IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-10-12

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Romsterhan entry in /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.aliases00:48
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Hanah :-)01:29
Romsterrather a neat feature but it still lists the x11 deptree than the xorg deptree, with a alias.01:51
HanGood bug description.02:16
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Romsterhan p5-term-readkey footprint mismatch03:30
HanRomster, See footprint mismatches for what they are.03:32
Romsterjust a minor version diference, but i thought since your here you could fix it.03:33
Romsteryeah i know i did -uf03:33
Romsterso you haven't updated perl yet by the looks of that.03:34
Romsteror you didn't rebuild all of the dependencys of perl.03:34
Romsteractually why dosn't perl have a symlink like python does..03:48
rehabdollbecause that would make life too simple03:52
Hansed -i 's|5\.8\..|5.8.8|' $(grep -l '5\.8\..' */.footprint)03:57
Haneat that!03:57
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copworkecho 0000h0000e000h000e000000 | sed 's/0//g'04:09
RomsterHan, haha very funny...04:11
copworkit was yummy04:12
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yipRomster: where am i supposed to get texinfo from, and is it really necessary for gcj?07:35
yipplease answer quickly the shit is about to install...07:38
Romsterits in contrib...07:38
yipyeah, i'm installing it from contrib now07:38
yipbut why does gcj need it?07:38
Romsterand i didn't have sucess in compiling it without that...07:38
yipalrighty then, if you say so :)07:39
Romsteryour welcome to try, i just took the easy aproce.07:39
yipwhat about libgd?07:39
Romsterso it can generate the man pages etc.07:39
Romsterinfo pages07:39
Romsterits silly setup won't compile without it.07:40
Romsterjust do prt-get depinst gcj07:40
Romstereverying listed from "prt-get depends gcj" is needed07:41
yipok thanks, let's hope it works!07:41
Romsterand should really be installed in order.07:42
Romsterdeptree shows ya what needs to be in before the next program07:42
Romsterit should :)07:42
Romsterelse report back and i'll look into it more, what do you plan to compile with gcj?07:43
yipprt-get depinst should continue to download the next packages files during compilation07:44
Romsteroh i see it requires gcj07:44
Romsterah no it dosn't07:45
Romsternot yet anyways thats a planed feature later on07:45
yipit is?07:45
Romsterhmm small file pdftk 'em looking at it now.07:46
Romsteryes if you look on the wiki site it says future features for pkgutils07:47
Romstermultithreaded, download while compiling.07:47
yipthis tetex shit is a huge download07:49
Romsteryeah unforantly07:50
Romsteri forgot how big it is now07:51
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yipit's hundreds of megs!07:51
Romstereh it shouldn't be07:52
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jdolanjizzbot, q2 jdolan.dyndns.org07:53
jizzbotjdolan: Resurrection DM, jdab, 0/16, 0ms07:53
Romsteryip, ah crap i forgot how big that was lol07:55
Romsteri should add that to the README07:55
Romstertetex = 157MB07:55
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jdolanwow, i have 1GB in source tarballs in /usr/ports/src.08:02
Romsterhmmz what the, looks at port...08:02
* Romster recompies then goes to get a coffee08:03
rxijdolan: yeah it adds up pretty quickly08:04
Romsterjdolan, try about 4.7GB :P08:04
Romsteri should really clean that up08:05
Romsterand 2.6GB in packages08:06
aon~$ du -sh /usr/ports/distfiles/08:13
aon694M    /usr/ports/distfiles/08:13
aon555M of packages08:13
yiptetex opt port seems to be broken!08:13
yiptetex-texmf-3.0.tar.gz from the internet has different md5sum then the port08:14
Romsteryip, the md5 sums are fine, you got a corupt sourcefile08:25
Romster944a4641e79e61043fdaf8f38ecbb4b3  tetex-src-3.0.tar.gz08:26
yipno i downloaded it twice08:27
yipthat one is fine08:27
yipi'm talking about tetex-texmf-3.0.tar.gz08:27
yipi forced the build anyway and it worked :D08:31
Romster11aa15c8d3e28ee7815e0d5fcdf43fd4  tetex-texmf-3.0.tar.gz08:34
Romsterlooks fine here08:34
yipthat's not what i have08:38
yipif you feel like it, try downloading it again from the url in the Pkgfile08:39
Romsterhmmz do a ports -u then recheck..08:47
Romsterthen do a -um and try it out, but i dunno why it would differ.08:47
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Romstercompiling on htis pc takes forever..08:52
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_paranoid_Romster: try on a via C3 800mhz with 256mb ram :)09:10
yipwhat's a cool bash prompt?09:10
