IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2006-10-20

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sacha_5002 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1000.230 FPS and 5002 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1000.227 FPS :D02:07
sacha_1000 FPS in glxgears and 411 FPS in fgl_glxgears .. that ok for a radeon 9600?02:10
pitilloglxgears isn`t a benchmark application...02:16
Auge^the next question would be... which are (free) benchmark applications for linux?02:17
pitillosome freegames and render applicationes for example02:18
pitilloI don`t know about a bechmark "dedicated" application02:19
Auge^ <-- good overview :)02:19
sacha_i'm just wondering if there is a problem because most people have similar FPS in both, i only got 411FPS in the fgl one :S02:24
Auge^mh, most projects seems to be down (update 1998... or 2003)02:26
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pitillosacha_, I don`t belive people has the same FPS rate with fgl_glxgears and glxgears... fgl_ adds mapping and lighting (more operations and less fps)02:27
pitilloAuge^, nice general benchmarking reference :)02:27
richi_autmaybe you could try with nexuiz, et, doom3 or nwn?02:29
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Auge^glxgears: 5523 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1104.422 FPS, Athlon 1200@1323, nVidia NV34 [GeForce FX 5200] (rev a1), kernel, nvidia 1.0-8774 driver02:53
pitillolatter I will post mine. Time to take a bite. :)02:55
treachglxgears is funny.. I get approximately the same results for my radeon 7000 (laptop) and my 9000 (desktop). glxgears is not a benchmark, Q.E.D03:00
Auge^yeah. but a nice game :)03:01
treachactually, the laptop scores slightly higher, no idea why..? Might be cpu related. :-/03:02
treach(Pentium M / Athlon XP 2500)03:03
Auge^better interfaces between cpu, memory, gpu?!03:03
treach*PM 1.303:03
treachno idea, but the free radeon driver seem to be a bit on the cpu hungry side.03:04
rxipentium m isnt much chop either03:04
treachno. I don't need "chop". openoffice is probably the heavies app I ever use, beside gcc. :-)03:05
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treachotoh, I finally dropped KDE. Too much compiling for my poor athlon. :-/03:07
rxiwithout looking at specs id compare a pentium m to an athlon xp 2500 as being somewhat equal03:07
rxilol about time :P03:07
treachwrt athlon/PM, yeah, but the pentium have more cache.03:07
treachwell. I didn't replace it with Gnome. :>03:08
rxihehe damnit :P03:08
rxinot that i a current gnome user anyway03:08
Auge^windowmaker rocks :)03:08
treachfvwm ftw. :p03:08
rxiwindows 98 ftw :P03:09
Auge^twm! =)03:09
treachthat just plain sux03:09
rxihey dont be knocking win98 .. its what im using right now03:11
treachI *really* don't like gnome, but I think I'd prefer that to win98..03:11
treachwhy should I knock it.. It manages to knock itself all the time.. and if it fails to do so, there are a zillion worms/viruses etc willing to do it for ya..03:12
rxihehe viruses arent windows 98 compatible anymore :P03:14
treachdude, I'm certain there are still DOS viruses floating around..03:14
Auge^there was a damn linux kernel virus around, 4 years ago03:17
treachmalware seems to be one of those things that never goes away entirely. It fades, but it's still there to nail anyone careless.03:17
treachMy brother got nailed by blaster of all things just a few weeks ago. :-/03:18
rxilol .. i seen sasser a few weeks back03:18
treachActually I see it as a good thing. It won't happen to him again, and that's for sure. :p03:19
rxithat will teach him for wanting free music and movies or a cheap rolex :P03:20
treachblaster is one of those that nails you for *not* doing something..03:21
Auge^cheap rolex? doh! a real rolex isn't to expensive =P03:21
Auge^just 2 opteron servers for 1 rolex03:21
copworktwo celeren workstation for 1 rolecx03:26
copworkmail me at for orders03:26
treachwho'd want a rolecx?03:26
Auge^i have a sinn. does the job too. a good watch manufacturer here in frankfurt.03:27
copworki have given up on watches03:27
