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pitillotilman, the xorg-font-misc-misc was installed, redo the post install script and added to fontpath the misc font. Got error when trying to load that font, and later, the same font fixed not found.01:12
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pitillonothing to do. I will remake a fresh and minimal installation using directly the x11r7 repo01:38
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copworkthere was an old arm10 development system here03:02
copworkaaed-2000 from agilent03:02
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surrounderzenity-notification.o: In function `zenity_notification_handle_stdin':07:38
surroundernotification.c:(.text+0x362): undefined reference to `notify_notification_new_with_status_icon'07:38
surrounderhmm any idea how to fix this? (compiling zenity)07:38
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Hancheck google09:10
pitilloany suggestion for a light wm in opt?09:14
aon evilwm09:15
pitilloaon, taking a look. Thank you.09:15
rehabdollhey treach, do you use urxvt?09:25
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j^2hey all09:27
aonhi j^209:27
rxihey j^209:28
* j^2 tips hat09:28
* rxi steals j^2's hat and runs off09:29
j^2:( now i'm cold :P09:30
pitillowell, this afternoon I take the laptop to home... interesting the x11r7 port.09:35
pitillonext step, more knowledge about X and no Xwindow display manager. Going on the fonts battle too.09:39
rehabdollcan anyone explain why "åäö" only works in urxvt, if i launch urxvt from another urxvt-term? D;09:49
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rehabdollalso seems to work if i start from xterm10:02
rehabdollbut not fluxbox10:02
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Hanbecause it's set in your shellrc, but not in your .xinitrc10:10
* Han pokes rehabdoll 10:11
* Han yanks rehabdoll's strings10:11
Hanoops, that was too wild =)10:15
rehabdollnah, i deserve it10:23
rehabdolland more probably :)10:23
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gangstadoes anybody knows where i can get the i830 drivers for xorg7.1 ?11:26
treach"Note: The i830 driver is deprecated in Use i915 instead."11:28
gangstado you know where i can get the i915 driver11:29
pitillotilman, ping11:32
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tilmanpitillo: pong13:05
tilmanxorg-xf86-video-i810 contaisn support for i915 i believe13:06
tilmanits gonna be renamed to -video-intel soon afaik13:06
thrice`I should try modular xorg one of these days13:11
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pitillotilman, I am trying to make x11r7 ports runnig but I have some questions about. First, yesterday added to the fontpath misc fonts and always the same error: could not find misc fonts, and later, the fixed font error.14:18
pitilloCan not see wich was my error or what missed to configure it.14:18
bd2pitillo, is xorg-font-alias installed?14:20
pitilloNow I have some questions about the port itself. (If they are lame Q sorry): At documentation recommend to remove x11 port, but there are some commands that are in x11 (xterm, xclock and others) Made a fresh install without x11 and then depinstall x11r7 like docs says.14:21
pitillobd2, yes, it is installed by default14:21
bd2xterm is at /usr/ports/contrib/xterm, as for the fonts, I don't know, sorry14:22
pitillonow I can start slim for example, but need to understand the way to exec my session. (used .xsession by now). With startx have another error that never say before.14:22
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pitillobd2, true, but I mean the fact that is "needed" in some way and it is by default in old x11.14:24
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pitilloWating to finish the sysup while having dinner.14:24
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bd2pitillo, so, what is the problem? xterm not is separate project (approx ~2 years, iirc. even before xorg 6.9 released, xterm was already had its own cvs repo)14:25
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bd2-not is separate+now is separate14:25
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pitillobd2, no problem, nice aclaration. But some config files i x11r7 made reference to xterm, only that.14:47
tilmanpitillo: startx only requires "xorg-xinit"14:49
tilmanpitillo: which the "xorg" port depends upon, so you should already have it14:50
pitillomy battle with fonts not end. FreeFontPath: FPE "/usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/" refcount is 2, should be 1; fixing. and with startx does not start14:50
tilmanthat refcount thing isn't an error14:50
pitillotilman, true, list at deps of xorg.14:50
tilmanwhat does "startx" say?14:50
tilmanso what happens when you type "startx"?14:51
pitillocould not find a font to use: try starting with -fn14:51
tekx11-fonts-corefonts 2.0-1 installed?14:51
tilmancorefonts is ms stuff tek14:51
tekiirc it didn't work out for me before, I had exactly the same problem14:52
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pitillothe other error is the first time I see it and though can be critical (just before it says, waiting for shutdown)14:52
tilmani don't understand pitillo14:53
tilmanrephrase please14:53
pitilloyes, sorry14:53
