IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2006-10-15

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xsachabah :( no mouse in KDE01:51
xsachalucky i know alt+f1 for kde menu and alt+f2 for run01:51
xsachaanyone know the shortcut to go back a page in konqueror?02:00
xsachaalt+left nvm02:01
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RomsterThe requested URL /portdb/simple.php was not found on this server. < eh?02:34
rxiwhat happened to detailed search?02:40
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Romsteroh they changed the url, figures03:18
Romsterand i was so used to that url too.03:18
Romsterhmm interesting layout03:20
Romsterdetailed search and fsearch be nice to have on site too.03:21
aonread the mail on crux@03:24
Romsteri've been working, i will soon, doing updates atm and just relaxing.03:27
Romstermanualy bumped up kde versions too, is anyone taking over the kde ports?03:27
Romsterawww simpler db :/03:37
Romsterjust read the ML03:37
Romsteri used those features heavily..03:37
Romsterchecking for getcury... yes < lol03:40
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RedShiftI can't see the pkgfiles anymore with the new port db browser?05:00
RyoSRedShift: try clicking on the P for Pkgfile05:06
RedShiftyeah but for the ports in opt the P doesn't show up05:06
RedShiftI liked the previous port browser better :(05:07
RyoSsaw that05:07
RedShiftyou immediatly had an overview of what files the port contains05:07
RedShiftit needs a detailed view05:07
Romsteryeah, i agree RedShift05:10
Romsteri like the new layout but shgowing all the files was better than just the letters.05:11
Romsterand opt is missing them..05:11
Romsteralso opt, core, contrib used to be at the top of the repo list05:11
Romsterwell if meul is taking over the KDE stuff wheres is he's repo?05:12
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jjpkInteresting changes on the portdb05:36
Romsterthere is something up with httpup-repgen and ports -u05:46
Romsteri svn commit then httpup-repgen, REPO file is updated, but ports -u on more runs updates the same files over and over, and misses the last commit change...05:46
Romsterok even delating the offending files then doing a ports -u does not change the problem..05:49
jjpkNever happened to me, although I do not publish a public httpup repository, it has worked just fine.05:51
Romsterok diff on my local svn working copy and the files from ports -u, say they don't differ so why does ports -u only download them same files over and over if they don't differ?05:52
jjpkhttpup is not supposed to be the next rsync imho.05:53
Romstererr no its missing my last change from svn its sitting on the revison before it.05:54
jjpkmercurial <305:54
Romsteri don't fscking get why...05:55
Romsteri deleated the REPO file and regenereated it and it still does it..05:56
Romsterjjpk, got any ideas?05:56
Romsteri'm wondering if i got a broken md5 maybe05:57
Romsteralthough that be unlikely.05:57
Romsterunless its my squid transparant proxy interfearing..06:00
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jjpkCould be. I use a local squid setup as well, but it is not transparent.06:02
jjpkEither way, it has not loaded up old sites or stale content.06:02
Romstergrrrr, disabled squid, bypassed it, commited a new change, svn up; httpup-repgen, then do a ports -u and it does exactly he same friggen thing again06:03
Romsterit like its stuck on a revision change and won't get off of it...06:05
Romstercontent is right, ports -u has some odd behavour06:05
Romsterwhere would ports keep its temp files, i can't see anything odd in /tmp06:07
Romsterah its a bash script06:09
* Romster looks though it06:09
Romsterhttpup is borked06:21
jjpkTime to file a (complaint) bug report to jw then ;)06:22
Romsterstill looking to why though, it might be one of my stupid mistakes.06:23
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brointhemixsomebody broke the portdb page ;)06:37
brointhemixi mean, it's different now, but i think it was better before06:37
jjpkRead the mailing list. ;)06:40
jjpkNothing broken about it.06:41
RomsterI can't figure it out....06:41
Romsterbut there is a problem06:41
Romsterits not broken its jsut been changed06:42
brointhemixyes yes06:42
Romsterjjpk, seems like a md5 diference problem, its not md5 i checked that..06:42
brointhemixi know, that's why i put ";)" there06:42
brointhemixbut one can't access other files than Pkgifle .footprotn and .md5sum from there anymore :(06:43
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Romsterbah ya can't either..06:53
Romstercomputers they really can be anoying...06:54
jjpkbrointhemix: that's life, someone wins, someone loses something.06:56
jjpkIt was good for the users before, but apparently difficult to maintain for the admins.06:56
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brointhemixok, if that's the case07:04
Romsterjjpk, it was my transparant squid server messign with it...07:09
Romsterbe interesting to add a header to libcurl, to bypass squid..07:11
RedShiftwhen you absolutely posivitively need to kill every fucker in the room07:57
treachI'd go for a claymore. :p07:57
aonhow about Rk 62? :)07:59
jjpkak47 was never a fine weapon, it causes damage yes, but its a mass production piece.07:59
treachso? It bloody works..07:59
jjpkExactly ;)08:00
jjpkIt does its job when needed.08:01
aonexcept if it lacks too much parts :)08:02
