IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-10-04

nipuLi'll try that again00:01
nipuLit seems more likely that the US govt found out that the 'terrorists' were going to attack so they just sat on their hands00:02
nipuLrather than orchastrated it themselves00:02
HanNow you should really watch the docu I just pasted.00:05
nipuLi am00:06
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nipuLmaddox put it best, if loose chage was the truth, dylan avery would still be dead00:08
Hanthat's an assumption.00:18
HanThey would create a martyr00:18
HanAnd hunter s thomsen _is_ dead.00:18
Hanand quite a few others.00:19
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nipuLi'm suprised hunter s. thompson lived as long as he did00:49
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pitillohi good morning. I´m having problems installing gnome with X11R7. gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg crashed when compiling. Reading some webpages tlak about a bug with some compiler flags. Anyone experienced this problem? (Making a break and will think in change it)02:56
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pitillowell, giving a try to some gentoo solution related to change compilation flags.03:41
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pitillowell, same problems changing flags. Need more reding.04:03
ningowe're all doomed :(04:04
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HanFinally I get to see a screenshot of the picture.04:21
ningo"Allthough he was right, we have to cut off his hands, because nobody has to condradict the teacher. Absolutely nobody."04:38
pitillowell, trying to add -lX11 to Makefile but the same results too. Giving a try to prologic´s version (10.0.1) instead of gnome(10.0.2)04:45
pitillosame problem, dont link with X (or links bad with X11R7)04:57
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Romsterhmm pitillo, having problems compiling gstreamer ffmpeg?05:29
pitilloRomster, yes. Can you give me a clue about? Tried with pkgmk.conf flags (some gentoo solution) and touching the Makefile (trying to add -lX11) I´m using X11R7 and seems to not link the Xlibs.05:31
Romsteri haven't noticed that, i'll have a look.05:32
pitilloRomster, ok thanks :) I´m trying to find a solution05:32
Romsterwhat version of ffmpeg you using? one out of opt?05:32
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pitilloummm one from gnome, and another one from prologic (older) It´s the gnome-gstreamer-ffmpeg. Trying to add gnome at laptop.05:35
Romsterolder O_o, they must of updated it not long ago as i keep a close watch on ports with ck4up05:36
Romsterstrange i only see 0.10.1 of gestreamer ffmpeg05:54
pitilloprologic port  version is different than gnome port05:55
pitillomay be tilman know something about that. I´ll wait to this afternoon to see if he is using gnome.06:00
pitillotrying the ffmpeg port directly got the same error like with gnome-gstreamer-ffmpeg06:01
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Romsterpitillo, yes i made the one in prologs repo.06:17
Auge^how can i show a depency "this one OR that one"06:17
Romsterpitillo, what where you trying to test? so i can try to run it here on my pc06:18
RomsterAuge^, why one or the other?06:19
Auge^oen packag can use elinks or lynx as terminal browser06:19
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treachAuge^: pick your poison. Making such optional dependencies would be anti-KISS, and probably break the entire idea with footprints.06:34
RomsterAuge^, then choose which you prefer as its your port. then in a README state you can use the other if you prefer.06:38
Auge^ok. mh. my network here is nearly down. o dns, no route... damn arcor.06:39
pitilloRomster, tried the ffmpeg port too and the same problem. I´m trying to install gnome wich has gnome-gstreamer-ffmpeg dep. Don´t understand very well what you said, sorry.06:40
pitilloRomster, are you using x11r7? Think that may be I´m missing some configuration with this Xserver version.06:40
Romsterwell is gstreamer-ffmpeg compiling or dieing with a compile error?06:40
