IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-09-21

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pitillono way with x11r7 and fonts. Can anyone give me a clue? (could not open default font 'fixed') Changed the paths at xorg.conf and run the post install of xorg-fonts-misc-misc.01:49
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prologicwhat's the org that you buy blocks of ipv4 addresses from ?02:02
prologicor do they sell in too large a blocks and it's better buying off your isp02:02
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trielripe/arin are selling only big ranges. if you want class C or something like this, you should contact your ISP02:06
prologick nps02:09
prologicI'd need a /25 or /2602:09
prologicmy /29 is suddenly too small02:09
prologicstupid ssl vhosts :)02:10
prologicwhat's the best way to get proper ssl certificates ?02:12
prologicand you need one per ssl-vhost right ?02:13
mike_kseems so, the common name is a part of cert02:13
prologicas in you'd get one cert per domain02:14
prologicand have parts of that per vhost ?02:14
prologicI'm fairly new to ssl (at least in the cert/user side)02:15
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mike_klooks so for me, any other ways? I wonder if any community-driven CA exist02:15
prologicthere is the openca.org02:16
prologicI would consider using that02:17
prologicor simpy buy certs from my registrar02:17
mike_kis your address space limitation somehow related to certs?02:17
prologicasking me personally or is that a general question :)02:18
prologicno it's just limited .02:19
prologicI only have a /2902:19
prologicI'll have to get a /27 or even /26 just for future expansion02:20
prologic27 might be enough I think for a while02:20
mike_kbetter to have some reserved ip's. do you want to set up bgp, backresolver, etc for each such upgrade? One fairly big AS should give less pain, IMHO.02:23
mike_kor that's your provider's pain?02:24
prologicjust called them02:26
prologicI don't need bgp as yet fortunately02:26
prologicbut I do need to host the pointers02:26
prologicwhich they've never let me do yet02:26
prologicbrb emailing them02:26
prologictime for a break :)02:31
prologicI do need to (soon) setup load balancing across my two links and redundancy (means getting blocks from the other isp I think)02:32
prologicmike_k, any experience ?02:33
mike_knot in that way, bgp is already offers some kind of balancing02:34
prologiceven on a single router with 2 links ?02:34
mike_kplus you may dig in iproute2 ( to get redundancy on your side02:34
prologicmy router is running MikroTik RouterOS02:35
prologicbut it'd be very similar neways02:35
prologic / ip route ... :)02:35
prologicthing is I need reduncany, not on the local side (already have that)02:35
prologicbut on the remote side (public ip space)02:35
mike_kbgp does routing decision to/from your(your ISP) AS (that seems tp be the providers pain in your setup)02:37
prologicif they could do that themselves02:37
prologicI wouldn't need to do it right ?02:37
prologicand I woudn't need ip blocks on the other isp02:38
mike_kif you have more than one ISP/uplink/default route the iproute on your side is a way to go02:38
prologicyes yes02:38
prologicbut if ISP A (which the blocks are on and routed to) goes down02:38
prologicyou can't get to any of the ips02:38
prologicunless my isp also routes to ISP B's ip02:39
prologicafaik anyway02:39
prologicie: I don't have that control over my blocks :/02:39
mike_kthat way both ISPs would have to be involved in setup (02:40
* mike_k have to go02:41
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prologicI woudln't think ISP B would have to be involved02:41
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prologicey treach02:47
treacho'hoy mate :)02:48
prologica hoi indeed02:48
prologichaving fun ?02:48
treachNot yet, but I'm working on it. :)02:48
prologicjust asked my isp for a /27 block02:48
prologicI think I'm having fun :)02:49
treachcool, any chance you'll get it?02:49
prologicthey have enough available02:49
prologicI need the pointers pointed to my name servers too02:49
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prologicthey've never done that in the past02:49
prologicI'm gonna push for it this time02:49
treachhmm, I wish my isp were that generous..02:50
prologicoh I'll have to start paying for it I'm sure02:50
prologicI haven't paid for my current /29 so far02:50
prologicbut a /27 hmmm :)02:50
treachwell, there's paying, and then there is paying..02:50
