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pitillotilman, hi good morning, xorg-font-alias is installed and xorg--font-bitstream-75dpi  too. I am missing something because did not work with alias port. Same could not open default font fixed. Reading again.01:20
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pitillousing the bitstream port for 75dpi makes dissapear errors from Xlog. But no way with fixed fonts.01:35
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copworkerhow do i compile firefox with locale settings because locales !en-US are missing in source tarball01:45
pitillocopworker, when tried to make a spanish port see the same problem. Only english in source and for other langs, there are binaries. Did not tried again.01:50
copworkeryep, there also are ready xpi files for self compiled foxes01:51
copworkerbut I was wondering if I had to use cvs or merge the locales from somewhere else01:51
pitilloreading at fonts.alias the fixed alias seems to be well, and at misc path, there is the iso8859-1 font. I hope I am getting closer.02:07
copworkerhehe, tried to resize the default font for twm, too02:36
copworkerbecause i want to be able to read the tv output02:37
copworkerresizing the bash font no problem, but i failed at twm02:37
copworkeralso have to strip out a lot of them fonts02:37
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pitillodoes not work the fonts but understanding bit a bit how it works and now I can see the differences with xfs used by debian. Getting knowledge :)03:38
treachwhee, a forum. :enthusiasm:04:47
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treachprologic: are you really, really, really afraid someone will fail to reach you?04:48
prologiceh ?04:49
prologicwhy ?04:49
prologicmy signature04:49
treach8 lines of contact info.. "CALL ME, I'M LONELY!!!"04:49
prologicactually it's been like that since like forever04:49
prologicshows you how much I email the ml04:49
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prologicwhat's the best livecd to use ?06:06
prologicI have a rather difficult laptop :/ can't work out what the stupid drivers are06:06
rugektry grml06:06
pitilloprologic, I used ubuntu livecd to test laptops, works fine for me.06:06
prologick I'll try both maybe06:07
treachknoppix is the classic way, but gml seems promising.06:07
* treach makes a note to try it when he finds time.. some day. :-/06:07
prologicI'll let you know how it goes in an hour :)06:14
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tilmanpitillo: is /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc in your FontPath?08:14
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pitillotilman, no, /usr/lib/fonts/misc ... But not sure, I can see it, I take the laptop to work a bit this weekend09:09
j^2he all09:09
tilmanpitillo: just make sure that the directory with the "fixed" entry in fonts.alias is listed in the FontPath section09:10
tilmanj^2: he09:10
j^2touche tilman touche09:11
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pitilloI forget the laptop at cat :) well, reading the doc, tells that need to change the Fontpath to /usr/lib instead of /usr/lib/x11 I see at font alias the first alias defined was fixed and "linked" to iso88591, that was inside the same dir09:12
pitillos/cat/car :)09:12
pitilloall this work is a lot usefull to understand how works Xserver with fonts, and the differences with other distros based on xfs. Usefull too, to see your big and nice work porting the xorg and lots of extensions and libs. I am quite surprised with all of you.09:14
pitillotons of knowledge here09:15
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pitillowell, I will give a try this weekend and the first two or three days the next week, if do not work, I will do a fresh core install (without opt) and directly will try with x11r7. I will report news sunday or monday :) I hope I can see what am I doing bad and report it.09:20
tilmandoing a reinstall isn't needed really09:21
tilmanit's probably just a missing FontPath entry :)09:21
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pitillowell I think path configuration is well done, I follow the doc and changed path, read all postinstall scripts and run them for 3 fonts ports. I will review paths again, but misc and 75dpi bitstream are the only two which I am using09:29
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pitillogoodweekend to all!09:51
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bd2anybody know how to take screenshot of /dev/fb0?09:59
bd2google rocks
tilmanyou need a special program but i forgot the name10:01
bd2yeah, they are talking about scrap.c, very simple one :-)10:02
bd2haha. scap, not scrap :-)10:02
