IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2006-10-09

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_mavrick61Any onw who have seen this before  XFS internal error xfs_da_do_buf(1) at line 2119 of file fs/xfs/xfs_da_btree.c.00:52
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RyoSanyone here can help me building a port please?03:29
RyoSoh, think i got it03:32
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yipis there a good gtk+ pdf viewer?05:20
yipdoesn't that require gnome shit?05:23
rxiid say so05:24
treachevince is probably better, but it still requires some gnome crap.05:25
yipi'm looking for something that's pure gtk. maybe this is something that could be another project of mine after this image viewer...05:25
treachthere is another one, but it's crap.. don't remember it's name though.05:26
cptnuses only gtk and poppler05:27
treachand it sucks. :D05:27
treachdog slow, real problems with docs bigger than a couple of pages etc.05:28
rxixpdf works ok *shrugs*05:28
treachyep, most of the time, but it isn't very sexy. :p05:28
treachalso, iirc it's no longer maintained.05:29
treachwhich could turn out to be a bigger aber.05:29
* treach googles05:30
yipwhy the hell does poppler need ghostscript?05:30
rxior gsview?05:30 ftw05:30
treachviewpdf -> gnustep apparently05:31
treachwhich means installing objc.. etc05:31
treachalso it's not maintained.. -> superceeded by "vindaloo"05:32
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cptntreach: epdfview is slow indeed, although looks like a good start05:44
treachagreed, since it isn't very big it shouldn't be too hard to improve for anyone so inclined.05:50
treachbut it's not useable in it's current state05:50
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treach"More than half a million computer users have installed Vista test software, and 450,000 of the systems have sent crash data back to Microsoft." <3 <308:12
rxiits still beta so meh08:12
deus_ex50.000 users never actually booted Vista, so no crash for them :)08:13
aondoesn't seem like awfully lot to me08:13
cptnor maybe they can't go online08:13
treachor it crashed too early in the boot for it to report08:14
aonlike if everyone experiences firefox crashes as often as me they would cause a lot bigger percentage if reported :)08:14
aonthat was completely stupid08:15
deus_exaon: Large percentage of FF crashes is extension-related, afaik08:15
aoni don't have any :|08:15
cptnthen you probably lack the "stability" extension08:15
yip <-- omg this is cool.. guy riding his home built mechanical lion in Belgium08:15
rxiaon: hence i use opera :)08:16
aoni can't get used to it08:16
aonmaybe i should try to08:16
aoncool lion08:16
aonbut we have cars here :)08:16
deus_exOpera kicks FF ass when it comes to session saving.08:17
deus_exWill FF 2.x have native session managment, I wonder....08:18
deus_exI sure hope so.08:18
* deus_ex checks if is out08:19
treachFF 2.0, or "Back to the roots edition".08:19
aonwhere roots = the present state + additional bloat?08:19
rxithey have been saying that since the begining08:19
treach(bloody every thing puts inside.)08:19
deus_exroots = Mozilla?08:20
treachs put/put08:20
rximore like roots you browsing08:20
treachthe farking "Mozillla Suite"08:20
deus_exrxi: It will make it more accessible to Windows users :)08:21
deus_exStill no
Hanamazing indeed.08:28
Handeus_ex, do you also use install_latest_kernel?08:29
deus_exHan: No.08:30
deus_exI prefer to do it manually.08:31
Romsteri want ketchup to handle user added kernel patches08:32
deus_exDilbert in Dutch :)08:33
deus_exroberth: ketchup?08:34
deus_exSorry(damn tab).08:34
deus_exThat was for Romster.08:34
roberthit's ok.08:35
Hanafter I wrote my script two others also popped up.08:38
Romsterprt-get info ketchup08:38
deus_exwtf.'No route to host' (cups source d/l)08:38
HanRomster, use install_latest_kernel ;-)08:39
Romsterdeus_ex, yeah i got that too goto the site and get it from a diferent mirror08:39
deus_exRomster: Thanks.08:39
RomsterHan, why? cd /usr/src/linux; ketchup 2.6; make; make modules_install; ....08:40
Romsterwhy use a Pkgfile?08:40
HanRomster, because mine is much better. :P08:43
Hanpoof, done08:43
RyoShey all08:43
treachRomster: you shouldn't use /usr/src/linux08:43
RyoSsomeone in for a quality check? ->
