IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2006-10-02

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RomsterHan, wouldn't firefox:firefox be beter as firefox:browser ? then move opera, and any other web browsers there?01:11
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Hanthat's an idea indeed01:12
HanRomster, btw I just got the magic xhost tip =)01:12
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HanJust got a reply for that bugreport: cuga, If you're using a recent Linux, BSD, or Solaris release, you should be able to do 'xhost +si:localuser:firefox'01:12
HanThat's really not in the manpage! :-)01:13
Romsterthen it be jsut a matter of adding each user to the browser group? not sure with the multiple adding to sudo for each user.01:14
HanThen they'd use the same settings.01:16
Romsterxorg-xhost hmm, installing it.01:16
Romsterso basicly if you add it to the group it defeats the pourpose?01:16
HanThat's some odd thinking you just did there. ;-)01:18
HanI also found another bug in the manual thanks to your remark. :-)01:19
Romsteri'm still waking up here.01:22
rxi_lol its 4.2201:22
Romsteri was awake till like 11am or so, then been to sleep, is now 4:24pm01:22
Romsterah must fix my nptd sometime too.01:22
Hanuse openntpd01:25
rxi_i should use ntpd01:25
rxi_aslong as it keeps the time i dont really care what its called :)01:26
Romsteryeah i got openntpd.01:28
HanOK, go fix it. ;-)01:29
Romstergateway works but not my desktop to the gateway sync. all my pcs are ment to sync to the gateway.01:29
Romsterheh may as well01:29
rxi_hehe .. ntpdate ftw :P01:29
Hancheck the logfiles01:29
Romsterwell desktop can't connect to gateway but i got listen on, set on the gateway, unless i should be using the lan ip
Romsterah think that may be it.01:31
Hanof course :-)01:31
rxi_not unless you can hook the desktops up to the lo interface :P01:32
Romstersilly me..01:33
Romsterit wan't a high pirority on my list to fix. is ok now.01:33
rxi_i just run ntpdate whenever i think of it01:33
Romsternot that a couple of minutes matters much..01:34
Romsteri jsut let the daemon do it for me :)01:34
rxi_well not on your average home system anyway01:34
rxi_too much effort to configure it :P01:34
Romsternot really just lazy01:40
Hanalright, I mailed that file to crux@01:40
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tilmanmore firefox paranoia04:11
aonthe first was sent to undisclosed-recipients, though04:18
aonapparently that's crux@ too04:19
aonbut how could one know since it's undisclosed04:19
cptnusing List-Id:? ;-)04:22
cptnor by looking at it, rather04:22
* Auge^ becomes paranoid. :)04:36
aoni wonder if we have road bandits nowadays04:51
aoni've waiting for a package to arrive for five days04:51
aonand it should take one or two :/04:51
cptnmaybe that's what vektori meant05:01
cptnwhen he said that work keeps him busy05:01
aonhehe :)05:06
aonwell, he _is_ in tampere05:07
aonand that's how far it at least has got05:07
tilmanoften times when i read "tampere" i'm thinking of "tampa bay" first05:08
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moteHow i install lspci and lsusb command? on crux ppc05:51
cptnyou can use 'prt-get fsearch' to find those commands in your ports tree05:54
cptnit should be the 'pciutils' and 'usbutils' ports05:55
moteok but i moste have internet connections then?05:58
cptnnot for the fsearch command05:58
cptnbut you need a local ports tree, and internet connection to install them if you don't have them yet05:58
richi_autAnyone ever tried to update glibc?06:18
tilmancan we make this a faq please?06:19
cptnrichi_aut: are there like 4 2.4 glibcs and 1 2.5 glibc in portdb?06:20
cptnif yes, do you think they're all untested?06:20
richi_autcptn: I never sait they where untested, nor intented it, I just wanted to ask that person for some advices, and whether he could tell me, and so on.06:22
tilmanis that a trick question? %)06:22
cptnno one ever has I think06:22
richi_autcptn: ok, thanks, then I have to try on my own...06:23
prologicI have updated glibc/gcc06:25
cptnprologic: oh really? :-)06:25
prologicYou have to follow a fairly rigerous process06:25
tilmanand now your desktop is so much more responsive?06:25
prologicI don't recommend it :)06:25
prologicI didn't break my system, but still I don't recommend it :)06:25
prologictilman, did I say that :) ?06:25
prologicI'm happy with my pkgadd (from cd) thanks :)06:26
prologicI did it once a year ago as an exercise06:26
tilmani don't see the pkgadd connection06:26
tilmanbut oaky06:26
prologicyeah I know06:26
prologicyou just pop the cd in and select upgrade :)06:26
prologicquite easy really06:26
richi_autprologic: and why is it ridiculous?06:27
prologicrichi_aut, simply answer "yes it's been done"06:27