pitilloRomster, compile error. ffplay.c:2451: undefined reference to `XOpenDisplay' like this06:41
Romsterthere is on xlib dependancys in gstreamer-ffmpeg, i didn't check gstreamer itself though.06:41
Romsterodd one i have compiles06:41
pitilloRomster, with x11r7?06:42
Romster-O2 -march=i686 is what my CFFLAGS are.06:43
Romsteri have xorg on 7.1 yeah06:43
Romsterundefined reference to `XOpenDisplay < ok i hadn't had that problem b406:44
pitilloummm I tried the -fomit-frame-pointer, talked in gentoo forums, but no way too.06:44
Romsteris that your error?06:44
treachIf you have problems, *don't* add the "-fomit-frame-pointer" option...06:44
Romsterok i didn't know something was broken it used to compile..06:45
pitilloand a reference to `XCloseDisplay'06:45
pitillotreach, read at gentoo forum some posts related to ffmpeg problems. Reviewed the flags and that was the only one that I hadn´t . Tried and no way too. The other answer to solve it, is to touch the Makefile and add the -lX11 but same results. May be I´m missing something or making bad configuration.06:46
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treachpitillo: the frame-pointer is supposed to be useless for anything but debugging, however, I have personally experienced that some apps does NOT work if you compile them without it, for instance Windowmaker, which will NOT start if compiled with "-fomit-frame-pointer"06:48
pitillotreach, like I said, some gentoo users solve that problem using that option, I tried it and got the same results. I removed it and leave the default options again. Thanks for that explanation.06:51
Romsterpitillo, dunno about doing something worng my port used to build, but not anymore so some update has broken it.06:52
treachnp. As I said above, I don't think it's the cause for your problems, it's just that when you already have problems you really don't need to add another potential source for such.06:52
Romsteris it jsut me or is the internet friggen slow06:53
Romstergot a download only going at 6kbps when i can manage 52 :(06:54
treachI guess it's all the freebsd people trying to get 6.2 beta2. or maybe it's everyone downloading the latest vista rc ;-)06:55
pitilloumm another potential source of problem. Well, before try a solution need to know how it will affect (this is the real problem). Thanks for the aclaration.06:55
pitilloor may be slack 11 xD06:55
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pitillowell, this afternoon I will try to find info about and will make more tests. Bit a bit.06:58
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Romsterpeople are droping like flys06:59
treachdropping like flies? I thought flies flew, that's why they were called "flies".. or something. ;-)07:01
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Romsteryeah untill they die :) then they drop07:08
Romsterits a expression :)07:08
treachyeah, I know, here as well, "dö som flugor" -> "die like flies". Indicating a high rate mass death.07:10
treachmass in the sense of "many corpses", not sure how you'd put that.07:11
Romsteryeah, in masses, large group of.07:12
jdolanwhat header tells me the endian-ness of my machine?07:17
jdolan(i can write my own little test, but why if it's already there..)07:17
nipuLsys/types.h i believe07:18
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treachjdolan: excavating?07:20
jdolaneh?  :)07:21
treachmost (modern) systems seem to be little endian.07:22
jdolanoh, heh ;)07:22
jdolanportability is important!07:22
nipuLpfft, everyone should just use the same system07:23
treachheh, lets not shut out those running on hp-ux or old proprietary unixes ;-)07:23
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treachjdolan:  (I first thought you had dug out some old piece of hardware and were unsure of it's endianess.)07:28
treachthus the excavation remark07:28
rxinipuL: lol .. austalia just lost its title of country with the least corrupt companies07:37
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Romsteri can't even compile the latist ffmpeg...07:41
Romsterjsut wtf is going on..07:41