prologicI said, try and extend my /29 to a /2702:50
prologicor give me a new /2802:50
prologicneways I'm gonna go shower and do other stuff02:51
treachbasically, you can't get a static ip here without having a commercial subscription, and that means you'll be paying through every orifice, pretty much..02:51
prologicbeen at my desk for the last few hours :)02:51
prologicoh ouch02:52
prologicthat sucks02:52
prologicmost isps here give you a static ip02:52
prologicbut there are many that "claim' to but really just give out dhcp ip addresses with long lease times02:52
prologiceg: TPG02:52
prologicfuck'n bastards :/02:52
rxiprologic: westnet give you a proper ip :)03:00
rxifor free no less03:01
prologicyes I know :)03:02
treachI bet that's one of the holdups with ipv6..03:02
treach(that there are so many of those adresses you can't rake in money for nothing basically, by charging trough the roof for a static ip.)03:03
prologicnah there's not enough push, and many places still don't support ipv603:04
rxinah isp's really want ipv603:04
treachprologic: there's nothing that stops them from implementing it in parallel.03:04
prologicI know03:05
prologiceverything except that push03:05
rxivista should help i hope a bit03:05
prologicit's like everyone wants it, but the internet isn't doing it as a whole03:05
treachno push needed..03:05
treachthey just set it up, and when the need arrives, they are ready.03:05
treachand I bet at least my ISP have all the hardware they need for it, all they need is to configure the systems for it.03:06
rxii might ask my isp they might have ipv6 addresses to hand out03:07
rxithey charge AUD$100 for 1 useable ip03:08
copworkerwhat does an unusable one cost ?03:09
rxino idea .. but whats the point?03:10
prologicoh unusable ones are free :)03:12
rxiwhats the point of them then?03:20
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prologicif I have and slice a /28 off the beginning03:47
prologicwhat do I have left ?03:47
prologictwo /25's right ?03:48
rxisorry no idea03:53
prologicwhy is there no auto configurator for the kernel yet ?04:04
prologicor is there ?04:04
pitilloreaded the xorg faq the point related to fonts, and there is no way to run it. I will be here reading a bit more, bur I hope anyone can give me a hand with this. I am hooked with this.04:09
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treach  "questionable" huh?06:03
rxithats quite ironic .. tiny url and questionable in the same sentence06:05
treachit's a darn long url otherwise..06:05
rxihehe many a n00b has been burnt with a tinyurl06:06
treachah, but would I?06:06
rxi*sigh* dont worry06:07
rxiwhats so questionable about that article?06:07
treachnothing really about the article, just that someone, given the result would find it the camera useage "questionable".06:09
treachI'd say it apparently was well justified.06:09
rxiahh .. find it funny people around the world are reading aussie newpapers06:09
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pitilloxD going back to x11r69... and dri doesn?t work again. Interesting, with x11r7 drm creates the dev and gets dri working but with r69 does not.... hooked in both ways.07:00
pitilloMore fightings sure...07:00
treachhooked = "I can't quit", I guess you mean "screwed", or something similar. :-)07:03
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pitillotreach, using a web translator says that word. I mean with hooked like stopped at some point and can not go forward.07:45
rxihooked means lots of things .. depends on the context07:47
treachOk, you're the xpert then. I'm headed out in any case. :-)07:49
copworkerdont get hooked on hookers07:53
pitillolater I will continue, but not sure if will try with mach64 module and x11r6 or fonts and x11r7. First I try to build the module again, the fonts problem is quite strange and need more knowledge about.07:54
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deus_exI'm running fontconfig 2.4.1 and xorg-6.9.0-4.Nothing broken.Yet?08:12
deus_exFonts look a bit better, though.08:15
RyoSthat may be a bug08:16
deus_exRyoS: How can that be a bug?08:19
RyoSjust jokeing man :|08:20
deus_exI though so :)08:20
deus_exI need coffee.Bad.08:20
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rehabdollHan, m5sum-mismatch on fluxbox-generate_menu08:53
* treach hands deus_ex a cup of bad coffe.08:53
deus_extreach: Thanks, any coffee is good at this time, I'll make a cup of superstrongblacknosugar mayhem later :)08:56
deus_exningo: Great link, thanks :)08:58
