IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2006-10-06

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maro_hmm, is it possible to colorize all stderr messages?01:00
maro_bd2_: kudos on the C rewrite btw01:01
maro_bd2_: looking forward to give it a spin once it has pkginfo and pkgrm too ;)01:03
pitillohi good morning, can someone take a look to the ML and see if yesterday I wrote a reply? (not sure if I replied correctly, first post in the ML)01:08
HanWith what name?01:08
pitilloHan, with name pitillo, and reply to "Installing gnome fails ..."01:09
HanNope, no answer there.01:09
HanYou may also take a look at the mailinglistarchives.01:09
pitillotrue, I will take a look. Didn´t thought in it, sorry.01:11
pitilloummm it´s there. Thanks for the tip. :)01:12
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XATRIX!seen mike_k03:19
-MelOne- XATRIX, I don't know mike_k, ask clb, maybe he knows something.03:19
XATRIXwhat ?03:20
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rxi@seen mike_k03:27
clbrxi: mike_k was last seen in #crux 17 hours, 22 minutes, and 52 seconds ago: <mike_k> me03:27
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copworkMagix takes over Freedb04:47
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Hancopwork, what do you think of magix?05:01
copworkhave a lot of their old promotion cds05:01
copworkon a cable - they shine and glimmer brightly at the windowpane05:01
copworknever used any of their products05:02
copworkonly once tested some music maker05:02
copworkthey agreed to continue service free of charge05:03
copworkand data und software under the gpl05:03
copworkso i dont have anything against commercial support for hosting the database05:04
HanIt's good advertisement...05:08
copworkand no paypal begging on freedb :P05:11
HanOh I can live with that.05:14
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bd2maro, thanks06:01
nipuLbd2: i'd like to have a look at that :)06:04
bd2I've mailed it in crux-devel. nvm?06:08
nipuLi figured it was in the ml once i checked my irc logs06:09
nipuLglibc strikes again ;P06:13
nipuL(just tried to build on fbsd)06:14
nipuLnvm (NeVerMind06:18
bd2nipuL, ah. acronyms.... :-)06:20
Romsterhmm, how do i include a $var in a sed expression as the returned value and not jsut as $var06:30
Romsteri can't see a solution.06:31
nipuLquote the expression using "06:31
nipuLinstead of '06:31
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Romsterah bash is like PHP in the '' and "" quotes06:33
Romstersed -e '/^# "$NAME":[ \t]* */!d; s///;q' $FILE06:35
Romsterno luck and it won't work if i only use "" around the whole thing.06:36
Romsteri've been reading up on sed, but i'm stuck...06:36
Romsterhmm unless i need to use backslash06:37
Romsternope, i'm guessing here.06:38
pitillofinally built gnome. Nice to have gnome repo upper than others (tested after core/opt/contrib didn`t work) and only ffmpeg error detected (other errors were mine and ffmpeg not sure if were mine too). But I missed something, howl service isn`t installed. Need to read about.06:39
Romsteradd hald to services array in /etc/rc.conf06:41
Romsterhmm there is a howl too didn't know of that.06:41
treachpitillo: that's the recommended way, if a "dedicated" repo have a port of something that already is in {core,opt,contrib} I'd say there is a good reason for it.06:46
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pitillotreach, true, (I supposed it) but I prefer to use/test with core/opt ports and had some errors, solved putting it up. (For example in tilman`s x11r7 howto it`s explained to put x11r7 repo upper)06:50
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nipuL"s/foo/$FOO/" instead of 's/foo/$FOO/'06:50
nipuLworks for me06:52
nipuL> set FOO="bar"06:53
nipuL> echo foo | sed 's/foo/$FOO/'06:53
nipuL> echo foo | sed "s/foo/$FOO/"06:53
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brointhemixrehi :)06:56