prologiclong answer, don't do it :)06:27
yipis there an easy way to make a package out of something that was installed in /usr/local?06:28
prologicthere is a tool for this06:29
prologicprt-utils I believe06:29
richi_autprologic: ok, thanks for that. perhaps I will try that in vmware first ;)06:29
cptnprologic: I think that just works if it was already installed by a package06:29
prologicrichi_aut, go right ahead :) be prepared to waste many many hours :)06:30
prologiccptn, true06:30
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prologicyip, pkgexport in prt-utils, but only (as cptn said) works if it was previously installed by pkgadd/prt-get06:30
yipprologic: hm... guess it won't work then06:31
yipprologic: what is the easiest way to create a .footprint file? this seems to be the only tricky part06:32
cptnyip: it's definitely easier to just build a package06:32
yipcptn: problem is, i compiled this shit all night long, and i don't want to have to go through that again06:32
cptnokay, then just leave it in /usr/local06:33
cptnor is that a problem?06:33
cptnI mean, no ports install to /usr/local anyway06:33
yipyeah, it's a problem06:33
prologicyip, .footprint files are just the result of an ls -lR afaik06:34
cptnyou don't need a footprint for a package06:34
cptnonly for ports06:34
yipprologic: i don't think so06:35
yipcptn: how does pkgrm know which files to delete then?06:35
cptnyip: from the tarball06:35
cptnthey are stored in a db file06:35
yipso what then is the .footprint used for?06:36
cptnto verify a build result06:36
cptni.e. the resulting package from a pkgmk run06:37
yipmaybe i should leave this stuff in /usr/local for now06:38
yipbecause there is another problem06:38
yipthis software has it's own internal package manager, with this file package.conf06:39
yippackage.conf contains information about all packages installed06:39
jjpkToo redundant to have two package managers in a distribution imho.06:49
yipwell, there's nothing i can do about it, it's how the software is designed06:54
yipcrux has post-install scripts for add and remove of packages though, right?06:54
cptnpost-install yes, post-remove no06:55
cptnor pre-remove06:55
yipwell, for post-install i would need to register the package in the package.conf file, and pre-remove, unregister it from the package.conf file06:55
cptnand they're not ran by default, so you should document in a README file what the *-install files do06:55
cptnbut you can achieve the same with wrappers for pkgadd and pkgrm06:56
Hanaon, I bcc'ed 2 lists07:06
aoni see07:06
Hanfor some reason neither arrived over here so I mailed it again.07:06
HanWhich is a shame since I think it's a nice idea.07:07
aoncould be07:11
aon(firefox just crashed)07:11
jjpkzomg hacks!11107:11
aon(i wonder if it's printing some foul language now)07:12
aon(nope, was the document it should have been)07:12
Hanaon, while using my setup?07:12
prologicyip, may I ask what software this is anyway ?07:22
prologicHan, that was a rather long email, can you give a one-line summary ?07:22
yipprologic: ghc07:23
prologicwhat is it ?07:23
yipglorious glasgow haskell compiler07:23
prologicvery familiar with that07:23
cptntha one yafri has a port for07:23
prologicHaskell is a great language ain't it :)07:23
yipcptn: yeah, but i need the latest bleeding edge version07:23
prologicgood language07:23
yipeven though it's causing me lots of headache because of a lot of backwards incompatible changes :(07:24
cptnyip: I see07:24
yipdarcs won't even compile with it :(07:24
cptndidn't you ask for python 2.5 the other day?07:24
yipyes, i also need that baby07:25
yipbut ghc is more important07:25
yippython is just a toy07:25
prologicyeah I need python 2.5 too :)07:25
prologicbeen waiting for it for a while07:25
prologicbut then I've had to actually wait for the pyhton devs to finish it :)07:25
prologichey cptn, privmsg ?07:26
Romsteri tryed to compile python 2.5 but it borks at the lib install stage..07:48
Romsteras for the tool chain i've done a few of them and its a 2 day process on a 266MHz pc :P07:55
Romsterwith recompiling everything after the tool chain is done.07:56
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cptninitial compilation of python 2.5 worked fine here08:18
cptn(without the patch)08:18
cptnalthough it apparently breaks a number of apps08:18
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yipwhy does libglade need python?08:23
* tilman shakes the 8ball08:25
rxi_we need 8ball services08:26
tilman(15:26) <  SkitIDet> tilman: You know the answer better than I.08:26
tilmanyip: you know the answer better than I!08:26
yipand how is the libglade in opt version 2.6.0, when the latest version of libglade is 2.0.1?08:27
treachit is?
