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aonhaha @ the comment regarding the userbase07:19
treach "Ouch-time"07:19
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treachBecause dwm is customized through editing its source code, it's pointless to make binary packages of it. This keeps its userbase small and elitist. No novices asking stupid questions. :307:53
rxiso thats where we are going wrong? :P07:54
nipuLtreach: that pic was just shown on the tv here08:10
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rxinipuL: what pic was that?08:11
treachlooks quite painful, but I'll never manage to figure out how people manages to get hit all the time... (one elderly man got hit in finland recently as well.) Don't they realize it's a good idea to keep track of the javelins?08:12
rxiahh lol08:12
treach1. put forward fot, 2. aim javelin, 3. fire!08:14
rxiwell if she was doing something else and the guy threw it wrong it would be pretty easy08:15
treachWell, don't do "something else" then when the spears are flying.. or have a person close to you who can give you a shove if things begin to look dangerous.08:17
rxion the field where there is different activities going on08:17
nipuLor atleast wear some sort of protective clothing08:18
treach"In related news, the imperial war museum got raided recently, and they are now missing their entire collection of medival body armor."08:19
* treach tries to picture a knight in armour afoot, walking the field measuring up the javelin results.08:20
rxiyou couldnt08:21
rxispecially not with full or half plate08:21
nipuLall you'd really need is a good sheild08:22
rxibut youd need to see it coming08:22
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treachstrap it to your back, like a turtle, eh? :D08:22
rxino good if it goes through your foot :)08:22
jjpkFalse sense of security. "I'm invincible muhahaha!"08:22
jjpkBetter yet, create a new sport. Hitting an armored fellow with a javelin08:24
rxithe dudesons probably already have minus the armour :P08:25
aonin the comprehensive school i went to some dude was hit in the stomach by a javelin08:25
aonhe just pulled it out and thought "i'm ok, it doesn't even bleed"08:26
aonapparently they did take him to hospital, though08:26
rxiyou scandanvians are a tough breed :P08:26
aonwell, i guess we aren't scandinavians :)08:28
rxihehe you all look the same to me :P08:29
aonalthough "In the English language: "Scandinavia" is often used as a synonym for all the Nordic countries"08:29
rxiyay the guess wasnt half wrong08:29
jjpkIt is confusing because it discloses culture and language, especially since norweegian, swedish and danish are germanic languages, Finnish is not.08:31
rxiall i know is your guys are up there somewhere and its cold :)08:32
rxigod i wish people just wouldnt mention anything computer related shit in tv shows and movies unless they know what they are talking about08:39
treachAmen! :-)08:40
rxieven battlestar galactica is bad at it .. and its supposed to be a nerds sci fi mecca08:40
jjpkThey probably ran low with the budget. :)08:41
rxilol .. or got a msce student to do the script :P08:42
copworkmicrosoft certified engineer ?08:52
copworknice riddle09:02
treachaon: eh, I guess he never heard of "internal bleeding" :D09:04
treachor maybe he was just really fat. :D09:06
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jdolan_what a pussy, that jdolan09:08
treachyeah, I guess he couldn't take the javelin. ;)09:09
jdolan_would someone please load
jdolan_(yes i ask this all the time)09:10
jdolan_juggling nameservers and ssl providers makes me weary.09:10
treachcertiacate failed09:10
treachyay for spelling.09:10
treachCould not connect to host
rxiyeah i get the same as treach09:11
rxi"unable to complete secure transaction"09:11
teKworks fine here.09:11
treach*certificate* /me gives up, and goes off for a nap.09:11
rxilol sook :P09:11
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jdolan_i wonder why the cert works for some people and not others.09:12
jdolan_it's a wildcard cert.09:12
treachhm, it works now.09:13
jdolan_they claim that all recent IE, moz, opera, and a few others support wildcard certs.09:13
treachI was using konqi both times, first time it didn't work, second round did.09:13
rxistill doesnt work here09:14
rxiopera 909:14
jdolan_does it say anything in particular about the cert?09:15
rxifatal erro (554)09:15
richi_autjdolan_: works for me.09:15
rxicould be my dns is out of date09:17
treachI get a "signature test failed" but everthing else seem ok now.09:18
brointhemixcan I moan a bit?09:18
pitillohere works fine at second try09:18
brointhemixit's about my neverending prt-get problem09:18
treachbrointhemix: /msg clb about it ;-)09:19
jdolan_who clb?09:19
brointhemixtreach: where's the catch? :)09:19
rxijdolan_: im running an outdated static opera 909:19
rxijdolan_: jaegars bot :P09:19
jdolan_oh, hehe :)09:19
treachclb. the log-bot :)09:19
jdolan_clb, tell jaeger he smokes pole09:20
brointhemixi'd rather talk to someone more hmm... alive :)09:20
rxilol where is he these days?09:20
