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rxiprologic: you around?04:54
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prologicsure am05:03
rxiyou know how you changed the authentication on my box for ssh .. how do i add a key?05:03
tekhave a look at ssh-keygen05:04
tekyou have to put the public part of your key at the _end_ of your ~/.ssh/authorized_hosts file05:04
tekthe private key goes to your client(s)05:05
rxiah k05:05
rxithought that was it05:05
prologicand if you use a passpharse on your key05:05
prologicrun ssh-agent -s05:05
prologicand ssh-add05:05
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Auge^hi. what to do if i want to build a port openoffice localized for .de which will conflict with openoffice? should i use a new name (openoffice-de) or just a new directory-name?06:22
nipuLi'd just make a private openoffice port and not use the contrib one06:23
Auge^are there some flags to show conflicts between a own port and a opt/contrib-port?06:29
nipuLthere's already enough conflicts in the world06:32
treachdiff on the .footprint could do the job presumeably06:33
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tekwhere's dead:beef07:09
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trieltoo ordinary :>08:30
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rxihey jdolan__08:30
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mike_kprologic: are you aware of last bind security issue?08:41
aoni already told him to update to -P1 once, is there something new? :)08:42
mike_kI hope no08:42
prologicyes I'm aware of it and on top of it08:50
prologicbe upgrading that port shortly08:50
prologicI run bind in many places myself so yeh :)08:50
mike_kok, thanks08:51
jdolanhi rxi09:13
rxijdolan: hows it hangin?09:13
jdolanit's alright.  soaking up my one day of relaxation this week.09:14
rxiahh cool .. ive got 7 days of that to go .. yay for holiday for rxi09:15
Auge^well, another 2 ports :)09:20
prologicbind updated09:26
Auge^building ports for crux is as simple as making tea :)09:27
rxiyeah but tea leaves a better taste in your mouth09:27
treachbut still more complicated than pkgsrc. ;P09:27
Auge^treach: so... if you count me... ports number 5 and 6.09:30
mike_kprologic: thanks09:30
treachAuge^: heh, I'll hold off the celebrations until you've beaten Han. :D09:31
Auge^treach: hehe... no, i want to live a normal way ;)09:33
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deus_exOT:How is Autechre pronounced The Right Way[tm]?12:04
mike_kHan: new inkscape snapshot is out (of coarse it is =) )12:46
mike_kor like that: Han: Why not to use  in inskape's svn port version? Are you testing every snapshot before port upgrade, by any chance? (I realise you have hundreds of ports)12:46
RyoSmike_k: are you into vector graphics? :)12:55
RyoStoo bad ^^ i like them, but i am not the creative kind of guy12:55
mike_koops: 403 Forbidden righ now. If that is a permanent thing - my above statement have no sence (13:07
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Hanmike_k, no need to be coarse of course13:16
Hanmike_k, I rather stay with the latest stable13:16
mike_ksorry, can't remember that13:16
HanSo poke me when you see it13:17
mike_kumm, is that stable? 0.44.1 is some kind of stable, while contrib/inkscape has version=svn, release=1, source="...inkscape-20060802-2300.tar.bz2"13:20
HanI'll take a look at it when I get home again. I'm on the other side of the country right now.13:21
mike_kHan: good luck there13:23
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marodoes anyone know if the user names or uid's take percedence in packages?17:47
marosay if a package was built with a file owned by user 'foo', uid 82, and then installed on a machine where uid 82 is 'bar' and 'foo' is uid 61?17:49
treacha guess based on some tar experience I'd say the uid take precedence.17:56
bd2 - student high :-)17:57
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willHmm, in the postgresql port readme, it says "edit /etc/cron/weekly as root and add a line "/usr/sbin/rotatelog postgresql"". Well, isn't weekly a folder?18:10
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prologicare any of you guys aware of any improvements in the TTS technology ?19:12
prologicOr is it still rather lacking and sounds (still) really bad :)19:12
willDoes anyone know how to get lighttpd and PHP-fastcgi to work?19:36
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rehabdollwill, check the crontab and you'll see an entry that executes everything in that directory20:02
rehabdolljust create a script that does the job you want, and place it in cron/weekly/20:02
willDo I need to make a special script, or just make a file with that line?20:02
rehabdolldoubt you'll need anything fancy20:03
rehabdolli guess "/usr/sbin/rotatelog postgresql" ought to do the job20:03
willHmm. ok. Thanks.20:03
rehabdolldont forget to make the script executable :)20:04
willYeah heh :)20:05
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rehabdollgtk+ 2.10.420:13
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