Romsterouch, i've tryed on a 233MHz pc too :P09:11
_paranoid_Romster: currently prt-get depinst gnome ... this might take a while09:11
Romsteryip, PS1='\n\[\033[1;34m\]\u\[\033[0m\]@\[\033[1;31m\]\h\[\033[0m\]\n\[\033[0;32m\]\d \t\[\033[0m\]\n\[\033[1;37m\]\w\[\033[0m\]\n\$ '09:12
Romster_paranoid_, i would imagine.09:13
yipRomster: ugly!09:13
_paranoid_though I've just realised I don't need to do that :X09:13
Romsterits not ugly09:14
Hanprompt="$PromptColor%~%(!|%{$fg[yellow]%}|%{$fg_bold[black]%})%(?..%{$fg[red]%})%#%{$fg_no_bold[default]%} "09:14
_paranoid_ ||
HanAnd I change the color depending on the host.09:21
bd2Han, big fonts. +109:21
HanWell, I got a big monitor. 1600x120009:21
HanSo it's quite normal sized fonts actually.09:22
bd2mine is 1280x1024.. Han, anyway it's big terminal font comparing to which is in window title09:22
HanBut I have to be able to read that font. ;-)09:25
HanBut lets discuss that prompt of mine ;-)09:26
aonever thought of getting glasses? :)09:26
HanNotice the prompt delimiter turns red once you run into an error?09:27
HanWait I forgot something.09:27
bd2I'll do that $? coloring to my prompt.. good idea09:27
Hanreload the same url, it also notices if you become root09:29
bd2nice. is it zsh, or you just like %?09:30
HanIt's zsh.09:31
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yipholy shit guys, it's looking like reiser really did do it11:11
tilmanInvestigators have also recovered books on how police investigate homicides, which were obtained by Hans Reiser a few days after his wife's Sept. 3 disappearance, the sources said.11:13
yipit's a really good thing that i dumped my reiserfs drive to ext3 yesterday11:14
jjpkExcellent reasoning. "zomg! the author is crazy, his software must be also!!111"11:15
Hanwhat an amateur.11:15
Hankiller that is.11:16
treachmost killers are.11:17
treachhowever, if he got the books *after* her dissaperance, they will have a hard time arguing that it was premeditated - which probably would explain a lot of stupid mistakes.11:19
yiptreach: right, it definetly wasn't planned. there is lots of blood evidence everywhere11:20
treachblood in and by itself doesn't prove a thing.11:21
jjpkWhich could be pig's blood for all we care, it means nothing.11:21
tilmanwill you switch to $other_os if linus is taken into custody if his wife disappears tomorrow?11:21
yiptilman: there's always the bsds... and the hurd11:21
yipit's not pigs blood. it's her blood11:22
jjpkHow do you know? Have you been there, taken a sample and tested it? I doubt you have.11:22
treachbetter tell all the businesses out there about this ->
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yipjjpk: that's what the police have reported11:23
treachdon't ever trust the police.11:23
jjpkPolice are not far from politicians, they will say anything.11:23
yipthey won't lie about evidence11:23
treachthey are under no obligation to tell the truth except under oath11:23
jjpkEven that is no guarantee about anything.11:25
treachcommon strategy - lie about having evidence and then hope the suspect will crack and confess11:26
yipthat's why the suspect's lawyer gets full access to all the evidence11:26
treachstrategy #2. In difficult cases, try to nail the most suspect person available, if necessary by manipulating the opinion, from where the members of the jury will be picked.11:27
jjpkIf it suits them and no one can FOR SURE contradict them, they can say whatever they feel like saying.11:28
treachwe don't have jury trials here, luckily, but the attitude of the cops are quite probably the same.. One highranking officer said on tv here a while ago that their objective wasn't "to uncover the truth, but to see if there was enough evidence to get anyone prosecuted".11:30
jjpkThere is no universal truth, it is all perception.11:33
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treachd00d... if I kill you, then the truth that I killed you should be pretty universal...11:36
jjpk:D :D11:38
yipbtw, there is a difference between getting drunk and murdering your wife11:39
tilmanthe first doesn't involve killing11:39
tilmanthe 2nd does11:39
tilmani agree with yip for once!11:39
jjpkThe second one does not imply being drunk, either ;)11:39
yipalthough drunk driving is very evil. bill gates is just lucky that nothing happened11:40
_paranoid_hi all, I'm getting a problem when I try to prt-get install avahi, it fails telling me it can't find the python dbus module, but prt-get install dbus-python shows it to be there, any suggestions?11:42
jjpkFirst of all, its not drunk driving until you are condemned by some so-called authority.11:42
yipjjpk: i'm pretty sure that bill gates was found guilty in some way or other11:43
