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prologicif I'm being nat'd and I want to block port 1863 what chain do I do that in ?00:15
rxithats why im buying a cisco router :)00:16
rxiweb interface ftw :)00:17
prologicshould have figured00:19
prologicit's the forward chain since it is being routed through the router00:19
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prologic <-- is that working for anyone ?01:31
prologicI've gotten two timed out messages from the crux system01:31
rxidoesnt connect for me either01:34
rxiresolves it alright01:35
prologiccan you help me find out why01:36
rxisure what do you want me to do?01:36
prologiccan you ping it's ip ?01:36
rxii tried with wget btw01:36
rxiall good01:37
prologicwanna give me access to your box ? :)01:37
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rxiumm yeah np .. what software do you need?01:38
prologicnothing I guess other than ya standard ping, traceroute, wget or elinks01:39
prologictelnet be nice too01:39
prologicI'll send you my pub key ?01:39
rxiwait a sec01:39
rxigotta forward some ports first01:40
prologicthanks rxi02:00
prologicI worked it out02:00
prologicmy dstnat rule should have only included my local ip block02:01
prologicit was redirecting traffic through my servers on port 80 to my proxy02:01
prologicwhich you shouldn't do :)02:01
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treachpkgadd: rejecting etc/cups/, keeping existing version06:53
treachthing:~% sudo rejmerge06:53
treachNothing to merge06:53
treach(well, the later part might not be a surprise, but why the hangup on the dir?)06:57
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Auge^mh. i need a new case... my hdds are a little bit too hot... any suggestions?08:01
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tilmancase fan?08:04
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Auge^tilman: this won't work... my case is too old and has too less space for a well placed fan for cooling the disks08:04
jjpkMy old box did not have a decent place either, but it does not stop you from creating one.08:05
jjpkUnless the case is disintegrating, something can always be done yourself. :p08:06
tilmanuh well08:06
tilmani don't think _i_ could do it :P08:06
jjpkIt was an ugly quick fix, but it worked. :p08:06
jjpkIt was the same problem that the disks were running too hot.08:08
Auge^so. do anyone have a good suggestions for a well cooled case which doesn't sound like a helicopter? ;)08:09
tilmandunno, i have a cheap chieftec clone :D08:10
jjpkI have heard good things about Antec Sonata casings.08:11
tilmanit's not the case that sounds like a helicopter, it's the fans08:11
jjpkIndeed. Had to replace mine because they drove me crazy08:12
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bd2is there some standart way to replace "echo smth > /smwhere" via "some_command -f /smwhere smth" (I mean w/o writing own wrapper)08:23
bd2heh.. personally I have these behaviour, because I'm passing it to application, which doing execve() on the string, thus it is not understanding shell constructions. Solved by sh -c "echo .. > ..", though08:38
bd2-I have these+I need this08:39
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spocker!seen vkd09:17
-MelOne- spocker, I don't know vkd, ask Falcon|, maybe he knows something.09:17
spockerFalcon|: !seen vkd09:17
rxidont like your chances spocker09:18
spockerhis web domain is even not responding09:18
spockerwhois shows that he did update it last in feb though09:19
spockerah but it's a zoneedit domain09:19
spockerso he will still get email09:19
rxiyeah he's in diguise09:20
tilmanhis hostmask/ident tells :D09:21
rxiheh yeah09:21
spockertilman: aye, hermit09:22
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marotilman: nm, perhaps some of the gcrypt ports should actually be updated12:11
tilmandid you msg me before?12:12
tilmandidn't see it :/12:12
maronope, wasn't me12:12
marobut remember we talked about it the other day?12:12
maro(gnutls & friends)12:12
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marohalf of gnome link to gnutls :x12:24
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marocrux suck13:08
marowhy don't we have beautiful themes like this?
