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brointhemixany idea on how to make prt-get use a custom package dir (not /usr/ports/$REPO/$PORT) apart from reverting to 5.13? :/01:20
brointhemixor what to to to make the 5.14 fgrepping fgrep my custom package dir? :/01:21
brointhemixor why /usr/ports/pkg-src/packages and /usr/ports/pkg-src/ports are bad?01:23
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pitillohi good morning, tilman here I put the Xconf file and Xlog, Do not know what am I missing or what did bad. I think it is not fontpàth configuration but may be I am in error. Hope you can see something bad.02:14
pitilloI have problems updating contrib ports, anyone experience the same?02:24
pitillonow works, sorry02:25
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slakmagikROX-Filer exposes the help directory and manual through its interface, but those files are deleted, which results in a broken button. It can be removed from the bar, but I still consider that a bug in the Pkgfile even if I didn't consider the whole doc policy a bug.05:01
slakmagikand, incidentally, what's the rationale for /usr/ROX? I usually just stick it in /usr/lib like mozilla, with the launcher in /usr/bin. Well, /usr/local/{lib,bin}, but y'know.05:04
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pitillonot sure about this, but considering the doc policy a bug is to consider the keep minimal policy of CRUX a bug. About locar dir... /usr is used, no local. May be can be used /usr/share, but not /usr/local...05:21
slakmagikI know that. My point was that /usr/ROX makes no sense and that /usr/lib would be better. I was only clarifying that, on other systems, I use /usr/local.05:23
pitilloumm thinking in /usr/lib to use with libs. Why not /usr/share/rox instead?05:24
slakmagikAs far as the 'minimal' policy - chopping out a few K of vim README.txt's doesn't make my system feel much lighter, but I've had that argument with the Arch people and I don't want to have it again.05:24
slakmagikBecause it's not platform-independent.05:24
slakmagikROX contains binaries, iow.05:24
slakmagikAlso, the generated shell scripts use CHOICESPATH which is deprecated in favor of XDG_CONFIG_DIRS and all the XDG* vars.05:25
prologicQ: What would cause the /dev/input/mouse0 device not to show up anymore ?06:08
rxidevice isnt being detected?06:10
prologicreally weird06:27
prologic2 reboots and it came back06:27
prologicI think the machine is on it's way out06:27
prologicor at least some of the hardware don't work too well anymore :)06:28
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rugekHan: is there any reason why you use a space instead of a comma as separator in the 'depends on' listing in some of your ports?10:03
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Hanyes, it's easier to parse by shell-scripts.11:02
Hanrugek, a nicer way to ask the same question is to say `why do you prefer...'11:03
rugekHan: thanks, for advise11:04
rugekaccording to this guide comma is prefered11:06
HanI don't see where it is mentioned specifically, just that the example uses commas11:08
Hans/, either / either/11:09
Hansed -i '/# Depends on:/s|,||' $(grep -l 'Depends on:.*,' */Pkgfile )11:11
Hansed -i '/# Depends on:/s|,||g' $(grep -l 'Depends on:.*,' */Pkgfile )11:11
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j^2hey all11:15
aonhi j^211:15
j^2yo aon11:15
tilmansup bitches11:15
j^2got the transparent proxy working!11:16
Hanwhich proxy are you using?11:16
j^2ended up haveing to use squid2.5 2.6 didnt work at all11:17
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Hanhmmm squid runs great over here.11:18
j^22.6 stable?11:18
HanI'm trying to find out how to allow ip-addies though11:18
Han~% pkginfo -i squid11:18
j^2ah yeah that's the same one i used11:19
j^2i tihnk11:19
j^2not 2.611:19
j^2it's all crazy different11:19
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j^2none of the howtos are updated for it11:19
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j^2or atleast the ones i could find11:19
Hangood to know. I'll wait a bit more :-)11:20
* j^2 tips hate11:20
j^2opps s/hate/hat11:22
pitillohi tilman, can you take a look to the url posted this morning? The fontpath section seems to be well.11:24
tilmancan you post it again?11:25
tilmandidn't see it11:25
pitillosure, there are 2 files, Xconf and Xlog11:25
tilmanFontPath        "/usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc"11:26
pitillotilman, did it, and the same effects, can not load that fonts too. running the postinstall script under that directory too.11:27
