IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2006-10-01

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yipwhat is alsa-driver?05:45
tilmanthe alsa driver05:47
rxiprt-get info alsa-driver05:47
tilmanyou can either use that port, or use the driver from your kernel05:48
tilmannote that the latest opt/alsa-utils might be incompatible to the ones in the kernel05:48
yipi compiled alsa driver into the kernel05:48
rxithen you dont need it05:48
tilmanthen you don't need opt/alsa-driver05:48
yipok but i do need alsa-utils, and this depends on dialog, which seems to fail to compile because lack of ncursesw library05:48
rxiis ncurses installed?05:49
tilmanrecompile core/ncurses05:49
tilmani think the package on the cd lacks the "w" variant (wide char -> utf)05:49
yipuh oh, does pkgmk itself rely on ncurses?05:51
yiphm... oops bash does :O05:51
* yip is in big trouble05:52
tilmanrxi: i really am surprised05:52
tilmani thought it used readline05:52
tilmanbut readline doesn't show up in ldd output05:52
rxibash shouldnt depend on ncurses05:52
tilmanit's linked to
rehabdollhuh, wierd05:53
tilmanit needs _some_ lib to provide that input shizzle, right?05:53
tilmanbut why not readline05:53
rxiyeah i thought it used readline05:53
tilmanit doesn't need fancy window stuff that ncurses offers?05:53
yipi can't use pkgmk since it uses bash, but i have my current bash process still in memory. how can i manually create a package file out of Pkgfile?05:53
tilmanreinstall bash from the cd?05:54
rxiwell Pkgfile is just a bash script05:54
yipcan i download the ncurses#5.5.pkg.tar.gz file from somewhere?05:55
rxithe cd?05:55
tilmanetc etc05:55
yipi just hope that i will be able to install it with pkgadd05:56
yipargh, blasted wget! can't seem to get it to download urls with a # char in them05:58
rxiput a '<url'05:58
tilmanman ascii05:58
tilmanlook up teh code for #05:58
tilmanuse %teh_code05:59
tilman%23 in this case05:59
yipyes! bash is operational again, whew06:00
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yipwho do i talk to, to get darcs into opt?09:57
treachyourself to get it into "yip".09:57
tilmanthere's enough of sane scm's in opt already09:58
tilman_sane_ :]09:58
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yipdarcs is the only sane one that exists!09:58
treachthat's why it's a good thing it's so easy to make new ports.09:59
yipeasy yes, but time consuming to compile everything :'(09:59
treachyou don't have to compile it if it's in opt?09:59
yipi do. sort of feels like i'm back on gentoo10:00
treachI guess you picked the wrong type of distro then.10:00
tilmancrux is gentoo without the "RETARDED" sticker10:01
tilmanand you can quote me on that!!!10:01
yiptilman: so you are the main man behind crux?10:02
tilmanheh, why do you think so?10:02
tilmani'm not10:02
jjpktilman: must be the @ sign ;)10:02
treachthe pkgboogie-man ;-)10:03
yipoh, then such a quote isn't worth much :/10:03
tilmanit should be clear that it was a joke anyway10:03
tilmanotoh i think i've been using crux long enough to know what it's like and what it's about10:03
treachyip: there really isn't a "main man". Pli used to be, but it's more like a group effort nowadays. tilman is part of junta. ;-)10:04
tilmanthat kinda sounds like it was a coup d'etat10:06
treachheh, or a playful misrepresentation. ;-)10:06
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yipman, how long is it supposed to take for firefox to compile?10:25
treacha long time. Happily, han has a binary port. :-)10:25
yipyou mean it grabs the official binary from mozilla?10:26
yipi don't like that10:28
treachKeep compiling then.10:28
yipis there an option for prt-get depinst, like --test, that will just download the files?10:30
tilmannot yet afaik10:30
tilmanlast i heard about this, it was on the todo list10:30
