IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-10-21

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RomsterI had to add "LDFLAGS='-liconv'" for git to compile.07:05
tilmanwhy what how wtf bbq?07:06
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Romsterlol what tilman07:07
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Romstertilman, what are you on?07:07
tilmanas in, what?07:08
tilmani'm on caffeine07:08
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Romster<tilman> why what how wtf bbq? < eh? i only understand the 'bbq' bit07:08
tilmanwhy do you have mess with LDFLAGS?07:09
tilmani don't understand that :)07:09
tilmanworks for me etc07:09
tilmani guess you're the only one experiencing that problem07:09
Romsterand assume you smell a barbeque cooking food and ya hungery.07:09
jjpkRomster: bbq is just a measure of absurdity in this context ;)07:10
tilmanbbq goes well with 'ffs', 'wtf', "lol' etc07:10
tilman3 letter acronyms07:10
tilmanjjpk: well put ;p07:10
jjpkgit compiles without any problems here. No need to mess with ldflags07:11
Romsterundefined reference to `libiconv_open' and the rest of libiconv07:12
Romsterwhy its not listed in the Makefile I do not know.07:12
tilman# Define NEEDS_LIBICONV if linking with libc is not enough (Darwin).07:13
tilmanfrom git's Makefile07:13
Romsterwould I be missing anything to have to add that libarye link?07:13
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > nm -D /lib/ |grep -i iconv07:13
tilman00015750 T iconv07:13
tilman000158e0 T iconv_close07:13
tilman00015650 T iconv_open07:13
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >07:13
tilmanso, glibc has iconv here07:14
tilmani don't even have libiconv.so07:14
tilmanare you sure you run crux?07:14
Romsterhmm mine has it too. yet i got libiconv aswell.07:14
Romsterof course its crux...07:15
jjpkI have stock gcc + glibc here. I'm not comfortable messing with those.07:15
Romsterlibiconv 1.11-107:15
* Romster shrugs and just uses it as its compiled now after adding the libiconv07:18
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* treach reads about handwringing texans whining about an 80mph speed limit..07:24
treachthese guys should see autobahn..07:24
jjpkAnother vote for creating a nanny state :p07:25
jjpk"i want to outsource thinking to the government!"07:26
treachyeah, how about this one then..
treachto quote tilman .. "lol, wtf, bbq!"07:27
jjpkMy reaction exactly :D :D07:27
jjpkThis is another case of enslavement in freedom.07:28
treachpeople only want the freedom of not having to use their damned brains.07:29
jjpkThe way I see it, they certainly have accomplished that.07:30
treach <- another brilliant example, unfortunately in norwegian.07:30
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rehabdollwow, flash9 beta for linux07:35
rehabdollnow i can enjoy all the modern annoyances on the web, just like windows users \o/07:36
treachas luck would have it, noscript is a great help to avoid the annoyances.07:36
rehabdollalong with adblock, indeed :)07:37
treachand privoxy. :-)07:37
tilman"wtf bbq" is a good first response to romster's weird problems usually07:38
treachmmh, he's gotta have some kind of "trouble magnet" or something.07:38
treachtilman: anything on that md5sum yet?07:40
tilmantreach: i sent ajax (xorg release master) the original tarballs, and i think i can persuade him to replace the new ones07:44
tilmantreach: i'll talk to him again on monday07:44
treachok, just being curious.07:48
Hanrehabdoll, flash9 is in my repo07:50
rehabdollnice, not that hard to install manually though ;)07:59
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HanOf course not, just like almost any piece of software. It's just nice to have a common front-end.08:02
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jdolan_has anyone else noticed firefox crashing when printing pages?08:51
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HanNo, but it crashes regularly with flash9 :-08:56
treachsame as always then. :-/08:57
tilmanbig fucking deal08:57
treachdepends on if you value your uptime I guess. :->08:57
Han7 was without that kind of problems08:57
tilmantreach: i mean, who seriously cares about flash?08:58
treachwell, depends on what you need it for.08:58
HanIt hangs ie as a matter of fact. So killing and restarting does the trick08:58
treachtilman: there *are* some serious application for flash. like the cisco course material, for instance.08:59
treachsome other instances of proprietary online documentation springs to mind as well.08:59
treachIt's not all "youtube". :>09:00
Auge^youtube crashes with flash7 and firefox2-rc3 sometimes...09:01
HanI'll have to wait for updates I suppose.09:02
rehabdollfirefox crashes with all plugins ;)09:02
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RedShiftwhere can I register on the wiki?12:06
HanI think you need to apply on the developers mailinglist, but I'm not quite sure.12:08
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treachbloody kangaroo. bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce.12:42
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jdolani wonder if my firefox crashing problems stem from the gnome stack being present at build time.12:43
jdolansince you guys aren't having trouble (or maybe you just don't print)12:44
tilmanwe don't print12:44
jdolani don't personally, either.12:44
jdolanbut we have a web based software system here that requires printing for receipts, invoices, bills of sale, etc.12:45
tilmani'd say12:45
tilmandeeeebug it!12:45
Hanjdolan, use ldd to find out12:45
tilmanbut i prolly wouldn't do it myself :D12:45
treachyay.. gdb firefox-bin :P12:46
Auge^is there a tool to check all parts of a cpu? like memtest86 for memory...12:59
Hangcc :-)13:01
Auge^mh. are you sure? :)13:02
HanSure, build gcc and see if it fails. :-)13:02
HanOr build glibc13:02
Auge^or kernel...13:03
tilmanbuilding the kernel for a week should be a cool test13:04
Auge^yeah, gentoo says too ;)13:04
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Auge^ah, there is a pkg cpuburn :)13:08
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* jdolan makes a mental note to adopt nfs-utils and add rpc.statd to rc.d/nfsserver15:08
jdolanthat is, after i install and learn git.15:08
jjpkIf you can already manage with cvs, svn, git is not a leap of faith to get acquainted with. ;)15:12
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j^2hey all17:01
j^2when i tried doing the live cd passwd recovery...17:01
j^2it worked...17:01
j^2apart from one thing17:02
j^2i starting getting seg faults17:02
j^2and i try sshing in and it connects but then hickups and hangs17:02
j^2yep it just hangs it's really odd17:03
bd2j^2, isn't it dropbear sshd?17:23
bd2I'm recalling issues when dropbear was reading /dev/random instead of /dev/urandom, which caused a hand (/dev/random is blocking file)17:24
j^2dropbear sshd?17:26
j^2sorry you lost me17:26
treachj^2: are you sure it's not some kind of networking issue?17:30
bd2it's just lightweight version of openssh. if you don't know dropbear, then just ignore my quess ;-)17:30
j^2treach, not that i can see17:36
j^2i'll show yall the debug ouput17:36
treachyou might not "see" the problem. the point I'm trying to make is that merely resetting the root password - btw you shouldn't allow root to login - shouldn't cause this type of problem.17:42
j^2ah ok17:44
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xsachawoohoo i got up to 13224 frames in 5.0 seconds = 2644.745 FPS in glxgears :) anyone else here running beryl on CRUX?21:30
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