brointhemixdon't you think that now, when udev automatically probes for modules, we are more in need of an /etc/modremove.conf than of /etc/modprobe.conf ? ;)06:57
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brointhemixhi :)07:00
RomsternipuL, $ sed -e "/^# $NAME:[ \t]* */done; s///;q" $FILE sed: -e expression #1, char 19: extra characters after command07:00
Romsterworks with ' ' if i don't use a $var, wonlt work at all with " " even without the var07:01
Romsterecho $NAME = same letters i manually put in the expression, sed jsut won't expand it for me07:01
nipuL1. dont quote the entire list of expressions07:02
nipuLeg. use "s/$FOO/$BAR/" s/1/2/07:02
nipuLyour first expression is missing the 3rd /07:02
nipuLoh, it's not a s statement07:03
Romsterno :)07:03
Romsteroh changed done to d and i'm getting some trext but the wrong part hmm07:05
Romsterok thats werid, !d gets turned into done.07:06
Romsteri do not get why though...07:08
Romsterread from guess i'll try using the sub-expression way.07:10
Romsterhmmz there is nto a d there wtf..07:10
Romsterno i was reading the wrong bit, i was right bah, i'll use the sub-expression i guess07:11
RomsternipuL, get this sed '/# URL:[ \t]*/!d; s///;q' $FILE works! but sed "/# $NAME:[ \t]*/!d; s///;q" $FILE , returns sed: -e expression #1, char 16: extra characters after command and apon pressing the up arrow, i see the '!d' has changed to 'done' I don't get it, guess i'm back to using grep with sed, todo something i should be able to use sed on its own todo. note $NAME=URL $FILE = some Pkgfile path relative to where i ran the code.07:27
Romsteri'm going out to the pub to lplay pool for awhile i'll attack this later, see if anyone here can crack this for me :)07:27
Romsterit's not funny, it's downright anoying :)07:30
Romsteranyhoo i'm out i'll read my backlog when i return07:30
rxihehe ok07:30
Romsterunless rxi is a sed expert :P07:31
bd2Romster, have you tried run "echo sed ...." ?07:31
Romsterand can figure this one out :07:31
rxihaha .. not in your wildest dreams07:31
Romsterah no07:31
Romsternope it jsut echos the sed command07:32
bd2yea, and how does it look like?07:32
Romsterexec the sed and wtf it closed my xterm O_o07:33
Romstercomes out with /done instead of !d07:33
Romster# get Subject header, but remove initial "Subject: " portion07:33
Romster sed '/^Subject: */!d; s///;q'07:33
Romstertrying todo that with a $VAR in the expression and using double quotes and it jsut complains07:34
bd2exec displaces current process, thus it's expected that xterm closed07:34
Romsterah ok07:34
Romsteri thought thought oo maybe exec will do it for me, oviously not.07:35
rxiRomster: so much for beer and pool :P07:35
* Romster shrugs07:35
Romsterout to rule over the pool table i can hold it most of the nite :)07:35
rxilol later07:35
pitillowho is Mark (his nick)? and Theo? anyone meet them?07:41
* tilman points at maro07:41
pitilloummm thanks tilman :)07:42
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bd2Romster, hehe. that is funny indeed. the problem is that "!" character expanded from history (bash feature). you can disable it using set +H and after that your sed expression will work inside "" quotes07:46
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cptnRomster: do you read crux-contrib?09:29
tilmanwhy should he, he's not part of contrib09:29
cptnanime smiley, gone wrong09:30
tilmansomeone stabbed his eye it seems09:30
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jjpk*oops* :D09:33
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cptnRomster: your base64 port in contrib conflicts with the existing one09:40
cptnRomster: it appears that it's even based on that one (from jue), just with additional unnecessary stuff09:40
cptnso maybe you can get rid of it again09:41
cptnprologic: your httpup contains lots of .svn dirs09:42
cptn$ wget -q -O -|grep -c .svn09:43
mike_kand Maintainer line here is valid?
