IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-10-18

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sepenprologic, are you tested qmail?01:19
prologicqmail for ?01:21
prologicisn't that an MTA ?01:21
prologicI don't need another MTA :)01:22
prologicbut rather a decent webmail01:22
sepenit's running in my university01:23
prologicI might try horde01:23
prologiccan I see a sample of it running anywhere ?01:23
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sepenbut horde is more than a webmail, its a framework01:26
prologicyeah I know :)01:26
prologicI might try it out sometime I guess01:27
prologicbetter than squirellmail you reckon ?01:27
sepenIt requires PHP 4.1.0 and version 2.0 of the Horde framework.01:28
sepentoo big for me01:28
prologicnah hehe nps :)01:28
prologicneways I gotta go to training01:28
prologiccyas lall later01:28
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rehabdollhas anyone here played around with grub 1.x?02:31
sepenI ported for who this interesting :::
RomsterHan, acrux fix the damn imlib2 conflict its on the ML...03:18
HanI didn't create that conflict.03:19
HanNor have I received any message of acrux explaining why his port would be better.03:20
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Romsterits got CC to and03:26
Romsterthe ML03:26
Romstersince 10/13/0603:26
Romsterhas acrux even been active?03:28
Romsteron irc?03:28
acruxi've removed .sync from my imlib2 port but if they still use old httpup url...03:29
Romsteri see on th Ml you changed to a new url..03:34
acruxi've just deleted REPO file from the old repository' machine03:40
acruxso now the old httpup url is unreacheble03:40
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pitillohi goodmorning, having problems with sane port. Cann`t stat {/var,/var/lock} Can anyone confirm this? (chown line at Pkgfile)03:50
sepenpitillo, which port?04:08
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pitillosepen, opt/sane04:15
xSachaeveryone heard about that new DNA computer that can play tic-tac-toe?04:47
Romsterhmm does bash have a way to use the valuse of a varable as its name? i tryed $$foo but thats not it.04:47
xSacha"This allows the MAYA-II to play a complete game of Tic-Tac-Toe against a human opponent, and apparently nearly always win." -- the new DNA computer04:48
xSacha"Players soon discover that best play leads to a draw, regardless of where the first player plays. So tic-tac-toe is most often played by very young children;" [wikipedia]04:48
xSachaRomster: it's not just $variable ? which name is this?04:49
xSachahave you tried {braces} then?04:51
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Romsteri have set $foo to bar so i want it, to return the contents of $bar05:01
Romsterthinki can use basename but isn't there some $$ or some other way.05:01
Romster$bar is set previously.05:02
Romsteryes that didnt help05:02
sepenafter running perlivp I retrieve this message: ok 1 ok 2 ok 3 ok 4 ok 505:03
sepen# files missing from installation:05:03
sepen# /usr/ports/opt/p5-xml-parser/work/pkg/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/linux/XML/Parser.pm05:03
sepenwhat is that?!05:03
Romsteroh had the function wrong too lol that won't help05:03
xSacha${..} not working? :( how about $\{...}05:04
Romsteri get the value of $foo but not as $bar, i just get bar05:05
xSachaoh you want a dollarsign infront of it?05:05
xSacha$$ ?05:05
xSachasurely you just put $$ infront of it and next time it evaluates the $BAR from $FOO, assuming that's what you want05:10
xSacha\$$FOO works for that05:12
xSachaFOO=BAR ; BAR=PS1 ; $ echo \$$FOO ; $BAR05:13
xSachaRomster: does that help?05:15
Romsteri did try that,,, i'll try again05:17
xSacharemember it's backslash05:17
Romsterit just returns the $bar but dosn't return $bar's value..05:21
xSachaah you want value05:21
Romsterwhich should already be set.05:21
Romsteryeah i'm so suck, references $bar's value which is ser earlier.05:23
RomsterI think i look at too many Makefiles, i just tryed some of there ways lol05:24
Romstergoogles not helping me atm05:24
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xSachawell you could easily do it in more than one command05:25
xSachaeval \$$FOO05:30
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RomsterRESULT=`echo "\$$foo"`05:31
xSachaFOO=BAR && BAR="echo thisfile" && eval \$$FOO05:31
Romsterstill won't work "" should evalate \$$foo to its var?05:32
Romstererm its value05:32
