IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-10-11

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mote what to do?03:23
motei try update glibc on my imac03:24
sepen$ findredundantdeps hal03:24
sepenRedundant deps for hal are: dbus03:24
sepenhal (from opt) have redundantdeps03:25
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yipcrikey! lilo doesn't start! i get garbage! L 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 0103:57
rxigoogle it steve03:57
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copworkhas anybody built firefox with another locale than en-US from source ?04:08
Romsteryip, gcj fixed.04:10
yipRomster: cool but my hard drive is dead :(04:10
Romstercopwork, not me, but that is a interesting thought.04:10
Romstererrr just died?04:11
copworkbad lilo!04:11
Romstersure its not a bad sysup or something?04:11
copworkRomster, I am now getting the CVS sources04:11
copworksince the i10n is not in the released sourceballs04:12
Romsterhmmz dunno if i'd trust CVS source, FF crashes enougth at so called stable :P04:12
copworkhehe, no04:12
yipi'm sure04:12
Romstercopwork, what locale you trying todo?04:12
copworkbut I still encounter a lot of missing files04:12
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Romsteryip, backups?04:13
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yipnot really04:13
Romsterah french?04:13
Romsternothing important i hope yip04:14
copworkfr is french04:14
copworkde is good ol krautz04:14
Romsterah ok, goes to show me how much i remeber about diferent locales :/04:15
Romsteryip, does it even spin up? try some recovery software and see if the MBR is intact and FAT etc.04:15
treachFAT? This isn't DOS..04:16
rxiwell it is a disk operating system .. just not _the_ disk operating system :P04:18
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CruX|hi all04:23
CruX|is mythtv and vdr in ports ?04:23
CruX|ok thx04:25
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Romstersorry ext's equivelent whatever they sueto store the locations inodes or whatever.04:25
Romsteruse to*04:26
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treachif the hd is broken, it's probably not a good idea to mess with it unless you have some place to put any data you might recover.04:43
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rxifreezer usually does the trick04:45
* treach wonders what kind of data you store in the freezer..04:50
rxiits the magical data recovery box :)04:50
copworki tried it here too04:52
copworkbecause we have a bad ass fridge04:52
yiprxi: are you serious?04:53
rxiyip: would i joke?04:53
copworkgive it a try .. and seal it water-proof04:53
yipsounds like a really bad idea04:53
rxijust a static bag or something to keep the ice off it04:53
rxionly works on drives that have a physical platter problem04:54
rxior head problem04:54
copworkall the psychological problems are sent to the shrink instead04:55
treachAnd the true mentals get mounted in the nut-case.. oops :x04:56
predatorfreak <-- He just snapped :P04:58
treachhmm. Two dotted squares..04:58
treachIF he did do her in, I have a hard time imagining anything amusing about that.04:58
predatorfreakMeh, I'm not sure myself, but if he did, it proves he was crazy all along.04:59
rxii wonder how he stored her04:59
treachStill, interesting that you can get booked for murder without any evidence that she's actually dead.05:00
rxiprobably cause05:00
treachI thought "Habeas Corpus" still applied05:00
treach"You have the body?"05:00
predatorfreaktreach: American legal system.05:01
predatorfreakNeed I say more? :P05:01
treachpredatorfreak: I'm afraid not.05:01
rxii sorta guessed that was what it meant05:02
rxijust wanted to check it didnt mean neocrophilia or something :P05:05
yiphow long exactly am i supposed to put it in there?05:05
rxiopen the door and stick it in there?05:05
treach8 inches should do.05:06
rxidont put it on a eye fillet steak tho .. makes the platters go crazy05:06
morlenxusSomeone here can help me with a makefile for a kernel module?05:08
morlenxusThis is the makefile.05:09
morlenxusEverything works fine until i include a header file from /usr/realtime/include .05:09
morlenxusThen this file can't be find.05:10
morlenxusNow how to add a include path to the makefile?05:10
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garbeamhi there, can anyone change my port entry at as follows: replace with, that's all (I already changed the ports accordingly), thx05:17
* sepen
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yipgarbeam: aren't you the wmii dude?05:27
garbeamyip yes, and now the dwm guy05:30
yipgarbeam: does this mean that wmii is going to be demoted in favour of dwm?05:30