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teKI wanted to note that the source for contrib/mutt-ng does not longer exist11:15
tilmanrugek: ^11:15
teKs/longer/anymore ..11:15
teK20060824 *seems* to do the trick, for example :)11:15
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RyoShey guys, i have a problem with zsh + utf-811:51
RyoSzsh 4.3.2 should be able to use utf-8, and it is with netbsd, but with crux..11:51
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RyoSwell.. someone here who can tell me ¿why? and how to fix it?11:59
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RyoSthis faq is old ;)12:01
RyoSalready read this :) b4, thought ok, but its from 200512:02
ningoWell I'm not aware of any changes in this particulary sector. On the other hand I don't care and monitor it.12:03
RyoS4.3.2 should fully be able to use utf-812:04
ningoAh, yes here "Zsh handles UTF-8 perfectly since version 4.3.1. Older versions are not yet unicode aware. It still works as long as you dont use Backspace on unicode characters. (This deletes parts of the utf-8 character bytewise and confuses zle assumptions about the cursor position.)"12:06
RyoSbut it doesnt for me12:07
RyoSat least on crux, its perfect on netbsd (and i think glibc is the problem)12:07
ningoIt's working on Ubuntu as well (had a few very disturbing hours there, because of this bachspace issue)12:07
RyoShaha ^^ yes the backspace thing is kinda annoying, well at least it works12:08
treachbachspace -> church?12:09
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rugektilman, teK: fixed.12:10
teKthx :)12:11
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ningoRyoS: tried to compile --enable-locale?12:17
RyoSi just commented --disable-locale12:18
ningoI'm not sure what's the default, enable or disable?12:19
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RyoSi will check that out12:19
RyoSningo: doesnt change a thing.. :)12:23
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ningois your zsh linked against ncurses and does your ncurses support utf8?12:25
RyoSi am pretty sure it has12:27
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RyoSningo: you have an idea how to check that ncurses has utf-8 support compiled-in?12:44
tilmanstat( == 012:44
tilmanRyoS: got that? ;)12:46
RyoSnope P12:46 will never contain wide char (-> unicode) support12:46 is the one for unicode12:46
tilmanso if your app is linked to, it will support unicode12:47
RyoSi see...12:47
RyoSnow i would need to check which one zsh takes.. right? (and i guess it takes the wrong one)12:47
tilmanldd will do :)12:48
RyoSah, yes, it uses the wrong one12:50
RyoShow can i "fix" that?12:51
tilmanrecompile zsh and tell it to use ncursesw12:51
tilmanthere's probably some configure switch12:52
tilmani suggest to enable that by default12:52
tilmansince core/ncurses is built w/ wtf8 support by default too12:52
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RyoSi am checking the configure script right now12:52
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RyoStilman: i am not getting it how i can point him to libncursesw.so12:59
RyoScould you help me please?12:59
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tilmanRyoS: ok13:06
RyoSwait =D13:07
RyoSgot it13:07
RyoStilman: i just adjusted an existing Pkgfile.. i just checked the configure script again13:08
RyoSis what we need13:08
RyoSningo: this even fixes the backspace makeup errors for me13:09
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ningoRyoS: I will remember that, next time I'm under ubuntu (not so soon I hope ;)13:10
RyoSalright =)13:10
RyoSthanks for the help guys :)13:11
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cptnRomster: you should start following crux-contrib13:41
cptnthere were three warning mails for base6413:41
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC13:44