tilmanclone tigert13:09
tilmanand have his clone work on crux art13:09
tilman3. PROFIT13:09
marobad plan, PROFIT comes too late13:10
prologicthat website don't work :)13:12
prologicoh wait it does just slooooow13:12
maroprologic: of course, it's from russia13:12
marotilman: yeah, good thing we'll have a forum soon!13:13
prologicI cna't wait13:13
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maroanybody tried smalltalk?13:16
prologicthe language ?13:16
prologicbit like eifell/ada I think13:17
prologiclong while ago :)13:17
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tilmanpredatorfreak: btw, you're one of those guys, too13:33
tilmanpredatorfreak: not you13:33
tilmanprologic: but you!11113:33
predatorfreaktilman: What guys? :)13:33
prologiceh what ?13:34
prologicI'm one of what guys ?13:34
bd2maro, fyi, Linux XP creators (they are russians, unfortunately) - suck a LOT MORE than CRUX. they are suckers by their nature. believe me13:37
prologicwhat's with all these windows look-allkes :)13:40
aonit's the "people don't want the application support, they want THE LOOKS" attitude13:47
predatorfreakbd2: I sure hope you don't mean the distro at linux-xp.com13:47
predatorfreakBecause if you do..... they need to be shot.13:47
treach...well, creating a windows-look-alike would be a pretty good indicator that something ain't right..13:47
bd2predatorfreak, no. I mean exactly distro at "About as" points to, which point to approx 4 years ago here was a *huge* brawl around them. They are boycotted by almost whole russian open source community. They was spitted from top to bottom in past, and now they appeared again. somebody should shoot them completely13:48
bd2thay are just hired designer and maked up they ugly looking13:49
predatorfreakbd2: Wanna pay me 20 bucks? :P13:49
* predatorfreak primes arsenal.13:49
bd2predatorfreak, I'm glad to do it right now13:49
treachpredatorfreak:  he's in russia...13:49
bd2western union?13:50
predatorfreaktreach: I can fly there.13:50
treachI bet he can get a hitman cheaper than that. :P13:50
tek'it's not vulnerable to viruses and spyware' O_o13:50
bd2please tell people that they suck, because it's true.13:50
bd2any [mentally o.k.] person here in Russia can confirm that.13:51
bd2You're in danger, because you don't know who they are. I'm not kidding. :-)13:52
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bd2"GPL- and "free software" hysteria turn Linux development in a charity. Sponsored developers talk about some kind of a "true UNIX way" and don't give a damn if the end user is happy or not (the situation similar to the Soviet industry, if anyone remembers). Non-sponsored products are useless look-alikes, developers are only wasting time and energy to reinvent wheel." -- fuckers14:02
bd2"Those Linux dudes saying "We don't invite anybody - if someone want to try Linux, he try it himself someday" are short-sighted and basically wrong. We respect the Linux community for its support, but we stronlgy believe that Linux should go on the market and reach at least 99% of PC owners! ;-)" -- I scared. I really scared. If they will win 99% market, I dare you, I double dare you -- I'll shoot myself14:04
bd2it's here
treachwhy bother? Any idiot can sprout some drivel on a web-page somewhere..14:05
bd2but they are *serious*14:05
treachso? That doesn't mean you have to take them seriously..14:05
bd2heh.. yeah, but anyway. It scares me, and because of that I want their death.14:06
tekoh well, just don't care14:06
treachessentially it seems they are the same breed as the more violent GPL/Debian nutcases.14:07
treachs violent/rabid14:07
bd2btw, on page there is no phrase "We do not belive in GPL", but it is on russian site.14:07
bd2double-faced morons14:08
treachNaïve people living in la-la land, unable to separate their fantasies from reality more like it.14:09
treachlike the ones who *really* think the kernel will be forked and linus tree will wither and die over the gplv3 issue.14:10
bd2they have nothing to loose here in russia because fully disclosed, but in foreign countries they pretending a BusinessMen.14:11
bd2btw, few weeks ago here was LinuxWorld Moscow (the expo), and linux xp authors had written in their blog how good they communed with Microsoft folks (surprisingly, Microsoft Corp. was on LinuxWorld too. And they was the main sponsors.)14:17
tekwell.. that's old news14:21
tekagain: don't bother14:21
slakmagikI may be being dumb here, but shouldn't 'prt-get listinst' with no args default to 'all'? Instead it does nothing. And a simple glob like '*' obviously doesn't work, so it seems you have to contrive a '[a-z]'-type regex. pkginfo -i works fine, but I thought listinst was supposed to supercede -i.14:23
tek# prt-get listinst | wc -l14:24
slakmagikI get 014:24
tek# prt-get version14:25
tekprt-get 5.14 by Johannes Winkelmann, jw@tks6.net14:25
slakmagikhuh - that's weird. Everything else about mine seems fine. How could just that be off?14:26
treach"prt-get listinst \*"14:26
slakmagikdon't see anything in prt-get.conf that would explain it.14:27
treach(if you insist on using the wildcard)14:27
slakmagikglobs don't work - '.*' regex does14:27
tekmaybe: strace -o somefile prt-get listinst14:29
tekor: aggressive CFLAGS? :-)14:29