yip"Because dwm is customized through editing its source code, it's pointless to make binary packages of it. This keeps its userbase small and elitist. No novices asking stupid questions."05:31
garbeamno, wmii is developed in parallel, but I give up the maintainership to someone else after some clean ups towards wmii-405:32
yiphm... you have a "vi" step in that Pkgfile :O05:37
garbeamwhich Pkgfile?05:40
yipfor dwm05:43
yipbtw, i know someone who is tempted to write an unofficial patch to add config file support to it :P05:43
garbeamwhat do you mean with vi step? I use tabs yes05:45
yipvi config.h05:45
garbeamah that, yes, true - anyone going to try dwm should be aware of vi ;)05:46
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garbeamyip well adding conf file support is trivial, but I don't see any need for it06:02
yipjust wasted lines in the code base :)06:03
garbeamwell yip, who can I ask to change the domains?06:08
yipjdolan, tilman or jde06:08
treachthe guys with a "@" is a safe bet.06:09
garbeamwell in real IRC terminology those appear as i=nick, I don't use irssi, I use sic06:09
treachah, lack of features coming back to bite.06:10
garbeamno, that's no lack of features, any IRC server understands the /WHO command ;)06:10
garbeamonly the PING PONG nonsense of IRC forced me to write my own IRC client, otherwise telnet would suffice06:11
treachwell, since I find it a usefull feature to see immediately who is an op or not, I find it a lack in features.06:11
garbeamusually there is not much need for ops in an elitist community06:11
* yip loves garbeam06:12
rxithats why we have 206:12
treachsigh. I wish people would drop that 1337 crap. It's just immature, and stupid to boot IMO.06:13
rxitreach: im sure he's just a flash in the pan like most new comers here06:13
treachwe'll see about that.06:14
garbeamrxi, I used CRUX already several years ago when turning over to linux from BSD06:14
rxigarbeam: good for you bro06:19
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garbeamanyone knows if there are irc logs from the monday crux-devel discussion?07:30
aonselect #crux-devel07:33
mike_kaon: what particular time it was?07:34
Romster4am approx +10gmt07:34
* Romster hates time zones07:35
aon13:00 time07:35
Romstertypical it has its own time aswell..07:35
rxiyea +13gmt :P07:36
garbeamok found it ( thx07:37
Romster13 O_o07:37
aongarbeam: 09Oct2006 is monday07:38
aonwe had some sort of a meeting yesterday too, though07:38
garbeamah ok I'll check both days07:41
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j^2hey al09:04
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yiphow can i use a ready-made .config file during cd installation?09:29
yipi mean, where should i store it so that i can access it?09:29
yipcan i access an ntfs drive during crux cd installation?09:30
Romsterbrun it to the install cd?09:30
yipi already have the install cd though and i don't feel like wasting another cd09:31
Romsterusb stick, floppy, fat hdd, not sure on nfs, ssh from another pc though.09:31
yipdo i have sshd during installation?09:33
yipwhat about telnet?09:33
Romsterwell if you burned the install cd as multisession ya can add it as a chapter.09:33
sipISO_PACKAGES lists what's on the cd09:34
Romsterwhat about storing it in email or someting to yourself :P09:34
sipwhich proably means you can only fertch files somewhere from the local machine09:35
mike_kyip: also "modprobe 8139too && ifconfig bla-bla" before chroot will work09:35
sipoh, sure, after chroot if there's a module for your net interface you get the config files in a lot of ways09:37
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yipholy shit that's a lot of dust09:41
mike_k@system-team: btw, is it expected that next release boot cd will use the same udev rules (causing modules for some devices to be already loaded)?09:42
clbmike_k: Error: "system-team:" is not a valid command.09:42
sipheh. mike_k the plan is to merge 2.3 with Matt's livecd09:43
mike_kthanks... heard something of that09:44
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yipnow that hans reiser has been arrested, is the handbook going to change the recommended file system from reiserfs to ext3?10:31
treachsigh... if you want politics, go to debian.10:34
yipyou know, it's probably not a coincedence that my harddrive with reiserfs on it died on the same day that he got arrested10:36
yipin any case, i will never touch reiser again!10:36
treachZIOMG!!!!oneoneone, I better check my laptop!10:36
Auge^is there a reason to use xfs/jfs/reiser instead of ext3?10:37
treachthey aren't as slow.10:38
treachreiser is much more efficient when you have a lot of small files as well.10:38