pitillotomorrow I will add it and try again to verify that.11:28
pitillotilman, thanks for your help. :)11:28
tilmanbut you have xorg-font-misc-misc, right?11:29
pitilloyes, and verified the installation of alias too.11:31
pitilloand added the bitstream75dpi (to test it) and works too11:31
pitillobut, no way when trying to load the fixed fonts. Reread the aliases, the post-isntall scripts, and can not find nothing. Sure I'm missing something11:32
Hanj^2, do you also use squidguard?11:35
j^2Han: did back in the day11:54
j^2it was pretty easy actaully11:55
RyoSthose openbsd songs are nice12:02
RyoSwho knows them?12:02
j^2#openbsd ;)12:02
thrice`Han, how's e17 coming along these days?12:02
Hanit's showtime! :-)12:03
tilmanRyoS: they suck, they are copyrighted. lame.12:06
RyoSno they dont tilman :þ12:08
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Romsterjust thinking tilman, your dma problem for cd/dvd burners, in your kernel do you have "Enable DMA only for disks (IDEDMA_ONLYDISK)" on? if so you'd be wise to turn that off :P12:19
Auge^hehe. i made that mistake in my current config =)12:19
tilmanRyoS: let me check :)12:20
tilman# CONFIG_IDEDMA_ONLYDISK is not set12:20
RyoSyou meant Romster :p12:24
tilmanRomster: ^^^^^^12:24
Romsterheh as i got it on in mine and i didn't notice till now :/12:26
Romsterand cd acpi is on, which mine was.12:28
Romsteri got a nice card reader/usb front pannel for my 3 1/2 drive bay now, haven't got any media to try the reader out yet though.12:29
j^2adios all12:29
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Romsterriped the f&%ker floppy drive out, don't need that old thing anymore :P12:29
Romstergot a usb flash drive :)12:29
Romsterthink i found out i was using the wrong frambuffer driver for my vid card too..12:30
Romsteroh well, i'll try it out later.12:30
Romsteryeah i know tilman i'm very suprised too.12:31
Romsteri got a geforce 4 video card so i tryed the nvidiafb driver and apon really going thopugh the kernel finely, i see thats for tnt or newer cards _only_12:32
Romsterthe one i want is just under that...12:32
Romsterbeen lazy to go though the kernel proper, disabled alot of scsi stuff i don't need too.12:33
Romsteri'll see later if i borked anything :P12:34
Romsterluckly i got my older kernal images if i need them :P12:34
Romsterhmm whats ya fav window manager i want to try some others out :)12:35
tilmanwon't tell12:35
tilmantreach might be reading this later12:36
Romsternevermind trench :P12:36
Romsternot that rdate bug thing O_o12:36
Romstererm treach, not trench, rofl12:37
Romsterhmm must get some crux logo coffee mugs one of these days :P12:38
* Romster makes a coffee12:38
jjpkMake that a double espresso with spellcheck ;)12:45
Romsterlol, yeah half is crappy typing other 2 quarters is lazy to look a word up, and don't know the corect spelling, so i try to spell it phenoitcly , like that lol.12:49
Romsterjjpk, least ya didn't say 'java' :P12:49
tilmanjjpk: hahaha13:19
tilmanjjpk: new amon amarth!13:20
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tilmantreach: new amon amarth!13:30
treach"who's afraid of the big bad wolf, big bad wolf, big bad wolf? di-da-di-da!" :p13:31
* tilman thinks around corners to try to get it13:32
treachhm, not really our standard musical viking issue. :p13:32
tilmani didn't know you knew them13:33
tilmanjust told you cause jjpk wouldn't answer13:33
treachI didn't. but google did. :D13:33
tilmancause he's lame13:33
tilmantreach: - is there any reason to omit the apostrophe from "loke's"? track 413:35
tilmanthey have this typo everywhere, and it's annoying me :]13:35
treachmaybe it's because they are musicians, not linguists. :>13:36
tilmanit doesn't seem to make sense, right?13:36
treachwell, I think it does, in a way.13:37
treachiirc you don't use the apostrophe that way in swedish.13:37
tilmanit's the same grammatical figure for Hermod and Loke, no?13:38
tilmanwhy would they go with the correct english way for the first, and with (whacko) swedish for the 2nd?13:38
treachNo idea, honestly, I never was much into the nordic mythologi13:38
treachbut that "genitive s" is pretty confusing, so maybe the poor person who wrote it got neurotic and couldn't make up his mind. :D13:39
tilmani'm tempted to just go ahead and fix it in musicbrainz13:41
tilmanbut some idiot will probably revert the change etc :(13:41
treachmm. the tribe of idiots is large and powerful. :-/13:41
tilmanmaybe i should mail their label13:43
tilmanbut they are probably going to not take me serious ;)13:43
treach"Hello, I got these mp3's of the Internet, and I'm seriously distrubed by the grammatical inconsistencies."13:44