Romster3 i saw only one13:46
Romsterand then i was out...13:46
Romsterhell what about sox, and opter ports...13:46
cptnwhat's with it?13:47
cptnare there two in contrib?13:47
tilmanwhat about sox?13:47
tilmanhaving duplicates in people's private repos are okay13:47
Romsterkick me for expalining myself, meh i'm going to bed... everyone hates me thinki'm some newbire or tole or something13:47
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cptnRomster: I told you twice to move to #crux13:48
cptnsince it was OT13:48
Romsterhan and someone elses repo was blocking sox to go into contrib ages ago i noticed that...13:48
* Han doesn't understand Romster 13:49
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Romstercptn, sorry, i've been out i've had a few drinks, and em anoyed at anomber of topics not all from here and i read the mailing list wrong my apologies.13:49
*** sepen has quit IRC13:49
cptndon't drink and IRC :-)13:49
* Han wishes Romster a good night of sleep.13:49
bd2cptn, there was lot offtopic before13:50
cptnbd2: how could you tell?13:50
bd2oh. lot offtopic in the day I've been there13:50
Romsteri'm not that drunk meh, but i'm going and will explain after i've worked this weekend, and got back on the pc when not tired or drunk... ok13:50
cptnbd2: what's exactly off topic then?13:51
bd2sorry, don't have logs. and sorry for interrupting, forget13:51
RomsterFrankenpkgfile pfft i see worse Pkgfiles than what i maintain, *huffs and goes to bed*13:51
cptnbd2: well, the logs are online, but that's not the point13:52
*** bender02 has left #crux13:52
cptnbd2: if there's something perfectly on topic for #crux, then it's off on -devel13:52
bd2cptn, my point is: if someone offended by Frankenpkgfile in #x you should permit to advocate himself in #x13:53
cptnbd2: good point13:53
cptnhowever, I asked him in this channel before13:53
cptnabout the duplicate13:53
cptnand only pointed out the details to the other devs on -devel13:54
cptnI didn't mean to complain about him here13:54
cptnsince I feel that's not appropriate, especially if he's afk13:54
tilmanubuntulooks-human suddenly looks cool13:55
tilmanno idea why. but you should try it :)13:56
tilmanprt-get install gtk-engines-ubuntulooks and select the "Human" theme13:56
Romsterok i mis interepted jue on the mailing lsit but look at this b4 you go barking at me for a duplicate that i have now just removed, i was not home for ages, and i was leaving a lee way time for jue to unsync the port but didn't realise he didn'e intend to leave, so look at this and this port has been out of contrib for over a month now!!!
tilmanRomster: calm down, noone wants to burn you at the stake14:00
bd2Romster, I think everybody understood already. the good thought was: "don't drink an IRC" :-)14:00
tilmanRomster: ...and you can discuss it tomorrow or something14:00
Romsternow i'm off and i've removed base64 ok, as for frankenpkgfile please expalin what i'm doing wrong with Pkgfiles with a valid reason and i'll correct it, i've already corrected the tabs to prologics vim settings, if thats wrong blame him i spent alot of time to make things right.14:01
cptnRomster: just compare it to the original tomorrow14:01
Romstertipsy yes but i'm perfectly capable of explaining...14:01
Romstercptn, other than using make && make DESTDIR=$PKG install, what?14:02
cptnRomster: the tabs in the header14:02
Romsterif make fails it won't do make ... install i just shortend a line...14:03
cptnRomster: and the unnecessary 'install' before configure14:03
cptnRomster: that happens anyway14:03
Romsteri redid themt o prologics vim settings14:03
cptnsince pkgmk runs it with set -e14:03
cptnas soon as a command fails, pkgmk stops14:03
tilmanwhich are broken14:03
tilmanwhich i've told him a long time ago14:03
Romsterinstall b4 configure wtf?14:03
tilmanyou put "install -d ...." before configure14:04
cptnsee the tabs in the header14:04
