IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-09-30

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marohmm, am I the only one who got a mail from some google recruiter?00:46
rxiare they offereing a larger penis and cheap rolex's?00:47
maroactually a job :P00:47
rxihehe well i didnt get one00:47
marobut he puts a reference to crux so I figured perhaps there were others00:47
rxilol .. *looks around suspiciously*00:48
rximust have a google spy in here00:48
* Romster checks my email00:48
maro- and I didn't get it on my gmail accont :D00:49
rxiyeah thats pretty dumb00:53
will_Wow, it gives more FPS...00:54
maroFPS!! OMGZ!!00:55
will_I wonder if it helps download porn faster...00:56
maroso it'll match my -O83 Gentoo computer perfectly!00:56
will_Did you see the price???00:56
maroFPS > price00:56
maroI was being sarcastic, but hey00:57
will_I know. :)00:57
marostable > cheap > fast :)00:58
will_NewEgg Review: Cons: It didn't come with any lube. :-( The price is just outrageous.00:58
maroit has linux embedded though00:59
marocould be nice to ssh into your nic01:00
will_Why does it require a Sempron™ 2500+ or higher or Intel Pentium™ IV 1.5Ghz or higher?01:00
will_Or English Version of Microsoft™ Windows™ XP?01:00
maromakes the specs look cool01:00
maro"yay, this is hi-tech"01:00
Romsternope nothing of the sort in my useall spam i get01:07
Romsterweird nic card..01:10
marotilman: any chance to see xkeyboard-config in the xorg repo?01:18
prologicrxi, I am now mate02:15
prologicwhat's up ?02:15
rxiprologic: does mythtv work out of the box in crux?02:16
prologichowever be aware that you have to compile qt3 with mysql support02:16
rxiyeah thats what i found out the hardway02:16
prologicif I haven't stated that in the readme I apologise02:16
prologicthen I'm sorry :)02:16
prologicI'll make the necessary changes to the readme02:16
rxii didnt check the mythtv readme so dont get too excited :P02:16
prologicwell is the following sufficient ?02:17
prologicqt3 with mysql support. prt-get edit qt302:17
rxiyeah thats fine .. i just didnt read it02:18
rximight want to put mysql infront of qt3 in the deps tho?02:18
prologicpersonally I wish they didn't use mysql02:18
prologicand used sqlite instead02:18
rxiyeah id prefer pg02:18
prologicyeah ok I'll do that too02:18
rxicos the qt3 picks up mysql automagically02:19
prologicwho's been mucking up my damn tabs in my Pkgfiles :)02:19
* prologic glares at Romster02:19
rxiit was him!02:19
prologicdone and done02:19
prologicthey're still tabs but missing a few to have nice alignment :)02:20
prologick updated02:20
prologiccan you msg me the ip of your box again02:21
prologicapparently I have a 503 on my subversion urls (externally)02:21
rxiumm i tried to get rid of the authention you setup on it so i dont know where its at02:21
prologicdon't like keys / :)02:22
Romsterwhat i've been fixing the fuckers...02:22
prologichow ?02:22
prologicall the tabs are messed up02:22
rximaybe romster is the vip :P02:23
prologicrxi, bah forget it, just try and checkout
prologicRomster, I use tab indents with 3 character spaces set in vim02:23
prologicie: shiftwidth=3 tabstop=302:23
rxihmm no svn installed here02:24
prologicoh k02:24
prologicnevermind then02:24
prologicdamnit I need more remote boxes :)02:24
prologicmust go to my folks place and reinstall the fileserver with crux02:24
Romsterwhat do ya mean messed up they align perfectly in gvim02:24
prologicfuck'n debian has b0rked itself :)02:24
Romsterbefore i touched them all they didn not.02:24
prologicRomster, they don't here, missing a few tabs02:24
prologicRomster, check your gvim settings02:24
prologiceverything I do is shiftwidth=3 tabstop=302:25
prologicand it's consitent too so your gvim settings are different form mine (vim)02:25
prologicneways back later02:26
Romsterhmmz i only see ~/.viminfo ..02:27
Romsterhmm making the file02:29
Romsteroh ffs now i got a shitload of Pkgfiles to edit...02:32
Romsterbut that screws up the tabs when i view the files with other text editors...02:38
Romsterhmm, ok kwrite messes it up, bluefish shoes it corectly..02:39
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prologichey when are logs suppose to be rotated ?03:46
