IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-10-19

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xSachaim just gonna delete everything and start again00:08
thrice`did you install fonts ?00:09
xSachayes lol00:10
thrice`did you read the readme about fontconfig ?00:10
xSachareading on some forums how people did it00:13
xSachagah this is a mess now00:20
xSachajust going to delete everything X related00:20
xSachawhat's a quick way to delete the 100s of packages i had to d/l?00:21
xSachathis is BS, heaps of other people have had same problem, all fixed it in different ways, none of them work for me :(00:26
xSachais anyone here?00:28
xSachaok so i just delete x11r7 dir?00:32
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xSachathis is really pissing me off now00:39
xSachaanyone here? please?00:52
xSachabloody hell00:58
xSachathis is very annoying, im just gonna start from scratch -- different distro00:59
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pitilloxSacha, I have the same problem and I cann`t make it working with fixed fonts. Take a look to xorg-font-alias and to some font port ()xorg-font-bitstream-75dpi00:59
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pitillojau cptn01:17
cptnlol, just read the log01:18
cptn"this is very annoying, im just gonna start from scratch -- different distro"01:18
pitillobut you cann`t see the part message. People do it by hand too, but quite strange... xSacha (n=root@... xD01:20
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xsachawhoops, this must be root?01:43
xsachawell this time i just copied R6 over to .. and everything compiled fine :) startx and straight in here01:43
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xsachanext time i know, just delete 'db'01:47
sepengood morning all01:58
sepenwho mantains crux trac?02:05
cptnprologic according to the Pkgfile02:05
sepenI found a little mistake on menu02:07
sepeninside 'ports' menu you can't see the 'public' menu link02:09
sepen here02:09
cptndid you mean the wiki?02:09
cptnit's not using trac...02:09
sepenpublic don't appears02:09
sepensorry cptn, the web page02:10
sepen<div class="cruxheader"> inside that02:11
cptnyeah, I see it :-)02:11
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brointhemixdo you know of any way to make my linux re-read /etc/issue upon a user's unsuccessfull login?02:33
brointhemixre-read and re-print it, of course02:35
sepenbrointhemix, use 'strace login' to see what is happening02:41
brointhemixsepen: ok, got some weird stuff :)02:42
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brointhemixi'll have to read some more on that02:44
xsachahmm it was saying i didnt have direct rendering (even after i have drivers, enabled in kernel and enabled in xorg)02:44
xsachaso i tried CONFIG_AGP_AMD64 in kernel.. :S X would freeze when launching (had to reboot, no terminal)02:45
xsachai figured i'd try that chipset since comp is for amd64?02:45
brointhemixxsacha: the kernel uses 2 kernel modules to render X, you have them both?02:45
xsachajust tried CONFIG_AGP_ATI, still no go02:46
brointhemixsepen: thank you, chcking now :)02:46
xsachaX is fine, it's just direct rendering...02:46
xsachafor 3d acceleration02:46
sepenbrointhemix, search more info about init to prompt02:46
xsachai have driver, i have dri and glx in xorg.conf and it is enabled in kernel :S don't know what else i should try02:46
brointhemixxsacha: you're positive you have /dev/agpart and MTRR on?02:48
brointhemixsepen: will do. thanks! :)02:48
pitilloxsacha, do you have agpgart support (your MB chipset support)? and your graphic card driver support? do you have mesa3d compilled in case you use free drivers?02:48
xsachai have MTRR on.. agpart.. hmm no02:48
brointhemix/dev/agpart is essentianl, I think :)02:48
xsachai have the mb chipset (via) support in kernel and graphics card driver (radeon) in kernel as well as mesa3d02:49
xsachabut agpgart, no02:49
pitilloxsacha, you need agpgart support02:49
xsachais that meant to be in kernel?02:50
brointhemix/dev/agpart support in hmm... character devices submenu?02:51
xsachaoh ok, ill look02:51
brointhemixyes, i believe it's in character devices02:51
xsachai never went near that :S02:52
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brointhemixtoo bad ;)02:52
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xsachaoh yes i did :) just didnt see gart there02:52
xsachathanks, i'll test it out02:53
xsachaargh, it is already enabled02:53
xsachathe /dev/agpgart has * and underneath is ATI chipset with *02:54
xsachaand VIA further down02:54
cptnif you want serious help, please start like this:02:54