rxii couldnt either07:41
*** teK_ is now known as teK07:41
rximissing some file?07:41
Romster[] Error 107:45
Romstersays ld can't find it so it must of failed to compile.07:45
rxiwas a dfferent file so me07:45 or something like that07:46
Romsteryeah thats what the one in opt says07:46
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* Han builds mplayer-svn to see what happens.07:47
Romsterah never thought of trying mplayer07:48
treachhmm, the danger of peicemeal upgrades. I you never know whether the whole shebang will build from scratch a few months down the line. :-/07:48
rxii think i tried the normal mplayer port in opt or contrib07:48
rxitreach: wheres your sense of adventure :P07:49
treachI don't know, it must be (another) sign of increasing age (and wisdom?).07:49
treachI'm actually considering to more or less bow out of the gui world, just to get less complexity with fewer deps.07:53
rxiyeah im getting lazy like that07:55
rxiRomster: you trying mplayer-svn?07:56
Romsterno, since han is.07:57
rxioh right i didnt read that right07:57
Romsterthis has got me stumped..07:57
rxiid say han has hit the nail on the head07:58
rxior atleast a start in the right direction07:59
Romsterhmmi'd say a xorg change maybe. thats started this..07:59
rxiim running 6.907:59
Romsterrxi, you can't compile ffmpeg either?08:00
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Romsterhmmz so i guess its not x related then08:01
rximine probably is more likely linked to mplayer i think08:01
Romsterok this is strange...08:02
treach../linked/to/some/place/off/screen :P08:03
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Romsterwtf is going on why do i have /usr/lib/ and prt-get fsearch returns nothing.08:12
Romsterand i did a prt-get cache08:12
Romsterso its a rouge file that shouldn't be there O_o08:12
Romsteror some port thats not in prt-get anymore maybe hmm08:12
Romsteroh ffs i'm not getting anywhere on this port..08:29
sepenI have a problem with compiler, I install a new lib ported on /usr/lib/foo/ , such as , but when I try to use 'whereis' I can't found it! what's the problem??08:34
sepenpkgadd runs ldconfig?08:35
rxipost-install would08:35
rxior you have to do it manually08:35
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux08:35
sepenhow can I register a lib?08:35
sepenadding to
rxii would guess you wouldnt need to if its installed into /usr/lib but dont take my word for it08:37
sepenyes, is inside /usr/lib08:38
rxiran ldconfig?08:38
sepenbut why 'whereis' can locate?08:38
Romsteri just throw it on CFLAGS08:38
Romsterbut probbly isn't the best spot08:38
sepenldconfig reads /etc/
rxiRomster: would do the same as adding it to /etc/
sepenbut the problem is that the libs aren't registered08:39
sepenand there are located inside /usr/lib and /usr/include the headers08:40
Romsterhmm that gave me anidea08:40
sepenseems to be ok but I can't find it08:40
Romsteryeah noticed that too08:40
Romsteron xorg 7.108:40
sepen$ ls -1 /usr/lib/liwbot/
sepen$ whereis libliwbot.so08:41
Romsterok thats odd08:42
Romsterseems i got X11 and not X11R608:43
rxicos your using 7.1?08:44
Romsteryes i'm on 7.108:44
Romstermy was pointing to the wrong location..08:44
Romsterthat couldn't of helped.08:45
rxihehe not really no08:45
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Romsternope still same error..08:57
*** pepino has joined #crux08:58
Romsterah I think i solved the problem but about to find out09:06
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pitillowell, updated ports, checked the version installed of mplayer (1.0pre8). The output of make is here Don´t know what I´m making bad. Reading more.09:11
*** mike_k has quit IRC09:15
Romsterpitillo, your on xorg 7.1 right?09:16
Romsteri noticed xorg-libx11 is named and not so it can't find it.09:17
pitilloRomster, yes09:17
pitilloummm interesting... did you link it?09:17
Romsteri'm about to test this theory after i rebuild xorg-libx1109:17
Romsterwith a symlink09:17
*** TRIBBB has quit IRC09:18
Romstermight mess around later with sed to redo the <x11/libX> to <x11/libX11>09:18