treachI thought that was spelled "sin" :p03:28
Auge^no. "Sinn" like "sense"03:28
treachI know.03:28
treachI spreche doch ein bißchen Deutsch.03:28
treachBut usually it's just enough to qualify as torture by those who have it as their native language. :D03:29
Auge^ - Page 9 =)03:30
Auge^ <- quick link =)03:31
treach14MB cataloge of watches? Seems serious.03:31
Auge^but the ETA 2893-2 isn't as good as i expected.03:31
Auge^just the second timezone is a nice feature03:31
treachI'll stick to my certina club 2000 anno dazumal. :P03:34
sepencould be interesting that should contain this link in addition to the manual03:39
Auge^nbench isn't up to date for todays cpus03:41
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Auge^is fortran 90/95 compatible with f77?05:04
sacha_gotta have [ [word] ] in konversation05:12
Auge^mh, there are some benchmarks for unix around... but none have something like configure or just a tarball05:22
Auge^and the tarballs on are very old05:24
pitillois there a posibility to add a little laptop configuration/guide ( to the documentation?05:31
HanThey need wiki maintainers...05:33
pitilloHan, yes I read it at ML. But need more knowledge to be helpfull I think.05:34
sepenIm also05:35
pitilloyou have the needed knowledge, you need more time, lier. xD05:35
sepenwho asigns tasks on flyspray?05:37
sepenI think I can resolv one task, also I registered on flyspray, what I need to resolve tasks?05:38
Auge^i want to help the project... but i am a dumb ass and the system behind is confusing... and my english as good as my grandma can run ;)05:41
pitillomay be it`s better idea to talk about the solution with someone who can be assigned to a task.05:41
HanIn could somebody change this line:05:42
HanHan Boetes's modified pkgutils port also has the possibility of running as an unprivileged user, but instead of fakeroot it uses pretendroot, which is known to cause problems with some ports (e.g. sudo, samba).05:43
HanHan Boetes' modified pkgutils port uses fakeroot by default.05:43
HanIt also fixes some other annoyances in pkgmk05:45
pitilloViper_, is the only person who maintains the wiki?05:47
jjpkI'm sure someone else also has access to editing.05:51
pitillocptn is in true when talk about the needed help. The wiki is growing and Viper_  spend lot of time there (with the last changes only a bit of time to make it very good). Little changes like that can be done in a few minutes (with the translation provided by Han). I can do little changes like that, may be there are more peopple that can do little changes too. In this way this can be better than it is. If I can put a little stone to make it bet05:59
pitilloter, I`ll put it.05:59
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jjpkYou can tell it is friday. :p06:15
pitillowell, in my case that is a problem. Weekends I`m not here and cann`t help but may be other can do it at weekend. There are people to make little tasks and give otheres more time to spend in other things. Don`t know if I explained it well. (my english level is getting worse day by day instead of getting better :)06:21
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* treach thanks $DIETY for "" 06:25
treachmmh. I'd hate to have to build qt3, arts, kdelibs & base and all of kdepim just to get kmail, so I could convert my old mails to something easier to deal with..06:28
Auge^sylpheed-claws rocks :)06:32
treachjust plain sylpeed is good enough for me.06:34
jjpkmutt ftw.06:41
treachit's just not worth the time to get mutt set up properly. :-/06:44
treachat least not for me.06:45
pitilloimpressive... 6 hours and waiting to build kdeaddons brbrbr07:16
Auge^i just want a fortran compiler... gcc-fortran is still compiling...07:23
Hanmaildir/ rocks07:28
HanAnd so does mutt :-P07:28
treachpitillo: what are your specs?07:29
pitillotreach, I hope it was less time. Thinking in time spent in gnome built in the same machine, more or less. It spends more time than building base+libs. (Trying to find a nice user integration with windows enviroment, and gnome do it. Only giving a try to kde too).07:32