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* treach wonders what do about the faq, link to it from the front page with large, friendly letters reading "DON'T PANIC" maybe..10:57
j^2so true....11:00
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Auge^hda: dma_intr: error=0x84 { DriveStatusError BadCRC }12:45
Auge^will my hdd die?12:45
* tilman shakes the magic 8ball12:45
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treacheventually ;)12:45
treachcould be a bad cable as well.12:46
Auge^points this message to ide errors or to harddisk errors? or can be both be the reason for this message?12:46
tilman(19:45) <    tilman> !eightball12:47
tilman(19:46) <  SkitIDet> tilman: NO!12:47
tilmanAuge^: you're lucky :)12:47
Auge^ah, great :)12:47
Auge^mh, kernel don't want to enable dma... reboot necessary? :/12:49
treachAuge^: Unless you're positive the ide-cable is fully operational, I'd recommend going into backup-mode.12:50
tilmanAuge^: does your kernel have dma support? :)12:50
tilmani think you need CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDMA_PCI12:51
Auge^of course it has... kernel disables DMA after this error (see above)12:52
Auge^args... i am to stupid for linux12:53
Auge^hdparm -d 1 /dev/hda without a partition number...!!12:53
tilmani'm sure it's totally different on foobsd12:53
treachhehe, they haven't invented DMA yet, I think. ;-)12:54
tilmanAuge^: smarttools might help in diagnosing whether the disc is going bananas12:54
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Auge^if smart has detected a "failed" - where will the failed stored? in "WHEN_FAILED"?13:00
Auge^# 1  Short offline       Completed without error13:06
Auge^seems more like an random interrupt error...13:08
Auge^let's hope so...13:08
Auge^mh, smart is not usable over usb?13:12
Auge^but the short test outputs some curious results... some disks are arranged in a raid... bought at the same time... but with totally different lifetime...13:14
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Auge^Sep 22 20:23:20 goliath kernel: hda: dma_intr: status=0xd1 { Busy }13:29
Auge^Sep 22 20:23:20 goliath kernel: ide: failed opcode was: unknown13:29
Auge^Sep 22 20:23:20 goliath kernel: hda: DMA disabled13:29
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AMDwhich kernel has crux 2.215:04
AMDgood answer15:06
AMD2.6.18 rc or not?15:06
seekwillNot .1815:06
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AMDok then its unuseful :(15:06
seekwillBut you can always upgrade it....15:07
AMDthe problem is that there is a bad bug in these older kernels, that special IDE controller doesnt work and therefore you cant use the cdrom15:08
AMDthis was fixed in 2.6.1815:08
aonyou can build your own bootkernel and boot from a floppy15:09
AMDmy new computer has no floppy15:09
aoni wonder what jaeger's latest iso has15:10
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seekwilloh, sucks to be him15:12
lizrIs there a list of default packages somewhere, with all the essential packages that are installed with a fresh CRUX installation?15:27
jjpkNo, you choose what is installed in the setup.15:28
lizrI mean, things like bash or make.15:29
aonyes, you can leave them out in the setup15:29
aonwon't be able to boot without bash, though :)15:30
lizrOk, thanks15:30
lizrYeah, that's what I meant. I wrote a script that shows me packages with that aren't needed by other packages by counting prt-get dependent $PKG. Sadly, all those "essential" packages have 0 dependent pkgs15:31
lizrHehe, even lilo isn't needed.15:34
lizrAnd who needs a "root filesystem" anyway15:36
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bd2 - somebody asked for the 9xxx drivers for linux? ;-) it's beta, fyi17:44
Hanhmmm interesting.17:48
Hanbd2, how did you find them?17:51
HanAh, the forum17:52
bd2personally I've found it on popular russian forum ( It's ""Russian Slashdot"" ;-)17:54
HanI hope my link is useful to potential testers. ;-)17:55
HanPersonally I'm not in a hurry to test them. ;-)17:55
* bd2 too17:56
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lizrWhat cards are those drivers good for?18:05
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bd2Han, thanks18:16
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rxidoes prt-get have a download only option?23:24
prologicdon't think so23:45
rxiyeah help doesnt mention it23:46
rxiprologic: whats the web access like on mythtv?23:46
prologicpretty nice23:47
prologicat least for a non vip :)23:47
rxihehe .. i wont to be able to  do everything via web access is that possible?23:48
prologicyeah pretty much23:52
prologicexcept watching them of course :)23:53
rxihehe yes .. im gunna use my ibook to control video/audio playback cos i hate the remotes23:54

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