HanFor starterd.08:43
Romsterthats only your opinion, and of course your going to be bised since you typed it.08:43
HanYup :-)08:44
deus_extreach: Why?08:44
HanSo why do you ask me why?08:44
Romsterwell i use /usr/src/linux-<version>08:44
HanBecause I wrote it! :-D08:44
HanRomster, don't do stuff as root when you don't have to.08:44
Romstertyped it, you didn't wrote it ;)08:44
treachdeus_ex: linus said years ago, DON'T.. and there is a high probability you have world writeable sources that way..08:44
treachdidn't write08:45
treachif you're going anal, please be grammaticaly correct yourself. :-)08:45
Romsteri live dangerously, *shrugs*08:45
Hantreach, not any longer, crux uses a patch for tar which prevents that08:45
Han(which I wrote ;-)08:45
* treach patches in a rootkit in romsters sources08:46
Romsterthats only if you unpack the tarball as root...08:46
HanRomster, you are a slow reader.08:46
Romsterno i'em not, i'm just not bothered to read fast.08:46
* Han floods Romster with confetti08:47
treach"And I'm a good typist and an excellent grammatician, I just can't be bothered"08:47
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j^2hey guys08:48
treach"I also am a concert pianist and rocket scientist whenever I get a spare moment".08:48
Romsterhi j to the power of 2 :P08:48
HanSounds like Stalin :-)08:48
* j^2 tips hat to Romster 08:49
deus_extreach: drwxr-xr-x 20 pedja users  /usr/src/linux-2.6.18-ck108:50
treachmmh, and the files?08:50
treachalso, apparently you didn't unpack as root, which would probably be the normal procedure for anyone trying to put stuff in /usr08:51
Han15:45        Han| treach, not any longer, crux uses a patch for tar which prevents that08:52
deus_extreach: /usr/src dir is chowned to pedja.users.08:52
treachah.. sry. I missed that line, been busy.08:52
HanAnother slow reader :P08:53
treachyou try eat, irc-ing and trying to keep a cat from creating havoc at the same time..08:53
deus_exCat handling is full-time job :)08:54
treachyeah, from time to time.08:54
treachin between it's extremely peaceful. :-)08:54
deus_ex'And I have scars to prove it'.08:54
* deus_ex never had a pet08:55
treachnah, these cats are probably the most unaggressive ones I've had to do with, ever.08:55
deus_exHow many do you have?08:56
rxidogs ftw08:56
treachdeus_ex: 2.08:57
deus_exDogs lick their balls, then owners face.'Oh, it's so cute!'.08:57
rxicats eat birds and bring them  up in the house08:57
RyoSwhy dont we go watch cats and dogs together?08:57
deus_extreach: Nice :)08:58
deus_ex'I ate a goldfish.That was my first wish'.09:01
treachdeus_ex: here is one of them. I can't find any pics of the other one right now.
deus_exThat cat is either pissed off, or had a rather large meal :)09:05
deus_exCute teddy bear, too.09:06
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deus_exDoes Xorg have a screen capture tool?09:09
deus_exI need to take a screenshot.09:10
yipguys, do any of the crux team members make income from the project?09:14
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deus_exyip: If tons of sex with gorgeus babes qualifies as income, then yes :)09:17
deus_exAsk jdolan.09:18
brointhemixhe'll deny everything ;)09:18
deus_exbrointhemix: Does his g/f hangs out here?09:22
brointhemixg/f ?09:23
brointhemixdunno :)09:23
brointhemixbut i rather meant that he'll deny getting profits from CRUX :)09:24
brointhemixi didn't mean the sex thing ;)09:24
deus_exOh :)09:25
treachdeus_ex: neither, he's just really furry.09:26
treach<- afk09:26
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brointhemixfurry? he's got hairy back? ;)09:27
brointhemixmaybe he's Yeti :P :P :P09:28
brointhemixi hope i won't get banned for making fun from jdolan...09:28
brointhemixfun of*09:28
deus_ex"Relatively speaking, CRUX is extremely small and tight.  Much like the ideal woman."09:31
brointhemixdeus_ex: you're quoting jdolan? ;)09:32
brointhemixthat's it then, problem solved09:33
deus_exHe is cool :)09:33
brointhemix"He is cool" or "He is hot" you wanted to say? ;) ;) ;)09:33
brointhemixnothing, i'm just playing :)09:34
deus_exI thought so :)09:36
* deus_ex waits for caffeine to kick in09:36
brointhemixan afternoon coffee?09:37
deus_exAfter-work-chilling coffee, yes.09:38
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brointhemixi'm off for now. cya :)09:49