treachkde will probably take much longer time to build than gnome. At least it will feel like it, since it's bigger packages..07:33
treachotoh, if you're looking for integration, it can't be beat.07:33
pitillotreach, true. I`m verifing that in my skin. :)07:33
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pitilloI`ll try both. :)07:34
treachhave fun. Hope you have a fast system, or a lot of time. :o07:35
pitillotreach, I fear the second option...07:35
treachwhat are you building it on?07:35
pitilloIf it doesn`t build in next 30min I will re do again this weekend with time ahead. The acer travelmate 529atx laptop. In the little guide I put some specs about it.07:36
Hanpitillo, s/`/'/07:37
pitilloonly added 128Mb of ram more. Quite slow.07:37
treachit'll take a week to build kde on that one...07:38
Hanpitillo, you can interupt builds by hitting ctrl-z07:38
Hanand restart them again with fg07:38
pitilloHan, can you see that quotes? Or are changed for strange symbols?07:38
sacha_thanks Han07:38
HanNo, they are the wrong quotes, you use ` instead of '07:38
pitilloHan, ummm what is fg? I don`t know sorry.07:38
Hanforeground, a shell extension.07:39
pitilloHan, if I put ´I fear you see question marks07:39
Hanbg puts it in the background07:39
pitilloHan, interesting... Always learning here. Thanks :)07:40
HanIn that case I see ´07:40
sacha_me too07:40
aonme too07:40
pitillowell, then I fixed it finally.07:40
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treach' -> ? some oddball layout..07:40
sacha_mine is on tilda key with my keyboard... ` -> ~07:41
pitillotreach, I fear something related to locales instead of keyboard layout. (not sure)07:42
HanAre you using some sort of utf8 locales?07:42
HanBetter use export LC_ALL=es_ES in your /etc/profile07:43
pitilloHan, I was playing with es-ES and break something.07:43
HanWhat did you break?07:43
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pitillonot sure, trying to build xchat with es_ES support changed the kb layout, and question marks appears when used ´. Changed app server properties too, to see the ñ and ´. Reverting to utf-8 and disabling nls works.07:45
HanSounds like you don't have the locale set in your X environment.07:46
HanCommon mistake.07:46
pitilloummm... time to read then. I´m a bit lost with setting up locales under X.07:47
HanIt's quite simple. Make sure X itself is started with that locale07:48
RyoStilman: ruby-cruxutils depends on rake, but didnt specify that. could you add it please?07:48
HanEasiest way to do that is to put `export LC_ALL=es_ES' in /etc/rc.conf.07:48
* Han tries as well.07:49
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tilmanRyoS: mmh07:51
tilmanRyoS: i need to read our elite guidelines again07:51
tilmancause rake is just a build time dep07:51
RyoSi never worked with rake, and i thought i just made a typo.. :)07:51
RyoSso i was confused first.. :)07:52
pitilloI configured it at ~/.bash_profile. Need to test it again. Don´t understand how to fix it only under Xenviroment but it´s like other apps. I think may be I was missing another procedure. Thanks for that aclaration.07:52
pitillo(sorry but it´s quite dificult to me to explain sometimes what I´m thinking)07:54
jjpkI thought .bash_profile is only sourced when bash is a login shell.07:55
RyoSno problem pitillo, we all are a bit insane ._.07:55
jjpkWelcome to CRUX's madness ;)07:55
HanThat works ok if you use startx, but not if you use a sessionmanager.07:56
pitilloI hope I don´t hurt your eyes with my spelling. jjpk, true but logged in to start X. Added too to /etc/profile to get it working with xdm.07:57
Hanhmmm /etc/rc.conf does not dig it.08:00
jjpkThen I suppose you have to add the export line to .Xsession or whatever xdm uses. (no idea because I use startx)08:01
Han/etc/profile also does not do the trick.08:03
HanThat's odd...08:04
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Hanindeed, just like I had it, put it in .xsession08:07
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jdolan__did anyone else lose fullscreen with latest nvidia?08:29
jdolan__glx apps wont do fullscreen now, they just make a big window.08:29
