IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2006-10-13

prologicaon, ahhh00:10
prologicaon, will do then :)00:10
prologicI normally install as root :)00:11
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prologicaon, done04:01
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prologictwas done hours ago, just remembered to tell you :)04:25
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yipsuse will switch from reiserfs to ext3 as default in future releases, will crux do the same?06:38
prologicwt ?06:41
prologiccrux has no default fs06:41
prologicchoose whatever you want at install time06:41
yipwhat about the recommendation in the handbook?06:41
prologicit's just a recommendation06:43
prologicchoose to ignore it or use it06:43
prologicI personally use xfs06:44
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yipbut it's a bad recommendation now that reiserfs is dying07:00
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aonbsd is dying too07:01
aonbut people still recommend it07:01
yipcrux doesn't recommend it, and it shouldn't recommend reiserfs anymore07:03
treachwhy not? Says who?07:03
aonhans is in jail!11107:04
yipcrux shouldn't recommend reiserfs because reiser is going to jail for a long time... or worse07:04
treachso what?07:04
aonthere's a slight possibility that he won't break backwards compatibility while he's there!1!!11!!!!!!!11!07:04
aon(i don't know if he's ever broken it, except 3->4 of course)07:05
treachI don't get that line of thinking.. even if we pretend he's been found guilty, it's moronic..07:06
treachit's fucking 1984.07:06
aonwonder if they get computers in prison07:07
aonif the crime isn't related to them07:07
treachI doubt that.07:07
aoncould be07:07
aonhe could quickly hack some on vacations :)07:07
treachaon: he's in the us..07:08
aoni guess prisoners spend their time in jail there :)07:08
treachie. one step above the facilites the sheriff of nottingham was willing to provide for robin hood..07:09
_paranoid_humm, having a problem installing scrollkeeper from ports now it's telling me DocBook DTD isn't installed or isn't registered in /etc/xml/catalog07:10
_paranoid_both of which are a lie07:10
_paranoid_(i.e. docbook dtd is installed)07:11
_paranoid_anyone have any suggestions?07:12
treach_paranoid_: you DID run the post-install script, right?07:17
treachlol ->
_paranoid_treach: sigh probably not07:20
_paranoid_treach: where is it so i can run it? lol :(07:20
_paranoid_thing is I'm not actually trying to install gnome, just turns out I need most of it to run one application07:20
treachit's in the docbook port.07:21
_paranoid_treach: tah07:21
treachif you feel comfy with the thought of automatically running scripts you could enable that in /etc/prt-get.conf07:21
treach(provided that you use prt-get that is)07:22
* _paranoid_ debates...07:22
_paranoid_treach: thanks that got it going07:26
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treachnp. You're not the first to stumble on those pre/post scripts07:26
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_paranoid_I'm just spoilt by debian :)07:28
treachbah, everything has it's ups and downs..07:28
treachdebian isn't exactly flawless07:28
_paranoid_treach: mm, I've not had any major issues with it and I'm a big apt-get fan, however, I agree with you (and think we should end this before it becomes a distro-war ;))07:30
treachI don't mind debian. I'm just happy as long as the bigots leave me alone.07:31
_paranoid_treach: that's how I feel about a lot of things ;)07:33
_paranoid_I use whatever is going to work best for the systems inteded purpose07:33
_paranoid_sometimes that includes *Gasp* windows07:33
treachwell, that has to be some very special purpose. :D07:34
treachI can't stand using it, but otoh, I'm not going to convert anyone at with a sword point.07:34
_paranoid_I just installed vista the other day, I quite like that tbh... also... I'd recomend it for pc gaming ;)07:35
treachmeh. I don't play games, and afaic Windows is an unreliable mess. but that's OT.07:37
_paranoid_and agreed, but I do play games, so needs must ;)07:38
treachduh.. Note to self.. use --color=never when scripting commands, even if the output looks sane..07:41
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* Romster looks at treach, good one :)07:59
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deus_ex_Anybody need toaster?