tilmani bought it13:44
treachI was just kidding. :P13:45
treachI bet it's just a typo nobody caught.13:45
aon"We are evil heavy metal dudes! Now let us decapitate some bats and work on our grammar."13:46
tilmanpretty stilly, considering how many people must have seen it during (pre)production etc13:46
treachyeah. :)13:46
tilmanCommon Danish, Swedish and Norwegian form: Loke13:48
tilmanidiots again13:48
treachyes, the gods name was loke, but its his treachery they are talking about13:48
tilmani was just wondering why they spell it with an 'e'13:49
tilman(they usually use the english names)13:49
treachoh, he has an international alias..? :p13:49
tilmanexcept that they always spell 'oden' with an 'e' too13:49
tilman hehe13:50
treachheh, presumeably a dish that makes you wise? Or that is smartly served?13:51
* treach takes cover13:51
treach"Balder" seems to be a guy with a name that works internationally though.. even if I can imagine a few smiles in english and german speaking countries. :-)13:53
jjpkFirst time I see it has been written as "oden"13:54
jjpkUsually it has been written "odin"13:54
treachyou guys aren't nordic ;-)13:54
treachjdolan_: seems your jre is out of date.1.5.0_08 is current13:57
tilman<3 <3 <313:58
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j^2hey all14:23
tekhey you14:23
jjpkhi j^214:24
j^2how is everyone?14:25
treachcome on, are you expecting everyone to leave a status report?14:26
teknice, you asked.14:26
tekhow are you (honestly)14:26
j^2great, apart from one of the longest days of my life14:27
j^26am to 11pm working14:27
j^2not happy14:27
j^2but i'm getting there ;)14:27
treachwell, you should be happy, after a successful escape. :>14:28
_mavrick61I feel like I have be run over by an steamroller.....14:28
tekit's not the escape but te result(s) that make a happier geek/man14:28
tekwhat did you do?14:28
* treach is royally pissed of at the junior member of the pack. "Damned cable-muncher!"14:29
teki meant j^2 but you may tell it to me, too ;)14:29
j^2tek: i'm a student/net admin/ and soon it director of a corporation in texas14:30
tekhow many ppl in your dep.?14:30
tekand: congratulations!14:30
_mavrick61Chop 16 cubic metre wood....14:31
j^2thanks, and it's a small to mid size company14:31
tekNumbers, it's all about numbers :>14:31
tekhow come, that a student gets director of the department?14:32
Auge^which is a good frontend for writing cd and dvd? (i don't want to use k3b and the whole kde-stuff)14:32
j^2tek: easy, i have been in the it field since i was 1514:33
j^2and i'm 2314:33
j^2still working an that damn degree14:33
j^2but i have all the practical knowalge an IT director needs14:33
_mavrick61Hmmm a lot of "kid's" here, he he...14:33
tekah, ok14:34
j^2hell the IT director now based everything off win2k3 small business server.... the first thing any MCSE et al is taught is _NOT_ to use it14:36
treachbah, I bet it's better than win95. :D14:37
treach(I have actually seen win95 been used as "servers"..)14:38
* Romster grumbles14:38
tektreach: automatic re-start job every night? :)14:38
Romsterwhat would cause this error message on a once working program...14:38
Romster*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0x080916e0 ***14:38
treachtek: amazingly enough, no.14:39
Romsterand i haven't changed anything but done a sysup14:39
Romsterglibc, but i haven't touched the tool chain on my desktop pc..14:40
Romsterunless that bison has something todo with this..14:40
Romsteroh nevermind, I made a stupid mistake..14:47
tekwhich one14:49
Romsterpath mistakes pointing to the wrong kernel when building a module.14:50
tekah ok14:51
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_mavrick61Hi.. Do any one know if the date format for day name and day name number is folowing the country setting.17:10
copworkits using the locale you have set17:14
copworkbut you can format the output17:15
jdolan_can someone here try to pull down http://windmillcycles.com17:20
treachbut apparently working. :)17:20
treacheven in konqueror. :D17:21
treachjdolan_: did you see my report on j2re? I guess it goes for jdk as well.17:25
jdolan_treach, thanks.  yea i'm sure it's out of date.17:26
jdolan_i've not touched my ports since july.17:26
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Auge^i love crux. all is where i expect it. and all does like i want it :) you shouldn't compare it with suse ;)17:47
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treachsomeone did? /me gets the torches and pitchforks.17:54
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j^2hey all18:34
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