bd2Romster, hey. found another port with tabs in the header: fltk09:49
Romsterall the ports have tabs in the meta data...09:51
bd2ugh. wanna see how it looks like with ts=8? :-)09:51
bd2tabs are good for indenting, but not for the formating09:52
RomsterI'm using prologics settings blame him if shiftwidth=3, tabstop=3, looks wrong I've spent time reformatting the damn lot of Pkgfiles and i don't want todo it a 3rd time theres over 250 damn Pkgfiles now...09:54
bd2lol :-))09:54
Romsterit looks ok with default settings in bluefish editor too, but not right for kwrite, nor the web display, so bugger me what is right and what isn't09:55
treachdeus_ex: I was refering to the guy who didn't like to get photographed. :-)09:55
Romsterbd2, also how the hell do i use ! in a script without it expanding to histroy, i've tryed to use set -o name, but that dosn't seem to work...09:56
deus_extreach: I thought so :)09:56
bd2Romster, "set +H"09:56
deus_extreach: What are the names of your cats?09:57
deus_exFuzzy and Fury?09:57
treachBenjamin and Findus.09:57
treachBenjamin is the big guy on the picture.09:58
Romsteri was trying to use - to unset it... hmmz09:59
Romstermust work backwards09:59
deus_extreach: And Findus couldn't be found to be photographed, I presume ;)?10:00
deus_exSiamese cat, Benjamin?10:01
cptn$ grep "   " /usr/ports/{core,opt}/*/Pkgfile|grep -c ":#.*:"10:01
cptnso it's not exactly _all_ ports that have tabs in their meta data10:02
cptn(make sure it's a tab char if you copy it)10:02
treachdeus_ex: I have pics on the other one - somewhere. Ben is a norwegian forest cat.10:02
Romsterah sweet now that works fine, i can finish off that bash script later.10:03
deus_extreach: I never heard of 'norwegian forest cat' before.10:03
Romstercptn, i was refering to all ports in prologics repo10:04
deus_exLive and learn...10:04
Romstersorry i should of made myself clear on that10:04
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Romsterjust what is the correct tab stop? and shiftwidth to use?10:05
Romsterthe idea being they user has there own settings so it displays as intendted to there liking..10:05
cptnwell, taste differs10:05
cptnto me, tab chars are always 8 spaces wide10:05
RomsterI'm a hater of using spaces10:05
cptnand I never use spaces at all10:05
cptn(except if I have to because I'm adding code to other people's projects)10:05
treach"Ineverusespacesatall" ;-)10:05
cptnI never use tabs at all10:06
cptnsilly mistake10:06
deus_exRomster: I first read that as 'I was reffering to all pr0n in prologics repo" :)10:06
Romstercptn, that would make a few indentations very hard to read source code..10:06
cptnRomster: you decide10:06
Romsterdeus_ex, rofl10:06
cptnRomster: the kernel folks seem to cope will with 8 space indent10:06
Romsterpervert :P10:06
Romsteri would like to make everyone happy, but its hard to cope with a compromise.10:07
deus_exGuilty as charged :)10:07
Romsterand i'm always open to sugestions.10:07
bd2tabs are useful, but only for indending.10:07
cptnwell, bd2 suggested that you shouldn't use tabs10:07
cptnfor formatting that is10:07
cptnand there are none in core, and only one in opt using tabs10:07
cptnthis _might_ give you a hint10:08
deus_exTab in the bar is a GoodThing[tm], methinks....10:08
Romsterhmmz, i use tabs so it all aligns up nice and neatly10:08
cptnwasn't this discussion started because it didn't line up nicely?10:09
cptnunless you copied your specific (non-common) settings=10:09
Romsterread a meta section thats only got one space after each : meta name: item, then see it in a neat and away from the : in a straight vertical line.10:09
cptnRomster: okay, here's a secret: use multiple spaces in a row10:09
copworkeris there a pr0n repo ?10:10
Romsteri used default vim settings at first then prologic said it messed it all up so i set to hes settings tabstop=3, tshiftwidth=310:10
deus_excopworker: Working on it ;)10:10
deus_exFirst, package pr0n-get.10:11
Romstermultiple spaces, eww, i may aswell use use tab to spaces in the editor settings...10:11
deus_exThat's all you need, really.10:11
Romstercptn, btw prologic sugested that we seperate our ports as i'm starting to get quite a few now, so if your still interesed in me having mine synced to contrib, i'll have a seperate repo soon.10:12