jaegerwith 1.0-8776?08:29
jdolan__also, texture quality in quetoo just totally went to shit after updating.08:29
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jdolan__i think i'm at 877408:29
jdolan__that's what's in opt.08:30
jaegersame here, no problems like that so far08:30
jaeger8776 was released yesterday, about to test it08:30
jdolan__hm.  i think i may downgrade :-/08:30
jaegerhaven't seen it yet but they do fix this one:
tilmanthey sacrificed fullscreen for their security hole!08:31
jaegerWoW and NWN still work fine for me, haven't tried much else08:32
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jdolan__what about et?08:33
jaegerhaven't had that installed in a while =/ could try it, though08:34
jdolan__lemme downgrade real quick to make sure it's not some other variable.08:35
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jdolan__there we go.  for whatever reason i had accidentally deleted "Load "extmod"" from xorg.conf's modules section.08:42
jdolan__no idea why.08:43
jdolan__i stayed home from work to play some games today, and i'll have my fullscreen g'damnit!08:43
rxicould just set your res in x to match the window size :P08:59
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Hanxorg-nvidia 1.0-9626-
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j^2hey all09:21
rxihey j^209:21
sepenjaeger, did you port bluez no?09:24
jaegersepen: I used it for a while but my bluetooth device doesn't work anymore, so I can't use or test them09:26
sepenmmm, I build new release also I can't test it09:28
sepenbluez-libs seems to be ok, but bluez-libs has changed a lot (see diff-footprints)09:28
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sepenjaeger, are you in agreement with the releases?09:49
jaegerWith the release of what?09:50
jaegerer, releases09:50
sepenjaeger, 2.25 to 3.7 on bluez-*09:52
jaegergo ahead, I won't stop you09:53
jaegerI don't use them anymore09:53
sepenon flyspray appears this task but no one is assigned to09:53
jaegerwhy is that bug high severity? the bluez ports aren't even official09:54
jaegernever mind, doesn't matter09:55
sepenwell, Im going to stop my https server now09:56
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* deus_ex wonders if nvidia 9x driver fixes google earth crashes10:30
deus_exIt would be nice...10:30
thrice`hm, any reason why I can no longer view pkgfiles online for opt / core ?10:33
deus_exOK, back to neverball.This stuff is addicting :)10:33
thrice`tilman, that's not a "feature," is it?  :)10:34
tilmanthrice`: i think simone explained it on the crux mailing list some days ago10:34
tilmanit's not a bug anyway10:34
tilman2006-10-15 "ANN: New portdb"10:34
thrice`I know that there was a change...I do recall that.  But it seems that this feature should still be in place10:35
thrice`it works with other non-official repos, anyways10:35
jjpkWell, usually the people browsing Pkgfiles already have a working copy somewhere.10:47
jjpkor so I would guess.10:47
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j^2i locked myself out of one of my routers, how can i get back in?11:42
tilman(18:43) <    tilman> !eightball11:43
tilman(18:43) <  SkitIDet> tilman: It is possible.11:43
treachj^2: how do you honestly expect us to answear that?11:44
tilmantreach: it is possible. he's funny at times ;)11:44
j^2i'm really pissed, and i have no idea how to dio it11:44
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treachYou provided basically NO information at all, except that you locked your sorry ass out.11:44
j^2i honestly have no idea, and icant take the machine down11:44
j^2i tried sshing in, and nothing, the psswd didnt work11:45
jaegerthe type and OS of the router might be a good starting point :)11:45
j^2can i boot off a live cd and delete the /etc/passwd file and copy a new one over?11:45
j^2heh, sorry crux11:45
treachj^2: no need to do that11:46
jaegerboot in single-user mode11:46
jaegeror boot with init=/bin/sh11:46
treachif you can boot on a love cd, just chroot and change the passwd..11:46
jaegeror boot the livecd11:46
treachyou gotta love'em :-)11:46