deus_ex(ff took a while to load)08:58
deus_exI ran out of cigarettes.There must be a backup one somewhere...09:00
* deus_ex looks 09:00
treachbah, another sucky site that doesn't work with anything but ie & ff.09:00
bd2hey all. what's your /dev/ptmx permissions?09:00
* deus_ex finds another pack09:00
deus_extreach: Opera?09:00
treachcrw-rw-rw- 1 root tty 5, 2 Sep 21 16:00 /dev/ptmx09:00
bd2okay, thanks. But that way I don't get it, why it's in tty group?09:01
treachdeus_ex: I got it working, eventually. It helps if you enable plugins.. :-]09:03
rugekscree: pong09:07
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aon hey09:28
aondamn, i ruined the line with my space :/09:29
rxigeez aon way to drop the ball!09:29
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brointhemixcan you tell me how to solve this prt-get problem of mine?09:37
brointhemixhere it is:09:37
brointhemix=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg-src/packages/libpcap#0.9.5-1.pkg.tar.gz' succe09:37
brointhemixeded.prt-get: Using PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR: /usr/ports/opt/libpcap09:37
brointhemixdamn, wrong enters09:37
brointhemixok, again09:37
brointhemixBuilding '/usr/ports/pkg-src/packages/libpcap#0.9.5-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded09:38
brointhemixprt-get: Using PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR: /usr/ports/opt/libpcap09:38
brointhemixok, now it's good09:38
brointhemixi have PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR set for /usr/ports/pkg-src/packages but still the prt-get points it at /usr/ports/$REPO/$PORT grrrr09:39
brointhemixany idea how to solve this?09:39
brointhemixidea on*09:39
brointhemixi'll be back in a few minutes09:50
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brointhemixok, i'm back09:55
brointhemixso if you have any ideas on how to solve my problem, do please tell me09:56
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deus_exWhat is compiz?That eye candy for X?09:59
treachHello? Welcome back from the moon. ;)09:59
deus_exFew devs forked it.
deus_extreach: Other eye candy project is xgl?10:03
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marodeus_ex: compiz is the window manager for both the regular x server (using aiglx) and the ugly hack known as xgl10:07
marometacity also supports some effects with aiglx, but they suck and it's slower than compiz according to my experiences10:08
* deus_ex reads wikipedia article on compiz 10:09
deus_exArchlinux has Pkgbuild for it :)10:10
maroI have it running on crux10:11
deus_exIt must be real leet then...10:11
deus_exmaro: Is it complicatred to setup?10:11
maroI don't think so10:12
marobut people not using gnome haven't been able to get it working yet10:12
maroon crux that is10:12
deus_exSo xfce is out of the question, then?10:13
maroI'll probably publish the ports when the upcoming 0.2 release gets out10:13
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deus_exmaro: I'm looking forward to it, more stuff to play with :)10:14
maroI've been using it daily for a month now, works pretty nice :)10:15
deus_exmaro: What do you think about Beryl?10:16
maroexperienced 2 lockups during that period (and this box has never had any in the last year)10:16
deus_exFork of compiz.10:16
marono idea, I hate forks :P10:17
deus_exCommunity driven fork, check out the link few lines up.10:17
marounless there's a damn good argument for forking, which is seldomly the case10:17
maroscrew "communities"10:17
marocommuity = lots of clueless people, no focus, everything is mainstreamed10:19
deus_exIf result of fork is good, running, clean code, why not?10:19
deus_exCompetition is good in this game.10:20
marowell, for what I've seen on the compiz list, quinn's arguments for forking were pretty weak10:21
deus_ex'In my very humble opinion'-IMVHO10:21
deus_exmaro: 'creative differencies' ?10:22
marobasically david sort of rejected a patch adding support for colored window shadows (instead of plain black ones) saying "I'll put this in if people think it's useful" - whereas quinn wanted it in just because it was optional10:23
maroI agree with david that just adding features for the sake of adding features is stupid10:23
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rantoloI'm going to install crux on my athlonx2, I'm switching back to linux, from FreeBSD, due to java 1.5 instability problems, on FreeBSD. I've seen a 2.1 release for amd64, is there something I *must* know before starting?10:28