xsachawait, the VIA is for VIA videocards? that could be conflicting?02:54
cptnI have a XYZ graphics card, and I'm using the <xorg|proprietary> driver02:54
cptnotherwise, it's very hard to help really02:54
xsachai have Radeon 9600 and am using radeon OS driver02:55
cptnthat's an r9600; does it support DRI on 6.x?02:55
xsacharv something actually, but yes it was in support list02:55
xsachaim using xorg 7.1 btw02:56
cptnI missunderstood "[08:44] <xsacha> well this time i just copied R6 over to" then02:56
xsachaoh, yeah i just copied the fonts and other files that get installed there from the depinst xorg install02:57
pitilloxsacha, X -version02:57
xsachaX Window System Version 7.1.102:57
cptnand which driver does your xorg.conf use?02:58
cptnand is there something in Xorg.0.log that says why it's disabled?02:59
cptnit = direct rendering02:59
xsachawhere would that log be?02:59
cptnin /var/log02:59
xsacha(WW) RADEON(0): Enabling DRM support03:00
xsacha        *** Direct rendering support is highly experimental for Radeon 950003:00
xsacha(WW) RADEON(0): Direct rendering disabled03:01
xsachahere: (EE) RADEON(0): [agp] AGP failed to initialize. Disabling the DRI03:01
cptnah, sounds like a good message for google03:02
xsachaok ill check out google, thx :)03:02
cptnare you running 2.6.18?03:03
cptnoh well, you probably found that too :-)03:03
xsachano :(03:04
xsachaso i have to go back ? :(03:04
cptnwell, if you go back and it works there, you know at least what the reason was03:05
cptnor is, rather03:05
pitilloor think in another solution, like give a try to drm modules from cvs?03:05
xsachayeah i read about that cvs one03:06
cptnwell, if you can choose between a perfectly stable 2.6.17 kernel, and drm cvs...03:06
copworkif that doesnt disturb the problem solving03:10
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copworkdoes someone use 7.1.1 together with lircmd (the IR mouse daemon)03:10
copworkalways wanted to check out R7 but never had the time and guts03:11
xsachayeah R7 almost screwed me over :S i didnt (and still dont) know how to remove packages en masse and have them actually remove themselves03:14
xsachaluckily, renaming db worked03:14
cptnrenaming 'db'?03:15
xsachayeah when i renamed dv and then did depinst for xorg, everything installed (from source) again and it worked03:16
xsachadb file03:16
cptnthe package db?03:16
cptnso you didn't actually remove the packages, but just removed them from the db?03:16
xsachain /var/lib/pkg/db03:17
xsachathe file db03:17
xsachacause it checks that file to see if packages are out of date,..since it wasnt there it thought they were all out of date? so it installed all dependancies again03:18
xsachaand wahlah no errors, im here :)03:18
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sacha_i'm going to try this CVS thing03:28
sacha_VIA K8T800Pro -- i see this in amd64-agp.c03:44
sacha_that's my graphics controller :S03:44
sacha_but when i load that module, X freezes03:45
sacha_maybe some kind of conflict with other driver? brb03:46
sacha_going to mess around with different combinations03:49
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xsachahey! :D Direct Rendering Enabled with amd64-AGP04:13
xsachabut.... blackscreen04:13
prologicwho wanted to know about trac ?04:21
xsachaim thinking it must just be a setting in xorg.conf right? the reason why i blackscreen when i have finally got direct rendering enabled04:22
xsachain the log it says "DRI option not used" -- why would this be? I have a DRI section and enabled in video card section04:23
xsachais there a specific order the sections have to be in?04:23
xsachaalso, what's the alternative method of acceleration if XAA is the cause (EXA or something? i forgot name)04:24
xsachaok i just setup a normal xorg.conf and it works, just gotta add back the 3d stuff till it breaks and then i know what is wrong :)05:13
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sacha_whenever i Load "dri" it gives blackscreen05:37
pitillosacha_, drm and radeon modules are from kernel?05:40
pitillosacha_, why dont05:41
pitilloarf sorry, why don`t you try the fredesktop cvs? I made a little port and there is another to use the lastest source in sepenĀ“s repo. Take a look to Pkgfiles and footprints and give a try to that modules05:42
sacha_agppart amd64-adp radeon05:42
pitilloand drm?05:43
sacha_drm->ati radeon05:43
pitillodo you have drm module loaded?05:45
pitilloummm I have all built like modules. I haven`t experiencie in builtin modules. In this way, I can build freedesktop cvs and load them to get the last version instead of kernel ones. No clue about sorry.05:47
sacha_could XAA acceleration cause any problems?05:50
