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nipuLhehe, just discovered the crux forum00:28
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tilmanhackedhead: since gtk 2.2, AA cannot be disabled anymore01:40
tilmannot in gdk at least01:40
tilmanhackedhead: but yeah, it will be possible to do it via fontconfig. let me have a look01:40
tilmansince fontconfig 2.4, /etc/fonts/local.conf isn't read anymore01:41
tilmanshould work if you move it to /etc/fonts/conf.d though01:41
tilman(or use /etc/fonts/conf.avail/51-local.conf) :)01:42
tilmanthat one includes local.conf01:42
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Hanthe last point02:00
copworkfor dummies02:16
copworkare there a few good points in using X11r7 over r6 ?02:16
copworki got no second question, amirite02:17
HanGood, because I am lazier than you. :-)02:17
maro_copwork: the usual stuff, it has newer drivers, newer features02:25
copworki only read that is has become more modular02:26
tilmanassembling a list of ati/radeon fixes since 6.9 would take a man a week02:26
copworki am wondering if i can get a slimmer X bei using r702:26
copworkmy spelling is off02:26
maro_it will be smaller02:26
maro_since with R6, you get *everything*02:27
copworknote to myself: never drink leftover booze out of company community fridge02:27
copworkI shall try then02:27
maro_also R7 is used by most distros now, so it's getting more testing/bugfixing02:28
maro_R6 has only recieved security fixes for a year now02:28
Hanbooz sucks :-)02:29
copworkwe had to clear the fridge because the temp sensor went crazy02:29
copworksome bubble water plastic bottles exploded02:29
copworkand there was a stone bottle of bärwurz (bearclaw?) booze left02:30
tilmanbearroot probably :P02:31
copworki think the origin is not a root02:33
copworkbut spice02:34
tilmanit's a root02:34
tilmanjust googled myself :P02:34
copworkthat makes sense, too02:34
copworki couldnt find the english word for the plant02:34
copworkdamn, how did I come up with claw02:34
copworktilman is right, forget my babbling02:35
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surrounderffplay.c:(.text+0x3e18): undefined reference to `XOpenDisplay'06:37
surrounderffplay.c:(.text+0x3e4b): undefined reference to `XCloseDisplay'06:37
surrounderI get that error during prt-get depisnt gnome while it's compiling /usr/ports/gnome/gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg, anyone familiair with it and know how to fix this ?06:39
HanIt's a link time problem.06:43
HanIt's missing -lX1106:43
Hanor the path to it06:43
treachsurrounder: check the logs for a few days back.06:44
HanBut since you didn't paste the gcc line which resulted in this error I can't tell.06:44
treachiirc romster and some other guy had exactly that problem a few days ago, and eventually solved it.06:44
surrounderaah ok06:45
surrounderHan: there are no errors during compilation itself, only at linking06:45
surroundertreach: thanks06:45
Hansurrounder, you misunderstand my remark06:45
Hanor you don't realize gcc is also used to link06:46
surrounderaah nice, it worked06:56
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nipuLon my gf's computer, running a ssh xnested session to my computer, which i am sshing to the media center which is playing robotech on the tv07:53
surrounderhaha nice07:54
nipuLthis is why i love unix07:54
rxiand a decent network and computers07:54
teKmuss ich eigentlich irgendwelche besonderen Module laden, wenn ich mein DVD Laufwerk benutzen will? Ich kann damit nur noch CDs mounten, bei DVDs kriege ich immer "mount: no medium found"07:57
nipuLim enlisch nitte07:57
tilmanpwned ;)07:57
teKwrong channel >_< :p07:57
teKbut i'll give it a try anyway07:57
rxinipuL: what the hell does that mean?07:57
teKdo I have to load any special modules to be able to use my dvd-device? it mounts cds correctly. If I try to mount a dvd it tells me: mount: no mdeium found07:58
rxioh i worked that bit out07:59
nipuLim englisch bitte (in english please)07:59
rxioh lol07:59
rxiill have to remember that one07:59
nipuLteK: dvd use the udf filesystem type07:59
nipuLbut that wouldnt cuase a no medium foind error08:00
nipuLare you sure you're drive is a dvd08:01
nipuLmy enlish is sucking tonight08:01
nipuLcorrection my typing08:01
teKit says DVD drive; compact disc08:01
teKi'm no dvd-drive. Sorry08:01
rehabdollfew people are08:02
nipuLi am08:02
nipuLE(__*__)3 pleas insert disc08:02
teKafter some time I tried to mount again and it didn't even spin up to read de medium08:03
nipuLmaybe your drive is on the blink08:03
rehabdollwhat does dmesg say?08:03
teKcdrom: open failed08:03
teKi'll have to go afk for a while "brb"08:03
rehabdolland the disc is ok?08:04
teKit worked in different other drives08:04
teK(the one in question is a slim (laptop)drive, btw)08:04
nipuLdid you put the cd in the right way up ;P08:07
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teKyes, I did08:43
yipmy mencoder of mplayer package doesn't seem to be very good08:51
prologicHan, why does easytag install it's man page to /usr/share/man1 and not /usr/man/man1 ?08:55
tilmanhan loves these kind of questions08:56
