IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2006-09-29

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pitillochanged the location of the laptop manual:
pitillosorry without html extension (morning here, need another coffe :)02:00
copworklove the blinking notfound02:05
pitillocopwork, not found without the html extesion02:13
copworkno, it was fine without thanks02:13
copworknicely done o.ob02:14
pitilloand runs very well... but need to make little changes. Add the port to make dri modules, resources status and some screenshots. Bit a bit.02:18
pitillo.. php?get=../../../../../etc/passwd xD02:21
pitillonice try... you can try other things to see if it crash, no problem. (only want reports if you can do something :D)02:26
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copworkwasnt me02:47
copworkbut thanks again for the flowers02:47
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pitilloindex.php?get=secretpornfolder xDDD02:53
pitillothe flowers? don´t understand that...02:53
richi_autopenssl 0.9.8d is out
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marorichi_aut: and has been available for crux since yesterday...03:13
richi_autmaro: the update yesterday was for openssh -> to version 4.4p1 (as far as i know) but the openssl version is still 0.9.8c03:15
richi_autmaro: maybe the ports-webinterface is out of sync (was only looking there)03:16
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marorichi_aut: hmm no, you're right03:42
maroI guess that's what one get for forking half the distro :(03:43
richi_autmaro: who forked what?03:43
marojust locally for my own use03:44
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richi_autmaro: hehe, did that only for fvwm and j2sdk...03:47
* maro has 45 core ports (for pam and info pages), 152 gnome ports (not forked, it was easier to do them from scratch) and a couple of xorg ports (for aiglx)03:49
maroyikes, he's here!03:50
pitillomaro, whis is your repo?03:51
maropitillo: I don't publish those03:51
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marothat'd be lame03:51
pitilloah sorry, only want to take a look to ports.03:52
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pitillocapturing E at laptop and preparing resources used when will finish some compilations04:24
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pitilloMade a little port to install mach64.ko module and some libs, but not sure if it´s minimal and well done. If anyone has a bit of time to take a look and talk about I will been grateful04:38
pitillois my charset set properly? or shows again the ? instead of '04:39
maropitillo: seems to be ok04:59
marowhere's the prot?04:59
pitilloI think that a lot of headers (not related to mach64) must be removed too.05:01
maropitillo: some sort of real versioning would be good05:01
pitillolisted at footprint...05:01
marofor example, for my cvs ports I do this:05:02
maroand then "cvs -q -z3 co -D $version ..."05:02
pitillomaro, true, for that port can be changed the version (working on it by now) but for other ports wich uses cvs is quite difficult to make a real versioning.05:02
pitillomaro, yeah. That is a nice note. Thanks.05:03
maronp :)05:03
maroit's so you can easily revert to an older version if a newer one is broken05:04
maroand also chase down what day the breakage happened, etc.05:04
marothe /usr/local usage is a no-go though05:04
pitilloRelease can be cvs for example? or I need to change to #1 (the first release I made)05:04
marorelease should always be an integer05:05
pitillomaro, nice, don´t know that. (I will review the handbook, sure it is explained there and I missed)05:05
marowhy do you only install the mach64 module btw?05:06
marocrux is generally having a 1:1 source/package relation05:07
pitillomaro, with a mach 64 card have a lot of problems with x11r6 (there is only r128 and radeon module at kernel)05:07
maropitillo: you're probably better off using the drm module etc. from cvs also05:07
pitillomaro, do you mean to install all other modules compiled and then change the port´s name to dri for example?05:07
maro'drm', but yeah :)05:08
pitillomaro, that´s better, true. :) But thinking in the minimal way, that´s the reason I remove all other modules.05:08
marothat way other people who want to use a cvs version of their drm driver can do it too, without having to create a new port for each chipset out there05:09
pitillos/better/better name05:09
marothere's a fine line between "clean" and "broken" ;)05:10
pitillowell, thinking in it. (It´s easy to port almodules than only one).05:10
maroif one wants that extremely fine-grained packages, then debian does that05:11
marothey split each source package up in a zillion of binary packages05:11
marowhile ports are designed for 1:1 (and in few cases 2:1) source/binary packages05:12
pitilloummm may be is a good idea to some packages. (For example e_modules, han´s port make all modules and when 1 is broken, no one is compiled)05:13
maroports aren't designed for cvs, although it's nice when it works :)05:14
HanI fixed that05:14
pitilloummm sure, but is another way and used...05:14
pitilloHan, how did you do that?05:15
HanWhy don't you read the Pkgfile?05:20
pitillonice one, the versioning of cvs. Redoing the port. Thank you for spend your time helping.05:21
pitilloHan, well, I will do. Thanks.05:21
pitillonice, but you need to spend time to build the non-working modules too, or am I in wrong?05:23
pitillowell, changed it. .foontprint lists the modules compiled.05:51
pitillothe URL was bad (Url), now seems to be fine.05:54
pitilloummmm I need to test them.05:55
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morlenxusSomeone here has experience with the rtai realtime linux project? I can't run the testapps.07:11
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maroany sysklogd alternatives that don't try to do all sorts of wizardry?07:16
