IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2006-10-10

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jdolanuh, like, all my fonts changed during this last sysup.01:15
jdolani like the font.  i think.01:15
jdolanit looks like the kde one.01:15
jdolanslightly softer than my old one.01:15
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mote what is wrong?03:18
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Han2.3.6 is an old release.03:36
HanNext time use a paste site, like paste.lisp.org03:36
richi_autmote: you are trying to update glibc?03:39
richi_autmote: how do you make it? (order of compiling the other packages)03:41
richi_autHan: how do you mean that? gibc 2.3.6 release 2 is the actual version in core...03:44
HanI don't know how to answer _that_ question.03:45
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richi_autHan: mine?03:45
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yipnooo!!!! where is Romster???04:50
* yip prods nymacro 04:50
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yip@seeon nymacro06:03
clbyip: Error: "seeon" is not a valid command.06:03
yip@seen nymacro06:03
clbyip: nymacro was last seen in #crux 10 weeks, 0 days, 1 hour, 17 minutes, and 7 seconds ago: <nymacro> rxi: how much do you plan on selling it for?06:03
yip@seen Romster06:03
clbyip: Romster was last seen in #crux 9 hours, 29 minutes, and 16 seconds ago: <Romster> load average: 2.26, 2.12, 2.0306:03
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treachaon: you're giving cptn -1 ? :p07:01
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rxihey prologic07:04
aontreach: :)07:04
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prologicheya rxi07:18
prologicnight folks :) cyas in the morn'n :)07:18
rxihehe night07:21
RyoS <- id love one to check em before i register it, anyone willing to help?07:24
RyoS(i know i need to edit audacious-plugins for dependencies like libogg and so on)07:27
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yipanyone know anything about gcj?08:42
prologicit compiles java to C08:49
prologicthen uses gcc to compile a native binary08:49
yipright, but have you got the port to install on crux?08:50
prologicisn't it Romster's port ?08:51
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prologicI haven't tried gcj yet though08:53
prologichave no need to atm08:54
yipi was with Romster here last night and he was fixing his port, but now it's gone!08:54
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j^2hey all09:21
aonhi j^209:21
j^2busy channel today eh?09:46
aontoo many s's09:50
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yipany good home video editing software?10:56
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j^2anyone use mrtg here?11:25
mike_kj^2: not anymore. too tricky and unscalable.11:26
j^2did you find it all useful?11:26
mike_kyes, while the task is limited to one-five data flows(channels)11:27
j^2yeah i'm thinking of putting on the routre i'm buliding for my company, it's goinig to be at the head of the network, so i can see the data stream through the t111:28
j^2i think it would be useful11:28
mike_kj^2: you may want to try contrib/zabbix_server if it's not an overkill11:29
j^2but i dunno if i want to spend the time that's all11:29
j^2i got nagios running i was going to use that for "montioring"11:31
j^2lame no one has a port for it11:32
mike_kall I can say - zabbix works great here, monitoring many hosts... and is much more scalable than nagios afaik11:36
j^2nice thanks mike_k11:37
copworkmhm, i also used nagios11:45
copworkbut forgot all passwords11:45
copworkright now i dont even remember which host it is running (probably still) on11:45
copworkused mrtg / rrdtool for graphs11:45
copworknot on crux, no11:45
copworki will take a look on zabbix, too thx11:46
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mike_kj^2, copwork: some people monitor thousands of items with that piece of software
copworki wasnt looking deep into it but nagios did everything i wanted12:17
copworkbut zabbix looks great, too and little more like business support12:17
mike_kat some point the database performance (text file VS real DB of choice) & configuration maintenance (configs VS flexible web-frontend) will matter12:20
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tilmanjdolan: :D12:33
slakmagikI must be the only guy to build tetex in the last 4-5 months: tetex's md5sums are outdated and bork the build - the Pkgfile targets a symlink which is not as precisely versioned as the actual tarball (which got a micro-modification a few months ago) - just throwing this out to Whom It May Concern.12:39
tilmancare to file a bug?12:42
tilmanyou'd assign it to the guy in the Maintainer field of opt/tetex/Pkgfile12:42
slakmagikwell, I have to register to file bugs, so I've just been cheating and saying it here. :)12:44
yip@seen Romster12:46
clbyip: Romster was last seen in #crux 16 hours, 11 minutes, and 55 seconds ago: <Romster> load average: 2.26, 2.12, 2.0312:46
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slakmagikhm - another one - texinfo fails because its Pkgfile contains 'util/gen-dir-node /usr/info > $PKG/usr/info/dir' - sed -i~ '/util/s,/usr/info,$PKG&,' Pkgfile - though it would 'work' as long as /usr/info already existed.13:19
tilmancomplain to texinfo's maintainer13:20
tilmanif he doesn't ignore you, that is :)13:20
slakmagik'complain' as in 'email directly'? I gather he hangs here... or in some crux channel... at times.13:22
aonhe's Han13:22
aonwhat about the if [ -d /usr/info ]; ?13:22
slakmagikno, the sed command I gave is better - though the test would at least not have it bomb, it wouldn't produce a valid dir file13:23
slakmagikiow, he just dropped the PREFIX on the source, it seems13:23
slakmagiker, rather, it would be 'valid' but functionally empty :)13:24