brointhemixif you could tell me just what to do to make prt-get "fgrep" my packages dir correctly...09:21
rxiahh he has a new house?09:22
brointhemixbecause prt-get always looks for the packages in /usr/ports/$repo/$port09:22
treachyeah. I guess he's too busy mowing the lawn to care about us anymore. :-)09:22
rxilol .. he's turning into a suburbanite :P09:23
rxibrointhemix: prtdir /path/to/your/ports09:23
brointhemixrxi: will it help?09:23
rxiwell i assume prt-get isnt lookin in the right place?09:24
brointhemixthe problem is that prt-get builds every package as usual but it looks for a just compiled package in the standard /usr/ports/$REPO/$PORT dir, and not in my custom /usr/portsystem/packages :(09:25
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brointhemixand therefore the prt-get fails to install any packages and stops09:25
rxibrointhemix: /etc/pkgmk.conf09:25
brointhemixpkgmk.conf ig good09:25
brointhemixi've edited all the vars properly09:26
brointhemixand i'm positive about that because prt-get 5.13 works perfectly well, but everything fails with prt-get 5.1409:26
brointhemix" determine PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR using fgrep without sourcing pkgmk.conf" <- i think that this change is the problem here09:27
rxibrointhemix: i guess you should talk to cptn then and maybe he knows09:27
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treachskipper on the deck!09:27
brointhemixrxi can summon cptn :)09:27
brointhemixhello cptn :)09:27
cptnhey there09:27
brointhemixcptn, i've got a problem with the new prt-get09:28
brointhemixthe 5.14, that is09:28
brointhemixand the team says i should talk to you about that09:28
cptndid you submit that bug report?09:28
brointhemixnot yet, i was lurking here waiting for you to show up :)09:29
brointhemixumm, where to check that?09:29
brointhemixlooks same as mine09:30
brointhemixbut i reverted to 5.1309:30
cptnso how does your pkgmk.conf look like?09:30
brointhemixjust a sec09:30
brointhemix <-- here's the .conf09:32
cptncould you change that to 'export PKGMK_*'?09:33
cptnand try again?09:33
cptnalthough I'd expect it shouldn't make any difference09:34
brointhemixok, ill try09:34
brointhemix <- that's a faillog09:34
brointhemixplease look at the last 5 or 6 lines of it09:34
brointhemixpkgmk called by prt-get builds the package into /usr/portsystem/packages but the prt-get then searches for the package in /usr/ports/$REPO/$PORT09:35
treach# PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="$PWD" <- ?09:35
treachah, sorry, I missed the line further down09:36
brointhemixthe commented out lines are the defaults for pkgmk.conf09:37
treachI know.09:37
brointhemixok :)09:37
brointhemixchanging 'PKGMK_*' to 'export PKGMK_*' made prt-get look for the package in $PWD :/09:41
brointhemixso it's not the solution09:41
brointhemixstrange, treach's prt-get seems to work 100% fine09:42
cptnI'll have a look09:42
brointhemixmaybe i have some kind of fgrep issue? :/09:42
cptnwell, you can try it isolated09:42
cptnfgrep -h 'PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR='  /usr/bin/pkgmk /etc/pkgmk.conf09:42
brointhemixbecause the changelog says that 5.14 is fgrepping the package path instead of sourcing the /etc/pkgmk.conf09:43
brointhemixi just run that09:43
brointhemixno no09:43
brointhemixi did it now and I got 3 lines of output09:44
brointhemix1: PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="$PWD"09:44
brointhemix2: # PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="$PWD"09:44
cptnyeah, that's expected09:44
brointhemix3: export PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="/usr/portsystem/packages"09:44
brointhemixthat's it09:44
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brointhemix1: PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="$PWD" <- here's where prt-get makes pkgadd to look for the package :/09:45
j^2hey all09:45
brointhemixji j^209:45
brointhemixcptn: am i correct that after issuing that fgrep command the prt-get uses the first line of output as the path/to/packages ?09:47
cptnit definitely looks like it, yes09:48
cptnI would have expected it to evaluate all three lines09:48
cptnbut apparentely09:48
cptn... it doesn't09:48
brointhemixthe prt-get got horny ;)09:48
brointhemixbut how come it works with treach? hmm...09:49
brointhemixlet me check something...09:49
brointhemixnah, it didn't work :)09:50
brointhemixcptn: is PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR hardcoded into the pkgadd binary?09:52
brointhemixso where does the first line of fgrepping (PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="$PWD") come from?09:53
treachsoon online again - the crux forum team, yay, they got overwhelmed? :P09:53
rxihehe yay .. i hate mls09:54
brointhemixcptn: so if this fgrep command would only source /etc/pkgmk.conf it would all work just fine, right?09:56
cptnbrointhemix: well, in this particular case09:56
cptnbrointhemix: it used to just source pkgmk.conf09:57
cptnbut then if someone changed the default in /usr/bin/pkgmk but didn't add it to pkgmk.conf, prt-get would fail09:57
cptnthis is why 5.14 has the new fgrep code09:58
