IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2006-10-08

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rehabdollHan, do you use the aoss wrapper for firefox and plugins like flash?10:06
rehabdolli seem to have problems getting sound to work with firefox-wrapper10:06
HanOh? I didn't have to change anything to let it stay working.10:11
HanYes I do use the aoss wrapper for firefox.10:11
RyoSHan: i updated your zsh Pkgfile10:11
HanI just forgot how I set it up... That's odd, I never forget anything...10:12
HanRyoS, whatfor?10:12
RyoSjust new version + utf-8 support10:12
RyoSyoure intrested to update it in your repo?10:12
Hanwhat new version?10:12
HanNah, it's broken afaik.10:13
RyoSwhy is it broken..=10:13
RyoSit works fine for me10:13
HanI reverted to 4.2.7 because it's stable and works great10:13
RyoS4.3.2 is stable too10:14
HanProblems with a few things.10:14
RyoSmaybe i can test it out on my machine10:14
HanWell enjoy using it. But I have tried it, it broke and reverted.10:14
HanI can't remember. Too long ago.10:14
RyoSmaybe you want to recheck it10:14
Hanmaybe, maybe not.10:15
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RyoSfeel free to try it10:18
RyoSit works perfectly fine for me10:18
Hanrehabdoll, export LD_PRELOAD=''10:22
Hanadd that to your firefox-rc10:24
Hanrehabdoll, I added it to the document, thanks for mentioning it.10:27
yipanyone get the hurd running under crux?11:18
maro_anyone got the hurd running under anything?11:20
maro_they have like one commit every 3 months11:21
jjpkStart porting, maybe you will get hurd/crux.11:22
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jjpkhi mike_k11:23
mike_kjjpk: evening!11:24
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jdolanyou know what's cool?  when i run the app, it segfaults.  when i run it under valgrind, it works fine.16:11
tilmanneither cool nor surprising nor anything16:12
tilmansorry :P16:12
tilmanjdolan: but it bitches about errors, right? if it doesn't, it's a vg bug probably ;)16:13
jdolanit complains about errors, but normal things really.16:24
jdolangdb tells me there's a segfault in a function.  but no line number.16:24
jdolanhilarous.  everything works in valgrind.16:26
yipjdolan: compile with -g16:38
yipi just spent a good few hours debuggin a buffer overrun today16:39
bd2or.. jdolan, you can run your app in valgrind everytime and write "valgrind" as a dependency to your app :-) yeah it will a bit slow, but it will work at least :-)16:39
jdolanhehe ;)16:49
jdolani got it, thanks yip :)16:49
jdolangirlfriend asked what time it was, i hit an rdate server for her.16:50
jdolanthat's devotion right there.16:50
jdolanit's all about showing that you really care.16:50
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_mavrick61OT: Any one here jnow if there is an option in SAMBA for amount of openfiles. I got handles error during files copy at the same time the backup is running.19:35
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