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Romsteryeah but i've heard alt of ppl getting coruption with power outages etc.10:41
Romsteronly reasion i stuck with ext310:41
treachthat's just pure bullshit. Amazing how many belive in that crap.10:41
treachdata-loss can happen during power outage with *any* filesystem..10:42
Romsterjust some are more resilant than others.10:42
Romstermaybe i'll try reiser out on my next hdd :/10:43
treachI've personally NEVER and *any* problems whatsoever with reiserfs even though I've had a few power-outs myself. Thus, with this reasoning, it must be bulletproof.10:43
Romsterthen allthe stuff i've seen floting around the net are just lies...10:44
treachalso, the only filesystems which have caused me problems in those circumstances are ext2 and to a minor degree jfs, which thus must be crap.10:44
Romsterwell not suitable to the hardware you where running.10:45
sipI worked in a environment with frequent power-outs in the past (don't ask) and reiserfs left me alone in the cold10:45
treachext2 actually lost all data on the entire disk, all partitions because of a powerfailure.10:45
sipwhile againts popular belief, xfs worked great10:45
Romstersip, now thats odd10:46
treachsip: I'm not sure I'm getting my point across.. :-)10:46
Romstertreach, you have already10:46
Romsterit all depends what its used for, the hardware, etc.10:46
siptreach, that was not a single episode10:46
treachstill, doesn't prove a thing.10:47
treachAs I said, *I* have had quite a few power-outs with reiser, never a hiccup.10:47
sipwell, after working some months on those conditions, at least *I* have an idea of what to put on my machines :)10:48
tilmandon't listen to people who claim that xfs works great10:48
tilmanit's a KNOWN FACT that it doesn't handle power outages10:48
treachso, the point is, all this debate on which filesystem is the "best" is just pointless. Everyone will be biased by their past experiences.10:48
tilman(which is by design)10:48
treachtilman: yeah, the psu is supposed to do that iirc.10:49
treach(irix system apparently doesn't have standard PSUs)10:49
tilmanyes, something like that10:49
sipyeah, I've read something about that too10:49
tilman"our hardware is so elite it will never fail, so let's make the FS exploit that fact"10:50
sipbut direct experience showed different results10:50
treachnah, it's more like that the psu has capacitators (or something) enough to tell the system "Oh shit power's out, we're dying!" and take action.10:51
RyoS <- someone knows whats wrong there?10:51
RomsterI've always wondered that, the current hardware should be designed to shutdown without corupting the hdd.10:51
yipsip: so ext3 is good?10:51
tilmantreach: aha10:51
treachRomster: it would cost a fortune.10:51
sipyip, never tried it10:51
Romsterhdd's already use the spinning platter as a small generator to power itself for a few seconds.10:52
Romsterbigger capactors in the psu, a shutdown sequence, i don't see it being that expensive.10:53
Romsterjust they won't improve on the design when it works now. it works why fix it(tm)10:53
treachRomster:  well, if you take in to account what the normal OEM psu costs..10:54
Romsteryeah, but that dosn't handle hardware faults.10:54
treachand the amount of them made.. the cost scales through the roof.10:54
Romsteri got a stack of psu's floating around here.10:54
treachYou want me to say that I'm surprised?10:55
tilmanRyoS: yes. someone wrote bad c++ that was accepted with bad compilers ;)10:55
aonpc psu's aren't good for anything :)10:55
aontoo much interference10:55
RyoStilman: i know that ^^'10:55
RyoSgcc4 does not accept that bullsh... anymore10:55
tilmanaon: EM-something wise?10:55
aonwell yeah10:56
treachpoor transformers as well.10:56
tilmangood that i don't have a clue about that kinda stuff10:56
tilmanso i don't worry10:57
treachyou'd be surprised to see what passes as DC from those..10:57
Romstersmall highfrequency transformers.10:57
Romsterthey use ripple filters on the output.10:57
tilmani've heard that term before10:57
aontry attaching a cb radio to one of those and see how you immediately have "signal" on some channels :)10:57
Romsterheh, ya can but probbly need aditional filtering.10:58
aonbut that's extra effort :)10:58
Romsteri guess11:00
Romsterlogic circuits can probbly accept a little ripple anyways11:00
Romsterunlike analog11:00
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Romsterstill wating for memory to have more than 2 states :) since they use capactors, why not 0v 3.3v and a inbetween voltage for a 3rd state so ram is tri-state.11:02
Romsterand wheres that holographic 1TB disc drive i'm wating for hehe11:02
aonit's right here11:02
aoni use it as a coaster11:03