cptnRomster: I'm not10:12
cptnbut if you maintained it for 2-6 month, you can apply10:12
cptnthe basic idea behind contrib is that people _want_ to be a part of it10:13
deus_ex'Will watching porn get me AIDS?'- The Times of India article10:13
cptnso the motivation has to come from your side10:13
Romsterhmm ok, well then all the ports that are mine in the contrib repo now will be removed till i get my repo listed in again then, not ei've been maintaining ports for quite awhile already now.10:13
Romsternote i've*10:14
cptnwell, you may apply at any point in time10:14
cptnyou just need to find someone to support your application10:14
cptnthat's all it really takes10:14
cptnsee for the details10:14
Romsterah k that shouldn't be too much problem then.10:14
Romsteri have read that awhile ago, guess a refresher wouldn't hurt.10:15
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Romsterok i remember now :)10:17
Romsterhmm since i'll move my ports into thee own repo i'll retab mine to look in a row with default settings, unlike prologics settings.10:18
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Romsterok another problem i have a $var return a string that contains other $var's, and i have them $vars set but they don't get expanded not even with double quotes around them..10:36
Romsternever thought bash scripting could be so frustrating, i've learned functions, that wasn't that hard, but working with bash vars compared to other languages...10:37
bd2redefine $var when you update $var's variables10:41
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j^2i'm sorry but i just found i couldnt stop laughing10:42
treachdeus_ex: here, the page is just a quick hack, but I found a picture
aonj^2: :D10:43
deus_extreach: Findus is awesome :)10:44
treachyeah, but he has, as seen in the picture, a tendency to munch on things. :-/10:45
deus_exj^2: Thanks, I spilled my coffee because of you.Thank $deity it's cold :)10:45
aonnice :)10:45
aonwe need to keep our cat on a leash :(10:46
Romsterbd2, result="some string $foo", just before that i set, foo="bar", what i get back is $foo and not bar at the end of the string from result.10:46
j^2deus_ex: hahah10:47
aonapparently volvo has crappy enough paintjob for a cat to be able to damage it10:47
aondidn't happen yet, though10:47
treachugh. :-/10:47
aon :)10:47
treachgoing to RMA her?10:49
aonheh, no :)10:49
RomsterRMA, her... i read that as ram her...10:49
aon < that wasn't a bad shot10:50
Romstergues it works both ways ey deus_ex :)10:50
treachaon: nice10:51
Romsterpuddy cats :)10:51
deus_exRomster: Slight difference.Expect PETA all over your ass :)10:52
* Romster makes a coffee, seeing snow makes me feel cold10:52
tilmanurl sounds promising10:54
treachaon: I added another picture, I just can't decide wether I think it's a good or bad shot. :-/10:55
deus_exI don't care what the protest is about, as long as they are nekkid :)10:55
tilman"The always-reliable and frequently-pretty PETA girls are at it again [...]"10:56
aontreach: seems like a good pic :)10:56
aona peaceful moment with his gf :)10:57
deus_extreach: Nice one ;)10:57
Romsterdeus_ex, O_o10:59
* Romster bookmarks the page11:00
Romsterputs it in the humor section11:01
deus_exRomster: Isn't Internet fun?11:01
Romsteris it just me or dosn't xorg-driver-nv go above 1024*768?11:02
Romsterdeus_ex, yep :)11:02
TRIBBBanybody here able to help me with apache and .htaccess?11:05
Romsteri haven't messed with .htaccess files much, but maybe if you explain what your trying todo TRIBBB11:08
tilmanRomster: highly doubtful o_O11:11
tilmanNever call a man a fool; borrow from him.11:12
TRIBBBRomster: well im trying to lock down myphpadmin11:12
Romsteri totally redone my xorg.conf file and i think i was using the vga driver origionally, i had 1280*1024 but now i'm back to 1024*768 and i can't go any higher.11:13
RomsterTRIBBB, ah so you want to add authentencation.11:13
TRIBBBRomster: created the .htaccess file and put it in the phpmyadmin dir - setup httpd.conf as well as i believe it should be according to the tutorial11:14
TRIBBBRomster: yes11:14
Romsterhave you read that yet?11:15
treachrsync: link_stat "/." (in crux-contrib) failed: Permission denied (13)11:16
treachrsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at main.c(1298) [receiver=2.6.8]11:16