sacha_is there a good explanation for cvs somewhere? im not getting it, all these errors06:03
pitillosacha_, did you take a look to drm port and drm-cvs from sepen repo?06:06
sacha_ok, i'll try those :)06:08
sacha_im not sure if that's what problem is though.. it works perfectly find just a black screen :S06:12
sacha_couldnt see any errors in log06:12
sacha_that drm port isnt working :S pkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)  ... but i did use -f06:18
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pitillosacha_, wich one? drm or drm-cvs?06:26
sacha_just extracting it manually instead06:26
pitillocan you use a pastebin to see the error?06:27
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sacha_that was the error..? pkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)06:28
pitilloare you building the port with a different user than root?06:29
sacha_nup, in root06:29
pitillostrange then... can you paste the listed files in a pastebin?06:30
sacha_does it store a log somewhere?06:31
sacha_i've deleted it, gonna reboot, brb06:32
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sacha_ok all compiled as modules..06:40
cptnsacha_: the error you were seeing was that pkgadd has found a file which doesn't belong to the package you're trying to install06:41
cptnwhich is because you didn't remove the packages properly06:41
cptnbut just renamed db06:41
cptndid you just move it away?06:43
cptnand create an empty 'db' file?06:43
sacha_mv db db.bak06:44
cptnthis should have no influence06:44
sacha_pkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)06:44
sacha_=======> ERROR: Installing '/home/sacha/drm/drm#20060823-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.06:44
sacha_but thing i don't get is that i did use the -f06:45
cptnpkgadd -f?06:46
cptnor pkgmk -f -i?06:46
sacha_pkgmk -f -i  ..  i have to do pkgadd?06:47
cptnpkgmk -f just forces a rebuild06:47
cptnhowever, it was a really bad idea to mess with 'db' in the first place06:48
cptnso you'll probably keep seeing problems06:48
pitillosacha_, pkgmk builds the package... with pkgadd you add it to your system. May be it`s interesting to you to read a bit about pkgutils and prt-utils too.06:48
sacha_what was alternative? :S i asked for an hour06:48
cptnmaybe you should have read docs for an hour instead?06:48
sacha_i read them all06:48
cptnso what was it that you wanted to do?06:49
sacha_remove all xorg* packages06:49
cptnso you read that they're stored in /usr/ports/x11r706:49
cptnand every dir there conforms to the package name06:49
sacha_i saw them in there06:49
cptnyou also read that you use pkgrm to remove packages06:50
cptnso that would be a simple for look in bash, right?06:50
sacha_but it wouldnt take wildcards06:50
cptnfor p in <all packages>; do pkgmk $p; done06:50
cptnerr, pkgrm06:50
sacha_pkgrm wasnt working either06:50
cptnalternative, prt-get remove <package1> <package2> ... <packageN>06:51
sacha_it wouldnt delete anything06:51
sacha_prt-get just says : removed and did nothing too06:51
sacha_and then when i did install, it just said: installed and did nothing06:51
cptnor would it just not recompile it and install right away?06:52
sacha_it added a tick on the deptree, nothign else06:52
cptnso you could install it over and over?06:54
cptnand it would always say "installed"?06:54
cptnand do nothing?06:54
sacha_no, the tick would go on deptree so it wouldnt install again06:55
cptnso how did you find out that it wasn't installed?06:55
sacha_if i remove something, install it -- does nothing, it's not installed06:55
sacha_no files, obviously it's not installed06:56
cptnwhat does "does nothing" mean?06:56
sacha_it means it added a tick to deptree.. it did not configure, didnt compile and most importantly, it didnt move any files back06:56
cptnwell, it's not supposed to configure and compile06:57
sacha_but move files back06:57
cptnthat yes06:57
sacha_it didnt even move files back, but i wanted it to recompile and reconfigure as well06:57
cptnthen us 'pkgmk -f', or 'prt-get -fr'06:58
cptnI thought you read the docs??06:58
sacha_yeah, nothing06:58
sacha_i did :| for hours, meanwhile asking here06:58
sacha_mv db was the best thing i did and if i put in that situation again,i'd do it again -- nothing wrong with it06:59
cptnyeah, right06:59
cptnI fear we can't help you here then06:59
sacha_when i reconfigured adn recompiled xorg back, all my dependancies were the same as original db, so i moved db.backup back and everything was the same, i do not understand how you see a problem there06:59
sacha_it worked fine07:00
cptnapparently it didn't07:00
cptnsince you keep getting errors now07:00
sacha_i dont keep getting errors now, just this one07:00