cptnand the 'install' call14:04
Romsterinstall -d, creates directories...14:04
cptnbut why?14:04
cptnit's not needed14:04
cptnand not in the original port which works fine14:04
Romsteri copied the origional port and changed the mkdir -p to install -d14:04
cptnbut why before configure?14:05
Romsteroh i don't know then maybe i copied it from another port and it was there and i didn't test to see if it wasn't needed or not...14:05
cptnthe mkdir is there, but it's after make14:06
cptnso you 1. configure, 2. compile, 3. install14:06
cptnin your port, 1 & 3 are mixed14:06
cptnthat said, the term appears to come over too strong14:06
tilmanRomster: your changes just look funny if you do a direct comparison of jue's port and yours14:07
cptnRomster: and I'd like to appologize14:07
Romsterinstall -d is jsut maing directorys, so ?14:07
tilmanRomster: i can perfectly understand why you used "install -d" instead of "mkdir" though14:07
Romsterand i'm sorry for misreading the mailing list on jue14:07
tilmanbut moving it around did not make much sense14:07
Romstersorry i'm still trying to make a structure, of making needed directorys, configuring, compiling, installing, and if you notice i'm toying with a few extra meta names too.14:08
Romsteri mean good intentions, despite if i look bad etc14:09
Romsterok so configure should become before making directories, i'll folow that if thats the standared.14:10
tilmanthat would be nice14:10
tilmanif you're creating a new port14:10
tilmanyou can order the commands any way you like14:10
Romsterjust tell me what i'm doing wrong and i'll corect it, but i don't like being called an idiot14:10
tilmanbut it's easier to read if they are ordered in a common way14:10
tilmannobody called you an idiot i don't think14:10
tilmanwe just said you'were messing up jue's base64 Pkgfile14:11
Romstertilman, yes but i'm trying to follow a structure on all ports the same way.14:11
Romsteri've removed it now14:11
ningodon't forget to hit 'next in thread'14:11
tilmanRomster: okay, but i'd guess that about 95% have the configure-make-make_install ordering14:12
tilmanRomster: and creating directories in the final stage just makes most sense!14:12
tilmanand i'm sure if you ponder it for a while, you'll agree!14:12
Romsterbut i thought from what i read on the mailing list he was leaving crux, I oviously didn't read the "RE:" on the subject line. but jue also removed alot of ports so that kind of confirmed it, also why is jue's port of python 2.5 but not in opt?14:12
cptnRomster: he had a mail on crux@ regarding 2.514:13
cptnbasically, it's a major change breaking a number of apps14:13
Romstertilman, ok i'll reorder that :)14:13
Romsteryes 2.5 breaks bad code from previous python versions. but if they really  needed the older python it could be called python-legency or something :P14:15
tilmanNo answers found for: "452183B1.7000306"14:15
tilmanningo: cool, hitting it twice doesn't give any new replies14:15
ningotilman: this makes it even more funny :P14:16
Romsterok most can be put down to a missunderstanding, no need to go on, but osmeone fix sox so it can stync to contrib already14:16
cptnRomster: what exactly is the problem with sox?14:16
Romsterlook han and yhafri have both had .sync files for a month not one letting up for the other to have sox in contrib14:17
cptnyhafri is not in contrib14:18
bd2Romster, by the way. have you read solution for your sed expression?14:18
Romstersince the origional person (which i forgot who it was now)14:18
Romsterneather is han14:18
cptnif han has one, and it's not synced, that's a bug in the scripts setting up contrib14:18
cptnHan is14:18
Romsterlook for yourself14:18
tilmani can put .sync in my ports too14:19
tilmanwon't change a thing14:19
cptnRomster: yhafri's collection isn't synced to contrib14:19
tilmansince i'm not signed up for contrib!14:19
cptnhe may add .sync files, but that doesn't add a conflict14:19