*** TRIBB has joined #crux09:18
Romsteralso check that /etc/ is using X11 and not X11R609:19
Romsteri found mine was out.09:19
pitilloRomster, you follow tilman´s guide...09:20
Romsternar i did my xorg before that guide was made.09:21
Romsteri learned the hard way heh09:21
pitillooh, I followed tilman´s guide and suggest to remove the x11r6 entry at
pitilloRomster, sure09:22
*** TRIBBB has joined #crux09:22
Romsteri "should" look at that guide again and see if i can glean anything new off of it.09:22
*** TRIBB has quit IRC09:22
Romsterremove hmm, i renamed it.09:22
*** surround1r has joined #crux09:23
*** surround1r is now known as surrounder09:24
Romsterok now to try ffmpeg.09:24
pitillosame result making the link.09:32
Romstermine hasn't got to it yet.09:34
Romsterif its still not finding it it must be renamed in the header file. so it would require seding, hopefully the args are the same.09:35
Romstertaking another bash at compiling python 2.5 too.09:36
Romsteri need a comping farm here its way too slow my pc.09:36
* Romster makes a coffee09:36
treachor an hardware upgrade09:36
Romsterno wonder i drink alot of coffee09:37
Romsteryeah that too but need the money09:37
aon_a_ coffee? :)09:38
treacha "cup" of coffe, maybe. he's not one of us nordic types who make it by the barrel, after all. ;-)09:40
treachbtw aon, I guess you missed my question the other day, are you using cmus?09:41
treachsome emacs plugin? :P09:41
Romstera coffee, is jsut short hand for a cup of coffee. I consider it aussie slang but maybe i'm just lazy and cut a few insifigent words out.09:41
Romsteri'm after a Althon64 3800 Dual Core AM2 :) or maybe faster.09:42
treachthe word is insignificant, which seems to go hand in hand with a lot of things, such as spelling.. ;-)09:42
rxiwait for the intel quad core :)09:42
aonyeah, i understand the "a" part09:42
aonbut i don't understand the concept of making one cup of coffee :)09:42
rxihow many mouths have you got09:42
rxi? :P09:42
Romsteryes i know treach09:43
Romsterif i looked up every damn word, I'd take ages to get a sentance out.09:43
jjpkrxi: us finns consume a lot of coffe, therefore we usually make several cups worth when making coffee. :p09:43
treachaon: yeah, the smallest coffe machine I've seen only makes 2. Unless you visit your companys "Mr Coffe"09:44
rxidont they go cold? or do you sell shitloads of the usb coffee warmers?09:44
jjpkNever heard of anyone using a usb coffee warmer.09:45
Romsterjjpk, but it would be cold, which reminds me i want a usb coffee warmer :P09:45
jjpkFirst of all, you keep the remaining coffee in the pot.09:45
jjpkYou only poor as much as your cup can take. ;)09:46
Romsterah one of them keep hot coffee makers.09:46
aontreach: yep, we had one of those at a lan party once09:46
treachrxi: usually somone at every workplace gets the coffe assignment for the day, and thus gets the task to make sure there is coffe avaliable during breaks.09:46
rxiahh .. i normally drink instant09:46
aonor the last one who takes from the pot makes more09:46
treachthat's another way.09:46
aon(or just sneaks silently away)09:46
treachthanks :-)09:46
rxiim too lazy to use a perculator09:47
Romsteryour welcome hehe.09:47
rxieasier to add boiling water to coffee and drink09:47
jjpkoh ok, coffee is coffee, it just depends how you brew it. ;)09:48
Romsterbe nice to have a kettler that will boil with a command so i can then walk over and its poured it for me etc, for the instant coffee i got here.09:48
* treach wonders how you translate "kaffebryggare"... perculator isn't really the same thing..09:48
aonrxi: instant coffee? :(09:48
aontreach: you translate it "kahvinkeitin", i think09:48
treachhehe, to english I meant. :p09:48
rxiaon: yeah after a while it dulls your taste buds so you cant tell the difference :P09:48
aon"coffee maker" seems to give somewhat correct results from google09:49
Romstertreach, remote controled like the x10 protocol to turn it on from my pc so i don't have to get up and wait for it to boil, i can goto the kitchen when i hear it boil.09:49
rxii should do that09:49
