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prologicWhat's the uri for retrieving cd info ?00:37
prologicfound it00:38
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pitilloRomster, gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg builded well:
nipuLbuilt ;)01:59
pitillosorry :)02:00
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Romsteryeah got it working with that fix.03:13
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pitillofound another problem with gnome. Requested 'poppler-glib >= 0.5.3' but version of poppler-glib is 0.5.1 in  evince port. Trying to fix it with a poppler update.03:44
cptnpoppler in 'gnome' is 0.5.303:46
pitillocptn, true, was my error, sorry. Was taking the opt port.03:46
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pitillowill be the meeting logged? (there is a reply in ML asking this, but no answer by now).04:48
surrounderhmm when I try to install gnome, zenity refused to build04:49
surrounderzenity-notification.o: In function `zenity_notification_handle_stdin':04:49
surroundernotification.c:(.text+0x362): undefined reference to `notify_notification_new_with_status_icon'04:49
surrounderany ideas how to fix it ?04:49
Hansearch google04:49
surroundertried that, one result in french04:50
HanAsk someone to grep -r notify_notification_new_with_status_icon /usr/include who does have zenity installed.04:51
Han(not me)04:51
HanOh, heh :-)04:52
HanYou miss libnotify :o)04:52
surroundersurrounder@tolwyn> prt-get listinst | grep notify                             /04:54
surrounderit's installed04:54
surroundertrying to install another version though04:54
surrounderfirst I need more orangejuice \o/04:55
surrounderah, I had libnotify installed from contrib instead of gnome05:00
Hanthe zenity configure script should notice this. You may want to report a bug.05:02
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cptnsurrounder: strange, according to portdb, they're at the same version, and have the same configure arguments05:30
cptnsurrounder: did using gnome/libnotify fix the problem?05:30
surroundercptn: yes05:34
mike_khi, all06:03
mike_kcptn: ci has abandoned his repo. some ports are still in contrib. I was granted permission to try to adopt them (at least some)06:05
cptnI think he sent a mail to crux-contrib, right?06:05
cptnI'm sure Viper_ will get to it soon06:06
mike_kit is about  Oleksiy V. Khilkevich06:07
mike_k  but it is not the latest version06:10
mike_kI don't want all that work will die. I'll adopt a subset of his ports one by one. What is the procedure in this case? Should I contact someone on each port's 'Maintainer' field change?06:17
cptnwell, if you want to take over a number of ports from his repo it's certainly best to talk to him06:34
cptnif he isn't reachable just set the packager field accordingly, and start maintaining them06:34
treachcptn: If you don't feel like answearing meta questions, wouldn't moderating the channel work just as well?06:35
cptnalthough there aren't just meta questions06:35
treachwell, it should shut up that too. :-)06:36
mike_kcptn: I talked to him and was asked to adopt what I can. The problem is - hi is a contrib member, and what is the way to change maintainership for that ports?06:36
cptnmike_k: well, he removes them from his repo, and they should be removed from contrib as well06:37
cptnif he doesn't maintain his repo anymore, it should be removed and give your ports the chance to get in06:37
cptntreach: sure, I'd just like to trust our users to be reasonable first before enforcing it06:38
treachI see. I had a hunch it was something like that.06:38
treach"I don't like the names of your utilities, please rename them." :-/06:42
cptnheh, yeah, an interesting contribution06:44
pitilloummm I don´t  understand it... instead of renaming, why doesn´t  use alias for personal renaming? (only a opinion)06:46
treacha bit presumtious, I'd say.06:46
mike_kcptn: ok, he doesn't maintain his repo anymore (and it is not available via http://), can we remove it? (or, better - remove selected(already adopted ports) ports). If only complete removal is possible - I'll ask not to remove it yet, untill some significant part is adopted.06:57
mike_ksorry for being so noisy06:57
cptnwe only removed entire repositories so far06:58
cptnso please adopt the ports, and let Viper_ know once you're ready06:59
cptnhe'll then remove the repository06:59
mike_kok, thanks06:59
cptntreach: it's an interesting phenomenon07:13
cptnbut quite common: every distro ML I've read has those new users suggesting "new" ideas07:14
cptnwhich appears odd, considering that apparently the system has evolved for years07:15
cptnhowever, Anselm seems pretty friendly (private answer to my mail) :-)07:16
cptnunlike other revolutionists07:16
treachmm, I didn't mean to imply he was unfriendly. I suppose it's just that what this type of messages ultimately boils down to is "I know better than you, fix it to my liking". Kind hard to accept from someone coming in from the left, and with other avenues open and apparently not tested.07:20
cptnyeah, agreed07:21
treachas for the phenomena it self, it's probably a combo of the media and human nature. It isn't always easy to find out what has been tested and rejected before, add that to the fact that some/(most?) people tend to overestimate themselves in relation to other people. (studies on people rating themselves as drivers might apply here I think.)07:48