treachn/m failed twice, worked the third time. :-/11:17
cptntreach: you probably hit the very moment when the new collection was copied over11:17
cptnsince the rsync export is only a copy of the merged collection11:17
cptnit's strange though that it's that long11:18
cptni.e. possible to get that error twice11:19
treachyeah, that's why I asked, if it had only been once I hadn't thought anything about it.11:20
tilmanmaybe treach's connection is too fast ;)11:20
cptnyeah, broadband's too cheap in sweden11:20
treachnot possible. :-D11:20
tilmancptn: yes, and too broad, too11:21
TRIBBBRomster: yes i read that11:21
treachtilman: oh, come on, no need to be jelaus just because you're connected via some bad phone line with nails through it every 50 m.11:22
tilmansorry, i didn't get that, got disconnected11:22
tilmandamn nails in the phone line11:23
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Romsterwhat command do i run to create a REPO file?12:34
Romsterlooking in pkgutils12:34
j^2http tab-tab ;)12:34
Romstersweet thanks j^212:40
j^2any time12:40
Romsterhad to ignore .svn files, that wasn't a problem though.12:40
Romsterjust needed to know what program to use heh12:40
j^2<--- #crux idler12:40
Romstersometimes its hard just to find what program to man for12:41
Romster<-- newly seperated ports repo12:41
tilmanisn't a .svn regex in the default httpup-repgen set of rules?12:41
tilmanmaybe i dreamed that12:41
j^2dreaming about regex again tilman?12:42
j^2that can get you in trouble :P12:42
* tilman almost never remembers what he dreamed :(12:42
Romsternot what i know of i had to add that manually12:42
Romsternow my repo can be httpup atleast.12:43
Romstersadly there will be some disruption of anyone uses my ports to when they get resynced to contrib again.12:44
deus_exRomster: as long as you don't put all sources for package in the repo, all will be well ;)12:45
Romsterall sources?12:46
Romsterthere fetched from the sites they come from.12:46
deus_exworking directory, where package is built(extracted tarball).12:47
Romsterah binary builds hmm12:48
Romsterdon't think i want to provide binary packages of the ports, source ports is ok i recken12:49
deus_expkgmk/work dir12:49
Romsterya well that never gets included lol12:49
deus_exYou think?12:49
Romsterbesides i build the ports on my pc then i svn add the files if need be and then commit it.12:50
deus_exPrologic had something like that while back, to much amusement of all ;)12:50
* Romster slaps deus_ex 12:50
Romsterit was a light slap ;)12:50
deus_exIt was a light 'ouch'.12:51
Romstermy shoulder is still itchy from the slap i got earleir at darts..12:51
Romsterdamn person..12:51
deus_exDon't get all PC now.12:51
Romsterperson= one12:51
deus_exI guess if multiple persons slaped you, you'll be more than itching12:53
deus_exErr...does that make any sense at all?12:53
Romsterrofl yeah12:53
* Romster shrugs12:53
Romsteron that note i'll make a coffee b4 the meeting starts12:54
deus_exI played darts once.More drunk I got, better my shot was ;)12:54
deus_exKinda annoying to the other players....12:54
deus_exZen darts :)12:55
Romsterhehe till you reach a threshold and start to go the other way again :)12:55
deus_exThreshold = room spining12:56
deus_ex Meeting starts, so is NCIS.12:58
deus_exI 'll read the logs later.Have fun, don't annoy devs too much ;)12:59
RomsterI'll try not too.13:00
RomsterI know I get on a few peoples nervers when I don't intend too.13:01
Romsterspecasilly my bad spelling lol.13:01
treach"to". ;-)13:01
treachhowever, it's easy to avoid annoying anyone with your spelling. Just shut up. :-)13:02
Romstererm, damn that 'to' word13:02
Romsterthats a crackup...13:02
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux13:03
treachaye, a lot of people have problems with it.13:03
*** koefz has joined #crux13:03
treachI think it's probably *the* single most common error among students here.13:04
treachRomster: only cptn will curse you..13:05
Romsteryeah to and too would be the msot common mistake.13:05
*** Brzi has joined #crux13:06
Romstersorry bad typing with bad spelling dosn't help.13:06
*** koefz has quit IRC13:06
Romsteri'll try to improve though.13:06
treach /MODE #crux +curse *!* ;-)13:06
deus_ex'I curse thee to use Gentoo/Hurd'!13:06