aonanybody need a trailer?
aonmore creative use for Zastavas:08:18
yipanybody need a sink?
deus_ex_aon: rofl08:20
aonanybody need a whatever this is called?08:21
deus_ex_yip: That's some high-tech stuff there :)08:21
_paranoid_one way to get hotwater08:21
yipdeus_ex_: that's what we call "czechnology"08:21
_paranoid_I drove through the czech republic recently08:22
deus_ex_yip: That sort of 'technology' is common for eastern europe.'Budzenje' in serbian :)08:23
aondeus_ex_: what does it say here:
aonoh, and anybody need a greenhouse?08:24
deus_ex_aon: 'do not park here, I slash tires'.08:25
aonk :)08:25
aonthat's from finland :)08:25
aonthis also:
mike_kare that ladas anyhow usefull there?08:27
treachthat doesn't look too dangerous, compared to the scaffold..08:27
aonmike_k: please re-articulate :)08:27
mike_kaon: I mean, even in it's native country ladas are nothing more than a piece of crap and it's uncommon to see them exported =)08:28
aonnah :)08:29
aonwe were the first country to import them :)08:29
mike_kchildren now by this cars to learn how to drive and crash08:29
* treach imagines a car you can fix up with a sledge hammer and some duct tape could come in handy when you live deep into the woods08:30
mike_kand it's still unacceptably expensive08:30
aoni thought zaporozhetses were crap there :)08:30
aoni have one too:
mike_ka remember that =)08:30
mike_kzaporozhetses is a very rare animal on the streets08:30
aoni thought zaz-965/968/968M were quite common once08:31
treachaon: It looks to be in pretty good shape, to be crap. :-)08:31
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aonwell, 966 rather than 96508:31
deus_ex_Creative people here....08:32
mike_k965 in good shape is like a treasure08:32
mike_k968M is the one used in villages, it costs around $100-15008:34
tilmanto they use leaded gas?08:34
treachtilman: wrong question08:34
tilmanhow old are these anyway?08:34
tilmantreach: how _much_ lead?08:34
treachthe question is "do they use gas?"08:34
tilmanwhat else would they use?08:35
mike_kwhat is more important - they are dangerous, very dangerous to ride at high speed.08:35
the-ruedigerhow can i install emacs without the x11 stuff?08:35
tilmantreach: o_O08:35
treachtilman: provided that it is liquid and burns, obviously.08:35
tilmanso finns probably put alcohol in08:36
aonmoskvitch evolution:
aon"have our jokes got worse because nobody laughs at them? everybody just buys them" (joke = vitsi, Mosk_vits_)08:37
treachtilman: moonshine ftw. ;-)08:39
aonwhat's a dangerously high speed btw, over 130? :)08:39
aonnah, alcohol is more expensive than gas :)08:39
treachthe-ruediger: did you try to prt-get --ignore=x11 ?08:40
treachaon: even moonshine in finland? :P08:40
aonalmost nobody makes it anymore08:40
tilmannever heard of moonshine08:40
the-ruedigertreach: no, But I'll. thx08:40
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treachI thought it looked like "Oh, damn, how did I get here"08:41
treachit looks sad to me.08:42
tilmanaon: i see08:43
aonmy grandma has been helping in making it08:44
aoni've been trying to transfer the information :)08:44
treachaon: btw, it looks like the url to emacs is broken08:46
aonye gods!08:46
treachAvast! Do some maintaining ye maintainer spawn!08:47
treachAm I the only one who finds emacs depending on X11 slightly amusing?08:48
aonnot really, no08:49
aoni wonder if it'd even affect the footprint08:49
aonXkeymap.txt seems suspicious08:50
aontreach: the url should be ok now08:51
tilmanis xemacs included?08:51
treachxemacs != emacs08:52
aonwonder if xemacs has to dep on x11 either ;)08:52
aonit probably does08:53
treach sort of comes with the name, doesn't it?08:53
aonwell, it probably doesn't _need_ X08:54
treachwell, it lists xpm as "viritually mandantory"08:55