tilmanjjpk: oh come on!11:43
treachtilman: he's finn you know.. ;)11:43
tilmanthat reminds me of stupid jokes like asking "do the animals in the forest make noises even if no human is around to notice?"11:44
jjpkLet me rephrase that, anything goes as long as you are not caught ;)11:44
tilmanlots of witty comments on reiser's arrest on pro-linux.de11:44
tilman"they should have arrested him for building that filesystem!!"11:45
jjpk:D :D11:45
_paranoid_anyone? :S11:45
jjpkThat FS makes people do crazy things!11:45
tilman"maybe nina was lost in reiserfs4? does it track DNA?"11:45
tilman_paranoid_: mmh11:45
tilman_paranoid_: hang on11:45
_paranoid_tilman: thanke... it's really frustrating me - trying to get monodevelop running which has a list of dependancies the size of a phone book... oh and all on a VIA C3 800mhz processor11:46
tilmani'll try to see if jaeger is around11:46
_paranoid_wasted most of today compiling instead of coding, but meh, that's what happens when the boss steals the conroe I was using11:46
tilman_paranoid_: what happens if you run "python" and punch in "import dbus"?11:47
_paranoid_import error no module named libxml211:48
_paranoid_I take it that's my problem then?11:48
tilmaninstall opt/libxml2-python11:48
_paranoid_:) tah11:48
tilman_paranoid_: report back if it fixes the problem please11:48
_paranoid_tilman: will do11:48
_paranoid_might take a while to compile :)11:50
_paranoid_I've literally spent all day compiling things and generally not doing any work :X11:51
_paranoid_and all of last night11:51
_paranoid_oh well11:51
_paranoid_needs must and all :)11:51
tilmani spent all day chasing obscure bugs in stupid windows environments11:51
tilmanso don't complain11:51
_paranoid_tilman: I spent all of tuesday chasing obscure bugs in mono on mac os x11:52
treach"the revenge of rdate"11:52
tilmantreach: windows, not windowing11:52
tilmanas in, microsoft11:52
treachI see.11:52
_paranoid_which to fix incidently, update mac os x and use the latest version of mono11:53
_paranoid_without the latest updates it just fails11:53
treach"Capitalization is the difference between helping your uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack of a horse."11:53
_paranoid_which is great when your in a school a two hour drive away in a different city using their macs as a test environment, only to find out your platform wont run :)11:53
* _paranoid_ not even a mono guy... just a lowly graduate11:53
treachs /of/off/11:54
treach<- afk11:54
_paranoid_tilman: that seems to have done it, thanks greatly (well, it's getting passed configure)11:56
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tilman_paranoid_: cool. np12:00
_paranoid_now I'm debating selling my soul to McDonalds while this compiles12:02
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* treach orders a Soul MacFeast12:10
tilmantreach: would you like fries with that?12:11
treachsure, why not :-)12:13
Romstersuper size me :P12:13
treachno. the happy meal driver. :p12:13
Romsterhmm if anyone can get 'gcl' to compile i'll give ya a cookie :P12:13
tilmantreach: and a mcmuffin?12:14
tilmanand a mcIceCream?12:14
treachNo thanks.12:14
tilmani forget what they ask next12:14
RomsterMcStomachache to boot :P12:14
* Romster shrugs12:15
Romsterthe thickshakes are made from pigs fat!!12:15
Romsterjust think of that the next time ya get one ;P12:15
treachwould you prefer human?12:15
Romster*laughs* no12:16
tilmanyou mean milkshakes?12:16
Romsteri would prefer dairy as in milk/icecream maybe ice too.12:16
treachsome australian speciality, probably not allowed outside au. :-)12:17
Romsternar thickshakes are made from icream and milk, both are dairy12:17
treachand pigs fat12:17
tilmannever heard about "thickshakes"12:17
* Romster looks at treach funny12:18
Romsternotice no comma :P12:18
treachtilman: I don't think they sell apfelstrudeln in austraila12:18
treachiirc they did when I was in germany.. (like 10 years ago. :p )12:18
tilmanah, the speciality bit was wrt thickshakes12:19
treachRomster: wouldn't that be "funnily", or something?12:19
tilmantreach: the mcdonald's thing is called "apfeltasche", and it's not smilar to apfelstrudel at all!12:19
bd2a bit weird question: anybody knows a pager like less, but which can save file position at exit + sort of bookmarks? (vim not suitable because of many reasons)12:20
treachI see. Given the amount of time passed since then, I hope you'll forgive my mistake.12:20
tilmani need to think about it12:20
predatorfreakbd2: Nope, make one? :P12:20
bd2predatorfreak, sure. I'll start as soon as I could not find any existing. I need it for the books reading on pda.12:21
