screedoesnt do anything of the sort for me on ion19:05
screeactually, let me try it with xft, because that's what I usually use19:05
bd2donno then... iirc, I disabled xft when tried urxvt.19:07
bd2and let compare them this way: /usr/bin/aterm 113K, "ldd /usr/bin/aterm  | wc -l" -> 8   :-)19:09
screeinstalling aterm now19:10
scree18 for urxvt, btw19:11
screejust the binary and manpage in the footprint... i have to say, im already impressed19:11
bd2there is a nasty bug in it, here is a fix:  , I should mail it to authors some day, just haven't any time ;-)19:13
bd2but firstly, I'll remove second "from clearing"  :-)19:14
*** xetra has quit IRC19:16
screeaterm doesnt seem to support xft19:18
screedoes it?19:18
bd2I don't know. I'm always passing fonts in old-fashioned style: aterm*font: -xos4-terminus-medium-r-normal--20-200-72-72-c-100-koi8-r19:23
Hanscree, no but terminus font is really nice for terms19:26
bd2according to , Xft is just another (new) font naming scheme. Nothing special, but naming19:27
screewell it sures looks different in urxvt19:27
screedifferent and sexy.19:27
screeside-by-side comparison shows visibly better font rendering between aterm and urxvt (with xft on), for the same font.19:30
screewhich, for me, more than makes up for the extra resource usage19:30
screeurxvt still uses relatively little resources, too19:30
bd2can't be. they should use similar font renedering technique (X11 :-)19:31
bd2are you sure, that font the same?19:31
screetry it for yourself19:31
Hanscree, that's because urxvt supports freetype rendering.19:31
screeHan: i thought that WAS xft19:32
bd2ah. freetype. smooth antialiased fonts?19:32
HanNo, but now take a look at terminus, ok. :-)19:32
bd2scree, just curious what font are you using?19:33
screethe one i tested with was Bitstream Vera Sans Mono19:33
bd2freetype should affect only vectorized fonts (ttf/type1), but bitmaps fonts IMHO should look the same19:33
screeHan: I did.19:33
bd2scree, then it makes sense19:34
*** bd2 has quit IRC19:46
*** sen has joined #crux19:47
slakmagikokay - something's up with the psmisc pkgfile - it fails the md5sum check because it pulls down an empty file. I tried 'manually' wget'ing from dl.sourceforge and it failed the same way, but wget'ing from $mirror.dl.sourceforge worked - then I could build as normal.20:54
predatorfreakslakmagik: It's not the pkgfile.20:54
predatorfreakIt's sourceforge.20:54
predatorfreakBlame them, get a shotgun, force them to fix their problems, move on :)20:54
slakmagikalso something up with X - in the TTF and Type1 dirs, I get font.cache files, which make it fail the footprint check. I think I'm just going to ignore that one, but it probably shouldn't do it.20:54
slakmagikpredatorfreak: well, true, but maybe there should be fallback dl sites? Half a dozen failed when went down and backups would have fixed those too20:55
slakmagikjust substituted the primary gnu site to fix those20:55
predatorfreakslakmagik: If you want to make some fancy thing to fix all that, go for it.20:56
slakmagikanyway - I should be all updated now. :)20:56
predatorfreakBut I think it's insane personally ;)20:56
predatorfreakIf the original host goes down.20:56
predatorfreakWait til it's back up.20:56
*** nippy|lfs has quit IRC21:00
*** reiserFs has joined #crux21:01
*** the-ruediger has joined #crux21:02
*** Romster has quit IRC21:14
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC21:30
*** destruct_ has joined #Crux21:39
screethe only real solution is to always use mirrors for builds that have them21:39
Hanslakmagik, my pkgmk has got a fix for that problem.21:43
*** destruct has quit IRC21:55
screerugek: ping22:13
Hanscree, it's quite annoying if you know someone has a question but doesn't ask it. He'll return eventually and reply.22:24
screeit's not a question22:34
screeit's about the ion port.22:34
screei guess i can just email him22:36
HanGood plan22:36
*** thrice` has joined #crux22:48
screeheya thrice22:55
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:06
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC23:58

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