cptnsuggested by Han btw09:58
brointhemixi bet he was co-operating with treach ;)09:58
cptnhowever, it appears that 'eval' doesn't work as I expected it09:58
* Han takes of his hat09:58
brointhemixso that only thy get it working :P09:58
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cptnbrointhemix: that should fix it10:47
thrice`I've never used fgrep before10:48
cptnyou can expect it to be faster10:49
cptnas it doesn't try to match any patterns10:49
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thrice`intersting; and to think i've been limited to pgrep and zgrep this whole time o.O10:51
tilmanbd2: no, but it's irrelevant anyway probably11:01
bd2tilman, okay. I've just thought about C rewrite e.t.c., and the main problem I see is the choose how to store DB in memory. Linked list, or some sort of array. Because C++ have very handy std:: containers classes, and C haven't11:06
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bd2these are just wild thoughts.. disregard them :-)11:07
mike_kdoes anybody know if fluspray can be set up to allow editing comments after "submit" pressed?11:09
thrice`what is fluspray?11:11
rantolomy tahoma font is rendered badly after last sysup. Spacing are wrong, letters stick together. I've already tried many things: upgrade to freetype 2.2.1, many combinations of ftoption.h, reinstlalling fonts+mkfontscale+mkfontdir+fc-cache -f, X resolution change.... nothing11:11
rantoloany idea?11:11
mike_kthrice`: I mean flyspray11:11
mike_kthrice`: bugtracker at crux.nu11:12
tilmanrantolo: yeah, try downgrading fontconfig11:14
tilmanrantolo: and/or try to disable autohinting and all that jazz11:14
rantolotilman, ok11:14
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rantolotilman, 2.4.1 -> 2.4.0 nothing changed11:21
tilmango to the latest 2.3 stable release11:22
rantoloyou were right, thank you. Latest stable (2.4.1) is not so stable.11:29
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cptnwhere "stable" means "doesn't render Microsoft fonts the same in the default install"11:30
tilmanhard to imagine that keithp doesn't optimize fontconfig for tahoma11:30
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tilmanrantolo: fyi, it's most likely a configuration issue11:34
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Auge^which mkfs.vfat options are the best to get a good performance with external usb2.0 disk? ext3 will get up to 26MB/s... but mkfs.vfat -F 32 gets just 3.5MB/s :(11:39
Auge^mkfs.vfat -F 32 -f 1 speeds up to 5MB/s...11:45
Auge^mkfs.vfat -F 32 -f 1 -S 4096 speeds up to 13MB/s...11:59
Auge^mkfs.vfat -F 32 -f 1 -S 4096 -s 64 speeds up to 15MB/s...12:08
Hangood research :-)12:16
HanAuge^, perhaps it is an idea to send your reports to misc@ and hope they consider changing the defaults.12:16
Auge^Han: maybe... but i think the options will change from hw to hw.12:19
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brointhemixcptn: thank you fot the link, checking now...13:23
HanAuge^, erhm scratch that.13:24
aonmixed channels? :)13:25
HanYup :-)13:25
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brointhemixcptn: this version seems to work :)13:40
brointhemixcptn: i've just installed a port thru prt-get with no problems13:41
brointhemixcptn: thanks :)13:41
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cptnbrointhemix: okay, thanks for testing13:59
cptnI'll update core/prt-get soon14:00
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treachNP:Weird Al Yankovic - Party at the leper colony16:04
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TRIBBevening ppl16:24
teKhi there16:24
TRIBBim wondering ... i had php and apache installed and failed GD support - installed GD, reinstalled php16:24
TRIBBbut it still doesnt detect GD on the system ... any hints ??16:25
teKwhere did you install it16:25
TRIBBwhere the package tells it16:26
TRIBBweird thing is the PHPconfigure detects it16:27
TRIBBbut apache/php doesnt use it ...16:27
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teKchecked <? phpinfo(); ?>   (?)16:33
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Auge^12 ports. ok. good night.17:33
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j^2hey all, if i get this error how con i get past it?18:01
j^2rm: cannot unlink `audio/music': Is a directory18:01
j^2and it's 77718:01
j^2and the error is written as root18:02
treachunlink errors usually seem to occur when something is wrong in the fs.18:03
j^2crap i'll end up loosing the data right?18:03
j^2i've never used fsck18:04
treach"Is a directory" could be caused by your forgetfulness of "-rm", but the unlink makes it feel a bit more ominus.18:04
treach*unlink reference*18:04
j^2i used rm -dfr :(18:05
treachwell, the point of using "rm" is to lose data, right? I can't see what you have to lose. :p18:05
treach"-rf" I mean. I should really go to sleep..18:06
j^2oh i tihnk its working...18:06
j^2-d didnt work. but rm -rf did :-/18:06
j^2thanks treach18:08
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rehabdollnew openssh23:46

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