* Romster sets mode #crux +excemption *!*
treachGnetoo/kFreeBSD or Gnetoo/kWin95 more like it13:08
Romsterquite honestly i've not used any other nick in here other than Roomster when i've ghosted on Romster.13:08
deus_exYou can run, but you can't hide.13:09
RomsterGentoo not Gnetoo?13:09
treachjust kidding.13:09
copworkera can rum13:09
ningoobligatory gaytoo13:10
*** koefz has joined #crux13:10
Romsterthis is so getting degradded13:10
ningoIndeed, it is.13:10
bd2damn. am I missed meeting?13:47
treachno, they're making good progress despite some efforts at distraction.13:49
tilman<3 treach13:49
cptntreach: :-)13:49
treachtilman: hey, don't get exited. :-)13:49
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tilmansorry, too much coffee13:50
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treachRomster: ffs, you already have access to contrib, if you feel it's needed/possible, why not go ahead?14:33
Romsteri've moved my repo if you read the mailing list...14:34
treachI do read the ml, but I've yet to recive any such mail.14:34
cptntreach: it's crux-contrib@ he refers to14:35
Romsterand yeah i could make a stripe down one for non-svn users that only want to download.14:35
cptnin case your crystal ball isn't available14:35
treachNo, I think it's still on a loan somewhere in switzerland. :-)14:36
Romstergoing to get a coffee tink i've anoyed enougth, with intentionally meaning too.14:37
cptn"making others not getting their work done, and proud of it since 2006(?)"14:38
tilmancptn: i think he meant "_un_intentionally" ;)14:39
Romsterunintentionally sorry, damn i'm bad, and no i'm not prould of anoying, quite the opersate, i'm trying to fit in here14:39
treachlike a sore thumb.14:40
*** j^2 has quit IRC14:44
treachbd2:  You forgot LYNX! :D14:47
bd2LYNX rocks :-)14:47
treachnever forget the BASICS :-)14:47
*** pitillo has quit IRC15:04
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux15:04
*** Romster has quit IRC15:14
*** Romster has joined #crux15:15
*** maro_ has joined #crux15:25
maro_tilman: have you seen that redhat^Wfedora have a single package with all the xorg protos?15:26
tilmantreach: i'll channel all future han-annoyances through Viper_ :)15:27
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC15:38
*** _ASK has quit IRC15:44
*** _ASK has joined #crux15:45
*** Brzi has quit IRC15:56
*** brointhemix has quit IRC15:58
*** copworker has quit IRC15:59
jdolanhehe, hi deus_ex.16:00
deus_ex jdolan Hello, how are you?16:00
deus_exYou're not at the meeting?16:01
jdolanis that going on now?  hm.16:01
jdolani just got home from work a minute ago.16:01
deus_exYou're quite busy, I see.16:02
deus_exMeeting started few hours ago, pretty interesting debate going on.16:03
bd2jdolan, I'm not offended, will read logs then16:13
jdolanbd2, okay, good - i meant no offense at all.  i like you.16:13
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC16:21
*** cptn has quit IRC16:36
*** jue has quit IRC16:36
yipanyone know how i can make an image out of each page in a pdf?16:42
bd2didn't tries, bug man gs says: "You might want to print each page separately.  To do this, send the output to a series of files...". then maybe you can convert each "output file" (postscript ones I guess) into images16:53
bd2-bug+but.. lots of typos.. should sleep a bit16:54
*** copwork has joined #crux16:58
yiphm... thanks. btw does anyone else have a problem where if i view a pdf in xpdf i get a bunch of errors "Couldn't find a font for 'Times-Roman' and i don't see any text on the pages?16:58
treachI guess that's why you should have ghostscript.. did you read the readme for xpdf?16:59
yipi guess ghostscript might be useful, but do i really need cups for ghostscript?17:01
prologicdeus_ex, had what ?17:02
*** lasso has quit IRC17:05
deus_exprologic: iirc, you by acccident comitted complete sources for one of your ports to your repo?Few months ago?17:09
deus_exIf that wasn't you, I humbly apologize.17:09
deus_exkid port, I think.17:11
deus_exMay 23 22:55:44 <prologic> what have I gone and done ?<treach>        prologic: just check your kid port.17:13
deus_exMay 23 22:56:09 <maro>  prologic: shared an extracted 'kid' tarball with the world17:13
yipbtw, i made ports for cg, freeimage and ois. should i share them?17:14
treachonly if you feel like it.17:14