slakmagiknope - default flags.14:30
slakmagikwhat would I be looking for in the strace? the only significant difference I see is that it write()s a lot of data when given a regex and doesn't otherwise. :(14:34
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tekwhat arch is your prt-get compiled for14:39
slakmagiki686 - I mean, everything I've built is and I assume the CD was.14:40
teki can only test i585 binaries14:41
slakmagikoh. :( Couldn't remember if this was from the CD or an upgrade, but I checked my upgrade logs and found it: -O2 -march=i686 -pipe14:42
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tekeither you recompile (for me) or you have to find the solution another way14:43
tek     ** Insufficient disk space: /home/hellfire/.mozilla/firefox/38i9kksk.default/../../plugins/14:43
tek     **   required : 2061 K14:43
tek     **   available: -5075725279157592 K14:43
tekFlashplugin :>14:43
tek     Install **FAILED** with error -235  --  2006-09-23 09:46:1514:43
j^2hey guys14:43
tekhey you14:43
slakmagikI don't understand - recompile (for you)?14:45
treachslakmagik:  I'm not sure how prt-get would react to an error in the config file, are you sure you don't have a typo there? Another longshot might be running rejmerge. (Sometimes a miracle cure for people with broken systems.)14:45
tektreach: but *why* does it work with the regex then?14:45
treachNo idea. Ask johannes ;)14:46
tekif all attempts fail, he should consider recompiling with -g (I bet the bug will disappear ;))14:46
slakmagikright - that's what puzzles me. As far as the conf, AFAIK, I just uncommented the contrib and added a local and everything else works fine.14:47
tekadditionally prt-get does not need the conf for listinst, i guess14:47
slakmagiklooking over the full build log, not that that means a whole lot, but just ruling out the obvious, it looks like a perfect build, as far as what's found and no warnings and so on.14:48
slakmagikah, but correction, I did uncomment several things because I wasn't sure which was default and wanted to enforce some things, but these were pure 'plug in' type edits; not getting fancy or creative. And I'd expect more to break if I'd screwed that up. :)14:49
slakmagikspeaking of the conf file, I mean14:50
* treach watches the explosive growth of the forum. :D15:05
treachWorld domination arriving in... doomsday + eternity.15:06
slakmagikthere's a crux forum?15:07
treachyes, but it's not officiall, and basically there are no people ther.15:07
slakmagikah - I thought it was just lists and irc. Well, but I guess it is if the forum's not official. :)15:09
treachmost people here (including me) are somewhat biased against forums. (dilution of knowledge, too accessible to noobs etc etc. ;-) )15:10
slakmagikwell, I don't care for them more because they aren't purely text-based and I just prefer irc, mail, news. But there are several reasons. :) Still, I might participate - I don't hate forums - they just come at the bottom.15:13
slakmagikbtw, you were right - no idea how it's possible but I recompiled; no change. Recompiled with different flags; no change. Moved my conf out of the way and put the default back in. Suddenly it works.15:16
slakmagiknow I just need to figure out what's doing it - think I know, but have no clue why.15:16
tilmanhopefully it will never be 'official'15:16
treachthere is always DDOS ;-)15:17
treachjoking aside, I'd say crux really lost it's soul if a forum became the official center of gravity. :-/15:18
slakmagikOkay, I feel half dumb and half annoyed. It wasn't what I thought (logfile value breaking up the parsing) but is what's obvious in retrospect: 'useregex yes'. The man page said that would be default in the future and said it interpreted patterns as regexes. So I enabled it, thinking it would enhance search - not just literals, I guess - and promptly forgot about it. But 'null' isn't exactly a 'pattern' and it instead breaks the default 'all' and *requir15:27
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treach :P16:55
jjpk:D :D17:00
teksimply the truth :17:02
Auge^mh, which mplayer-port has full-featured mencoder support?17:07
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Auge^ok. modified Pkgfile and -if flag :)17:15
treachport #2? :>17:16
Auge^port #4... but mplayer doesn't need a 15th port ;P17:16
Auge^i port just unported software - this is my goal :)17:17
treachN ports or gentoo, that's the options.17:17
Auge^wth is gentoo? ;)17:17
RyoShaha... :D17:17
treachhehe, that's the spirit :D17:18
Auge^ugly picture17:19
* treach questions RyoS mental status17:20
RyoSi am alright :P17:20
RyoSjust found it and i find it quiet funny17:20
treachOk. Apparently Bill was the one responsible for programming your humor unit. Please report for maintainence immediately.17:23
RyoSno sir, i will not follow your instructions of selfdestruction17:24
treachsee, typical behaviour. Bluescreening in defiance when you try fixing the damned thing..17:24
tekRyoS, Robot. In Cinemas NOW17:25
Auge^treach: division by zero (humor) ;)17:25
Auge^ah, my full featured mencoder works for me :)17:27
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Auge^just my cpu is against me... ;(17:27
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