treachaon:  that sounds really strange..09:49
treachI wish I had the need and the means to play with x10 stuff. seems really cool :P09:50
rxitreach: does dripolator make more sense?09:50
treachno, that sounds really nasty, like some veneric disease..09:50
Romstertreach, yeah i'll be messing with that x10 stuff later on09:51
Romsteri got some steper motors out of old printers ehre wating for a project :)09:51
treachaon: seems like you were spot on.09:51
Romsterlittle wind generator and a cd changer for backing up alot of data and not having to change dvds.09:52
Romsterwell change dvd's manually.09:52
treach"wind generator".. why does that conjure an image of a sack of beans in my mind..?09:53
Romstersteper motors make good wind generators.09:53
Romsteri'll hook it to a sealed lead acid battery, which will also have a mains pus to keep it charged and use that battery on a inverter, my version of a ups.09:54
Romsterlater on throw some solar pannels on it too.09:54
Romsterit won't make it self suficent, but would reduce the power bill alittle.09:55
Romsterand more gadents the better eh :P09:55
Romsterpitillo, well scratch that one.. i'll have to dig deeper on that problem.09:57
pitilloRomster, I´m lost. Trying to read but difficult by now...09:58
Romsteromfg i got python 2.5 to compile..09:59
Romsterwell as far as i can tell the methods in the libaray aren't th same names.09:59
Romsterand its looking at instead of libX11.so10:00
Romsterso I'm not sure but maybe pinch a lib out of X11R6.8 and throw it on the system?10:00
Romsternot sure if it would work with xorg though, knowing my luck that won't work?10:01
rxicreate a symlink?10:01
Romstertryed that.10:01
Romsterstill fails on XOpenDisplay and XCloseDisplay10:02
Romsterunless thats also named X11CloseDisplay10:02
Romsterhmmz i looked and the methods havn't changed..10:04
Romsteri haven't tryed mv10:04
Romsteri could just throw a copy of that lib into the build dir maybe and renamed to what it's looking for?10:05
rxiif your going to package it might be a pain in the arse tho10:06
Romsterhmm true.10:06
rxiid try mv in the Pkgfile10:06
rxiare you sure they are the same file?10:09
Romsterits X11R6.8's and xorg has it as libX11.so10:10
Romsterits got the same methods in the file I have just looked.10:10
Romstersymlinking to didn't work not sure why.10:11
Romsterbut it was in /usr/lib/10:11
*** richi_aut has quit IRC10:11
Romsterso maybe it dosn't look there but in the old location of X11R6.8 was.10:11
Romstererr no i made a error10:14
Romsterit is named but its in usr/X11R6/lib/ not in /usr/lib/ but you would think it would find it still10:14
rxidid you put that in
Romsteryes /usr/X11/lib10:16
rxihmm .. anyway bed time for me10:16
Romsteri'll figure this out :)10:17
rxihehe good luck10:17
*** Brzi has joined #crux10:37
pitilloRomster, may be this can be interesting "./configure --prefix=/usr LIBS=-lX11 --exec-prefix=/usr" in pwd "/root/source/gst-ffmpeg-"10:52
pitillomake builds in this case...10:53
* Romster is testing11:05
Romsteralthough i don't think --exec-prefix is needed.11:05
Romsterand where is coming from i can only see .1 on the site. I guess thats the latist version in testing?11:06
Romsterok it worked and i added it it'll be correct on the next resync..11:08
Romster--exec-prefix isn't needed11:08
Romsterwhy the hell would that kill it not having -lX11 O_o11:11
Romsteryou would think it be in the path already.11:11
Romsterwonder if i can fix ffmpeg the same way testing that11:11
Romsterhmm no it dosn't like that.11:13
RomsterERROR: LAME not found11:15
RomsterI have absolulty no comment to make about that!!11:15
Romsternow that was dumb of me..11:18
Romstergcc is unable to create an executable file.11:18
pitillotomorrow I will continue with it. Bit a bit.11:32
Romsterbit by bit :)11:40
Romsterpitillo, check back with them ports in prologics repo later i'm doing some editing11:40
Romsterbtw i can't get the latest version of gstreamer ugly to compile either.11:41
*** mike_k has joined #crux12:10
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux12:17
mike_kjdolan: what about hydrogen update?