treachI have a hard time to imagine a pure text mode editor needing that08:55
aonno X :)08:59
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treachok. odd deps though.09:00
treachbut that wouldn't be the first time for anything related to debian..09:00
aonindeed :)09:01
treachis that stable or something more recent?09:01
treachI guessed so. Then I can't ask you if kubuntu is the only debian based dist that has INSANE deps for kopete, for instance..09:02
treachwould you belive they have kopete depending on gtk1 and glib1? :-/09:03
aonkopete isn't in stable?09:03
treachwell, it's really old if it's there.09:03
treachso it might not be entirely relevant.09:04
tilmandid they replace the qt gui with a gtk1 one?09:04
aonthe deps don't seem very sane09:04
aon0 upgraded, 51 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.09:04
aonbut there's no X at the moment, so...09:04
treachtilman:  no. I have no clue, but my best guess is that there is some lame plugin or something that needs it.09:05
treachor maybe just some gnome idiot decided to sabotage the package, what do I know..09:05
treachwith debian anything is possible09:05
aonor some KDE idiot09:05
aon"haha, this'll give gnome a bad name"09:05
treachwell.. that doesn't sound very rational..09:06
treach"this will give kde a bad name" sounds more plausible.09:06
aonkde idiots add gnome stuff to kde, regular idiots think that gnome idiots did it09:07
aonunless they look at the scm09:07
aonwhich they won't09:07
aonthey're idiots, after all09:07
treachthe-ruediger: You'll probably have to edit the port. I think aon booby-trapped it. :-)09:11
the-ruedigertreach: oh damn. I'll keep using mg I think09:13
treachremoving --with-x doesn't seem overly taxing..09:13
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treach <---- what a hooter.. :p09:19
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_paranoid_oh my god, monodevelop finally runs.09:21
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treachaon: btw, just for kicks I build emacs without support for anything X related. No footprint error09:33
treachmeh, scratch that.. forgot a minor detail..09:35
tilmanthe emacs binary? %)09:36
*** ajacoutot has joined #crux09:37
treachno. --without-x rather than just removing --with-x09:38
treachbut still no mismatch though09:38
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maro_tilman: your ports are BROKEN!!!09:39
treachbetter your ports than your mind.09:40
maro_xf86-video-intel has been broken since 2:43 PM!09:40
maro_and then again at 3:00 PM09:41
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tilmanif you say so it must be right i guess09:45
j^2hey all09:46
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j^2i'm looking for a place for net admins/sys admins and the like hang out and discuss things, do you have any suggestions?11:10
tilman#asdf i think11:11
j^2i had no idea.... i'd think #aoeu :P11:11
j^2thanks tilman11:11
tilmangive it a try11:11
j^2one guy in there :(11:12
tilmanmaybe it was #asdfg11:12
j^2yah you have to be invited :(11:12
*** acrux has joined #crux11:13
tilmantried to fool you anyway11:14
tilmanseems it doesn't work anymore11:14
tilmaniirc you'd get automatically g-lined when joining11:14
tilmanand i wanted verification11:14
tilmansorry ;)11:14
j^2yeah i just read a blog post about taht11:15
*** cyrus82 has joined #crux11:17
* j^2 tips hat to cyrus82 11:17
cyrus82is it possible to build all packages from the ports with make -j<n> without changing all Pkgfiles ?11:18
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tilmanman make - set MAKEFLAGS probably11:19
cyrus82thanks - it works11:25
tilmani rock :p11:27
tilmani should run for president11:27
RyoSyou think you could replace 'miss' merkel? ._.11:27
treachReplacing G.W otoh..11:28
tilmanyeah, i was thinking of amerika11:28