xSachaeval \$$FOO05:32
xSachathat will show $BAR's value05:32
Romsterhans method didn't work...05:32
Romsteri better dig in bash more.05:32
xSachathat one works!05:32
xSachawhat's wrong with it?05:33
xSachaeval echo \$$FOO05:33
xSachatry it05:33
Romsterok that was interesting but not what i wanted lol..05:35
xSachawhat did you want?05:35
xSachajust stick the eval before the command you want, it'll work im sure05:36
Romsterit showed bars value but bash tryed to run the command instead of just echo it.05:37
Romsterand i added echo05:37
Romstersomehow i don't tink eval is what i'm after ? i jsut want to echo the result not try to run $bar's value05:39
Romsterarg why is something so simple not working as intended...05:53
Romsteri only want it echoed not executed.05:53
cptn should cover your needs05:56
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Romsterlovely i found it, didn't use cptn's url, was busy searching for myself06:16
Romsterecho ${!foo}06:16
Romsteroh ffs it still executes it...06:18
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* Romster looks at cptn's link06:21
Romsterah got it06:22
Romsterdont use echo O_o06:22
xSachayeah ${!foo} works the same, without eval06:37
xSachaand eval does work, maybe something wrong with your echo or where you placed the echo.. but still that ${!foo} is smaller :)06:38
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sacha_hey :(07:05
sacha_the VIA chipset option was already compild in kernel07:05
sacha_ADI AD1980 (SoundMAX) is my soundcard (onboard)07:06
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Romstersacha_, heh07:45
sacha_know which driver i should be using?07:47
sacha_i am using the VIA drivers and the Analog Devices 1889 drivers, neither working07:48
sacha_the drivers i guess i would want are Analog Devices 1980, but they werent an option07:48
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cptnintel intel8x0 probably07:50
cptni.e. the 'intel8x0' module07:50
sacha_it comes with kernel?07:53
cptnwell, it's probably called snd-07:54
sacha_ok i see it07:54
sacha_there is intel8x0 and intel8x0m... nevermind i guess that's modem sound07:55
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xsachahmm dont hear any sound08:04
xsachamaybe i have to set it up in x?08:04
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RyoSyou played with it?08:04
RyoSyou should try to then :)08:05
RyoSturn master and pcm up08:05
*** Romster has joined #crux08:05
xsachaneed something to play.. heh08:05
xsachai tried Test Sound in Sound System -- no sound :(08:06
cptndid you unmute the channels and set the volume correctly?08:07
xsachabut it doesnt complain about not finding soundcard, so just some setting somewhere08:07
xsachadon't know where i would do that :$08:08
cptnthen you may want to listen to RyoS08:08
xsachai see a lot of settings for sound but cant find volume anywhere08:09
cptn[15:05] <RyoS> turn master and pcm up08:10
cptnis there no "master" nor "PCM"?08:10
xsachawhere exactly?08:10
cptnthat's how it's supposed to look like08:11
xsachaalsamixer runs KsCD08:11
xsachaand i have just managed to hang KsCD08:11
xsachait's dead08:11
xsachaalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device08:13
cptndo you have /dev/snd?08:15
xsachayes, in there is "seq" and "timer"08:15
cptnno pcm device?08:16
cptnthen snd-intel8x0 might not be the right driver after all08:16
cptnwhat's the pci id of the card?08:17
xsachabut when i choose OpenSource Sound or whatever from Sound System options it doesnt give error anymore08:17
xsachait used to say it couldnt find soundcard every time it started up -- and that it was going to use /dev/null08:17
cptndid you go for OSS instead of ALSA?08:17
xsachai have AutoDetect08:17
cptnthere's no autodetect08:17
xsachain Sound System -> Hardware08:18
cptnthat's something you choose in the kernel08:18
xsachaoh ok08:18
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xsachawell i know the exact name, it's soundMAX AD198008:22
cptnoh my08:22
sepencptn, I ported it
sepencptn, thanks for your jobs!08:23
xsacha00:11.5 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 60)08:23
cptnsepen: nice08:24
sepencptn, also my 'cruxer' script now is obsolete due to portdb changes08:25
sepenI need to (re)write another similar script named 'portdb'08:26
cptnwell, you don't _need_ to08:27
cptnyou can just use a browser like the rest of us :-)08:27
sepencptn, yes I can't use pipes with firefox gui08:27