Romsterya know i had that idea on the holograpic disc's and i told a friend and what happens, someone has devaloped one...11:03
aonso far the results have been quite promising11:03
Romsterall all the secret service encripted on the disc using it as a coffee coster :P11:04
Romsteri rememebr reading about the 'ultimate filesystem' and a link was pasted here ages ago too.11:06
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j^2hey guys11:18
aonhi j^211:19
tilmani'm getting lots lose-weight spam these days11:20
tilmanseems nobody likes viagra anymore11:20
maro_yeah, me too11:23
maro_in a few years all people will be horny and skinny11:24
* Auge^ is always horny =)11:25
maro_Auge^: but you're probably fat11:25
Auge^yeah, i am. :(11:25
maro_I bet most of #crux is :)11:25
tilmani'm horny and skinny11:26
Auge^so, crux is the real problem^Wdrug11:26
maro_how do we capture that?11:26
j^2i'm hot from what i'm hear ;)11:26
maro_I thought some IRC bots could attach a quote to a person11:26
j^2 clb is not uberl33t, just a logger :(11:27
j^2clb: isnt that right?11:27
j^2see ;)11:27
Auge^is .nrg mountable like .iso?11:28
j^2nrg is nero11:28
j^2you might need to convert11:28
j^2i think it's propriatry11:28
maro_yay! new readline & bash11:29
j^2what i'm really impressed with is
tilmanAuge^: there's a converter11:29
Auge^ah, ogg has a port nrg2iso11:29
tilmanbasically, cut off the first n bytes iirc11:29
tilmanie, it's iso + some crappy header11:30
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Auge^it's just one c-file11:31
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Auge^oh, the "real" code are just few lines (<30)11:33
Auge^the rest are checks, filehandling and console output11:34
Auge^wait, this is the trick: fseek (nrgFile, 307200, SEEK_SET);11:34
tilmanyes, as i said11:35
* Romster sneases11:36
Romsteralways wondered about blindwrite images to iso.11:37
tilmani need to encode a bunch of screenshots to an avi or mpeg. mencoder is apparently broken, any alternatives for this job?11:42
Auge^tilman: transcode11:46
Auge^hi sip11:46
sipgah, uses mencoder :/11:46
sipbut maybe only for re-encoding the avi files11:47
siphey Auge^11:47
tilmansip: looks promising, thanks11:47
Auge^look here, tilman11:48
tilmantranscode deps scare me11:49
Auge^you don't need all of them to get this job done11:50
tilmanmmh, true11:51
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Auge^and if you convert to mpeg you just need jpeg and mpeg stuff11:51
Auge^mjpeg should result in best quality ;)11:52
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Auge^is there a small test suite for testing performance of pc? (cpu, ram, io) or should i try to compare some transcode activities?12:26
tilmanhdparm has a simple benchmark mode12:31
tilmani think it's not mencoder that's broken btw12:35
tilmanit's just my system couldn't take screenshot at the desired frame rate12:35
tilmanso telling mencoder to use 25 fps, but actually not feeding it 25fps-images isn't a good idea12:35
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deus_ex_tilman: avidemux can do that( screenshots to movie file).12:45
deus_ex_If you don't mind using GUI tool, that is ;)12:47
tilmani just found out that mencoder _does_ work12:47
tilmanso it's np12:47
tilmanif my box was fast enough ;)12:47
deus_ex_Yay.3 more hours until BSG season 1, episode 1.I can't wait.12:49
* deus_ex_ is almost broke atm so buying BSG dvd's is out of the question.12:50
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deus_ex_Patience is a virtue, right :) ?12:51
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yipwho has box wintermute?13:53
Auge^oh... let's say "GOAL!" ;)13:57
aonagain some crap :(13:58
acruxHan: imlib2-1.3.0 is out14:13
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j^2hey all14:34
aonhi j^214:34
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copworkhehm after rekrautzing the missing from french15:46
copworkmy boxfox firefox built15:46
copworkbut i had missed that using the standard cvs is the latest HEAD branch15:47
copworkso I got a german 3.01 boxfox15:47
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* treach hates localized versions of applications - with a vengence.16:01
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brointhemixhello :)16:14
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RyoShey, who wants to play *.sid files? please say yes or no ;)16:45
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Hanacrux, I always use the cvs version19:51
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Hanhmmm  "-- Packages installed before this run (ignored)    x11 (provided by xorg)" how did prt-get find that out?22:44
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