RyoSwhy think of america? we have our own problems to solve11:28
tilmanyeah, like lack of alcohol11:28
RyoSthis, happily, does not count for me11:29
tilmanyou have enough of it? or you're a dry alcoholic? :)11:29
RyoSi have enough of it11:29
RyoSa almost full cube of diebels alt *lechz* ;)11:30
RyoSit would be sad if i would hang my career already :þ11:34
RyoSbut i have no problem with alcohol.. just without.. (i know, old)11:34
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j^2hey all13:20
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j^2 -- shouldnt this routing table work?14:48
prologicwhy what's the problem ?14:52
j^2that's the odd part i dunno14:52
j^2i can't ping out14:53
prologicthen your listed gateway is not routing or nating you14:53
j^2i'm switching otu a static router, and...well it didnt work14:53
prologicfirewall issue14:53
j^2but two "netgear" routers worked find14:53
prologicaccording to that table you're default route is via eth014:53
prologicwhatever the address is now :)14:54
prologic209.163.x.1 or something14:54
prologiccan you ping the default gw ?14:54
prologicor anything in that network14:54
*** mrks has quit IRC14:54
j^2when it was on that machine nope, but as the netgear i could, do you think i need to restart the gw machine to clear the mac addys or something?14:55
j^2i'm truely confused14:55
prologicI have no idea14:55
prologicI don't have enough info :)14:55
j^2yeah nor do i interestlying enough :P14:55
prologicif you can't ping, then you're not being natted (if that's your way out)14:56
prologicor your router/gw doesn't know about your route14:56
prologicor rather know what to do with your packets14:56
j^2hmm i thought so...14:56
j^2thanks prologic, it's nice to bounce this off someone that actaully knows what the frack i'm talking about :P14:57
prologicneways I've been up all night working14:57
prologicI'm off to bed :)14:57
j^2night thanks again14:57
prologicmate if I had more inof or access to it I'd fix it for you :)14:57
prologicbut you're gonna have to find out the hard way :)14:57
j^2works for me :D14:57
prologictry pinging your machine from the default gw that's listed there14:57
prologicif you can :)14:57
* prologic hugs MikroTik ROuterOS :)14:58
prologic[admin@dart] > ppp active print14:58
prologicFlags: R - radius14:58
prologic #   NAME         SERVICE CALLER-ID         ADDRESS         UPTIME   ENCODING14:58
prologic 0   daisy        pppoe   00:0B:6A:A7:90:52        1w5d1...14:58
prologicneways night good luck :)14:59
j^2thanks again15:01
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_mavrick61Any one who can recomend me link('s) for bash scripting, somthing which cover basic and more advance scripting.16:09
sip_mavrick61, simply google for "bash tutorial"16:20
sipand of course the abs:
*** treach has quit IRC16:21
_mavrick61I first look in GOOGLE.. But I can't tell which is really good.. So far I haven't found what I need...16:49
sipabs seems ok to me16:51
*** treach has joined #crux16:51
_mavrick61I'll check that out now16:53
_mavrick61But no... There is nothing how to implemnet externals like grep... in a loop16:56
treachuh? you mean like this? for i in $(ls --color=never | grep stuff); do \ echo $i \ done17:08
_mavrick61OR for i in `grep "NOQUEUE" $BAKDIR/$REJECTFILE` ; do17:14
_mavrick61        echo $i17:14
_mavrick61    done17:14
_mavrick61I trying..  But gut stuck...17:14
*** j^2 has quit IRC17:16
treachpresumeably something is wrong with "$BAKDIR/$REJCTFILE" then.17:23
treach\o/ A press release!17:25
treachQuick, get the champagne17:25
_mavrick61echo $BAKDIR/$REJECTFILE showing right path17:27
treachfor i in $(grep blah temp/FILE); do \ echo $i \ done17:30
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treach"Don't irc when drunk".17:35