sepens/I/but I/08:27
xsachadoes that help?08:28
cptnthat's a pci id08:30
cptnlspci -n -s 00:11.508:30
cptnon your host08:30
xsacha00:11.5 0401: 1106:3059 (rev 60)08:30
cptnthen it's the wrong driver indeed08:31
cptnthe problem is that the marketing names have often no meening08:32
cptnso you find different pci ideas for the same marketing name08:32
xsachawhat's that site where you enter in ids and it tells you drivers? i saw it once before but forgot it08:32
xsachahmm hardwaredb.suse.de08:34
pitilloxsacha, you are not using the good module, try snd_via82xx08:37
xsachathat was first one i tried08:38
xsachai cant find it listed on any of those hardware lists either :S08:38
jjpkYou should also create a group called audio and make sure your user belongs to it, unless you haven't done so already.08:39
pitilloand when loaded it you tried to unmute the channels?08:39
xsachahow do i unmute the channels?08:39
jjpkUsing alsamixer08:39
pitilloxsacha, with alsamixer, select the channel and press m08:40
xsachafunny story... :(08:40
pitilloxsacha, but take a look to the group like jjpk said...08:40
jjpkOtherwise only root will have access to the sound device(s).08:40
pitillojjpk, that is the first he needs to see if correct modules are loaded. (I forgot it :)08:41
cptnxsacha: via82xx08:42
xsachaok, i'll recompile with that one08:43
jjpkxsacha: you could also just compile the module, then you do not have to restart.08:43
jjpkIt's completely your call though.08:44
cptnaccording to the source code of snd_via82xx, it'll claim your hardware08:45
xsachaok thanks08:46
cptnif there's no pcm device created for it, then there's something really wrong08:46
cptnmaybe disabled in BIOS08:46
cptnalthough I'm not sure if it would then show up in lspci at all08:46
xsachanaah, works fine in everything else :)08:46
cptnalso, is pretty nice08:47
cptnshows matching alsa modules for pci ids08:47
xsacha"  If you have issues starting up alsamixer and get errors such as alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory, this is usually an issue with udev setting up the devices. Run killall udevd; udevstart to reload /dev entries and fire up alsamixer. It should solve the issue."08:50
xsachathat's it: O brb08:51
*** xsacha has quit IRC08:51
cptnso much for using modules :-)08:51
jjpkHehe, guess so.08:52
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xsachawell alsamixer is working now :)09:00
xsachabut alsaconf tells me i dont have a supported pci card,hmm09:00
cptndo you need alsaconf?09:01
xsachawell sound still isnt working, i don't know09:01
cptndefine "isn't working"09:02
cptndo you your no sound, or do media players using alsa give errors while playing?09:02
xsachavolume is up, im in audio group, i am using that driver -- no sound output09:02
xsachano errors though09:02
cptndid you unmute the channels?09:02
xsachaoh :)09:03
xsachai'll check09:03
xsachaAH 'm' key :)09:04
xsachayes sound works now, thanks a lot! :D09:04
xsachadidn't think it'd be so hard to get sound working09:05
j^2morning all09:06
cptnxsacha: well, was it really?09:14
cptnxsacha: you had the right driver earlier on (via82xx)09:14
cptnso all you really needed was to unmute the channels and crank up the volume09:15
pitilloand add user/s to audio group....09:16
cptnsure, but that's a distinct error you get if you don't do that09:16
xsachai already had in the group actually :S09:17
xsachabut yeah just couldnt open up alsamixer09:17
xsachawell, i had put it on recently -- i guess that's why error went away09:18
xsachai thought volume would be up by default :S09:18
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j^2n00b question09:42
j^2if i'd like to parse out text from a txt file, then only delete that line how would i do it?09:42
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xsachatry awk j^209:49
xsachaactually, dd09:53
*** clb has joined #crux09:59
xsachaman dd and look at the options09:59
j^2awesome thanks10:01
GSFyou could also use grep -v10:06
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Hansed -e '/pattern/d' file10:45
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koefzYou can actually discuss things in here without having 300 morons shouting in caps to each other about their latest cool shell prompt look.15:33
HanEven for that we stick to the crux ;-)15:34
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treachtilman: libxmu gets an md5sum error for me here.16:22