yipwhat programming language is prt-get written in?10:31
treachalso "man" has a prt-get option.10:31
Romsteryip, make some coffee you'll be waiting for awhile, how fast is ya pc?10:38
yipRomster: athlon thunderbird 1.2 ghz 512mb ram10:39
Romsterprt-get depinst port --margs=-do10:39
Romsterbut i think it borks after the fist file dosn't get added.10:39
Romsterah slower than mine10:40
blizzfunny, pkgmk downloaded a source tarball, wget stopped at 93% and md5 checksum matched anyway.. ;-)10:40
treach*doesn't ;-)10:40
Romsteryip, 1.4GHz K7 1,280MB ram, so its gonna be about 2 hours or so i'd expect10:40
Romsterya could set the pkgmk.conf to download i never tryed that one :P10:41
Romsteryip, sudo sed -i 's|# PKGMK_DOWNLOAD="no"|PKGMK_DOWNLOAD="yes"|' /etc/pkgmk.conf10:43
Romsteror edit it manually ;)10:43
Romsterdosn't cover it all but saves the missing source problem at least10:44
Romsterif your really insane ya can do cd /usr/ports/opt ; sudo pkgmk -r -do10:46
Romsteretc. i've done that across core b4.10:46
treachgrr, "doesn't, doesn't, doesn't" not fucking dosn't. DOS-NT => Vista..10:50
yipyes, that bitch finished!10:55
Romsterrofl, sorry treach, old habbits I have to get out of.11:02
treachhabits... ;-(11:02
RomsterI so suck at spelling.11:03
RomsterI'll have to try harder to memorise them words I always get wrong.11:03
tilmanyou should use a script to automatically fix them ;P11:04
Romsteryip, It's worse when you make ports and realise after a long compile something is not right and needs to be compiled again.11:04
Romstertilman, heh maybe.11:04
Romsterhmm /usr/share/pixmaps should only have *.xpm files there?11:06
RomsterI'm seeing alot of png files that i think should be in /usr/share/icons/...11:07
Romsterbut maybe that's just me.11:08
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yipdoesn't anyone have a package for python 2.5? if i just change the version to 2.5 in the python opt package, will that work?11:19
Romsteryes maybe.11:19
Romsterprt-get edit python11:19
Romsterits not considered stable yet *shrugs*11:20
Auge^mh. what to do if i want create a port who just add some useful links into /usr/lib? tar says: Cannot stat: No such file or directory... because there are just symbolic links.11:20
yipRomster: python 2.5 is the latest stable version of python11:21
Romsteroh its out11:21
Romsterdidn't realise11:21
Romsterhmm i'll bup it up and recompile it11:22
yipRomster: only thing that scares me is this weird patch you guys have11:22
Romsterhmm jsut noticed that, and looking at it now.11:23
Romsterlooks like fun :)11:26
yipplease let me know how it goes. i really need python 2.511:26
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kalasmannenNån här som har byggt rtorrent med gcc 4 och fått det att funka?11:29
* tilman ponders11:30
kalasmannenMitt segfaultar :(11:30
Romsteryeah k downloading it now.11:30
Romsterwonder if updating it will require other programs to be recompiled.11:32
Romsteroh sugar need to edit them symlinks too.11:32
Auge^is there a way to add a PATH-value through port install?11:37
Romsterfigures 1 hunk fails and the rest work, editing.11:37
Romsterexport PATH="$PATH:/some/dir"11:38
Auge^oh, i missed something: is there a way to add a PATH-value through port install to /etc/profile?11:39
Auge^a clean way... or should i just "patch the file"? but port removal have to "unpatch"...11:40
yipwhen i updated a package, it said: pkgadd: rejecting etc/ssl/misc/, keeping existing version11:46
yiphow can i get a hold of the new version of this file, and replace the old one with it?11:46
yipah, cool, but i already unpacked the pakage tarball and manually copied the file over11:49
jjpkThe handook explains this, I suggest you browse through it.11:49
Romsterok fixed the patch file and compiling now.11:50
RomsterAuge^,  other than using sed, no11:51