j^2k thanks, i thought i'm just so frustrated that i want to shoot some one11:48
tilmanj^2: i know the feeling ;)11:48
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rehabdollinit 1 prompts for root pw, no?11:51
j^2i'm gonna do the livecd11:57
j^2god i hate computers11:57
treachugh. poor cd11:57
jjpkadmin at work ;)11:58
ssimonmhh, a click on windows in the fluxbox toolbars closes the application, is that default?11:59
tilmanmy thought exactly12:00
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tilmanbut without the question mark12:00
tilmanso, not exactly my thought12:00
tilmanbut close12:00
* j^2 cocks 9mm beretta12:04
j^2time for some death12:04
j^2by death i mean food12:05
treach"cooked router"12:06
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treachapparently in mint.12:06
jjpkInteresting menu to say the least.12:07
treachFriday night special :P12:08
jjpkReminds me of the friday special we have in the cafeteria.12:11
jjpkAll the leftovers from the week. not too pleasing methinks.12:11
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jaegerrehabdoll: maybe it does, I haven't done that in quite a while12:50
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Auge^how can i determine the currently used memory timings? any idea?13:09
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jaegerrun memtest86+ or check the bios, perhaps13:11
Auge^the bios is just on "turbo"...13:12
Auge^memtest can test the timings too? :)13:12
tilmaniirc it displays them13:13
tilmanyou could rip memtest86 apart13:13
jaegerwhen you boot, sometimes the POST screen will show them13:13
tilmanto get the code13:13
tilmanbut it's probably non-trivial :P13:13
Auge^ha =)13:13
Auge^at the moment i just know that my memory is nearly twice as fast if i am using fsb 147 instead of 133 mhz13:14
tilmanyou want to benchmark your RAM?13:14
Auge^just the "stream" tool - i've build a port ;)13:14
tilmandude, you need to phrase your questions more precisely13:15
tilmani thought you were after the something latency13:15
tilmancl2, cl3 etc13:15
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Auge^sorry, i've lost you.13:16
Auge^my english... =)13:16
Auge^tilman: äääh, ja?13:18
tilmann/m == "nevermind"13:19
jaegertilman: CAS latency13:20
Auge^nevermind is a great album! :)13:23
tilmanyou don't know what 'nevermind' means?13:24
tilmanjo, als imperativ ;)13:26
tilmanvergiss es!13:26
* Auge^ should better do hardware ;)13:27
* Auge^ does more function for less money than others do =)13:30
Auge^hardware function... not my earnings, of course ;)13:31
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j^2i'm an eagle scout and iwant to cry now15:53
jaegerwow. that's lame15:55
roppertpropaganda *bah*15:58
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j^2crazy bastards to say the least16:01
treachmeh, that would be the kind of activity that would any sane person say "Fuck off, I'm going some place else to spend my time."16:12
treachFucking Hitler Jugend methods.16:12
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seekwillWhat was the program used to check which programs is listening on which port?17:08
seekwillOr I guess, better question is. Trying to install maradns. When starting, I get this error in the log: Fatal error: Problem binding to port 53. I don't believe I have anything running on 53...17:11
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux17:11
tilmanor netstat17:12
seekwillAh, lsof, that's right. I tried netstat, but maybe I'm not using it right. Didn't show anything on 53.17:14
Hanpkill maradns17:15
seekwillIt's not running.17:16
HanThen you need to run it as root17:16
seekwillI am root.17:17
HanYou never said anything about that.17:17
HanAnyway, it's trying to UDP port 5317:18
HanNot the TCP port17:18
seekwillWhoops, sorry.17:20
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seekwillAh. Looks like you have to edit /etc/mararc17:27
seekwill(If the server is not on
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seekwillOk, everything work! Thanks Han and tilman.17:52
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