Romsterthen why is not hans port in contrib?14:19
cptn[21:18] <cptn> if han has one, and it's not synced, that's a bug in the scripts  setting up contrib14:20
bd2<bd2> Romster, by the way. have you read solution for your sed expression?14:20
cptnlol @ bd214:20
Romsterno but as i was walking down the street i didn't backspace the semi-colium so i'm guessing that is why14:20
Romstererm backslash14:21
Romsteri'll test it later.14:21
bd2Romster, no. "!" in expression is expanded as bash history. before calling sed, issue set +H, and your sed expression will work14:22
Hanodd my sox port does have a .sync but is not in contrib14:22
Romsterseriously i don't mean to make a nuciense, i mean good intensions, give ne valid reason and i'll learn from the mistakes.14:22
cptnRomster: yeah, it's a good observation14:23
cptnRomster: but it's a plain bug in a script14:23
Romsterbd2 hmmz set +H how :)14:23
cptnit's not a duplication, since yhafri's repo is not in contrib14:23
bd2Romster, "set +H" before "sed ..."14:24
Romstercptn, sorry i didn't know that i thoguht they where both fighting for contrib, and that both have .sync files that the script was programed to not include the other.14:24
Romsterhmm ok bd2 i'll try after i've had some sleep the birds are singing and i need sleep got sound work in a pub later today/nite, i'll try to be on for the meeting if you care for me to be on, i'em ont he ML so i assumed i could observer and maybe add spargingly to the discussion.14:26
cptngood night14:27
cptnprtsync checks against core & opt for dups there14:32
cptnand sox was in opt - during 2.114:32
cptnupdating the configuration :-)14:32
*** Romster has quit IRC14:41
*** Romster has joined #crux14:43
cptnRomster: okay, sox is in contrib15:00
*** treach has joined #crux15:01
*** cptn has quit IRC15:30
*** j^2 has joined #crux15:34
j^2poll ----15:46
*** copwork has joined #crux15:46
j^2where's the cut off between bind and dnsmasq?15:46
tilmanHan: please use imlib2 1.3.0 for your port (tarball on sourceforge). there's almost no development done on imlib2 these days, using cvs head is pretty much pointless15:56
tilmanHan: also, sox is out of date.15:57
treach .16:02
treach .16:02
treach *16:02
yiptilman: han's port of what?16:03
tilmani'm telling him to use imlib2 1.3.0 for cowsay16:03
treach(paper shriveled to a ball, falling into the "recycle bin.)16:04
tilmanisn't that obvious?16:04
yipwhat is cowsay?16:04
*** seekwill has joined #crux16:08
tilmanit was a joke16:08
tilmani'm obviously talking about contrib/imlib216:09
treachI fear it's a case of "destination unreachable though"..16:09
tilmani could talk to my cat just as well16:10
treachprobably more respons that way.16:10
yiphm... imlib2's current version is 1.3.0?16:14
* yip wonders what version imlib1 is at :?16:15
tilmanyes/who cares, nobody uses it anymore16:15
yipimlib2 should be destroyed16:16
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:17
tilmanoh really?16:17
tilmanwhy don't you blog about it16:18
tilmani'm sure the world wants to know16:18
yipbecause blogs are gay16:19
yipannouncing it in here as i just did is the correct way to get the message across16:19
*** Brzi has quit IRC16:19
RyoSHan: you there?16:22
HanRyoS, ?16:22
tilmansomeone repeat that16:23
RyoSi actually want to talk about zsh :)16:24
RyoS <-16:24
tilmanand that16:24
RyoSis the working Pkgfile with proper working utf-816:24
RyoSthere you go tilman16:24
tilmanthat's the second one16:25
treach<communication parrotmode=off>16:25
*** ntl^2 has quit IRC16:27
*** ningo has quit IRC16:38
*** bd2 has quit IRC16:50
*** j^2 has quit IRC17:02
seekwillDoes Simone Rota hang out here?17:29
yiphow can i install my dog kpdf?17:29
treachseekwill: yeah, but I think he's gone to bed by now.17:32
treachyip: prt-get to the rescue. However, consider that the "official" ports for KDE is a bit old. (3.5.3)17:34