mike_kis it expected to create tickets on contrib bugs/updates in flyspray at all?12:25
aonthere's not much point if the contrib maintainers aren't registered to the system12:45
aonso contacting them directly is at least much faster12:45
mike_kseems so12:49
tilmanbut yeah, the PLAN is to make them sign up on flyspray too12:51
mike_kPLAN C12:52
mike_k(C stands for contrib)12:52
mike_kprologic: icecast has missing deps,
jjpkDraconian measure: freeze their collections until they sign up ;)13:07
tilmanrumor has it some people have even snuck into contrib in evil ways13:09
jjpkI've heard about that.13:12
treachtilman the horrible and the great purge coming up? :p13:13
jjpkIvan the Terrible, step aside :p13:14
treachjjpk: I was more like thinking of "Hägar the Horrible".13:14
mike_kgood old tsar...13:15
treachmike_k: this was what I had in mind:ägar_the_Horrible13:16
tilmangotta love him!13:17
mike_kWikipedia does not have an article with this exact name13:17
treach"Honi" that's lame.. "Brynhilde" suites her better. :D13:18
treachmike_k: It does.. I guess you got some char wrong, most likely the "ä"..13:18
tilmanshe's brynhilde in swedish?13:18
*** copwork has quit IRC13:19
tilman"his duck Kvack"13:20
tilmani think the duck belongs to helga13:20
tilmannot him!13:20
treachmike_k: try with instead. I'm not sure about where that "ä", which if you can't read it is the same as &auml, comes from, but apparently it's optional.13:22
treachmy gut feeling is that it's the original, and then the illiterate and easily confused americans changed it to fit their image of how an alphabet should look like. ;-)13:24
mike_kwhat a crappy story13:24
treachyeah, not at as entertaining as good old ivan, right?13:25
mike_k  - at least it was my one of my favourite13:26
tilmanhagar isn't crappy13:27
treachIndeed not. But I guess it's too tranquil for our post USSR friend.13:29
*** thrice` has quit IRC13:31
*** copwork has joined #crux13:31
mike_ktreach: by 'tranquil' you mean iddylical, not noisy?13:33
treacha bit slowpaced and lowkeyed.13:34
mike_kthe story-line can't be boring  that way. got to see if the implementation sucks =)13:34
mike_kour native cartoons was far from that and disney's in many ways...13:35
treachI didn't mean it to equal boring, just that it has more in common with garfield than tom&jerry..13:36
mike_kI can't make any difference13:37
mike_kbd2_: can you?13:37
treachmike_k: garfield -> lazy, lasagna eating cat that rather makes deals with the mice than actually chasing them. T & J is ultra fast paced often crazily violent stories about a cat and a mouse that are worst of enemies and best of friends, depending on circumstances..13:43
treachI thought everyone knew those..13:44
mike_kt&j story - yes, garfield - no, never heared of him before recent release of some US-crap-film with the same title.13:45
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o aon13:45
aonthat's not necessarily a bad thing :)13:45
aon(not knowing garfield)13:46
treachwell, you shouldn't judge garfield from that movie..13:46
aonbut the comic is quite repetitive :)13:46
aonthe cartoon series was ok, imo13:46
mike_ktreach: I'll never try to see that one13:46
aonbut i was something like 6 when it aired13:46
mike_kI mean: cartoons tradition here is very different (from USA at least) and for me it's nearly the same level of art t&j or garfield. However, many people here are crazily exited about each release of each blockbuster.13:49
aoni think the best cartoons originate from czechoslovakia :)13:51
treach"Klaus Poppe"? =)13:51
aonwhat's that?13:52
treachnever mind, I guess it's a bit of an inside joke13:52