Romster"funnily" probbly was the word i should of used.12:21
tilman"have" is the word you should HAVE used12:21
treachalong with "probably"12:22
tilmanpeople must talk funnily in australia12:22
tilmanheh, just gotta think of the simpsons episode where they visit australia12:22
tilmanand marge tries to order a coffee in that bar12:22
treachjust be glad he's not american, or he would have filed an harrassment suit by now. :D12:23
Romstergood lord, stop nit picking my spelling, lol12:23
Romster2 jugs of coffee O_o12:24
Romstererm don't ask.12:24
* Romster goes to make a cuppa12:24
Romstergcl sucks the configure file is pos... full of errors...12:28
Romsterhmm looks at cvs12:28
bd2"Where more and less leave off, most(1) picks back up. If less is more than more, most is more than less."12:31
bd2heh.. just tried most. speaking of all pagers I know, most sucks most, imho12:42
bd2yeah.. too much interactive, too much colors12:42
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predatorfreakbd2: I actually like it.13:08
predatorfreakColours separate stuff better.13:08
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treachbah, it's not elite unless you have to makes stuff out from a grabled mess of monocolored characters.13:13
drijenhey all13:14
treachgood evening13:14
drijenafternoon sir :)13:14
drijenmajority of this chan is european correct13:15
treachMaybe even german. :p13:15
drijeni easily forget hhow fast IRC introduces me to other peeps from across the world13:15
drijengood to see ya guys though13:15
treach(no idea honestly but if cptn's map is anyting to go by...)13:16
tilmanthat might even be correct13:17
treachbut danm left didn't he?13:22
treach(he's still on the map)13:22
drijenwhat map?13:22
drijensend likage!13:22
yipRomster: your .footprint for gcj looks erroneus13:24
aonprologic: how about adding full paths to useradd and groupadd in icecast post-install?13:26
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aoneurope looks quite busy on that map :)13:33
jjpkit does.13:36
Romsteryip, already spotted that13:36
Romsterbut i havent' committed it, can't get gcl to compile13:36
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Romsterfixed footprint13:41
Romsteryip, if you can get gcl to compile let me know its .configure file hell.13:41
yipwhat is gcl?13:41
aongnu common lisp13:41
tilmanheh, i somehow thought of haskell13:42
yipthe problems i exprienced with the gcj .footprint were man pages of gcc, gcov, gpl, fsf-funding13:42
yipi don't need gcl13:42
yipi use ghc :D13:42
yipghc > gcl13:42
aonthey don't even compile the same thing :b13:42
_paranoid_sigh strying to install cups but the connection keeps timing out,anyone got any suggestion on how I could use a more local mirror?13:43
yipwell, all lisp code can be trivially converted into haskell13:43
_paranoid_probably because the network here might as well be down for all the speed it's running at13:43
jjpk_paranoid_: try looking through cups' website.13:44
jjpkEven a gentoo mirror might have the latest version.13:44
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_paranoid_jjpk: I suppose that would make snese :) (sorry suffering end of day itus)13:44
jjpk_paranoid_: hehe, it happens, don't worry about it. :p13:44
Romsteryip search for it on, you'll need it for pdftk13:44
_paranoid_fuck this13:45
_paranoid_I'm going home13:45
_paranoid_it's like... really late.13:45
yipRomster: i'll need gcl for pdftk?13:45
Romsterghc hmmz13:45
Romstergcj: installation problem, cannot exec 'jc1': No such file or directory13:46
Romstererr jc113:46
Romsteri read that as jcl13:46
_paranoid_choo choo, it's ratteling down the pipe now13:47
Romsterah i need to make a symlink13:47
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yipRomster: did you ever get pdftk to build?14:54
yipRomster: i get a compile error14:54
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Romsteryip re-messing with gcj atm.15:31
Romsterjust it takes so damn long to compile.15:31
yipRomster: yeah that shit is a bugger... but i'm afraid that pdftk might not compile with gcj 4.0.315:33
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Romsteri'll find out later.15:48
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jdolananyone have an mirror that doesn't suck(tm)20:17
Romsteroptusnet i pick most of the time20:48
Romsterthey all seem to suck on certain files20:49
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prologicaon, awww do I have to ? :)22:17
prologicwhy wouldn't the PATH env var be correct anyway22:17
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aonprologic: if you run it with sudo as a normal user23:20
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