yipprt-get tells me no such package kpdf17:35
treachthat's what the manpage is for.17:35
treachlead -> kpdf isn't a package, it's part of a bigger one.17:36
seekwilltreach: Ah, no biggie. I sent him an E-mail. ImageMagick was updated.17:45
Auge^him? not her?17:48
seekwillI have no idea.17:49
Auge^Simone is a female name - in germany.17:50
seekwillI've seen both.17:51
treachAuge^: sip is italian.17:51
treachsip on the left iirc17:53
treachdoesn't look very girlish to me at least.17:53
Auge^or he is a herma =)17:55
RyoS <- this is scary17:56
morlenxusIs it possible to change the X pointer theme without quiting x? I found xrdb -load ~/.Xdefault and when running xrdb -query after this i see that the settings have been loaded, but how to apply that?18:05
*** bd2 has joined #crux18:24
surroundertreach: what image gallery is that ?18:27
surrounderas in, what app ?18:27
treachno idea, ask jaeger, it's his gallery.18:28
surrounderuuh, love the pics of his house18:29
treachheh, look at the one where his care is featured. :p18:30
treachs care/car18:30
treach(look at the license plate)18:30
*** Agve has joined #crux18:36
treachhowever, one could be forgiven for wondering what the neighbourhood is like ->
deus_exHm.Have they wiped out all the spammers while I was gone?I haven't received single piece of spam for few days now.18:49
deus_ex(Not that I miss it :) )18:52
prologicno no18:52
prologicyou're just lucky :)18:53
treachI was just about to ask for your adress in order to fix that particular "problem"...18:53
prologicI just wok eup to ~30 spam18:53
deus_extreach: You wouldn't?18:53
deus_exWould you?18:53
treachprologic: that's not spam, it's cptn yelling at you about junk in your repos.18:53
treachdeus_ex: of course not.18:53
treachIt sounded like you sort of lamented the lack of spam in your inbox. :-)18:54
deus_exNah, you're too cool for something as wicked as that...18:56
prologictreach, funny haha :)18:56
treachI don't feel particulary "cool", but I'm not a total asshole. :/18:57
treachprologic: you should read the log. :D18:58
prologicperhaps I wil18:58
deus_exGood night all.18:58
prologicno time right now :) got a girl to go see!18:58
treachromster apparetly was slightly tipsy, which didn't improve the conversation. :D18:59
treachgood night deus_ex18:59
prologicoh omy19:00
deus_extreach: :)19:04
deus_exprologic: A girl like this, perhaps?
Auge^deus_ex: is your nick latin?19:06
surroundergawd, wish I never uploaded those pics of my gf19:06
deus_exAuge^: Yes.19:07
Auge^deus_ex: so, you're not a god now? ;)19:07
* surrounder is listening to Machinae Supremacy - Deus Ex Machinae19:08
Auge^ah =)19:08
deus_exAuge^: I would settle for semigod :)19:09
Auge^you're just a human like everyone. :) do you know that?19:09
deus_exsurrounder: Machinae Supremacy?That's what? metal band or something?19:10
deus_exAuge^: I'm painfully aware of that ;)19:10
surrounderdeus_ex: nerdmetal19:10
surrounderwith loads of sid sounds \o/19:10
deus_exwtf is nerdmetal?19:11
surrounderwell, they play melodic metal with sid sounds and include game elements in it19:12
*** Romster has quit IRC19:12
deus_exI'm too slippy/drunk to look it up.19:12
surrounderseems their website is down though, you can download a lot of songs for free19:12
deus_exsurrounder: Oh, thanks, sounds interesting.19:12
Auge^nerdmetal... geekmetal... shitmetal?19:13
deus_exI'll check it out.19:13
* deus_ex listens to lot of Incubus lately.19:13
surroundertheir bassplayer rocks19:13
surrounderdon't like the music much though19:14
*** pepino has joined #crux19:15
deus_exsurrounder: They sound great on their live album.19:16
* Auge^ likes some boring bands like U2, REM and Depeche Mode... :)19:16
surrounderDepeche Mode rocks (Y)19:16
deus_exDepeche is awesome.19:16
* surrounder is listening to In Flames - Clayman19:16
Auge^..and some other things like Katie Melua or Diana Krall...19:16