Romsteryip lol ya ment to run rejmerge :P11:51
jjpkCrux's ports are not supposed to edit files, that is why you create a README.11:51
jjpkWhich explains what needs to be done.11:52
RomsterAuge^, there is another way small flood in pvtmsg11:53
yipRomster: how is that python 2.5 going?11:54
Romstercompiling :)11:55
Romsterwell was it jsut errored out :(11:56
Romstermake: *** [libinstall] Error 111:56
Romsterhmmz, investigating.11:56
yipRomster: how long do you think it'll be before you have some kind of verdict? i need to get going soon...12:03
Romsterhmmz i got stuck at the install side of things, and it was looking good too.12:08
Romsterstill poking around the patch file, think it broke something.12:09
yipwhy is that patch needed anyway?12:09
yipi say just get rid of that bugger12:09
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Romsteryes its needed12:36
Romsteri can't get past the error...12:38
Romstersee if you can figure it out or maybe someone else here.12:38
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Romsteri get to "make: *** [libinstall] Error 1", but no furthor. And that error message isn't very informitive.12:42
yipwho's machine is wintermute?13:02
treachkalasmannen: this isn't a swedish channel, if you hadn't noticed. And yes, I built rtorrent successfully yesterday with gcc 4.1. Seems to be working too.13:06
tilmanit's not?13:07
treachheh, we can't all be such linguisting geniouses as yourself. ;-)13:11
tilmanthat was sooooo not my point13:12
treachI know. :D13:12
yipRomster: how's it going?13:13
Romsteryip, given up it won't install < patch file13:21
Romsternot sure why jsut says errer at libinst13:22
yipRomster: you started out by changing nothing except for the version number in the Pkgfile?13:23
Hanrtorrent rocks13:24
Romsterno i had to alter the configure bit too13:24
yipHan: are you the han who has a port repository?13:24
Romsteri cheated and manually edited soem of the bits.13:25
yipRomster: i still don't understand why not just have a standard ./configure; make; make install; why is the patch needed at all?13:25
aonyip: no, he's the Han from star wars13:25
Romsteryip, thats Han , named after the ports13:25
Romsterask the person that maintains the port...13:25
treachwell, he has as many ports as there is stars.. almost atleast. :-)13:26
treachs is/are13:26
yipRomster: any thoughts?13:30
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jjpkyip: what's stopping you from trying? You make it sound so easy13:31
yipwell, that patch file has got to be there for *some* reason :/13:32
Romsterif you look at the patch file it would be ovious13:32
Romstercompiler flags, paths etc.13:33
Romstereven i worked that out from looking at it.13:33
Romsteri don't know why i get a error on library install, though, the Makefile looks sane.13:34
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treachHan: btw, speaking of rtorrent, seems like there is a newer release. libtorrent-0.10.2.tar.gz, rtorrent-0.6.2.tar.gz13:59
yipdo you guys use fakeroot when making packages?14:04
Romstersome do some don't14:10
aonchroot is totally different from fakeroot14:11
tilmanthe word "fake" kinda hits at it :D14:12
Romsterwell the goals are simaler.14:14
Romsterjust diferent method, and i'm tired as hell here.14:14
tilmanchroot changes /14:14
tilmanfakeroot is about the user "root"14:14
tilmanresp. the super user14:14
Romsternevermind then i'm too tired to be thinking.14:14
tilman!= /root either ;P14:14
Romsterfakeroot makes the program see its running as root user where it does not have root privaliges, something like that.14:18
Romsteri'm off to bed very son.14:18
tilmani think it's a library that's LD_PRELOAD'ed which makes the get*uid() calls return 014:18
Romsteryeah wrapper.14:19
tilmanLD_PRELOAD is the shit14:19