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rantolohow is support for amd64 on crux?10:31
bd2Han, hey. are you there?10:31
Hanbd2, ?10:31
bd2hm. that fast.. :-)10:31
bd2Han, can I do smth like this with pure bash:  ?10:32
deus_exrantolo: Crux64 project is dead at this time, not enough contributors, iirc10:34
bd2I know, it can be done with perl one-liner, but I'd want to not use it10:34
rantolodeus_ex, I see. Is not clear to me, from the web site and from googling, if the port mechanism has the same concept of stable/testing that, say, you can find on gentoo.10:36
Hanbd2, dunno, but I wouldn't bother and simply use sort|uniq10:37
bd2Han, I can't sort. input is from prt-get quickdep | tr " " "\n"10:37
bd2order matters10:37
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Hanwhy can't you sort? :-)10:38
Hanyou just showed me sorted output.10:39
bd2Han, that was example. :-) I know that sort will solve problem, but my output is not sorted, neither can't10:39
Hanso you want to implement uniq without the sort?10:40
bd2I just want to get rid of dups10:40
Hanpush the names you have handled in a string and then copy that string and compare entries with the members of that string10:41
Hancan't be too hard. :-)10:41
bd2heh.. yea, but it's so dirty, imho. Just thought that some shell builtin or utility exists10:42
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Hannah, it's not dirty10:43
Hanshow me your code10:44
bd2here is snip
Hanbetter use strings, and no arrays.10:48
bd2I'm using it in "for" later10:48
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Hanfor i in packages; do if $i = $name; continue; fi; your code; done10:50
marono "then"?10:50
HanPACKAGES="$PACKAGES $(prt-get_target quickdep xorg gpe $MACH-x11)"10:51
HanEven if you think you need an array, which you don't, you can still aproach it later on as an array.10:52
HanSince a string is simply an array in bash10:52
bd2prt-get_target quickdep xorg gpe $MACH-x11 -- I can't do that10:52
Hanworks fine here.10:53
bd2Han, regards arrays, yea. I even thinking of "echo $string | xargs -r -L1 func" approach as "for" replacement10:54
marowhy would you want to do that?10:54
bd2Han, it works, in sense of output. But output is silly10:54
pitillowell, no way with fixed fonts... tomorrow more reading and more tests.10:54
Hanbd2, you make it ugly :)10:55
bd2  - crux and xorg dependencies messed10:56
bd2it's expected behaviour, because "xorg" do not depends on "crux"10:57
HanAnd what is the purpose of your program exactly?10:57
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bd2Han, automatically build jffs2 image.10:58
HanI would let prt-get sort out the building.10:59
HanSounds like an immense shortcut.10:59
HanSimply set the packagedir in /etc/pkgmk.conf11:00
bd2it do not work with --install-root + --config option specified to prt-get :-)11:01
bd2I've discussed that issue with cptn, and no [easy] solution exist yet11:01
treachHan: btw, your elfutils port seems to be a bit out of date.11:03
Hanlets fix that11:07
bd2Han, that works, but adds 2 seconds to runtime ;-)11:15
bd2bash arrays are slow. maybe it would be faster to do "| grep " + if [ $? ... ] to search already handled packages11:15
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sepenhi all!11:18
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marobd2: spawning external commands are unlikely to give you speedups11:23
maroalso, KISS11:23
sepenls -al11:25
bd2how to keep it simple? ;-)11:25
Hanuse continue instead of brea11:26
bd2hm. I've already found dup package, I want to leave loop.11:28
bd2Han, or.. that was a joke? ;-)11:29
bd2heh. I guess "NO CARRIER" appeared between our minds ;-))11:44
tilmandeus_ex: thanks for joining the 'building x11r7' thread so i don't have to :)11:47
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pitillotilman, hi good afternoon. Making the changes explained at doc refered to the fonts, did not work in my case. Always get the error that could not open font fixed. Do you know what am I missing?11:54
tilmanxorg-font-alias probably11:55
tilmannote that 'fixed' is just an alias11:55
pitillotilman, thougth that can be an alias to misc fonts. Tomorrow I will review if that port is installed.11:56
tilmanyou probably need xorg-font-misc-misc too11:56
pitillocan be related too with errors with other fonts?11:57
tilmanno, that's unlikely11:57
pitillowell, then may be I am missing something else, or made wrong configuration. Can not load 75dpi and 100dpi fonts too11:57
tilmanxorg-font-bitstream-75dpi is what i chose11:58