treachwell, you're unlikely to lose track of them very easily.08:02
treachsmallest part is something like 7cm or something.08:03
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RedShiftany expected release schedule on crux 2.3?08:27
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prologic"when it's ready" (tm)08:38
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RedShiftwould be nice if I were able to anticipate releases09:06
RedShiftlike openbsd does, every 6 months or so09:06
prologicwe tentatively have about 2 releases a year09:07
prologicat least that's what I'm aware of09:07
RomsterRedShift, if you have done a sysup your nearly at 2.3 now ;P09:07
prologicpatience :)09:07
prologica new release usually just means an updated iso and new toolchain09:07
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RyoSbo:ryo# prt-get sysup11:24
RyoScyclic dependencies11:24
RyoSoh, get it11:26
RyoSuhm no, i dont ^^'11:27
RedShiftRyoS: just use rpm, ffs11:35
RyoSwhy the hack i would want that?11:36
RyoS*would i11:36
RedShiftjust joking ;-)11:36
RyoSextremly funny..11:36
RomsterRyoS, 2 ports point to eachother so it creates a infinity loop11:46
Romstertry deptree then ctrl-c then see what they are11:47
jdolando we have a way for prt-get (or pkgmk really) not not exit with an error status on NEW .footprint entries?11:54
jdolanthis is killing me, trying to sysup and rebuild gnome.11:55
RedShiftman, compiling on a p-3 500 Mhz isn't fun :(11:57
RedShiftit's installing mysql right now, I got the impression it takes longer than a prt-get sysup from a standard crux 2.2 install11:58
Romsterjdolan, not what i know of there is -if ignore footprint12:12
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_paranoid_Redshift: mm, I feel your pain, been compiling on an 800mhz VIA C3 recently13:41
_paranoid_think one of the ram chips on it is on the blink too13:41
_paranoid_turns out you need gnome.* for monodevelop13:43
_paranoid_hopefully when I get back to work it'll be done ;)13:43
RedShiftI just realized13:43
RedShiftmy fileserver runs crux13:43
RedShiftI could have built the packages there13:44
_paranoid_this is a mini itx box at work13:44
* RedShift slaps his hand agains his forehead13:44
_paranoid_the other four machines in my room don't run Linux13:44
_paranoid_err other three13:44
_paranoid_two macs and one windows machine13:44
_paranoid_writing cross platform software is fun :/13:44
_paranoid_especially when you have to do it by process of reverse engineering13:44
RedShiftI develop my applications in php so portability is not a problem :-D13:45
RedShiftoh joy, what are you writing?13:45
_paranoid_a stupid childrens game/whiteboard13:45
_paranoid_which of course has to be backwards compatible with the old version13:45
RedShiftbackwards compatability is teh suck13:45
_paranoid_backwards compatability on an undocumented program is teh suck13:46
RedShiftsounds like fun13:46
_paranoid_fortunately the protocol wasn't encrypted and I have uber etherreal skillz13:46
RedShiftlike captain kirk would say...13:46
_paranoid_it's life jim but not as we know it?13:46
RedShiftno, sounds like fun :-D13:46
RedShiftremember star trek generations?13:46
_paranoid_went to test in an deployment environment, and mono fell over13:46
_paranoid_I remember they changed the ending so that kirk didn't get shot in the back13:47
RedShiftwell as usual they face an impossible task :-D13:47
_paranoid_thusly the book I have is probably worth some money - kirk got shot in the back13:47
RedShiftno kirk fell13:47
RedShiftand died13:47
RedShift"oh my"13:47
RedShiftwere his last words13:47
_paranoid_they re-shot it ;)13:48
_paranoid_the original ending had him getting shot in the back13:48
_paranoid_which is thusly in the novel I have13:48
RedShiftwell while we are on the subject13:48
RedShiftthe last movie sucked13:48
RedShiftand enterprise wasn't much either :(13:48
_paranoid_haven't seen it13:48
_paranoid_I gave up after generations tbh13:49
RedShiftoh, I thought it was pretty good13:49
RedShiftfirst contact is awesome13:49
_paranoid_mm, it's more that I haven't got round to watching them13:50
RedShiftsay I'm going to get some more work done13:50
_paranoid_it being sunday I refuse to work :P13:50
RedShiftI was once like that...13:50
RedShiftthen I went the self-employed way...13:51
_paranoid_I'm technically self employed13:51
_paranoid_but once I finish this contract, I'm likely to cease being a contractor and start being an employee13:52
_paranoid_pay wont be great, but I only graduated this year13:52
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RedShiftcompiling sasl emits alot of warnings14:13
RedShiftimho sasl is totally useless14:14
jjpkWhy worry? They are just warnings, not errors which halt compilation.14:17
RedShiftyeah but I would fix that14:18
RedShiftwhen I make my own packages, I compile them for /usr/local14:18
RedShiftso I can keep the base system clean for upgrading (no customized stuff)14:18
RedShiftbut is it wise to use /usr/local/var as locate state dir?14:19
RedShiftor should I use /var nomatter what14:19
RedShiftthird time building postfix14:43
RedShiftthird time's the charm14:43
* _paranoid_ ponders the best way to write a small personal cms15:10
RedShift_paranoid_: why write your own?15:25
RedShiftthere are tons of good cms'es out there15:26