slakmagikoh - huh. Now I'm not sure. If a user already had a dir file, wouldn't the package's dir file overwrite theirs? So then it's not a PKG problem, but should be a test like you said. But should make the directory if the test fails, rather than not run the gen-dir-node command. Might have misunderstood that part.13:32
yipanyone know when python 2.5 will be in opt?13:36
treachprobably not until 2.3 from what I've seen.13:37
aonslakmagik: well, wouldn't the newly generated node contain the other stuff too13:37
yipwhy's that? why can't they put it in now?13:37
aonsince it's done for /usr/info if it exists13:37
tilmanyip: iirc that point has been explained to you some days ago?13:38
yiptilman: hm... it might have been, but i honestly don't remember. i think you might be confusing me with someone else13:38
yipjue: does that private port of yours work well?13:39
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jueyes, but you have to rebuild all your other python stuff13:41
slakmagikaon: yeah, in that case it'd be a mostly 're'generated node, I think.13:41
yipjue: ok well i actually haven't installed python at all yet13:42
jueif you not really need it, stick with 2.4.x, at least you will get .footprint errors for all python ports13:43
yipjue: i really need it. blender should work ok with it, right?13:43
juesorry, don't know13:44
mike_kprologic: pleeease, "+ # Depends on: libxslt libvorbis" in icecast13:45
j^2copwork: ping14:07
copworkj^2, pong14:07
j^2you use mrtg right?14:07
j^2how hard was it to get snmpd running?14:07
copworkno on crux tho14:07
j^2it's seems pretty intense to say the least14:08
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copworkperhaps it was easy because the distribution already came with the correct MIBs14:08
copworkbut i just changed a few variables in popular shell scripts14:09
copworkto get the values i wanted14:09
copworki think the last time with snmpd under suse14:09
j^2ah ok thanks14:10
copworkyou can basically graph or log/analyze everything with mrtg14:10
copworkbut if i remember correctly the shortest interval is still 5 minutes14:10
copworkotherwise you ll have to use rrdtool to config the tables yourself14:10
j^25 mins isnt bad for what i'm trying to get14:11
j^2ah cool tahnks14:12
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copworkdo if you can get the values otherwise14:17
copworkyou can also use a normal crontab to log/graph whatever value you want14:18
j^2yah i'm having alot of trouble with snmpd configuring14:18
j^2i'm so lost14:18
copworksometimes you just dont need it14:18
copworkbut ofc it depends on what you want to do14:18
copworki want to compile filefox with de-DE locales14:19
copworkand fail horribly ;_;14:19
j^2i can use mrtg without snmpd?14:19
j^2just to montior the eths?14:19
j^2that's all i want to do14:19
copworki think i always did it with snmpd14:21
copworklets see14:21
copworkmy pronloads slow down ssh sessions14:22
copworki used iptables once in an iptrafvol script14:23
copworkyou can also use ipconfig packet counts14:23
copworkmrtg handles the overflow14:23
j^2yeah i got an snmp error :(14:25
copworkor get the info directly from proc14:27
copworki always used snmp as a data source14:28
j^2hmm ok14:28
copwork <- a perl gatherer14:28
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copworkNETWORK INTERFACES WITHOUT SNMP To measure interfaces without snmp, you can use netstat. Check cut, grep and uptime location. Usage is:14:33
copworkTarget[target_ppp0]: `path_to_netstat target_ppp0 ppp0`14:33
copworkfirst parameter is the name of the target, the second one is the interface name. NETWORK INTERFACES WITHOUT SNMP To measure interfaces without snmp, you can use netstat. Check cut, grep and uptime location. Usage is:14:33
copworkTarget[target_ppp0]: `path_to_netstat target_ppp0 ppp0`14:33
copworkfirst parameter is the name of the target, the second one is the interface name.14:33
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treachlol MOP, Master Of Ports, alt. :P15:02
* tilman slaps treach around with a mop15:04
treachdammit, I forgot to run away. ;-(15:05
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bd2 (6.6 Mb) - must see15:23
yipjue: is sqlite3 absolutely required for your python 2.5 port?15:28
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jueno, only the build wrapper dosn't work15:29
return_voidneed a bit of assisstance15:29
yipjue: cause i got an error make *** [libinstall] error15:30
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jueyip: hmm, works for me, got only a footprint error about missing _sqlite3.so15:34
jueall other deps installed ?15:34
yipjue: everything seems to compile and install, but then there seems to be some sort of final compilation of all .py files into .pyc15:37
yipscreenloads of this pass by, but then there is an error with zipfile.py15:37
yipfrom xml/sax15:38
jueyip: paste the last lines to or similar15:49
yiphere we go:15:49
yipjue: thanks:
juehmm, stange this seems to be the same:
jueyour gcc version ?16:04
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jueyip: leaving now, if you find something drop me a mail16:07
yipjue: 4.1.116:07
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yiphans reiser got arrested for murdering his wife!18:30
treachtoo much funny mushrooms.18:40
jdolani guess ;)18:46
jdolanrestarting x11, bbiaf.18:46
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treachseems I was right after all about the header yesterday. :-)18:48
yiptime to dump all my shit to ext318:55
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treach "s:Url:URL:g" ?19:30
jdolani sux19:59
jdolanyou guys all use a standard 'syntax' for your commit messages.20:01
jdolani'll try to adopt that..20:01
treach"Habeas Corpus" no longer applies?20:06
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treach"Oh, bugger! How did I end up like this?"20:33
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