*** yip has joined #crux13:54
yip@seen Romster13:54
clbyip: Romster was last seen in #crux 2 hours, 12 minutes, and 35 seconds ago: <Romster> btw i can't get the latest version of gstreamer ugly to compile either.13:54
yipRomster: any luck with python?13:54
Romsteryeah i'm about13:54
Romsteryip, yes13:55
tilmanyip yep13:55
tilmanyou mean13:55
yipRomster: you got python 2.5 to install?13:56
RyoShey, someone can tell me about a good tetris port? ^^13:56
RyoSok let me check =)13:57
Romsterhang on getting the url13:57
RyoSnetris is cool13:58
Romsterits in svn atm till prologic co's it later today13:59
Romsterlet me know if there are any probs14:01
*** Romster has quit IRC14:01
*** Romster has joined #crux14:09
Romsterhmmz back14:10
Romstergot the file off svn ok?14:10
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC14:11
bd2_   - LOL14:11
yipRomster: what was the problem?14:12
yipRomster: with getting it to work?14:12
treachbd2_: :D14:13
treach"Geograpically challenged" is the term I think.14:14
Romsterwith python? i'm guessing it was the missing --with-cxx-main=gcc line14:14
bd2_treach, hehe. there are LOT of threads in that way, for example: "WHY IS THE RUSSIAN ARMY IN ATLANTA? I WANT ANSWERS DAMMIT!!!!" :-)14:15
jjpkbd2_: rofl :D14:16
jjpkWrong Georgia ;)14:16
*** Romster has quit IRC14:16
treachI sure hope they keep those nitwits away from the nukes14:16
*** Romster has joined #crux14:17
* treach imagines some redneck starting www3 because he hears about russian troops in georgia or odessa..14:17
bd2_treach, btw Russian army also in St. Petersburg (the same city exists in USA, iirc). :-)14:19
treachNever heard of it, but guess it's quite possible.14:19
aonthey're building submarines there too, right?14:19
Romsterwith python? i'm guessing it was the missing --with-cxx-main=gcc line14:19
bd2_yeah, it's in Florida. and Moscow in Idaho14:19
aonthere's at least ten petersburgs in usa :)14:20
Romsterwtf is wrong with the internet its slow as hell14:20
*** liwbot has joined #crux14:20
treachlol, russia nuking moscow, that's irony..14:20
jjpkMoscow is not in Russia? I have been lied to!14:21
bd2_we are in USA already! :-)14:21
treachjjpk:  it's Putingrad nowadays.14:21
bd2_treach, indeed :-)14:22
aongeographically challenged danes could get quite upset too if there were troups in vyborg14:22
aon(there's a viborg in denmark :))14:22
treachaon: better them than upset the finns.. I'd rather have a "Old danish" thrown at me than a molotov-cocktail. ;-)14:23
aonheh :)14:23
*** Brzi has quit IRC14:25
*** thrice` has joined #crux14:33
liwbotHello thrice`!14:33
*** thrice` has quit IRC14:34
jjpkAnother one scared ;)14:39
*** tilman has left #crux14:40
*** tilman has joined #crux14:40
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman14:40
liwbotHello tilman!14:40
tilmanwho brought THIS in?14:40
*** aon has left #crux14:41
*** aon has joined #crux14:41
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o aon14:41
liwbotHello aon!14:41
*** tilman sets mode: +b %liwbot!*@*14:41
treachwhy am I not surprised? :P14:41
tilmansepen: mmh. what purpose does it serve?14:41
tilmani find that spam-on-join a bit annoying ;)14:42
treachmaking you get pissed off enough to whip out that "@" and take some action. ;-)14:42
tilmanno, it's always there14:42
tilmanit magically appears when i authenticate at something-serv14:43
*** tilman sets mode: -b %liwbot!*@*14:43
aonbut you can unroll your e-penis from "@" to "_____" and slap the bot with it14:43
treach... And in hell, the germans are responsible for entertainment..14:43
*** liwbot has quit IRC14:44
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC14:44