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Auge^hey. ist it possible to do ext3fs fsck in the background? the startup fsck sucks... 'cause the whole checking of my raid needs more than 1 hour, i guess. and i don't want to handle fsck by crond.15:39
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rehabdollfsck:ing a mounted fs is quite useless, no?16:14
rehabdollsince its read only16:14
rehabdollby the way, fsck with ext3 does not print anything on screen here.. any ideas why?16:15
predatorfreakrehabdoll: e2fsprogs needs to be installed.16:17
rehabdollwell, the fsck is running.. in the background i guess16:17
rehabdollthis is during the boot-process btw16:17
predatorfreakrehabdoll: It runs in the foreground, I'm betting e2fsprogs isn't installed.16:18
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rehabdollno, its installed16:19
predatorfreakThen something unexpected happened :P16:19
rehabdollit IS running, but there is nothing on the screen indicating it, ever (during boot)16:19
maro_hmm, automake 1.1016:22
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jaliIf you're on a new install should you use Xorg 6.9.0 or tilman's modular build?17:09
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jaliWell, I'm installing 6.9.0 since it's the latest in the opt tree.17:13
jaliAnd, I just noticed that my firewire drive isn't showing up correctly.. I guess I didn't get the right driver.17:17
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jaliHey, I just did an install of Crux 2.2 and when I rebooted from updating my system I get an error about my kernel not supporting inotify from udevd and that my root partition doesn't exist.18:28
jaliI'm stuck in console atm from the live disk.18:28
jaliAny ideas?18:31
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jaliWell, I'd google for it but I'm sans X/browser.18:35
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thrice`with the new portdb, there are no longer links for the specific drivers?  ie, gnome.rsync ?21:14
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jaliAnyone around?22:39
jaliHey :)22:50
jalii just updated the fglrx to the latest version22:50
jaliis it normal it wants to over-write my Xorg's
jaliprologic: Care to take a crack at that question?22:57
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prologicsorry jail23:10
prologicwas afk :)23:10
prologicumm afaik fglrx does overwrite your gl related objects23:10
jaliim having to figure out why it won't modprobe.23:11
prologicdmesg :)23:11
jalioh wow23:11
jalithat's ugly23:11
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xsachahey, is there any movement to revive 64-bit version of CRUX?23:30
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prologicI don't think it's a matter of reviving23:35
prologicbut rather just getting more people involved and using it23:36
prologicafaik it does work23:36
prologicI have an AMD Sempron 2800+ here (64b) server, but it's running 32b CRUX23:36
prologicplan to get a new desktop sometime and run CRUX x6423:36
rehabdollmy desktop is running on a em64t intel cpu, 32bit binaries though23:37
prologicyeah well same with my 64b server23:37
rehabdollneed to find a 64bit boot-cd that finds my HDs.. 2.6.18 or later kernel23:37
prologicjust grab the crux sources and build yourself one23:37
prologicthe current 64b crux iso may work anyway23:38
rehabdollwell, the hds are found, its worse with my dvd.. mosts cds cant remount when the kernelboot is complete23:38
rehabdolla local supermarket have lots of lcd-tv's running commercials at the checkout line.. noticed they run redhat once when the kernel panicked :)23:41
xsachahmm, what benefits are there in a smaller bzImage? i got mine to 1.4MB yesterday when i removed some support for IDEs i dont use23:44
rehabdollsmall is cool23:45
xsachai think with default on vanilla 2.6.18 it was 4.6MB23:45
rehabdollmine is 1.2mb23:46
rehabdollwhat do i win?23:46
rehabdolla car peharps?23:46
xsachai dont use any modules though23:47
prologicsmaller == faster boot time23:50
prologicI have mine down to 1.2MB23:50
thrice`prologic: do you do anythign with the website ?23:51
prologiceh ?23:52
xsachait's faster using built-in instead of modules right?23:52
thrice`prologic: with the crux website23:52
xsachais it possible to have the image so it isnt compressed? wouldnt this save time?23:54
prologicxsacha, yes23:55
prologicthrice`, oh yeah I have made a few additions to the Xorg pages23:55
prologichaven't done anything else so far23:55
prologicleast I have a user/pass now :)23:55
thrice`ah, ok.  I couldn't get driver files to show up in portdb anymore...curious if it's me or not23:56
prologicxsacha, I don't believe so, having it uncompressed would probably mean the stage 1 loader may not load it23:56
thrice`like, clicking on han didn't give a link for han.httpup23:56
prologicahh yeah I've noticed that23:56
prologicbut that doesn't worry me atm, I only use opt/core/contrib :)23:56
thrice`well, me too, usually...with my own, gnome, and x11r7 :)23:57
xsachamm it's just i'm thinking those dots take about 3 seconds, that's 3 seconds extra boot time to save how much space?23:57
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xsachamake vmlinux for uncompressed, right?23:59
prologicmy machine boots in 13s :)23:59
prologicfrom bios to X23:59
xsachainto a graohical? :O23:59
prologicthat's what I said :)23:59
xsachahow.. :(23:59
prologicAMD Semprons 2400+ 1G ram23:59

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