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koefzWell, I'm better than the average at driving. But when it comes to building and maintaining a system, I wouldn't dream of trying to dictate what's the best way.08:02
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nipuLi wouldnt say i'm a bad driver, scary is a word that is more commonly used08:28
nipuLi play too many of those rally sims08:28
rxilol .. scary driver + combi == hell\08:28
nipuLthe kombi is off the road now08:29
rxiahhh so the world i safe again? :P08:29
aonkombi? :)08:32
rxiold vw van08:32
rxicrazy germans08:33
nipuLmines not that old08:33
nipuLit's an 8508:33
aonthat's not old08:33
rxiits 2108:33
rxinipuL: its as old as me08:33
aonnipuL: like this: ?08:34
nipuLi used to have a 6908:34
nipuLbut with a better paint job :]08:35
aonkoefz: everyone says they're better than average drivers :)08:35
aonyeah, it should be painted matte black with a roller08:36
nipuLmy first one was like that, but it was a 2 tone, teal and white08:37
nipuLthe inside was modded out like a camper. it was the best08:38
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nipuLi lost my virginity in it08:38
aonseems like a good car for that08:39
aonunlike some :)08:39
aonlike the fiat 50008:39
nipuLah, those were the days. but it lost a fight with a 7ft western red kangaroo08:39
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jjpkCan't win every day. :p08:59
cptnunless you're 7ft08:59
jjpkIt would help quite a bit. ;)09:02
aonmaybe you need to be over 7ft to win09:05
aonunless the situation is otherwise favorable to you09:05
nipuLkeep in mind the cars are under yellow flag conditions09:08
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jjpkkoefz: yeah, anselm does have quite the opinion on how things should be done. :p09:14
jjpkI am quite sure this is the same person behind wmii and dwm. The website that hosts those projects has some quite defined and minimalistic philosophies on coding.09:15
aonyes, it is him09:16
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j^2hey all09:18
aonhi j^209:18
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j^2any true net admins here?09:49
mike_kit's like searching for a true programmer: "any Brian Kernigan here?" =)10:02
treachwhat's a false net admin?10:03
richi_auttreach: (!cptn && !aon && !jdoan && !tilman) ;)10:05
copworka net admin is probably a poetic expression for a fisherman10:06
treacheither you manage a net, and then you're a netadmin, or you don't and then you aren't. The question is how good you are, and how far your knowledge goes.10:07
treachcopwork++ :-)10:07
copworka false net admin would then be a phisher10:07
treachfishermen vs phishermen. :p10:08
j^2heh thanks...i needed that10:09
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aon hah10:41
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treach <- pretty uniqe..11:13
aonhaha, yeah :D11:13
tilmanthat guy is insane11:13
aondoesn't help keeping the userbase small and elitist if you spoonfeed them like that11:13
teKvi config.h :>11:14
aonbuild() { echo "Fuck you!"|tee /bin/sh; }11:15
treachteK: I don't know if you've seen this..  "Because dwm is customized through editing its source code, it's pointless to make binary packages of it. This keeps its userbase small and elitist. No novices asking stupid questions."11:15
treachtaken from the dwm home page. I don't know if I should consider it an attempt at humor or what..11:16
aonwell, that's not a rare question to ask when dealing with germans :)11:16
teKno, i didn't11:17
treachwell, we're not short of them here, so I guess we could ask for some expert opinions. ;-)11:17
tilman(18:13) <@   tilman> that guy is insane11:18
treachI take that as "it's not a joke".11:18
tilmantreach: from all i've read or heard about him, i'd say it's not a joke11:18
aoni still don't quite get why the wm's have automatic tiling11:19
aonseems quite crufty :)11:19
treachA Pkgfile calling vi.. I hereby nominate it in the category "Ugliest Pkgfile hack of the week".11:25
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jjpktilman: well said :D11:54
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jjpkcrux settings again.13:49
seekwillI was installing Crux on a system with only 32MB of RAM, 500MB swap, and it ran out of space (unpacking the kernel). Shouldn't it have swapped whatever it needed to?13:52
surrounderdid you do swapon /dev/hdX ?13:52
tilmanjjpk: :D13:52
seekwillsurrounder: Yeah13:52
seekwill"Ran out of memory".13:53
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seekwillIs there a way to see all package that require a certain package? For example, I removed x11. Not sure which other ones require x11.15:32
treachprt-get to the rescue15:35
treach(only covers "official" deps though.)15:36
seekwillah! dependent.. thanks!15:38
treachhowever, remember that this method doesn't catch stuff that have automatically detected a lib or something and linked to it at compile time15:41
seekwillI think this sysup is going to take a while on this Celeron366 w/32MB15:41
treachquite probable.15:42
seekwillWell, this is a fresh install of 2.215:42
seekwillNot going to really do much on this machine heh15:42