deus_exU2 was good(Joshua Tree), and R.E.M....19:17
Auge^U2 IS good19:17
surrounderI think they are really overrated19:17
Auge^and joshua tree was not the best album - imho19:18
deus_exsurrounder: I agree.19:18
Auge^achtung baby was the best. the last 2 or 3 albums are more straight and more pop... :/19:18
Auge^i don't really love this albums19:18
deus_exAuge^: What was their live album called?One with B.B.King as guest?19:18
Auge^rattle and hum19:20
*** pepino has quit IRC19:20
deus_exI liked them when they were rock band, and had something to say.Zooropa?Please.Don't.19:20
*** seekwill has quit IRC19:20
deus_exNow, no energy, just pose, imho.19:21
Auge^yeah. achtung baby and zooropa. the peak of popularity and style, i would say19:21
Auge^deus_ex: a lot of energy... but not the ideas of the 80s or 90s19:21
deus_expopularity != quality19:21
Auge^the spirit is gone19:21
Auge^deus_ex: you're right. s/popularity/quality/ :)19:22
deus_exThey sold out, basically :)19:22
deus_exJust like Metallica.19:22
Auge^deus_ex: now they are more popular i guess... i know some young people around who know u2 for elevation...19:22
surroundereew metallica19:23
treach"facilus descénsus Avérno" :p19:23
deus_extreach: Don't make me google ;)19:24
Auge^so... which new "classic-style" rock-bands are the future?19:24
deus_exAtari Teenage Riot.19:24
treachdeus_ex: It's Vergelius: "The way down to the realm of the dead is easy" (or something similar, I'm too tired to translate it to something sensible.)19:25
*** lasso has quit IRC19:25
deus_extreach: It's the way up that is fucked up(ask Orpheus).19:26
treachright. :D19:26
deus_exPersephone must have been a babe...19:28
deus_exOr whatever her name was.19:28
* deus_ex notices he is not in bed yet19:29
Auge^mount -t deus_ex -o sleeping /dev/comp /mnt/bed19:32
deus_exAuge^: :)19:33
*** bd2 has quit IRC19:33
deus_exI'm off to bed.See you all around.It's been a pleasure talking to you, as always :)19:34
treachgood night time to sleep here as well.19:34
deus_extreach: Go to sleep, my friend.19:34
*** treach has quit IRC19:34
surroundernn deus_ex19:34
*** jdolan has joined #crux19:38
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan19:38
RyoSis there a good tool to read out cpu info?20:00
RyoSlike vcore and stuff?20:00
Auge^for vcore (lm)sensors and plugins for it20:01
RyoSmh i thought about a little program, no widget :)20:01
Auge^ok. sensors.20:01
surrounderRyoS: fvwmbuttons with matching script ;20:02
* surrounder hides20:02
RyoSi just need one little tool..20:02
surrounderconky maybe ?20:02
Auge^RyoS: like this? ->
Auge^so you need i2c-support in kernel, install modules, load modules, install lmsensors and enjoy20:04
Auge^prt-get install lm_sensors20:04
RyoSmh yes20:04
RyoSright, forgot about them20:04
surroundermn broken here20:05
RyoSAuge^: i am adding those modules now, will tell you if it works thanks20:09
Auge^mh. so. what's up?20:21
RyoSAuge^: doesnt seem to work for me20:30
RyoSah wait, sensors-detect20:31
Auge^do you have i2c_core in kernel or loaded?20:31
Auge^then you can try sensors-detect, right20:31
RyoShave it20:32
Auge^sensor found, module loaded and works?20:32
RyoSsensors-detect seems to work, it pastes some config i should add to /etc/rc ..?20:32
Auge^just load the module.20:33
RyoSit is loaded20:33
Auge^but you need it in /etc for load at boot time20:33
RyoSAuge^: qry :)20:37
*** bd2 has joined #crux20:39
Auge^time for bed. g'n8!21:10
*** destruct_ has joined #Crux21:48
*** Romster has joined #crux21:59
*** destruct has quit IRC22:03
hackedheadi've recently done a sysup and gtk apps have started using antialiasing for fonts, cna anybody point me in the right direction to configure away again? /etc/fonts/local.conf doesn't appear to ahve any effect...22:13
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
*** haary has quit IRC23:31

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