prologicit's quite valid seeing as there is only /usr/share/man/whatis08:59
prologicand no further man[0-9] subdirs under it08:59
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surrounderhmm, gnome is installed, but it's starting awefully slow, same for the apps10:40
brointhemixtoo little RAM?10:46
brointhemixor not enough swap space?10:46
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surrounderbrointhemix: 512 MB, 1 GB - it's not that because gtk apps are really fast in for example fvwm10:50
surrounderI mean, volume control takes 6 seconds to start10:52
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Auge^surrounder: look at IO... HD...11:05
Auge^or start from console for some messages11:06
surrounderno messages11:06
surrounderbut gtk apps are fine in other wms11:06
Auge^so your problem is gnome related, not gtk?11:07
surroundersurrounder:/etc/rc.d> time gnome-volume-control11:10
surroundergnome-volume-control  4.96s user 0.82s system 76% cpu 7.508 total11:10
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triif i want to install HAL it always stops at the configuration: checking for POLKIT configure - error no PolicyKit found11:50
trihave somebody a idea ?11:51
treachmissing dep maybe?11:51
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triyes it is a missing dep. i need to install polkit. (the configure is searching for polkit.pc). I found policykit at but this cvs version would compile ? any tips ?12:08
tilmanare you saying that opt/hal doesn't work?12:09
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triyes i cannot compile it12:12
trioh no opt/hal is working... it was my one port. now everything is fine ;) thx...12:14
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prologicany postfix exports here ?14:22
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maro_is there a nice tool to do basic security auditing of a system?15:25
maro_e.g. list setuid files, world-writable directories, ...15:25
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prologicmaro, if you don't find one, tell me what it should do, I might write it :)15:42
treachprologic: based on the specs so far, it could open the man page for find. :p15:43
tilmani'd prefer an abomination in python written by prologic15:45
prologictilman, funny haha15:46
maro_well, a find alias with a zillion of arguments would do the job, the question is what one should look out for15:46
maro_other nice things would be non-existant owners/groups15:46
maro_meh, just found another bug in pkgutils :/15:47
tilmanyou forgot to link to the patch15:47
maro_I don't do C++15:48
maro_and reporting bugs don't seem to do much but piss "developers" off15:48
yipis there a script for finding files in /usr that aren't owned by any package?15:50
maro_anyway, if the owner or permissions of a "UPGRADE NO" directory changes, it's rejected, but rejmerge will just ignore it15:50
maro_(and remove the rejected directory)15:51
maro_yip: yup15:51
prologichow weird does that sound15:51
treachyip: look at the stuff in prt-utils15:51
maro_it's vektori who wrote it, but I can't remember his stupid web address15:52
maro_damned finns15:53
maro_has anyone tried the 2.6.19 rc?15:54
RyoSwhats intresting new that would convince me of testing?16:06
RyoSsounds intresting16:09
RyoSthough i guess i wont touch this until its considerd stable and not experimental :)16:09
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treachhm, normal pkgsize for firefox, anyone?17:46
treach(i.e disk usage, not the size of the compressed package.)17:48
Auge^mh. sources?17:49
Auge^or binary version?17:49
treachinstalled binaries17:49
tilmanopt/firefox, -O2, ~52 mb17:50
treachthing:~% pkgsize firefox17:50
treachTotal kilobytes for firefox : 4910017:50
treach \o/17:50
Auge^just a lot of line like: /usr/bin/pkgsize: line 114: ((: 4K: value too great for base (error token is "4K")17:51
Auge^whats wrong there?17:53
tilmantreach: is that with too?17:53
tilmanor one of these newly fandangled rcs?17:53
tilmanthat's with -O2 too? not -Os? :P17:54
treachdid some ricing. :p17:54
treachno, it's with Os plus some fine tuning.17:54
tilmangood work then, i guess17:54
tilmanif you feel like it, do a -O2 build so we can have comparable numbers17:54
treachwell. I guess it will only take another hour or so..17:55
treachmy poor computer..17:55
Auge^hmpf. can anyone tell me whats wrong with pkgsize?17:55
treachtut mir leid, keine ahnung. :p17:56
tilmantreach: yeah well, that's why i said "if you feel like it". that includes mr. thing, of course ;)17:56
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treachok, lets see how much faster O2 goes than Os..17:58
Auge^ok. i will search for error in pkgsize...18:02
treachI somehow doubt the problem is in the script..18:07
Auge^    filesize=`du $file` will result in "4K" or similar, but let don't know what to do with the K18:15
Auge^but if you change du $file to du -k $file all will be fine18:18
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treachtilman: apparently, it was pretty much all thanks to Os. :-/18:46
treach pkgsize firefox -> 5220418:46
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