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC17:15
treachdeus_ex: I think you officially made it into prologic's ignore list. :-)17:16
deus_extreach: Oh, well. ;)17:18
treachnow, this is a fairly interesting list of bugfixes.. at least for me. :p
prologicdeus_ex, ahh yes that was a bit of a boo boo :)17:23
prologictreach, hehe nah, just got channel 10 wanting my brother and I at the tracks to do a media shoot17:23
prologictalk about short notice ;/17:23
treachone of those famous cockups that never fades away. :D17:23
prologicyeah funny how people only remember the worst in you :)17:24
prologic*sigh* :)17:24
deus_exprologic: That is the stuff legends are made of :D17:24
*** morlenxus has quit IRC17:25
*** morlenxus has joined #crux17:26
prologicdeus_ex, true17:26
*** Romster has quit IRC17:26
prologicit's like I'll always remember: Bill Gates: "The internet is just a fad, it'll go away"17:27
prologichow wrong was he :)17:27
treachthat was our minister of communications back in the nineties..17:27
deus_exOr ' no one will ever need more than 64kb of memory'17:27
*** Romster has joined #crux17:27
treach640K will be enough for everyone would be bill g.17:27
deus_exI omitted a zero there, apparrently :)17:28
treachheh, 64k would be the C64. :-)17:29
deus_exSpectrum had 32k, iirc17:30
deus_exIt was long time ago...17:31
* treach thinks back to the amstrad he used in the past. dual floppies, 512K ram, 8086, and dos 1.0. :-)17:31
deus_exI had atari 800xl.17:32
deus_exSilent Service was one of my favorite games back then.17:33
treachyay, action! :D17:33
deus_exsubmarine(grey, not yellow) :)17:34
treachI know, iirc I've played it on pc later.17:35
* deus_ex wonders if movie Das Boot can be found somewhere17:36
Romsteri've seen a real commodore cp/m pc17:36
* prologic thinks back to the C64 and old XT's :)17:38
prologicgod bless those AT's17:38
deus_exRomster: Remind me, please.What cp/m stands for?17:38
Romsteri can't remember sorry.17:38
treachwp to the rescue!17:38
treachtype it in your browser. :p17:39
Romsterprologic, i got a huge colection of c64 and 2 vic20's 1 c128d17:39
Romstercomputer ... machine17:39
Romsternot sure17:39
prologicControl Program/Monitor17:39
jdolanwe've removed "#Packager:", right?17:39
prologicwe have ?17:40
prologicsince when ?17:40
RomsterCP/M stood for either Control Program/Monitor or Control Program for Microcomputers17:40
Romsterhow could i forget that...17:40
treachjdolan: I don't think so, my impression was that it was being discussed, without any real decision being made.17:41
Romsterjdolan, your the one reading in devel more than i was.17:41
Romsteri think it should be renamed to author17:41
deus_extreach: I is this ? :)17:42
treachhaha, no, wp "something you wonder about"17:44
deus_exOh.Silly me ;)17:44
deus_exInteresting result for keyword 'wtf', though.'WTF Items: Yahoo! Shopping'17:45
deus_exOh, fuck.wp = wikipedia17:47
treachYes. :-)17:47
deus_exGood night, all.17:49
treachgood night17:49
jdolantreach, i thought we had, and when sip patched my java ports, he removed it..17:54
treachOh, of course I could be wrong.17:55
jdolani'll probably remove them.17:55
jdolani think most of my ports were original works anyway.17:55
treachNo need to worry then. I guess I'm the only one who gets confused when decisions aren't acted out "loudly" enough for me to notice..17:58
treach(like someone running sed on the entire port tree. :p )17:59
yipwho is danny rawlins or aaron marks?18:38
* yip prods Romster and nymacro 18:39
_mavrick61Is there any good program/function which just copy over the changes in a file, not the complete file.18:40
treachrsync is supposed to do that.18:40
Romsteri'm danny rawlins18:41
_mavrick61Rsync just copy a change in a file.. So if I have afile with "ABCDEFGHKLM" and change the content to "1BCDEFGHKLM" The it is only "one byte" which is passed over..18:43
Romsteryip, ?18:43
yipRomster: your gcj 4.1.1 port, do you remember it?18:44
Romsteryeah i rememebr it its on my firewall pc and is still running fine.18:44
Romsteroh gcj not gcc.18:45
yipRomster: it doesn't seem to work for me. it gives me an immediate error that directory 'build' does not exist, so i added mkdir build to the Pkgfile, and now the build completes, but the Pkgfile is empty except for a usr directory18:45