prologicthey never seem to be on any of my crux boxes03:46
prologicI have a /var partition that's full now :/03:46
tilmancheck cron o_O03:46
prologicthere's no cron jobs that do rotating of logs03:47
prologicthere is only a syslog in weekly03:48
prologicbut that only rotates cron, auth, messages03:48
rxii guess high load stuff should be done weekly03:48
prologicwhat about apache logs and btmp03:48
tilmanvim blah/syslog03:49
yipis it possible to have 2 versions of the same package installed?03:49
tilmanrotate /var/log/apache.crap03:49
tilmanyip: no03:49
yipis it possible to install a package in home directory as a normal user?03:50
RyoSwell, untar the source, build it but dont install it03:51
tilmanthat's not a "package" RyoS03:52
RyoSits not03:52
RyoSbut its the solution he's seeking for03:52
tilmanyip: mmh well03:52
tilmanyip: you could set up a new package db in ~ somewhere03:52
tilmanand use pkgadd -r ...03:52
yiphow bad of an idea is it to manually create a package by putting some files in a correctly named .tar.gz file?03:53
prologicgo nuts :)03:54
rxiyip: thats all a package really is03:55
yipyeah, but i'm wondering what the disadvantages of this approach are as compared to the "official" way for creating a package03:55
tilmanwhy would you want to install stuff to ~ rather than teh system?03:55
rxiyip: depends what it is03:56
yipwell, i'm interested in gcc 4.1.103:58
tilmanyip: take the gcc port from cptn's repository ("jw"). change the prefix to "/home/foo/stuff" or whatever04:02
tilmanchange the name of the port to "gcc-foo"04:02
tilmanbuild and install.04:03
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morlenxustilman: ping05:28
morlenxusCan you remove my httpup-file from ?05:29
morlenxusI'm still using crux i don't have enough time to check what happens with my ports, ...05:29
tilmanno, i can't05:30
tilmanbut i'll forward your request05:30
morlenxusThank you. :)05:30
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prologic==> PASV ... couldn't connect to port 54370: No route to host06:37
prologic=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.06:37
prologicThe cups url appears to be broken atm06:37
prologiccan anyone confirm this ?06:37
prologicAlso the latest versionf of mesa3d and firefox-flash-plugin have md5sum mismatches (can someone confirm that?)06:38
Auge^host not reachable06:38
prologick good06:38
prologicand the md5 mismatches06:38
Auge^a18532c8457f1140964c4d896a928c96  /usr/ports/distfiles/install_flash_player_7_linux.tar.gz06:39
tilmanmesa is good06:40
prologicI'll try -im :)06:40
Auge^mesa is good here too06:40
prologicbut cups is definately broken :)06:40
Auge^and firefox-flash-plugin is also fine.06:41
prologick mesa3d still failing :)06:41
Auge^how can i check if a library is "usable"? dvd::rip complains about cannot open shared object file, but file is there and ldconfig -p is fine.06:47
*** swathi has joined #crux06:50
Auge^open("/lib/", O_RDONLY)       = 306:50
Auge^can anyone help me or have a similar problem with dvd::rip?06:54
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tilmanmy 8ball says your system is b0rked06:57
Auge^my 9ball says you're right ;)06:57
Auge^Herr Sauerbeck, das war nicht die Antwort, sondern die Frage. :)06:58
tilmani doubt it's fixable :>07:04
tilmanis the output of "nm -D /lib/" sane?07:05
*** lasso has joined #crux07:05
Auge^tilman: nm -D /lib/ ;)07:06
Auge^can you paste your output on a paste service please? :)07:07
Auge^and md5sum /lib/ :)07:08
copworker8bcb9fdd798bf9ccbc976f7389a0cea6  /lib/libdl-2.3.6.so07:09
Auge^ok. seems fine. :)07:09
yipi get kernel panic during crux install cd boot07:11
copworkerrootfs not found ?07:13
*** mrks_ is now known as mrks07:13
yipyeah, fixed it with root kernel option07:13
copworkerwanted to suggest that :P07:13
yiphow big of a swap partition should i make?07:14
copworkernormally you twice or equal your ram07:15
tilmanthat was true in the old days copworker07:15
copworkerif you have enough ram dont swap ?07:15
tilmani'd say on a desktop system, 256 mb are sufficient07:15
yipswap partition should be the first on the drive, right?07:15
copworkeroh, will get that tattooed07:15
