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cohanwell, phone interviews by google about sorting algos... interesting.04:56
cohanbut they don't care if you really know the algorithm exactly, i am quite sure04:56
cohanit is just important how you react on completely onprepared questions04:57
cohanwhat kind of answers you give and if there is some background knowlegde visible04:57
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aonHan: texinfo doesn't work10:53
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Hanports -u han11:18
Hanbuild with -kw and see what happens if you run util/gen-dir-node /usr/info  from the src dir11:19
Hanwhere configure and Makefile are.11:19
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aonof course it won't work since gen-dir-node needs an existing directory12:02
aonshould do it on $PKG/usr/info probably12:02
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Hanerrr why does it work for me? ;-)13:35
rehabdolldoes anybody know how to access smb networks from mac osx?13:36
* rehabdoll is a total osx newbie13:36
aonHan: try removing /usr/info from your system and try again :)13:36
HanAh, no need to try it. I get it.13:38
Hanlets see13:38
* Han curses the nfs - amule bug13:46
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Hanaon, alright, fixed decently. Thanks for your report.13:52
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brooddis down? :(14:36
tilmanthe forwarding works for me14:36
tilmanthough you should probably update that bookmark ;D14:36
brooddconnecting time out when i run ports -u  why?14:38
brooddso what do?14:41
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brooddHow i change port server then?15:06
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pitillobroodd, did you read the documentation at
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rehabdollheh, conspiracy theories own18:08
rehabdollthough i wonder how the US government could actually organize a coverup when they cant manage anything :)18:09
rehabdollOccam's razor18:11
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HanBullshit. They failed at the coverup.18:26
HanThey do succeed in bullying though, and they got the media to help them deny and ridicule everything.18:27
rehabdollyou actually believe the US government flew planes into building18:32
rehabdolland by that i dont mean they were responsible for training "jihadists" during the afghan-soviet war that later caused various mid-eastern terrorism18:34
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sepenxDD www.ufo-detector.com18:43
predatorfreaksepen: Fruitcake :P18:45
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Hanrehabdoll, did you actually look at the evidence? It's overwhelming.22:57
HanOr do you simply believe the guys who call people lunies?22:57
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nipuLanectotes are not evidence23:45
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HanThat's a void statement.23:46
nipuLin court they call it heresay23:46
nipuLthis guy told me23:46
nipuLi should have quoted that23:46
HanDid you look at the evidence?23:47
nipuLdont get me wrong, i'm almost certain it was a black op too23:47
Han`almost certain,' what is that supposed to mean?23:47
nipuLin that it wouldnt suprise me if it was23:48
nipuLthere's lots of stuff that doesnt add up, but it's liek the evolution theory. where's the missing link that proves it all?23:49
HanLots of proof here
nipuLnext you'll be asking me to watch loose change23:50
HanIt's too complex and well hidden to get the complete picture.  But that it's a false flag is clear.23:50
Hanso... you haven't watched loose change, but you do have an opinion about it.23:51
nipuLhowever i'm more iclined to belive that they let it happen that made it happen23:51
nipuLyeah i watched it23:51
nipuLthe bush govt23:52
HanSo what would you call Cheney's order for NORAD to stand down? Let it happen?23:53
HanMake it let happen?23:54

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