_mavrick61I have a backup request.. And the backup is ZIP:ed to on file.. Should it work using rsync to just send over the changes in that ZIP file then. The file is 5 GB and the change might be just fwe KB..18:45
Romsteri've been messing with that a little more its still not perfect yet.18:45
Romsterso i haven't commited a update to it yet.18:45
Romsteryip yeah that was a mistake edit the Pkgfile move the instal -d to the top and remake18:46
Romsteri've fixed that but havn't commited a change just yet.18:46
Romsterstill got conflicting files to sort out.18:46
yipRomster: here goes nothing...18:48
Romsterit'll build but there are conflicting files.18:48
Romsteri should fix that proper now.18:49
yipRomster: it doesn't seem to be working :(18:52
*** Romster has quit IRC18:56
yipshit i killed him :(18:57
treachyip a.k.a  marvin..18:58
*** Romster has joined #crux18:58
Romsterhmmz i'm rebuilding it then i'll put it up...18:58
yipRomster: sweet, can you maybe give me a preview right now?18:59
Romsterwork in progress that port.18:59
yipRomster: btw, would you be interested in my ports for cg freeimage and ois? maybe you can add them to your repos?19:00
Romsteri'm restructuring now, so ports that don't fully work will be put into a sepearte area and can only be downloaded from the site.19:00
Romsteryip, you don't have a repo of your own?19:00
yipRomster: no19:01
Romsterthining of starting one or not really worth to?19:01
yipnot sure, i don't think i have the time to manage one19:02
Romsterif you paste the urls to the sites i'll see if i'm interesed in taking it into my repo.19:02
yipwhich sites?19:02
Romsteri'll see if i can see them on freashmeat19:02
yiponly freeimage is on freshmeat19:03
yipthere is actually a cg on freshmeat, but it's not the cg i am talking about19:04
yipmaybe i should rename my package name from "cg" to "nvidia-cg" or something19:04
Romsterah ok see freeimage yeah i'd add that to my repo19:04
Romsterwhats it do?19:05
Romsterdespite being soemthing todo with nvidia graphics19:05
yipfreeimage is for loading images19:05
yipnvidia-cg is for 3d programming19:05
Romsterah 3d programming.19:06
yipois is an keyboard/joystick/mouse input system for games programming19:06
yipnvidia-cg is not Free Software though :(19:07
yiphere is the Pkgfile i made for freeimage:
RomsterCg Toolkit hmmz19:08
Romsteryaeh looking at it.19:08
Romsteri prefer not to have that in the repo19:09
yipwhy not?19:09
RomsterObject Oriented Input System19:10
yipyou want to see my Pkgfile for that one?19:10
Romsteris stable too so it says on the rating, and since i'm into some games, i'll take them two but not the nvidia-cg19:12
Romsteri wouldn't support that closed source.19:13
*** thrice` has joined #crux19:13
Romsteremail me them other 2 i'll add them. or i can jsut as well build them myself.19:13
Romsteri moved to linux to be free open source, i'm not gonna have some program change its license later on and cut us out of using it legally19:14
yipRomster: well, eaisest would be for you to just build it yourself using the Pkgfile i pasted19:15
Romsterguess so, but unless there is a good reason to use it, why add it.19:15
yipRomster: and here's my Pkgfile for ois:
Romsteryeah i can do that.19:15
yipogre 3d graphics engine requires freeimage and ois, and optionally nvidia-cg19:15
yipactually ois is also optional, but recommended. and even freeimage is optional, but that is probably highly recommended unless you want to do your own image loading code19:19
yipanyway.... any news about gcj?19:20
Romstersepen has ogre19:21
yipRomster: any news about gcj?19:26
*** acrux has quit IRC19:31
Romsterstill compiling19:51
Romsterand while it does i'm doing freeimage.19:51
Romsterfound a few problems i've fixed already19:51
*** thrice` has quit IRC20:01
*** treach has left #crux20:17
Romsterthis is gonna be awhile, over loaded pc...20:34
Romsterload average: 2.26, 2.12, 2.0320:34
jdolanand now ypbind-mt depends on dbus-glib..20:56
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux20:57
*** yip has quit IRC21:12
*** yip has joined #crux21:14
*** destruct has joined #Crux21:49
nipuLi agree, some of the deptrees are getting a bit ridiculous21:59
*** destruct_ has quit IRC22:05
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC22:09
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