tilmanyip: no, doesn't matter where it is07:16
yipbut if it's first then it will have better performance07:16
tilmani think it makes sense to put the root partition in the first spot07:16
copworkernormally you put your boot partition first07:16
copworkerespecially if you want to dual boot07:17
yipi've always but the swap partition first, since that is the fastest part of the hard drive07:17
tilmanif you already know what's best, why are you asking?07:17
copworkernormally you sohuldnt try to swap at all07:17
tilmanhow much slower is swap if you put it in the 2nd partition?07:18
copworkerremember, swapping is bad07:18
tilmanis it measurable?07:18
tilmanmost likely not07:18
tilmanif you got mucho ram, your system probably won't swap anyway07:18
copworkeryeah, its not relevant07:18
tilmancopworker: indeed07:18
tilmani think recent kernels aren't as swap-happy anyway(?)07:18
copworkerour prof always made a nice remark about memory speed07:19
yiphard drive performance at the beginning of the drive compared to the end of the drive is substantially faster07:19
copworkercache is like thinking07:19
copworkerram is like grabbing a book out of the shelf07:19
copworkerhdd is like a trip to the moon07:19
copworkerso trying to optimize swapping is useless07:20
nipuLi have 2gb of ram, yet still manage to hit swap space07:20
copworkersince you have to fly to the moon anyway07:20
copworkernipuL, stop watching hdpr0n :P07:20
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rxiprologic: you there?07:43
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prologicrxi, yeh08:02
rxiprologic: do you have your mythtv box hooked up to a crt tv or plasma/lcd08:02
prologica crt tv08:02
prologicvia s-video out08:02
rxiwhat video card?08:03
prologic01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200] (rev a1)08:03
rxihmm .. did you have to do anything to get rid of the interlacing?08:03
prologicwhat interlacing ?08:04
rxihehe ok08:04
rxilast time i tried with my gf2mx it was all interlaced08:05
nipuLi use a gf2 for tv out here08:13
nipuLno interlacing08:13
rxiahh .. ill have to have another go08:13
nipuLif i were a betting man i'd say have a look at your xconfig08:14
rxiyeah id say your right08:17
copworkermy epia is waiting at home08:27
copworkerwant to turn it into a mythtv thingy as well08:27
rximythtv has alot things that can go wrong08:28
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prologicanyone familar with Opera and the "Open with other application" ?09:11
prologicI want to pipe .m3u files to mpc add09:11
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Stifflerdoes crux has any binary packages?09:13
prologicbut there are no official repositories09:15
prologicthere is also pkg-get which will create a binary repo and allow you to build systems with binary packages09:15
prologicbut generally speaking we all build from source using ports/prt-get09:15
Stifflerprologic: do you known about some no official repositories for crux (with binary packages)09:17
treachthe world is full of binary dist, no crying needed over that this one isn't.09:17
prologicStiffler, like I said, they're unofficial (we usually just keep archives of stuff we've built)09:17
prologicI personally have a large repo, but it would be fairly useless to you09:18
prologicsince most things would be compiled with deps you may or may not want/need09:18
Stiffleroh ok09:18
Stifflerthx for info09:18
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prologicanother one bites the dust!09:19
* prologic jigs09:20
Auge^ah, fine. new dvd::rip port created - current version seems to do the things for me :)09:21
yipwhat is "HPET Timer Suppor"? do i want that?09:24
prologicwt ?09:24
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yipprt-get --test depinst x17:37
yiphow do i get it to tell me the version of each package that will be installed?17:37
rehabdollprt-get info <package>17:40
yipcool thanks, would be nice if the version were listed next to each package name though17:42
yipcan i run two parallel prt-get processes that install different packages?17:44
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kalasmannenHey everyone!19:05
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