pitillonot sure in this moment which one I have installed11:59
marotilman: considered doing the /usr/share/fonts thing? :)12:00
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tilmanmaro: yeah. maybe for crux 2.3 ;)12:01
tilmani might ask the xorg cabal what it thinks about changing paths12:01
marowow, cool12:01
tilmanhaving a "fontdir" variable in xorg-server.pc might be cool12:01
treachthen the question is which will come first, 2.3 or vista. :x12:02
marotilman: I bet ajax will support it ;)12:02
tilmanconfigure xorg-server --teh-font-dir=/tmp/foo and have all font packages have the right path automagically \o/12:02
marodo the fonts have a dependency on the x server currently?12:03
maro(in the autoconf sense)12:03
marothat might shoot the proposal down12:03
tilmanmaybe i'll just let someone else come up with a good idea ;D12:04
marosince sun probably offer some obscure system that use the fonts without the server (as they do for so many other things...)12:04
marotilman: proposing moving to /usr/share be default seems sane to me12:05
maroafter all the FHS is supposed to be cross-unix12:05
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Auge^hi! which is the fastest solution to copy a whole partition? dd? but which options?12:07
maroAuge^: with dd you better be sure to have partitions of the same size12:07
marodump might be better12:08
j^2Auge^: check ubuntu or gentoo to for good back up solutions ;)12:08
Auge^maro: i have the same size :)12:08
Auge^j^2: not backup...12:08
Auge^but the real question is... which options for dd are the fastest?12:09
marodepends on drive and controller I guess12:09
treachHan: I assume you are aware that addr2line, objdump, ranlib and strings collide with binutils?12:09
marotreach: huh?12:10
tilmanhuh what12:10
tilmanit's a fact12:10
maroyes, but I was wondering what he was replying to12:10
marosince I can't find it in my recent back log12:11
tilmanelfutils port probably12:11
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux12:11
treachtilman: 1 maro: 012:11
marotreach: this isn't a game12:12
treachAre you sure?12:12
tilmanlife's a game12:12
tilmanirc is totally a game12:12
maroI'd like if it wasn't at least :)12:12
treach"Don't take life so serious, you'll never away from it alive" or something.12:13
Auge^hu... 2 hours dd for 160GB usb2.0 disk...12:14
tilmanAuge^: you clearly need12:14
tilmanOR COFFEE12:14
maroI'm such a geek12:14
* Auge^ has a girlfriend ;P12:14
maroI read that as TEA (the algorithm)12:14
tilmani don't even know that acronym12:15
tilmanmaybe you mean DEA12:15
Auge^...hier tanken sie auf!12:15
tilmandrug something america12:15
maroAuge^: wtf? this is #crux, we don't have girlfriends12:15
tilmani know girls12:15
Auge^maro: i have a life beside #crux, don't you?12:15
aonyeah, i don't12:15
aonlet's extrapolate from me12:15
aontilman: me too12:16
aonlike my mum and grandma12:16
aondo they count?12:16
j^2i actaully play wow with my girlfriend...12:16
j^2it's scary she got me into it12:16
maroAuge^: well, I'm on other channels too12:16
treachheh, we're the sad people who are stuck here on christmas eve, new years eve, midsummer eve, etc etc.12:16
tilmanmaro: HAHHAHA12:16
Auge^maro: geek.12:16
tilmanthat was nice12:16
tilmanif silly12:16
tilmanbut fuck it12:16
aoni wonder which it was when i watched some 10eps of cowboy bebop and irced here12:16
aonat 5am or something12:17
aonprobably new year12:17
marowe celebrated christmas too, right?12:18
Auge^aon is a geek too.12:18
marolike, typing smilies with little hats on them and stuff12:18
marowhere's that irc log thing12:19
aoni had a tradition for like 5 years to play doom on christmas eve12:19
aonbut haven't done it in the last two years or something12:19
marotilman: hm, do you think you could apply the uptimed patch now?12:22
maro(that vektori has left)12:22
treachuh? Matt has begun password protecting the logs?12:23
tilmani'm sure vektori left because he didn't want to apply the patch12:23
maroI know, I'm such an ass for sending patches :(12:23
treachduh. forget it..12:23
aonyou should stop, problems don't want to be solved :|12:24
marotreach: found the url?12:24
aoni think there was some discussion about the logs somewhere12:24
marotreach: (because I still haven't)12:24
treachfor what? Christmas?12:24
tilmani'd rather move the port straight to attic12:24
tilmanwait for someone to pick it up12:24
aontreach: about the logs in general12:24
maroor I could just maintain it in contrib?12:24