yipthat is glade, not libglade. this is libglade:
tilmanthis is libglade, too:
yiphm... oops :D08:29
yipstill, why does it depend on python?08:30
tilmanwhy the fuck should we know?08:30
tilmanask the maintainers08:30
RyoSoh, the f word08:30
copworkit likes bestiality ?08:30
tilmanthe answer is here, btw:08:31
treachglade luktar python..08:31
tilmanR E A A D it08:31
tilmanah fuck08:31
RyoSoh oh someones haveing a bad day08:31
tilmanactually no08:31
rxi_tilman: lol08:31
* RyoS takes out his guitar and plays nice songs for tilman 08:31
RyoSit rains here too :/ but times get better eh? =)08:32
treachlullabys seems appropriate. ;-)08:32
yipbut no one uses those python bindings or pygtk08:32
rxi_tilman: its not worth the high blood pressure :P08:32
yipand even if they do, the python bindings should be in a seperate package08:32
jjpkNo need to when you can simply enable or disable from the port's Pkgfile.08:43
jjpkIf that is too much work, then one should reconsider using a different distribution.08:44
rxi_good call08:45
jjpkI at least find having one port that can easily be changed as needed better than 1001 split ports left right and center.08:48
aonu forgot up and down :(08:49
* jjpk shakes fist. Bloody mondays...08:49
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j^2hey all08:57
jjpkhi j^208:59
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yipwhat image viewer do you guys use and like?09:21
yipi remember back in the day i used to use qev or feh09:21
kalasmannengqview, yip09:21
kalasmannenmy favorite :)09:21
yipdon't like that shit. what else?09:22
yipdon't like bitch, what else?09:22
kalasmannenComix maybe? It's intended for Comicbooks, but i find i quite good to view images with as well09:24
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yipi've never been satisfied with any of the image viewer available. i've tried pretty much all of them. qiv was alright until i found feh, which is pretty good. but i've always wanted to write my own perfect image viewer09:26
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kalasmannenIm satisfied with an image viewer, as long as it can view images, have the basic stuff (zoom, pan etc) and is reasonabley fast09:28
rxi_yip: well nothing is stopping you09:28
yiprxi_: lack of time and motivation :(09:28
yipkalasmannen: i want something fast with no gtk bloat, just show me the image, and do it fast!09:29
aoni use feh09:30
yipaon: feh used to bug me in weird ways09:31
aoni see09:32
aoni'll change to gqview when it starts to do that09:32
aoni used it earlier but didn't remember the name anymore :)09:32
yipfeh is indeed the best image viewer i've ever tried though09:32
aonalthough resizing was a bit slower there iirc09:32
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rxi_or gtksee?09:33
kalasmannenyip: I see..09:33
yipum... guys, i updated udev, and now during boot i get a bunch of errors09:37
yipudevd[361]: main: the kernel does not support inotify, udevd can't monitor configuration file changes09:37
yipswapon: cannot stat /dev/hdb2: No such file or directory09:37
yipbut after i login, there is a /dev/hdb209:37
jjpkudev's config files keep changing fairly often. It is foolish to blindly update udev everytime a new release is out.09:38
jjpkYou especially should pay attention to what is rejected when you upgrade.09:39
treachrejmege, the bane of fools. ;p09:39
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jjpkI see we have a new ├╝berlord.09:41
rxi_yip: a quick google search will solve most of your problems rather than irratate some of the people here09:42
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treachirate-tate? ;)09:43
yipsorty :|09:43
rxi_treach: hey im off duty tonight :P09:43
rxi_yip: just a friendly bit of advice :)09:43
kalasman1enYes, at last my rtorrent builds successfully!09:44
treachrxi_: friendly advice eh? Just confess already you're too lazy to make popcorn! ;)09:44
kalasman1enhave been struggeling since yesterday, it segfaulted, no matter what, but now it works!09:44
rxi_treach: lol .. you got me there :P09:45
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yiphm... apparently libglade needs python for some shitty utility program10:29
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* treach makes another mark under "I hate sed"..12:09
tilmandata loss?12:10
treachno.. sed -i 's at bool NroffFilter::process_char (FilterChar::Chr c);@boolprocess_char (FilterChar::Chr c);@g' modules/filter/nroff.cpp12:10
treachsed: -e expression #1, char 11: unknown option to `s'12:10
treach(trying to make aspell build with gcc 4.1)12:11
tilmanuse a diff ;D12:11
treachwell... gotta fix it first, before I can make a diff. :/12:12
treachah. found it..12:13
treach(I think..)12:13
treachseems like "sed -i 's,NroffFilter::process_char ,process_char ,' modules/filter/nroff.cpp" was the right thing.12:16
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sepenhi all!12:48
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bd2_treach, backing to vim, "vim monkey" in "I'm using it a lot" sense. :-)13:46
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treachyeah, same bug. the sed-line I printed before seems to have fixed just as well. maybe someone with a flyspray account could notify jue about it.14:09