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pitillothe first error (Freefontpath FPE... )is the first time I see it, and thought that can be critical because just before it, the log says: waiting for X server to shut down.14:54
tilmanrugek: bump contrib/xmms2 to DrGonzo please14:56
tilmanpitillo: so...14:57
pitilloummm lots of xorg-"modules" ... need to pay more atention to all I read. (xdm is in another "module")14:57
tilmanpitillo: FontPath /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc is there, yes?14:57
tilmanin xorg.conf14:57
tilmanbut it says "error, cannot read /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc" or something?14:57
pitilloumm that was the error talked to you yesterday14:58
pitillonow can not read any font14:58
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pitillo"could not find a font to use: try starting with -fn fontname"14:58
pitilloat FontPath I am using: local, 75dpi and misc15:00
pitilloloaded the postinstall script for three fontsdir...15:01
pitilloand changed /etc/fonts/font.conf to the new location15:02
treachpitillo: is your path to the modules correct?15:02
treach ModulePath   "/usr/lib/xorg/modules"15:02
tilmanyeah, remove any "ModulePath" line you might have15:02
pitillotilman, I removed it and now I have not any line related to modules15:03
tilmanwhat's the EXACT error message regarding "fonts/misc"?15:05
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pitillonow there is not any related directly to fonts/misc, Was yesterday when havin that error, (the tipical error coul not load fonts, removing from list... not the exact words)15:06
tilmandoes it still say "cannot load font 'fixed'"?15:07
pitillonop... could not find a font to use15:07
hackedheadi've just done a sysup an come back with the new firefox, is there a way i can turn its font-smoothing off again? i can't seem to find a setting within ff15:08
pitillo the line wich I am talking about is not at log15:10
tilmanyes, there's no error in that log15:10
tilmaneverything looks fine15:10
pitillotrue, quite interesting15:10
pitilloand strange15:10
pitillostartx 2> log15:11
hackedheadmeh. nvm, it must be a gtk thing....15:11
pitillo here it is15:12
tilmanpitillo: what's the contents of ~/.xinitrc?15:12
pitilloat first time, nothing. Then reading a bit I tried to launch evilwm.  #!/bin/bash evilwm15:15
treachstraight answears to straight questions, indeed..15:16
tilmanput the following there instead:15:16
tilmanexec openbox15:16
tilmanit will work15:16
pitilloI used always xsession instead of xinitrc15:16
tilmanfrom there on, figure out why stupid evilwm needs a weird font15:16
pitilloummm exec...15:17
tilmanln -s .xinitrc  .xsession :)15:17
tilman.xsession is read by graphical login managers (xdm, kdm, gdm, ..)15:17
treachtilman: only if he has openbox, and only for a while ;)15:17
tilman.xinitrc is read by xinit (which is called by startx)15:17
* treach takes cover15:17
pitillosame effect with exec,15:17
tilmantreach: yes15:17
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tilmanpitillo: s/evilwm/openbox/15:17
tilmanpitillo: the "exec" doesn't matter that much15:17
tilmanpitillo: but evilwm apparently doesn't work, so try another wm15:18
pitillotilman, yeah, always used xdm and do not look another ways, this is the first time15:18
j^2hhey all15:18
pitillowell, I want a little one to do not compile it a lot...15:18
tilmanopenbox takes only one minute to compile15:19
pitilloand that is the reason... can not belive it15:19
tilmanit's little, too15:19
pitillotilman, yeah, looking for one in opt15:19
pitilloI pretty sure what was my error. Errors with older X11 because fonts configuration was good.15:20
treachhere's a nice one. ;-)
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tilmanusing: evilwm -fn fixed might work too15:21
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tilmanbut it probably looks shitty15:21
tekx11-fonts-corefonts 2.0-1 installed? I'd love to hear if this corrected your problem..15:21
pitilloummm -fn with the wm... I do not understood that. Think was refering to Xserver.15:22
pitillotek, no, only local, misc and bitstreamdpi.15:22
bd2!seen cptn15:22
-MelOne- bd2, I don't know cptn, ask laod_, maybe he knows something.15:22
tilmanbd2: he's away for two weeks (this one included) afaik15:22
tekhave a try :)15:22
bd2ah. thanks tilman15:22
tilmanpitillo: it's _evilwm_ that says "cannot find font to use", not your x server!!15:23
treach@seen cptn15:23
clbtreach: cptn was last seen in #crux 1 week, 3 days, 4 hours, 30 minutes, and 8 seconds ago: <cptn> ;-)15:23
tilmanpitillo: so if you tell it to use another font ("evilwm -fn some_font_name_here") it might work15:23
pitillotilman, true, that is the reason that did not apperas in Xlog15:23
tilmanyou could also try blackbox btw ;)15:23
pitillotilman, but understood bad.15:24
pitillotilman, well compiled flux at work in a few minutes... and another term instead of xterm... but tomorrow I suppose will back to E15:25
pitillotilman, thank you verya much for spend your time Like I said, I hope I can be here a lot, this channel is the real temple :)15:26
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bd2tilman, somewhere I saw smth like pkgutils_c_rewrite.h with drafts of pkgutils functions. do you know its location?17:31
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