Romsteri've seen LD_PRELOAD but never messed with it yet.14:19
aonfakeroot is quite nice14:21
aonprevents evil packages from installing stuff into your system14:21
Romstermake -n DESTDIR=$PKG install, for a dry run :)14:22
Romstersomeprograms are evil when it comes to DESTDIR14:23
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kalasmannenAnyone having problems with libtorrent and rtorrent on Crux 2.2? Compiled with Gcc 4.0.3, and segfaults15:22
RyoStry again after segfault15:22
kalasmannenhave been trying since yesterday morning15:22
kalasmannenbuilt with different CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS15:22
RyoSo rly?15:22
kalasmannennothing seems to work :(15:22
RyoSthats bad15:23
RyoSno idea then15:23
kalasmannenIts a known bug, so i guess i'll have to get another version of gcc?15:23
brointhemixkalasmannen: which curl you have?15:23
RyoSwell, i updated gcc and glibc some time ago, its pretty difficult to update those two imo15:24
kalasmannenbrointhemix: curl 7.15.3-115:24
RyoStook both from Han's repo, now everything works flawlessly for me, you can check that out15:24
kalasmannenofficial crux package15:24
brointhemixthat's the problem, i guess15:24
kalasmannenwrong version of curl?15:24
brointhemixget 7.15.5 and the newest {lib,r}torrent available in the ports tree nad it'llwork just fine15:25
kalasmannenRyoS: maybe, but my core and opt repos doesnt work either :S15:25
kalasmannenJust contrib15:25
kalasmannenthats sort of a problem to, my ports trees seems wierd15:25
RyoSdefine more precise "weird"15:26
kalasmanneni have downloaded the official source from rtorrents homepage then15:26
kalasmannenRyoS: It gives med an error, when trying to update using ports -u as root15:26
kalasmannensomething about rsync failing15:26
RyoSwhat kind of error?15:26
kalasmannencan look up the exact message15:26
RyoSwould be good :)15:27
kalasmanneni'll post it to pastebin, just a sec15:27
rehabdollthere were some issues with curl & libtorrent/rtorrent before, but they were fixed in the current version15:28
rehabdollrtorrent used to segfault when the download was done15:28
kalasmannenrehabdoll: Current version of rtorrent in ports tree?15:28
rehabdoll *** rTorrent 0.6.1 - libTorrent 0.10.1 ***15:28
kalasmannenrehabdoll: Mine segfaults when the download begins15:28
kalasmannenafter a few secs15:28
rehabdollguess its a new bug then D;15:29
brointhemixi had the same problem15:29
solsTiCecheck that there is bo duplicate torrent i nwatch directory15:29
brointhemixwith r 0.5.3 and lib 0.9.315:29
brointhemixit was curl's fault15:29
solsTiCeand curl 7.15.5 is mandatory15:29
brointhemixthe newest curl from ports tree solves te situation15:29
solsTiCeit contains some bug fixes from the dev of {r,lib}torrent15:30
kalasmannenI might try to update curl, and then rebuild libtorrent and rtorrent15:30
kalasmannenshould work maybe?15:30
kalasmannenRyoS: Im working on the pastebin thing15:30
kalasmannenim slow.. :(15:30
solsTiCeyou better use unstable release wich is stable i.e. 0.10.2 and 0.6.215:31
brointhemixye' it;ll work then15:31
solsTiCeeven svn is pretty stable15:31
RyoSsorry but i need to lie down again, i got operated on the knee and my pc time is limited :/15:31
brointhemixi know, i use rtorrent regularily :)15:31
kalasmannenRyoS: No problem15:31
RyoSgood luck15:31
brointhemixtake care SyoS15:31
kalasmannenThanks ;)15:31
kalasmannenSo you guys say that if i update curl and rebuild the whole thing, it will probably work?15:32
kalasmanneni have the latest lib and rtorrent packages from their official site, so that should be ok..15:32
brointhemixcurrrent culr + current lib- and rtorrent and it'll be fine15:32
kalasmanneni'll try that right away then15:32
rehabdollthere are issues with older versions, so you should do that to eliminate known problems atleast15:32
brointhemixrebuild them anyway :)15:32