tilmani had thought or hoped you were online17:35
tilmanb) i kinda expected that response/statement17:35
treachsigh. if I'm so predictable, I guess the response wasn't much to hope for..17:36
treachah, I see, you were at the release party from the link above? ;-) A press release from Gigabyte about Linux compatible intel based mainboards, no less. :->17:43
tilmani didn't read #crux backlog17:44
_mavrick61if I just do this "grep 'NOQUEUE' $BAKDIR/$REJECTFILE" i get result17:44
tilmanbtut i guess you're thinking of the kde party?17:44
tilman10 years of kde etc17:44
tilmanthe answer is no anyway17:44
treach_mavrick61: I'm no scripting guru, but I'm not 100% sure your variables are valid in the shell your script is run17:45
treachtilman: oh, come on, I'm not that rabid about kde.17:46
_mavrick61What will happen raiserfs now.. The Project owner will spend some years in jail.17:46
tilmantreach: no really17:46
treach_mavrick61: nothing.17:46
tilmantreach: there's a kde release party in south of germany today or tomorrow17:46
rehabdollwow, that was a quick trial _mavrick61 :)17:46
rehabdollhe was arrested yesterday or something17:46
treach_mavrick61: did the germans scrap all the Beetles after WWII? Or tear up the autobahns?17:47
_mavrick61Yes.. Killed his wife17:47
tilmansuspected of killing his wife17:47
_mavrick61Yes... Only suspected17:47
rehabdollbig diff.17:47
treachI suspect _mavrick61 has reinstated the "standgericht". (Not sure of the english term.)17:48
_mavrick61Yes.. But now smoke with out fire.. But it might be some one else who knows17:48
treachWell, Hans just might know..17:49
treachbut in any case it doesn't matter.17:49
tilmandrumhead court-martial17:49
treachhm. Ok..17:49
tilmanthis translation powered by dict.leo.org17:49
_mavrick61Sorry.. But I still have problem with my dyslexia.. And isn't better in Swedish either..17:51
treachmisstänkt blir inte samma sak som skyldig, ens med dyslexi.17:52
_mavrick61Nä.. Det är sant.. Men jag skriver som en kråka...17:53
_mavrick61Och det kan även bli en del andra tanke fel.. När man inte får ihop det...17:53
tilmansnett snett17:55
treachhehe, schräge musik. ;-)17:56
treachyou've got a real killer application there. :p17:56
yipshnel! fire the railgun!17:56
tilmantreach: i forget what 'schraege musik' was about17:57
tilmantoo lazy to google it/ask wikipedia too :P17:57
treach"name given to installations of upward-firing cannons mounted in night fighters by the Luftwaffe during World War II."17:57
tilmanah, right17:57
tilmangotta get up early tomorrow. -> night17:59
treachgood night17:59
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*** xsacha has joined #crux21:20
xsachaanyone here? :)21:21
xsachaah hi :)21:26
*** rxi has quit IRC21:27
xsachai just started on crux today, it's very nice! :D21:27
xsachai love the prt-get .. i just set it to instdep for kde about half an hour ago and it's going at it :D21:28
xsachaby the way, the lame and cups on port didnt work.. had to download those manually -- is the known?21:28
bd2xsacha, yea. it' FAQ regarding broken downloads.21:35
*** rxi has joined #crux21:47
xsachatakes a long time to compile all these dependencies.. going on over an hour now22:14
Romsterxsacha, yeah does take some time to compile and download22:30
Romsterbut once its done its good22:30
xsacha:) has anyone here tried ext4 yet?22:33
xsachait's on that 2.6.19rc1 kernel but im on 2.6.18stable right now22:33
xsachaso i just went with reiser22:34
Romsterext4 what the, i didn't know there is a ext422:34
Romsterthat'll be why hmm22:35
Romsteri'm on ext3 atm22:35
Romsterbe nice to read the changes they planed on doing with ext422:35
rxiRomster: xsacha isnt one of your crew?22:36
xsachaapparently ext4 will handle 1024 petabytes22:39
xsachaan exabyte..22:39
xsachaand it uses extents22:40