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yiprxi_: i've decided to go with your advice and make my own image viewer! what should i call it?14:32
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bd2_yip, hehe.. is there really no image viewer that suits your needs? :-)14:43
yipbd2_: there is not14:44
yipbd2_: this image viewer is going to be the best minimal image viewer there is14:45
yipbd2_: and it's going to have progressive image loading, since absolutely none of the image loaders i've tried have that14:45
bd2_tried gwenview?14:46
bd2_yeah, a bit :-)14:47
bd2_yip, and what language you plan to use for the image viewer?14:47
yipbd2_: i'm using efficient c++14:47
yipc with classes and exceptions14:47
yipopengl based14:47
bd2_ugh.. nice14:48
yipusing xlib, and direct access to libpng, libjpeg, libtiff, etc... no bloated crap like imlib214:48
bd2_heh.. lot of work I must say :-)14:50
yipnot really14:50
yipi'm starting with libpng14:50
yipalready got progessive loading of png images working14:50
haaryTried xloadimage? No bloat and very small.14:52
yiphaary: doesn't have png support14:57
yipor interactive zooming14:57
haaryyip: It does, at least on Debian14:57
haaryI mean png support14:57
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treachaon: are you using cmus? Or did you find some emacs-plugin to do the same thing? ;-)16:31
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andax_I heard that crux has YaCy. Which java do you use with YaCy?17:13
treachwhat are you talking about?? Never heard of anything like that..17:15
bd2_treach, yacy is in portdb17:15
bd2_yea. prologic's repo. it depends on ant, and ant depends on j2sdk.17:16
treachnot any in official part at least17:16
treachah. that would be sun java then.17:16
andax_treach, ah, ok, i ask because there are some probs when using other java. I also use sun java now.17:18
treachok. core/opt and to some remote extent contrib are the only repos that are considered official. thus the confusion.17:19
andax_Ah. O.k. now i see. YaCy is in the repository prologic17:34
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cohanhi - did anyone get mail from google? i got some interesting mail which, on the first look regarding headers etc, does not look like fake:18:55
cohanHello Martin,18:56
cohanMy name is Tony Guzman and I am a Recruiter for the Engineering18:56
cohanteam. I found you on the Internet regarding CRUX and I am interested to know18:56
cohanmore about your past work experience and openness to new opportunities.18:56
cohanand so on.... funny18:56
bd2_cohan, accept the offer! :-)19:00
treachthat's #4 so far iirc.19:04
treachI think they are casting a *wide* net.. I guess they know how to find people :P19:05
nipuLhehe, so i wasnt the only one to get that19:06
treachno, jdolan_ and cptn has also been contacted. Maybe there are more, I don't know.19:06
yipcohan: are you the main man behind crux?19:06
treachyip: there really is no main man, it's more or less a group effort.19:07
yipthat line sounds familiar19:08
treachit's because I've already told you once.19:08
treachI though I maybe would get through this time..19:08
nipuLmaybe they want to change all their linux server to crux :]19:08
treachI doubt that. I guess it's more about finding smart people who know a thing or two, or at least might.19:09
treach"google sees you"19:10
nipuLdamn, just had a look at the .au opening. there's a SE job, but they want someone who has worked on machine learning and thats a post grad uni at my uni19:11
nipuLpost grad unit19:11
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jdolanyea, cptn made it through most of a phone interview.19:48
jdolanmine didn't get very far.19:48
jdolanthey basically give you an algorithms test, you're to know things like big-o and best/worst case scenarios for different sort functions, trees, etc..19:49
jdolanthis is all on-the-spot over the phone, completely unprepared.19:49
* treach ponders a joke along the line of "getting yourself sorted out", but realizes it would probably be both cheap and bad.19:51
HanGreat you reconsidered after all.19:54
treachyeah. :-)19:54
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nipuLjdolan: know the algorithm or just know what it is?19:57
nipuLyou should just answer, who cares if i dont know the answer, that's what google is for19:58
*** treach has quit IRC20:02
jdolanLOL :)20:17
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* sepen # ports -u && prt-get sysup >&2 > /root/sysup.log22:21
thrice`what does >&@> do?22:23
thrice`er 222:23
sepenfile descriptors22:27
sepen2 stderr22:27
Hanthrice`, that's a one line ascii art herring.22:32
thrice`I've never even used stderr =\22:33
Han>&2 sends all output fds to stderr22:33
Hanactually they are two redirectors; >&@ and >22:34
Hanbut I have never seen >&@22:34
Hancheck the manpage for it's meaning.22:34
thrice`I added that on accident22:34
HanSee! It is a ascii art herring after all!22:35
thrice`exactly :-)22:35
HanAnyway, what sepen just showed won't work.22:36
Hancommand > file 2>&122:36
HanIs portable sh22:36
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC22:42
thrice`the extent I knew was just to >  .  ls /home > /home/list_of_home22:51
Hanls nonexistingfile > foo22:54
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