maro(leaving out metalog and syslog-ng)07:16
maroaon: you forgot to bump release back to 107:19
maro(wine upgrade)07:19
marotried cftp?07:36
maropretty neat, it's like the lynx of ftp clients :)07:36
aonlynx-like as in BASICS?07:37
marohehe, no :)07:43
marojust a nice ncurses thingie07:43
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pitillocopwork, what do you mean with this? " but thanks again for the flowers"07:51
copworkbecause you sent a public msg announced my 1337 hax0r skillz07:51
copworkit felt good07:52
pitillothe best was the access to secretpornfolder xD07:53
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copworkthat actually was me08:09
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pitillowell, next week more and better. Good weekend for all.09:01
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aonis he going to sleep for the whole weekend?09:02
jjpkThought he did that every weekend.09:02
copworkits a good plan09:04
thrice`no way10:16
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brointhemixanyone of you using fcron from ports/opt ?12:11
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bd2_"cat /proc/filesystems | grep tmpfs" -> "nodev   tmpfs", "mount -t tmpfs nodev /tmp" -> "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on nodev"... um?14:42
bd2_in strace I see, mount("nodev", "/tmp", "tmpfs", MS_MGC_VAL, NULL) = -1 EINVAL (Invalid argument)14:43
Hanmount -a -t tmpfs14:43
bd2_Han, what should it say? I have no tmpfs entries in fstab.14:44
bd2_what? :-)14:44
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bd2_zcat /proc/config.gz -> # CONFIG_TMPFS is not set14:47
bd2_what the heck?!!?14:47
bd2_shouldn't /proc/filesystems lack tmpfs when CONFIG_TMPFS not set?.. *confused*14:47
rugekbd2_: mount -t tmpfs none /tmp15:35
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philwohi :)16:44
philwoi was just wondering, whether crux uses an utf-8 locale by default or is at least configurable to use it16:44
philwoi don't need nls, but utf-8 would be nice :)16:45
brointhemixit's either utf-8 or ISO-blahblah-116:45
brointhemixstandard English for sure16:45
philwodo you currently run crux? you could check it with "export | grep LANG"16:46
brointhemixi don't have that export ;)16:46
brointhemixbut I use ISO-...-216:46
philwooh. :)16:46
brointhemixEastern EU16:47
brointhemixyup, I only use CHARSET and LC_TYPE vars16:49
philwookay, maybe my kubuntu does things different16:51
brointhemixprobably :)16:51
brointhemixbut isn't LANG responsible for translation?16:52
brointhemixor is it LC_LOCAL(E)?16:52
philwogood question16:53
philwoi just discovered, that my LANG is set to "en_AU.UTF-8"16:54
philwothat explains the funny english I read in my desktop environment ;)16:54
brointhemixAU? Austria?16:54
philwomaybe australia16:55
brointhemixyou're right16:55
brointhemixmaybe they speak different English :P16:55
brointhemixi'll be back in 10 minutes16:55
brointhemixstart counting ;)16:55
philwoand living in Germany, i can tell you first hand that they don't speak English as their main language in Austria ;)16:56
brointhemixtrue, true :)17:05
brointhemixthey speak German as well ;)17:05
philwoi wonder whether there is an explanation how to build your own CRUX installer cd17:06
brointhemixthere is :)17:06
philwoi remember having seen a shell script a year ago17:06
philwowhere? :)17:06
brointhemixit's called "the core team" ;)17:06
brointhemix(meaning: ask the core team members :P)17:07
brointhemixi'm playing, i'm playing :)17:07
brointhemixnot sure17:07
brointhemixi'm too noob and too lazy to do such things17:07
brointhemixthings as building my own installer17:07
bd2_I'm not core team, but this might be useful:
brointhemixok, let me fix my statement "the core team + bd2" ;)17:08
philwoah, thank you :)17:08
bd2_brointhemix :-))17:08
philwoi need to get a few things sorted out before being able to use crux on my server :)17:09
philwoi'd like an amd64-version of crux better than i686, and I have to figure out how to install it completely remote (only using ssh and not being able to use the CD)17:10
brointhemixphilwo: what distro do you use there atm?17:10
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brointhemixa hard taks is bevore you17:10
philwoi use kubuntu amd64 but i built all the services running on the server myself, because i needed newer versions17:11
brointhemixhmm... or maybe not17:11
treachphilwo: danm had a 64bit version, maybe you could use it as a startpoint. (It's currently dead iirc, though.)17:11
philwoyes, i saw there is a crux 2.1 version for 64bit17:13
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philwoi wonder whether it would be more difficult than just to bootstrap CRUX using the makefile on a running 64bit linux17:14
brointhemixi'm off to bed17:18
philwome too17:18
philwocu and thank you :)17:18
brointhemixcya and np :)17:18
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marowtf? glibc 2.5 before 2.4.117:32
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yiphi! is there gcc 4.1.1 for crux?18:09
Hancheck the portsdb18:11
yipthere are a few, is there a best one?18:11
yipone of them says "latest stable version of gcc, _NOT_ recommended for daily use."18:12
HanIt's recommended to stick with the compiler provided by the distro.18:14
HanUnless you know what you are doing.18:14
yipi don't know what i'm doing but i need gcc 4.1.118:15
thrice`why do you need it?18:15
yiphas a bugfix18:17
Auge^why not apply this patch to your current gcc?18:24
yiptoo complicated. what i'd really like is for all of the software that i install to have been compiled with gcc 4.1.118:25
TRIBBevening people18:28
* Auge^ -> bed. n8!18:44
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will_Does Crux use /etc/sysconfig?23:21
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rxiprologic: you around mate?23:43

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