cptnso there are ports installed which are not in the db07:00
sacha_sheesh, after i installed xorg 7.1, i replaced the db back07:00
sacha_the ports are identical to what they should be07:00
cptnpkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)07:01
cptn^ that error says that there are files installed but not listed in the db07:01
cptnso your package db is inconsistent compared to the installed packages07:01
sacha_my db is fine07:01
cptnyou're pretty much at the same point as if using 'rpm --nodeps --force'07:01
sacha_ok, i rename db to reinstall a package, rename db back -- how could that mess anything up?07:02
bd2how strange. package called "drm", but opt have libdrm07:03
cptnnot the same files in the package for example07:03
cptnIOW inconsistent DB07:03
pitillowell, I don`t understand: if you moved the db before installing R7 and then moved the backup after installed R7... the db is impossible to be consistent. (R6 different ports that R7)07:03
sacha_naah i had R7 installed, then moved db, then installed again, then back07:03
pitillobd2, I suggest him to see that port that builds libs and modules. Are different ports. libdrm builds libs and drm builds libs and modules. May be a good idea to only build modules instead of both.07:04
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sacha_still blackscreen with this drm one, no errors in log07:21
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sacha_and yeah, reason for that error before was because of libdrm -- removed it and install went without error07:25
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sacha_fglrx driver working, no black screen :)08:13
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Hanflashplayer 9 beta in my repo now. :-)08:47
copworkyay \o/08:54
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treachtoo drunk to stay online.09:21
rxidrunk + ebay == bad :P09:22
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* rxi puts his beer in beerholder 09:23
treachrxi: funny thing.. "Tom" means "empty" in swedish. :p09:24
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treachcouldn't take all the action.09:31
rxihehe .. obviously swedish :P *runs*09:33
treachyeah brf bagen09:33
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tilmantreach: yeah, the tarball on the server grew in the last few months10:45
treachhm, I'm afraid you lost me there..10:46
tilman^^^^ that's the explaination for the md5sum mismatch10:46
treachI had forgotten all about that. :]10:47
tilmantreach: i'll try to find out what happened. please poke me again if i haven't fixed the port ... soonish10:52
sepenIm a newbie with flyspray, so Im building the new version of bluez-* (3.7), I finished bluez-libs
treachtilman: will do.10:53
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sepenthat's the differencies between versions
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jshm, can it be that the xorg 7.1 port is broken?11:28
jscould not open default font 'fixed'11:28
js3rd build now...11:28
js1st was half a year ago or so with 7.011:28
jssecond yesterday11:28
jsand now I killed /usr/X11R6 before the build just to be sure and it's still failing11:28
jsbitmap fonts ARE installed11:28
jsand fixed is installed as well11:28
rehabdolland your config points to those fonts?11:29
tilmanxorg-font-alias xorg-font-misc11:29
tilmanand no, the ports are NOT broken11:29
jsthen the dependencies are broken11:29
jsif its required, it has to be in the deps11:29
jsoh, btw:11:30
js18:29 <@tilman> xorg-font-alias xorg-font-misc <- they ARE installed! BOTH!11:30
jjpkrehabdoll: rofl11:30
jstilman: if you would have read what I wrote, you'd have known that: 18:28 < js> bitmap fonts ARE installed11:30
jshm, seems like mkfontdir + mkfontscale weren't run11:32
tilmanmust be because the ports are BROKEN11:32
jizzbotRyoS: Error: "!" is not a valid command.11:32
rehabdollOH NOES!11:32
jstilman: have I ever said port? I wrote the xorg 7.1 port. that's just one.11:33
jsI meant: Have I ever said ports11:33
tilmanare you german?11:33
jssry, typo11:33
tilmandoes the wheather depress you?11:33
tilmandon't release your anger on irc dude!11:34
RyoSits sunny here ._. 4058911:34
jsit's just depressing that you treat everyone like a noob if there's problem...11:34
rehabdollive not seen the sun in 3 days11:34
tilmanjs: want to guess how many "fixed-not-found" problems i have dealt with in #crux?11:34
jsI alreay said that I _HAVE_ installed the fonts11:34
rehabdollsweden rocks11:34
jsand the first thing you reply is something like "install the fonts, RTFM and STFU noob"11:34
RyoSrehabdoll: no.11:34