sepenI finished to port it14:44
treachThe point was that if you don't use something, it might just as well not be there, for the moment at least.14:44
sepenI configure it with crux settings14:45
aonwhere crux settings = 'pkill -9 liwbot'14:45
tilmantreach: are you offended by it?14:45
treachwhat? the "@"14:46
treachnot in the least14:46
tilmanonce again, i don't really understand you14:47
* tilman wanders off14:47
treachsorry if I'm a bit disconnected, I'm currently trying to stop the cat from eating the wallpaper..14:48
Auge^ah, hi sepen. :) sorry, i haven't seen you here... but mail is ok too ;)14:49
aonxsetroot -solid orange_smell14:49
aontreach: how does it get a grip of it?14:49
treachscratch, and bite.14:50
treachhappily it's relatively easy to fix most of the time, not like when he cut my usb and audio out cables... Surgically, like pair of scissors. =/14:53
treachhe made a complete mess of the powercord to the router, but happily that cable was too long anyway, and really simple to repair, but there isn't enough for another go..14:55
jjpkYour cat is a saboteur.14:58
aonours hasn't really broken anything14:58
treachI think he's too smart to be inside all the time, he gets bored. the phone he went for is probably dead for good though, as is the thermometer.14:58
aonbut she was allowed outside when she was small14:59
aonnot anymore :(14:59
aontreach: you need invent better toys :)14:59
treachI think we've tried everything..14:59
treachIf he was human, I'd almost suspect DAMP or something.15:00
yipRomster: interesting15:00
aoni remember that a ball or anything that was attached to the roof with a long elastic band was quite funny :)15:00
treachyeah. :-) And small light balls.15:01
treachsometimes he's more of a rodent than anything else. he ate HUGE holes in a pair of wollen socks I'd forgotten on the floor, and a major part of the thumb on a knitted glove found at the same crime scene. :-/15:03
Romsteryip, so its all ok for ya?15:05
Romsterlucky it wasn't a power cord or you'd have some interesting fireworks :P15:07
treachit was, but the power chord to the router is just low voltage15:07
aoni've heard that cats can hear 50Hz15:07
aonoutside the wire15:08
aonso maybe they don't chew on those15:08
treachalso, they tend to survive even 230 V since the short circuit is just in their mouth.15:08
Romsteryeah, not the mains15:08
yipRomster: i haven't tried it15:08
treachI know of at least one cat that chew on 230V and survived. thankfully those cables seem uninteresting so far.15:09
Romstertreach, some will sitll travel to earth regardless, and they may only get the active wire.15:09
Romsterlucky cat15:09
treachYeah, but hey, they've got nine lives, so I guess their odds are pretty good anyway. :-)15:10
Romsteri haven't seen any myself but i've heard of a few fryed cats.15:10
Romsterheh yeah15:10
*** maro has joined #crux15:13
aonhi maro15:14
marothis seems to work for me, but could I have overlooked something?15:16
maroit's instead of running all the commands twice in the pkgfile (as it currently does)15:16
maroaon: not jabbering? :(15:20
marodammit, the people who implemented user pictures in xmpp deserve to get shot15:21
aoni'm not at that machine now15:22
maromy gossip roster is starting to look like the msn messengers running on public libraries15:22
jjpkWell you probably can just hide them somehow, depending what you use.15:26
treachcentericq ftw then. ;-)15:26
maroor they could just put pictures of themselves there instead of chuck norris15:49
maroalthough he is a pretty boy15:50
marommmm... chuck15:51
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