aonbut i feel a bit too lazy to press two keys at the same time now so i can't check12:25
treachmaro: I think jaeger has made over the logging since then.12:25
tilmanmaro: let's wait a week whether someone from teh core/opt gurus ;) wants to adopt it12:25
maroaon: right, we know you're just playing with yourself12:25
marotilman: gah :(12:26
aon...if that's the image you want to live with...12:26
tilmanseems i wasn't in irc on dec 24 until 15:1812:26
tilmanwtf was wrong with me :)12:26
marotilman: geeks tend to wake up at that time12:27
aonyeah, that doesn't seem right12:27
tilmanlatest i get up is 13:00 usually12:27
maro(twice a week)12:27
tilmanand that's only when i was out the day before12:27
tilmanand according to the logs, i wasn't at dec 2312:28
tilman15:37 <     nipuL> well that's the last of the xmas eve tequila12:28
tilman15:37 <     nipuL> time to pass out and dream about leprechauns12:28
aoni usually get up around 11:30 if there's nothing important12:29
aoneven when i've been out the night before12:29
aonbut now i've started to wake up just a minute before the alarm goes off12:30
treachok, first available log is from 4th of may. Nothing older available.12:30
aonthat also happened in the summer :/12:30
*** lasso has joined #crux12:30
tilmanaon: you mean when you were on vacation?12:31
tilmanyou'd still wake up early?12:31
aonno, when i had to go to my summer job12:31
tilmanwhy was that bad then?12:31
aonbecause it's annoying12:31
aonthere'd still be a minute of perfectly good sleep left12:31
aonbut no12:31
tilmanit's just 60 seconds12:32
aonand 8h is just 28800 seconds12:33
tilmani never had a 28.8 k modem12:33
treachhaha, I made the same reflection. :D12:33
aonme neither12:33
tilmantreach: ^512:34
treach^5 (we're hopeless. :P )12:34
tilmanAuge^: it's not that bad as it might seem. i think ;)12:35
aonAuge^: nobody said syn :/12:35
*** sepen has quit IRC12:36
Auge^aon: you said it. it was just negative time...12:36
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC12:39
tilmanthere was no merry smiley-hat action going on on christmas12:40
tilmanthe best episodes of #crux.log are the ones that feature ulughbegh12:46
deus_extilman: I  tried your fontconfig diff(from-crux-devel thread).No problems with it :)12:48
tilmanwith opt/x11?12:49
*** j^2 has quit IRC12:55
*** sepen has joined #crux12:56
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bd2hey! check out crux-arm git tree: git clone git://
marobd2: how many do you expect to use that?14:55
marothe amd64 port had like... 2 users I've heard of14:56
marobut sweet if you've got it running :)14:56
bd2haha. I don't expect anything. Doing it for myself, because I *can't* use Familiar ( )14:59
treachwtf. Hand up everyone who cares about Jorg Schulz being out of office..15:07
thrice`i don't even know who jorg schulz is15:10
aonme neither15:10
aonnow i do15:10
aoni bet jorg uses notes15:10
aonmy ex-boss said that started getting a lot of spam because the notes out-of-office reminder replied to spammers ;)15:11
treachdamned pathetic.15:12
Auge^mh, raidtools should become part of core or opt...15:13
*** reiserFs has quit IRC15:16
treachIsn't mdadm enough?15:17
Auge^seems like i should update my knowledge...15:17
*** ningo has quit IRC15:20
Auge^ok, thanks for the update =)15:33
Hantreach, oops.15:34
Auge^mh... recovery of a software raid5 takes a lot of time...15:36
*** lasso has quit IRC16:03
rehabdollwow is real slow16:05
treachrehabdoll: get it via the web instead.16:05
rehabdolllänge leve sunet \o/ :)16:06
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*** sets mode: +o jdolan16:31
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Auge^han: i want to install your gnome-sudoku... but i've to less brain mass to install some missing python packages... even can't find it. do you have some hints for me?17:39
HanOh I never got that port working. I really should have deleted it.17:40
HanIt's a messy gnome dependency package, which is quite impossible to build without importing almost all of gnome.17:41
Hanthere! gone!17:41
Auge^ok ;) good to know17:42
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux17:45
*** bd2 has quit IRC17:48
Auge^there are some good replacements for gnome-sudoku? ksudoku is a replacement, but not a good one ;)17:49
*** acrux has joined #crux17:53
Auge^SudokuSusser works on x86 - precompiled binary17:59
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jdolan_can someone please pull down http://integritycycles.dealermind.com19:35
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