kalasmannenYep, will do15:33
brointhemixjust to be on the safe side :)15:33
kalasmannenThanks guys, i'll be back later, and tell you how it went15:33
kalasmannenhave to walk the dog in the meantime too :(15:33
treachmixing old, outdated packages with newer ones.. :-/15:33
rehabdollhas anyone tried glibc 2.5 yet?15:34
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treachmaro did iirc15:34
rehabdollim bored, so i think i'll give it a go15:36
cptnrehabdoll: I'm running it too, haven't rebuilt everything so far though15:56
Auge^kill bill vol. 1 in german tv - but too much ads16:02
tilmanand too much cutting16:02
tilmanairing a movie whose prime element is violence at 22:00 just doesn't work ;p16:03
Auge^of course. i've wondered about the end... 2h10m with ads...16:03
teK_airing such a movie in german tv doesn't work16:03
Auge^i thought i've seen the movie the same length in cinema - but without ads.16:04
teK_btw *I* think it sucks, anyway :)16:04
tilmanAuge^: hahaha16:04
tilmanteK_: i like the yakuza meeting scene16:04
teK_i like nancy senatra ;)16:04
Auge^the best "comedy" part is the japanese band... (vol.1 or 2.? - dunno)16:05
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tilmanvol1 probably16:11
tilmanthe 2nd one doesn't have any japanese stuff i think16:11
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treachaired with green blood? ;P16:13
tilmanthey have robots insteads of humans16:13
tilmanoh wait, that was some video game ;)16:13
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yipdoes pkgmk have support for download shit from cvs?18:11
cptnnot internally18:12
cptnit's not really the point of building a package from cvs18:13
cptnsince the result isn't predictable18:13
cptnyou can do it in build() though18:13
yipi guess it's probably better to have the entire source tree downloaded already18:13
treachwtf.. vim - as a remote? I thought it was emacs that was everything but a useable editor..18:31
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bd2_treach, vim was an editor before they rewrote it in vlisp.18:47
bd2_and now vim is yet another plugin to emacs ;-)18:48
* bd2_ vim monkey19:02
treachmonkey? Now, now, I could say something about people addicted to the "escape - meta - alt - ctrl - shift" but I don't feel any need to be rude.19:04
treachI just note the phenomena known as "emacs-pinkys" ;-)19:05
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nipuLi'm just used to vi i guess, you can almost guarantee i's on any unix-like system you use19:20
* treach tries to think of one where it isn't present.. Solaris?19:21
nipuLthat doesnt count :P19:21
treachI've never used hockey-pux or aix, so I don't know about those19:22
* nipuL starts text editing with sed19:22
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treachnow, where did I put those dos 1.0 floppies..? edlin, here I come! :P19:23
nipuLthose were the days19:23
treachugh, don't talk about it. :D19:23
nipuLthe first rule of dos club, is don't talk about dos club19:24
treachedlin was probably *the* most hostile app I've ever used..19:24
rehabdollthats one way..19:53
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HanDoes anyone want to test this doc and proofread it?
rehabdollyou forgot the sudo at #521:31
rehabdolldidnt work with my .Xdefaults21:43
rehabdolllots of <stdin>:41: error: invalid preprocessing directive #urxvt21:44
HanWell that's the problem with your .Xdefaults ;-)21:45
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rehabdollgreat idea though, browsing these days is lethal, even with a non-ie browser21:49
rehabdollgonna give it a go21:51
Hanwell lethal is a big word21:54
HanBut I want to be ahead of problems.21:54
HanI just updated the page a bit so please reload it.21:54
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