*** ramserver is now known as barzok16:38
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copworkmy mother brought them back from majorca16:48
copwork*sniff* they are so very beatiful16:49
* copwork goes and buys an u16:49
* deus_ex sends nukes on their way16:50
* treach sells copwork a broken o and hopes he won't notice the difference.16:51
copworkDAY I GOT B0RKEN O16:52
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xsachahey, is anyone going to add ports for xgl/aiglx/beryl soon?20:13
bd2beryl already in portsdb, as for xgl/aiglx... isn't one of them already in Xorg server's trunk?20:17
xsachaoh, it is? ok didnt see it there20:18
bd2;a=tree - it's under hw directory, xgl20:27
bd2 - that page says that aiglx also merged in Xorg xserver20:32
bd2thus, I think that setting up xgl/aiglx is the matter of ./configure flags to the tilman's X11R7 repo20:33
bd2s/repo/xorg-xserver\ package/20:34
xsachaah, when i update, latest is still R6.920:35
xsachayeah, i saw it on ports db :)20:36
bd2though, as many people had some difficulties with it, I think it's nontrivial to setup. but rejmerge is you're friend, remeber that ;-)20:36
xsachaInstalling X11R7 from a running X11R6 session should work, but it hasn't been tested yet.   hehe well i hope it does work :)20:40
xsachamm just to be safe20:41
thrice`I removed x11r6 and did it20:42
xsachayeah but what does that do to my desktop? :S20:43
xsachalike kde20:43
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xsachareinstall kde?20:43
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xSachaPAckages where install failed xorg-libxfont20:55
xSachaerror while install.. make error 2... i don't see what went wrong20:56
xSachafontcache.lo error 120:57
xSachaok here is first error: in file included from fontcache.c:38:  it couldnt find fontcacheP.h21:00
xSachaany ideas how i would get that file?21:03
xSachahmm i have the file21:07
bd2xSacha, you have more chances to get help by pasting whole error log to paste.lisp.org21:13
bd2and then give url here21:13
xSachahmm im in console21:14
bd2you can use screen+elinks. or.. I've seen some script that can paste file to that or another pastebin site21:16
xSachado you know what directory this would be in: X11/extensions/fontcacheP.h21:17
xSachai know it's in /usr/X11R6/includes/ but is there a different spot for X11R7?21:18
bd2it is in package called xorg-fontcacheproto, file should be installed in /usr/include/X11/extensions/fontcacheP.h21:18
bd2have you read's X11R7 doc? do you following it?21:19
xSachaim just on step where you install it (prt-get), shouldnt get any error21:19
bd2X11R7 installed in /usr/{bin,lib,include} instead of X11R6's own directory /ust/X11R621:20
bd2xSacha, if you're really sure that you're right, and done everything that doc says, then find the way to paste error log and show it to tilman21:21
xSachai copied the includes from X11R6 and it's compiling now.. hope no compatibility issues21:21
bd2xSacha, you're doing wrong things. no need to copy anything21:22
bd2have you pkgrm'ed X11R6 (pkgrm x11) before proceed to x11r7 ?21:22
xSachabut it didnt delete the folders21:23
xSachathe X11R6 folder21:23
xSachathe packages are installing fine now.. just 3 includes missing21:24
bd2pkginfo -o usr/X11R6 can give you some clue about what is happening21:24
xSachano owner found21:24
bd2heh. if you still had /usr/X11R6, then your crux installation is messed. :-) congrats21:25
xSachathere is only 3 files in /usr/X11R6 -- the 3 include files that were missing from X11R721:26
bd2ugh.. then I don't know.21:26
xSacha/usr/X11R6/includes/X11/extensions/ (3 files in here that were needed)21:26
bd2that is strange indeed.21:26
xSachabut it's working now so it's ok :) im sure that libxfont thing hasnt changed much since x11r621:27
xSachai'll delete that X11R6 dir now since only 3 things in it arent needed anymore21:28
xSachaanother 50 or so packages to go, brb :)21:36
xSachahmmm that X11R6 directory came back.. and all the files put in it22:32
xSachais that normal that the depinst for xorg is installing some stuff with R6?22:33
xSachalibXmu has bad md5:S22:43
xSachawell i gotta install anyway unless someone knows a different link22:44
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xSachaxorg 7.1.1 is installed23:09
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xSachacould not open default font 'fixed'23:29
xSachahow would i install fixed font? it's a core one?23:30
xSachano one here?23:48

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