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xsachahmm i have an issue with usb mouse07:42
xsachait works fine with live cd, but with this compiled kernel my usb mouse isnt getting power :( i have usb support turned on and HDI devices enabled07:42
xsachaany ideas?07:43
jjpkand there goes the wrong window. :p07:45
xsachawhile you're here.. :)07:45
jjpkxsacha: you could always check what modules the live cd loads, then find them from the usb section of the kernel.07:46
xsachai dont use modules, all built in07:46
xsachacould that be a problem?07:46
jjpkThe point is to find the proper drivers, it does not matter whether they are built in or modules.07:47
xsachai think i have the right usb modules, it's just my mouse doesnt get power? or should it give it power when it is detected?07:48
xsachathe lights on my mouse are on in BIOS but as soon as kernel loads they turn off07:49
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pitilloxsacha, may be you can take a look to laptops guides at and this is a little guide I made. Check the kernel usb support and Xserver configuration07:55
xsachakk im not using a laptop, kernel usb support is enabled and problem is before xserver :S as soon as kernel loads, mouse power turns off07:57
xsachai'll have a look at that .config though07:58
xsachaCONFIG_USB_OHCI_HCD and CONFIG_USB_UHCI_HCD i didnt have these two enabled.. think they could be it?08:03
pitilloxsacha, take a look to your motherboard`s usb controllers. You`ll need to enable wich you have.08:05
xsachayeah mine is via.. which is UHCI i think08:05
pitilloxsacha, lspci can help you to be sure...08:06
xsachaYES :)08:11
xsachastrange thing.. my kernel loads and then everything turns off, resolution changes to 1280x1024 and then kernel loads again08:12
xsachanice big resolution for console :D cant complain, just curious why it loads twice08:12
copworkits the framebuffer console that is being active08:18
xsachaah k08:18
copworkafter the framebuffer initializes on your gpu08:18
copworkyou activated it in the kernel :-P08:19
copworkused for bootsplashes08:20
copworkand other nice things normally08:20
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xsachaahh now i've got an 80gb hard drive all for crux lol08:31
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j^2hey guys09:30
aonhi j^209:36
j^2morning aon09:44
jjpkxSacha: got the usb mouse working yet?09:50
xSachajust my soundcard now, so gotta find out what my soundcard driver is next time i feel like rebooting09:52
xSachacomfortable right now though09:52
jjpkGreat. Just had the wrong usb HCD selected?10:02
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jdolan_anyone have an old openoffice package laying around?10:20
jdolan_ooo2 doesn't play nice with nfs mounted /home, and i just accidentally upgraded it.10:20
jjpkjdolan_: the port's README explains what needs to be done to open files from an nfs mount.10:26
jdolan_yea, i conributed that portion of the README.10:29
jdolan_i think it's still whacked tho :-/10:29
jjpkHaven't had to try it myself, at least not yet. Who knows, maybe once I get the fileserver built.10:38
jjpkLucky you, I was planning to clean my built pkgs, I still have ooo 2.0.310:39
jjpkHah, even found 2.0.2. Problem is, neither is online. It would take a bit.10:42
aoni've 2.0.3 too10:47
jdolan_no i'd need like a 1.410:49
jdolan_it's okay, my suggested patch actually seems to work now :-/10:49
jdolan_thanks tho!10:49
Hanjjpk, 2.0.4 has been released10:53
jdolan_Han, am i off of your ignore?10:53
j^2jdolan_ you got your underscore :P10:54
jdolan_ah, i thought he maybe wildcard ignored me ;)10:54
jdolan_i spoke with him in a bit ago, tho.10:54
HanYou said interesting things in there.10:57
jjpkHan: noticed the update :p11:03
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Handboll_2When im about to install Crux 2.2 I need to enter Username and Pass?11:06
Handboll_2What should I type in?11:06
Handboll_2Please Someone :)11:07
Handboll_2Should I write that? :S11:08
Handboll_2Totaly lost at this... Never used Crux before..11:09
rehabdollread the handbook11:09
Handboll_2where can I find it?11:09
Handboll_2but I cant register :(11:09
rehabdollregister what?11:10
* RyoS runs11:10
rehabdollthe handbook is included on the cd too11:10
jjpkWhat for? You do not need to be registered11:10
Handboll_2thanks guys!11:10
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Handboll_2Can I install if I have filesystem NTFS?11:32
Handboll_2Or do I need to chage to Ext before I install?11:32
tilmanyou need to change to something native to linux ;p11:33