treachYou mean except compiling? :>15:42
seekwillYeah :)15:42
treachunless you already used it, I think you could shave off some time by getting jaegers updated iso, and get some packages from it.15:44
seekwillThat would be a good idea. But "too late" now. Already started. I'm in no rush.15:47
seekwillI just hope it doesn't run out of HDD space now.15:47
treachthat updated iso should really get more exposure.15:47
seekwillCall it 2.2a? :)15:47
treachI don't think that's an option, since it's not a formal release.15:48
seekwillMaybe it could be?15:48
treachmaybe. It feels kind of dumb that people install ancient stuff just to run a massive update right after..15:49
seekwillThere's only so far you can add to a "minimalist" distro...15:49
seekwillThere's only so much you can...15:49
treachwell. If people started by installing from the updated iso in the fist place, some bandwidth would be saved.15:50
treachs fist/first15:50
seekwillThat would be great!15:50
seekwillIs there a proper way to stop a sysup? Or just Ctrl+C?15:53
treachthat's the proper way.15:53
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seekwillHmm, how do I tell if I'm using all my RAM?16:18
seekwillfree tells me: -> -/+ buffers/cache:      19008      10884 <-- which I was told meant 19MB of RAM used, an 10MB free. But I'm compiling two programs at the same time. Is that accurate?16:19
treachuse "free -m" instead16:29
seekwillAh, much nicer :)16:29
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seekwillYummy... compiling three things at once...17:36
seekwillLoad average, 4.71...17:36
treachI usually get higher than that. But then, I'm compiling everthing on a tmpfs.17:39
treachNot an option if you're stuck on 32MB ram. :P17:41
seekwillFor the upgrade, I think I'm going to stick some more RAM in... Give it a little break for the time being...17:48
treachsounds like a good idea.17:51
Auge^mh, some native english speaking people around? what means "to flip people off"?18:10
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Hangive them the finger18:17
HanActually two off them.18:17
Auge^ah, ok. thx :)18:19
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seekwillWhy does the manual show $ for the command prompts, when it should be #?18:51
sepenyour PS1?18:52
Auge^hey sepen :)18:55
Auge^sepen: now i know that i can find you here too :)18:56
treachsepen: ZIOMG!!oneone DIFFERENT PROMPT!18:56
treachsepen: "Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder"18:56
sepenAuge^, who are you?18:57
Auge^sepen: that one who mailed about racer.18:57
sepenI've problem with that18:57
sepenI lost the last changed on racer ports18:58
Auge^but can you tell me how i can leave the driving mode?18:58
treachesc? :P18:58
Auge^doesn't work18:58
treachjust kidding. ;-)18:58
sepenracer isn't stable18:58
sepenbut in the future18:59
Auge^i know. but there should be an "exit" ;)18:59
treach(Visual mode, Editing mode, Driving mode ;-)18:59
sepenhas anyone the last update of my racer Pkgfile (using patch's)18:59
Auge^but racer seems powerful... just the frontend isn't that good as i expected.18:59
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Auge^sepen: i just have what i have sended and downloaded some minutes before.19:00
sepenthe simulation it's good19:00
sepenI wrote a Pkgfile using my own patch for files .ini19:01
sepenbut Im lost it!19:01
Auge^bad news.19:01
sepennow I have the old Pkgfile on my repo19:01
sepenI need to re-port racer and other racer ports19:01
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sepenAuge^, tomorrow I could finish to port them19:05
sepennow It's too later for me19:06
Auge^yeah, don't hurry.19:16
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Hanseekwill, `$ sudo ' is better than `# ' :-)19:24
seekwillHan: Well, I mean, when installing, the manual says to log in as root. But the following prompt has $ instead of #. I mean, we know what it means, but I think it should be consistant.19:25
HanI know what you mean.19:25
HanI _hate_ _compressed_ rarfiles of audiofiles19:27
Auge^you mean ogg or mp3? which have no need to be compressed by rar?19:29
Auge^seems for me like a simple search-engine protection...19:29
seekwillEasier to download a whole album, instead of one by one19:30
Auge^of course.19:32
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sepenAuge^, I rewriting Pkgfile of racer19:50
sepennow testing if builds correctly19:50
sepennow updated racer port19:57
sepenbut Im not very satisfied19:58
sepenif I remove other permissions on resources of racer I can't run it!19:59
sepeni.e: -rw-rw-rw-      root/root       usr/share/racer/data/ctrlsets/custom.ini20:00
Auge^it's not your problem. the problem is the software.20:01
sepenyes but I don't like it20:01
sepentomorrow I'll rewrite other racer ports20:02
sepennow Im going to bed!20:03
* Auge^ too. good n8!20:03
* sepen is going to sleep for a while20:03
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_mavrick61Is it possible to let one program/process use CPU 2 exclusive, how then?20:19
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ntl^2it's a hand gesture that signifies "fsck you"22:36
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HanGreat, now my harddrives have been thoroughly ckecked.23:09
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