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richi_autopenssh 4.4p1 has been released:
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pitillohi good morning, I am making a little how to to show the configuration of my AcerTravelmate 529ATX. Do not know if anyone can be interested, but alwa you can take a look and tell me about suggestions or error. :)06:15
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XATRIX!seen mike_k06:20
-MelOne- XATRIX, you must introduce me to mike_k one day, must be a great person!06:20
XATRIXMelOne> yeah, he is ;)06:20
rxii think you need to use @seen06:21
XATRIX@seen mike_k06:23
clbXATRIX: mike_k was last seen in #crux 19 hours, 11 minutes, and 2 seconds ago: <mike_k> thrice`: bugtracker at crux.nu06:23
XATRIXrxi> thanks06:23
rxiMelOne is up the shit06:24
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brointhemix@seen cptn06:32
clbbrointhemix: cptn was last seen in #crux 16 hours, 32 minutes, and 31 seconds ago: <cptn> I'll update core/prt-get soon06:32
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Romsterpitillo, neat, btw how did ya print out the kernel config ?08:01
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pitilloRomster, copy&paste and making a <pre> section (do not know if you refer to this)08:09
Romsterah ok, thought ya might of used some pipe to file.08:11
Romsterhmm on that note is it easy to find out what scensors are on a mobo?08:14
Romsteror just tryal and error, of each till ya fidn the right one?08:14
Romsterrecently found out my dvdram drive hates DMA :/08:15
pitillowell, I will add a little resources status and some screenshot . And will try to setup correctly sensors and remove the dri kernel section (using a little port to make dri drivers from freedesktop)08:38
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j^2hey yall09:12
TRIBBim wondering09:14
TRIBBI compiled PHP but how can i be sure that the new module is being used?09:15
TRIBBphpinfo(); doesnt show that the change ( added GD ) is in effect09:15
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j^2how is everyone today?10:23
j^2any wowers here ;)?10:24
rxisame old same old .. yourself?10:24
j^2google it ;)10:24
rxioh wow ,, hell no10:25
pitilloj^2, I tried to run it with wine... but no luck :D10:26
aontry with .2110:30
aonaccording to pr #27 it should work10:30
pitillo17 installed... was some weeks ago...10:32
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j^2aon: i know you're a wower ;)10:37
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j^2you should join our server10:37
j^2hell you dont sleep!10:37
aoni'm not10:37
aondoesn't that thing cost or something?10:38
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j^2yeah it does10:44
j^214 US$ ish10:44
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j^2it's cheaper then cable and hell you can play with friends10:44
j^2that's how i justified it10:44
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aonyeah, the good thing about not playing is that there's no need to justify it :)10:53
j^2ohh snap!10:56
j^2;P i meant11:01
j^2jesus i cant type today11:01
tilmanjesus motherfucker11:01
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lucifer4uhello friends :)11:03
j^2hey lucifer4u11:03
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j^2if i can route out, but i cant route in, what am i missing?12:09
j^2if anyone is around i'll explain farther12:09
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Romsterfirewall, internal lan? then you need to nat it.12:13
j^2yep got that12:13
j^2i can forward out fin12:13
j^2but sshing i cant do it :(12:13
j^2it's the routing table right?12:13
j^2just created a static route and it worked12:16
j^2fraking lame!12:16
j^2thanks though Romster12:16
jjpkj^2: depends what you are doing, as in are you trying to open a port into a lan side host or what12:16
Romsteryeah you need to add rules to direct incoming to the internel pc.12:17
Romsteryou need a rule like this12:19
Romster$IPTABLES -t nat -A PREROUTING -i ppp0 -p tcp --sport 22 -j DNAT --to $internal_ip12:20
Romstererr might be dport, not thinking too well atm got alot on my mind..12:21
qidI think you might need two rules12:22
qidone to do the NAT, another to allow it through the FORWARD chain12:22
qidassuming you have a default drop policy for forward, which you should12:22
qid$IPTABLES -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -i $INETDEV --dport 3389 -j DNAT --to-destination
qidyeah, that's pretty much the same thing12:23
qidin addition you'll need $IPTABLES -t filter -A FORWARD -i $INETDEV -p tcp -s -d --dport 3389 -j ACCEPT12:24
j^2awesome thanks guys12:24
qidor something similar12:24
qidgoing out you can just use masquerading which is pretty easy12:25
qidjust one rule12:25
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qidI think you'll have to add rules to FORWARD to allow packets from established connections back in, if you don't have those already12:26
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TRIBBanybody familiar with the eSPG photogallery?13:00
TRIBBit uses GD to resize photos but for some reason i cant make it work :(13:01
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j^2prologic: ping13:19
rxij^2: its 0420 here at,13:19
rxiso id say he is asleep :)13:19
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brointhemixwhat vector graphics editor would you recommend?14:45
brointhemixadobe illustrator? macromedia freehand?14:46
tilmancaptain obvious recommends inkscape14:48
brointhemixbut when you want to save your work as .png or .bmp the output looks terrible :(14:50
brointhemixor mayb it is I who does something wrong...14:50
brointhemixi'm a n00b at that14:50
tilmani've had okayish experiences14:51
tilmanbut i'm a n00b too ;)14:51
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brointhemixi.e. the blur is all gone in .bmp14:52
brointhemixhmm :/14:52
brointhemixmaybe it's me then14:52
brointhemixmy lack of graphics skill, i mean :)14:53
pitilloworks wow with wine... but I think I have it bad configured (or needs a big machine to work)15:23
treachbig machine? hardly, "a current system" more like it.15:26
treachor at least not bordering on obsolete.15:26
j^2k5 66mhz is where it's at!15:27
pitillotrue, sorry. Taking note.15:27
treachugh. typewriter..15:27
j^2or a router ;)15:27
treachfor what, your x.25 connections? :>15:28
j^2i was thinking my 28.8 modem...15:29
j^2but that's me ;)15:29
treachah, basically the same speed.15:29
morlenxusAfter upgrading my fontconfig, most fonts in firefox are really huge. Something i did wrong?15:30
pitilloa bit better with -opengl option... looking for run it in windowed mode.15:40
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pitilloummm need to change it in game options not wine options.16:07
brointhemixpitillo: do you get any slowdowns in games comparing to windows?16:08
pitillobrointhemix, sorry, this is my first test. Did not run it never at windows, sorry.16:08
pitilloFirst I got is a little (450Mb) update ... xD16:09
pitilloummmm stimated time... about 6 hours xD16:09
pitillowell getting by other way... about 25 minutes.16:13
pitilloThinking in DII if this works... I will not need to use the little work's laptop.16:15
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prologicj^2: pong :)16:43
prologictoo bad he's gone ;/16:43
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rehabdolloh dear, new openssl too17:09
pitillofree trial account of wow expired... is there a way to play with a friend account with my client? Or need to reinstall again with him cdkey?17:17
brointhemixyou should be able to edit the key value i the registry17:18
rehabdollWoW.. you know you're throwing away your life and future, right?17:18
rehabdollyou'll never see daylight again!17:18
brointhemixrehabdoll is right...17:18
rehabdollit should be classified as an narcotic17:19
pitillowell tomorrow I will try to talk to him to see if next week I can take a look to the game.17:20
pitillotoo much adiction, seems to be a another dimension. Well, tomorrow more, if not... not sure if I will wake up to go work :D17:24
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maroyay, crux is bigger than one thinks :)20:08
maro <- I didn't tell the guy about my sonata port20:08
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