Handboll_2okay :P11:33
Handboll_2why cant I fix that from the CD?11:33
pitilloHandboll_2, It`s recommended to read the handbook before do nothing.11:34
Handboll_2sorry :(11:34
pitilloHandboll_2, and read it again while you do something :)11:34
Handboll_2Sooooooo long...11:34
Handboll_2thougt it would be easy... someone who know a small and easy Linux dist?11:35
pitilloHandboll_2, so long the handbook?11:35
Handboll_2okay not to long but still :P11:35
pitilloHandboll_2, take a look at and read the short explanation of CRUX. May be it isn`t a dist for you.11:36
jjpkFirst of all, crux is intended for experienced users. Users who are not afraid of editing config files by hand.11:36
Handboll_2I know but can you guys recommend me an easy one?11:37
Handboll_2That are minimalized?11:37
Handboll_2Dont want do use Suse ore Ubuntu....11:37
jjpkzenwalk might be one.11:41
rehabdolli've always had a soft spot for slackware11:51
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sepenanyone using ngircd??12:36
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RedShiftwhat happened to /sbin/start_udev?14:08
RedShiftit's totally different from before14:08
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rehabdollgtk+ 2.10.6 is out btw15:04
HanThey release so often I get sore fingers15:05
Hanrehabdoll, oh my, I'm up to date =D15:06
rehabdollnot on rtorrent/libtorrent though! :)15:07
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HanRIght, I don't run rtorrent on linux15:07
HanThus I keep forgetting.15:08
Hanpoke me when I do it again ;-)15:08
HanNP: Mahler - Symphony 2 - 05 - Im Tempo des Scherzos - Kraftig - Langsam. Misterioso.flac15:08
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Hanrehabdoll, do you already have c-ares installed?15:11
Hanfrom the `ooooooooooh nifty!!!' department.15:13
rehabdollah, no15:13
Hanwell then... go get it15:13
rehabdollasynchronous dns-resolving sounds good, but is it really that useful?15:15
rehabdollguess i'll give it a try15:17
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ramserverhey crux16:08
ramserverso does crux support wireless?16:08
seekwillCrux has wireless ports included on the CD, but I have never used them.16:19
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ramserverso please tell me what happens when you upgrade a year old install of crux?16:22
TRIBBBramserver: depends on the versions ...16:35
TRIBBBramserver: crux 2.* is recommended to be installed as a fresh install16:35
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ramservernow crux uses a ports system?17:08
ramservertar.gz files17:09
ramservern stuff17:09
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ramserverare ftp servers helped by large amount of ram and cpu poweR?18:32
ramserveror does it not matter so much18:32
bd2to ftp server I think hard disks speed of seeking/reading matters a bit more18:37
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xSachathis port system is great :D22:22
xSachainstalling KDE and about 100 dependancies from source with one short command, hah22:23
xSachaone thing -- i was wondering, how can i specify which mirror to use? for eg. when it downloads from sourceforge it uses the default mirror and sometimes that default mirror doesnt have the package22:24
xSachai manually edited the pkgfiles to point to optusnet mirror but i am wondering if there is a way to just do it broadly?22:24
xSachaor should i just write a scrip that goes through each directory in ports, finds the pkgfile and replaces dl.sourceforge with optusnet.dl.sourceforge?22:26
thrice`xSacha: sure, in /etc/hosts22:27
xSachaah ok just redirect it to optusnet in hosts22:27
xSachathanks :D i get 1MB/s off optusnet and only 10KB/s off default mirror :S so that's a big help22:28
thrice`sure thing22:33
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prologicWhat webmail options do we have these days ?23:53
prologicsquirellmail, horde (imp), are there any others that are any good ?23:54
prologicespecially with virtual mail hosting23:54
nipuL*shrugs* neomail?23:54
nipuLi'm not sure if that supports virtual accounts though23:55
prologicit doesn't23:55
prologicit only work via system unix accounts23:55
prologicI'd have to hack the backend23:55
nipuLheh, just got a 1ru server in for servicing. all the hardware checked out ok, so i left it at that23:57
nipuLif they want me to fix anything else, they can fire their current sysadmin and give me a job23:57
prologicany experience with squirellemial btw ?23:57
nipuLonly as a user23:58

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