RyoSrehabdoll: you just have the better looking woman, but we have the beer11:35
cptnRTFM seemed like a good idea so far11:35
RyoSand beer > woman11:35
cptnjust as a general remark11:35
tilmancptn: i forgot to make that point11:35
jscptn: this time, I have STFW, and found nothing.11:35
rehabdollbeer is easier to import though11:35
tilmantry harder:11:35
jscptn: and double-checked that all required packages are installed11:35
tilmanmmmmh, bbq11:35
tilmanoff to dinner11:36
RyoSomfg xD11:36
jstilman: what's written there is just what I've done...11:36
jsyes, I even installed ALL fonts...11:36
tilmanlooks like you missed the --install-scripts bit?11:37
tilmandunno how else it would have omitted the post-install run11:37
jswait a sec. I'll re-run the scripts and check again.11:37
jjpkEdit xorg.conf, things changed.11:38
jjpkEspecially font paths.11:38
jsjjpk: already did that. created a new one from scratch using xorgconfig.11:38
jsok, rerunning the scripts manually (find + -exec is your friend) fixed it11:39
jsso for some reason, the scripts failed / were omitted11:39
jsbut X still crashes, though. with no real message. guess some libs for the WM are missing.11:40
tilmaneasy to test11:41
tilmanor, startx with just 'exec xterm' in ~/.xinitrc11:41
jsthat works, of course :P11:41
jsthat's why I'm guessing it's some missing lib.11:41
*** mrks_ is now known as mrks11:41
tilmanlook at my awesome hostmask cloak thingy11:43
tilmani don't know whether it's better than my old awesome hostmask11:43
tilmanbut it's not bad!! ;p11:43
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cptnmakes you forget about the depressing weather11:44
rehabdollany theories when xorg 7.1 will be moved to opt?11:44
jslol, the xorg nv driver keeps the hardware mouse on when terminated, thus the cursor appears on the nvidiafb ;)11:44
tilmancptn: yeah11:44
tilmanrehabdoll: never.11:44
tilmanrehabdoll: but crux 2.3 will feature it (or rather, 7.2 i guess)11:45
jsah, you are referring to xorg ;)11:45
rehabdollah, ok11:45
* js wonders if there's a CLEAN way to unload nvidiafb - besides rebooting.11:46
* js fears that rmmod won't restore the terminal11:47
jjpkplz nv, pimp my terminal!11:48
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jshm, as expected. it's the WM's fault. but even after recompiling, evilwm just crashes. strange.11:59
tilmanit probably doesn't find the fucking font for which it was compiled12:00
tilmanhooray evilwm!12:00
* js gdbs12:01
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qidhmm, lynx port seems to have the wrong md5sum12:39
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treachdumbass of the week ->
aonbetter remove www14:12
HanIndeed. I always think it's nonsense to add www to a site and now I happen to find the one instance that _requires_ it :P14:13
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thrice`man, imagemagick is awesome15:02
RedShiftwhat that's?15:05
RedShiftwhat's that15:05
RedShiftlol :\15:05
Hancd /usr/ports/*/imagemagick15:06
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bd2hey all. anybody using mutt's header cache feature?17:03
treachprobably. I guess it wouldn't be there else. ;-)17:04
bd2no, I'm not about removing it.17:04
bd2can't figure out why it's not working for me. i've setted header_cache variable but file which variable points to is always empty.17:05
Hanthe past tense of set is set17:17
treachI bet it'll change with time. ;-)17:26
bd2Han, thanks. I guess I should said something "I has been set ...", right?17:26
jaegerIn this case, "I've set"17:26
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treachjaeger: btw, there's been a new poppler out for a while17:28
jaegertreach: aye, I wasn't convinced of its stability last time I tried it, but haven't had time to test it again17:29
*** rxi has quit IRC17:29
treachok, I see.17:30
bd2heh.. I guess header_cache should work only for maildirs, but I'm using mbox..17:36
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* RedShift off zzz17:40
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nullpointerbye all18:35
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sepenI thin should contain this link in addition to the manual19:24
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thrice`jaeger-, for the new gaim, you didn't get weird stuff in / ?22:36
jaeger-I removed the perl support, actually, I don't use it22:55
thrice`do you know what it is used for, off hand ?22:55
jaeger-scripting of some sort, but not required to run... user-end functionality, I guess23:04
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
thrice`that did it...thanks for the tip jaeger-23:05
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