rehabdollgreat, then i wont have to split my pr0n-collection on several partitions22:41
xsachaguess it makes sense for a filesystem called 'ext' to use extents and support an EXabyte22:41
xsachayou have a porn collection over 8 TB? :O22:41
*** jali has joined #crux22:44
jaliany word on a new iso anytime soon?22:44
Romsterstupid gateway/firewall pc killed squid becase it ran out of diskspace...22:50
Romsterreally need to get a bigger hdd for that pc22:50
Romsterrehabdoll, lol22:51
jaliDid you guys hear about that new chain of stores for gay men?22:52
rxiyour the president?22:52
jaliI heard about it and thought, "Don't we already have Bad Bath and Beyond"?22:52
xsachai just expanded by root reiserfs to 7gb from 1gb.. 1gb really wasnt enough :P got that annoying out of disk space error22:52
Romstertoo bad the disks on my firewall are only 25 and 3.2 gb22:56
Romstershould get a 80 for it22:57
Romsterso i can set a huge cache size then22:57
Romsterhmm the anoying part i can't set 2 hdd's to root / can i? and then tell it what directories go on each hdd, without having to split the second disk into more patitions to handle more than one subdirectory.22:59
jaliNo answer on my question?22:59
rxijust play with your fstab23:00
rxior use lvm2 if your not worried about any data23:01
jaliThere are people not worried about losing data?23:01
rxibackups exist for a reason23:03
jalihow long do you think it'd take to upgrade from the base install to 'current'?23:03
jali1-2 hours?23:03
Romsterjali, no idea sorry can't answer that question23:03
jaliI've got a PC again and have tried every other distro because I knew CRUX was out of date.23:04
jaliAnd all of them annoy me.23:04
Romsterrxi, about the only thing important on that pc is /etc :)23:04
rxiRomster: ahh .. just back it up and use lvm2 :)23:04
jaliI've tried Ubuntu, xubuntu, Arch and gentoo.23:05
jaliI might just bite the bullet and force in a Crux install.23:05
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
rxijaegers release is more up to date23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
jaliI thought his was i586?23:05
Romsterjali, out of date, like bull crap23:06
Romsterthe cd install maybe, but not after a ports -u and sysup23:06
jaliRomster: That's what I said....23:06
rxijali: nah .. its i68623:06
jalithe base install.23:06
Romsterrxi, is it even worth it on 2 small hdd's like that. and hmm is lvm2 not good for recovering data on coruptions?23:06
jalirxi: Did I or did I not say.. base install?23:06
jaliYou heard me.23:06
jaliYou tell the man.23:06
Romsteri guess i could use lvm223:06
rxiRomster: not realy no :)23:07
rxijali == galious?23:07
jalirxi: Check the #crux-ot channel for correct spelling..23:07
Romsteri wanted to use lvm2 on my 2 200gb sata's but i didn't do it because of the complexity and i didn't know as much as i know now.23:07
rxiRomster: its easy as pie but like usiong software striping23:08
rxiso no redunency23:08
rxii use it on my fileserver23:08
Romsteras far as i can tell lvm2 is just the phical laye for the multiple disks, and the filesystem goes on top of that..23:09
rxithats it23:09
xsachawhat's this about?23:09
xsachafor some reason my irssi is really slow.. about 1 sec lagg for the letters i type to appear23:09
Romsterif one disk goes out ya loose half the filesystem that i know23:10
xsacha100% cpu usage :(23:10
xsachai have an irssi on tty1, compiling some dependancies on tty2, talking here in tty3, and nothingg important in others23:11
rxiRomster: yeah it sucks but when it works its good .. when it doesnt it goes down in a fiery mess :)23:11
xsachawhats slowing me down all of the sudden, hmm23:11
Romsterrxi, yeah23:12
Romsterok i gotta goto work now later23:13
rxiin the arvo?23:15
*** ntl^2 has quit IRC23:36

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