IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2006-10-22

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jdolan18942 frames in 5.0 seconds = 3788.266 FPS00:05
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jaeger37973 frames in 5.0 seconds = 7594.468 FPS00:16
jaegerand that's on the slow one00:16
xsacha:O what card?00:39
xsacha13500 frames in 5.0 seconds = 2699.910 FPS on a Radeon 9600 with aiglx ... do your gears spin like crazy or what? :P00:40
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rxihahaha america banned vegemite00:51
jaegerxsacha: geforce 6800gt in this machine... I'll try the 7900gt later, that machine's in windows right now00:56
xsachait's toxic00:56
xsachajaegar: that's aiglx then?00:57
xsachawith xgl?00:57
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jaegernor xgl00:58
jaegersimply xorg and nvidia's binary driver00:59
xsachawoah, so how much would you get with aiglx on?00:59
jaegernot much, I bet, don't think it works with nvidia's driver00:59
xsachaoh, i see01:00
xsachawish i had an nvidia card, the drivers do everything for you :(01:00
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jjpkBouncemeister is going for a world record...04:47
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blizzanyone using beryl?05:14
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maro_nope, this isn't #gentoo or #ubuntu :P05:28
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* maro_ loves vanilla05:28
* Auge^ loves choco :)05:28
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*** xsacha was kicked by tilman (tilman)05:39
tilmani messaged him about what i'm gonna do and why05:39
tilman(12:39) <xsacha> connection is fine, it's just i am trying to resolve this  issue and #crux is on autojoin05:39
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tilmanhe's been trying to resolve this issue for what? 12+ hours?05:41
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blizzmaro_, lool06:42
blizzit has really _nothing_ to do with with ubuntu or gentoo, does it? ;-)06:43
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bd2tar-1.16 released08:45
bd2tilman, btw, why xorg packages named xorg-* ? isn't crux guidelines forbids changing package names?08:47
bd2seems none of xorg packages conflics with existing ones08:48
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sacha_hello there, .. using prt-get depinst.. how could i attach something to the ./configure line of each package?09:00
prologicyou can't09:01
prologicprt-get edit <port>09:01
prologicif you want to modify global gcc compile option see /etc/pkgmk.conf09:01
sacha_you know for x11r7, there is meant to be --with-mesa-sources attached to each package?09:01
prologicthis ain't gentoo where you can go USE=... emerge ... :)09:01
prologicsacha_, talk to tilman about that :)09:02
prologicI obviously have xorg working just fine09:02
sacha_yeah me too, but to get it to work with beryl :( needs that09:02
prologicahh k09:03
prologicjust use a sed expression of all xorg packages ;)09:03
prologicthen recompile09:03
sacha_:S sed expression?09:03
sacha_i dont get how i would edit every Pkgfile09:05
prologicsed -e "..." */Pkgfile09:07
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prologicevening fellow SE09:07
sacha_but how do i find the "./configure" and change it to "./configure --...."09:08
prologicyou obviously don't know regex do you ?09:08
prologicthen might I suggest you google and learn it :)09:08
sacha_hard to google from here :(09:08
prologicI could give you something that _might_ work, but I'm not doing this so it may not work either09:09
prologicbut I'd imagine you could do something like sed -i -e "s/\.\/configure/\.\/configure --with-mesa-sources/g" */Pkgfile09:10
sacha_hmm i'll test it on one file09:11
prologicif you're going to do that (to get the regex right)09:12
prologicuse just sed -e "..." < file09:12
prologicrather than -i (in-place edit)09:12
sacha_i dont see what -i does in man or --help :S09:13
sacha_that script works though, thanks :D09:16
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prologicsed --help09:18
prologicoh lol wow it works09:18
prologicdamnit *kicks self* - next time I should write an incomplete one :)09:19
sacha_why is it -i isnt in man or help?09:20
sacha_oops it is09:20
sacha_well i definately have to get good at these 'sed' :) very handy09:21
prologicsed is an editor :)09:23
sacha_i'm going to mess around with it while i wait for x11r7 to compile09:23
sacha_ah now i know what people mean when they say s/can/cant09:28
sacha_wrote a little story and then s/can/cant/g :) nice09:30
sacha_mmm xXFixesHideCursorReq *req; and then they use XFixesHideCursorReq all over the source (undeclared) -- must be bug? im gonna fix it and compile09:44
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[7]Hi! Trying to get iptables up. But missing ip_conntrack_ftp for it.. What do I need to choose for it when configuring a new kernel?10:11
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tilmanbd2: i'd say the move from one single x11 package to a whole new set of ports is a good reason to change names11:38
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bd2tilman, to change names from xorg-* to *, right?11:46
bd2oh, I guess it's not what you meant11:46
tilmani don't plan to rename "xorg-foo" to "foo"11:46
bd2ok. what's the rationale?11:47
tilmanx11r7 is a mess11:47
tilmanit's easier to handle with packages and ports being prefixed11:47
bd2isn't it that simple as find /usr/ports/x11r7 | xargs -L pkgrm ? of course it will not work if you'll merge x11r7 into opt/ on rsync stage11:49
bd2don't answer. anyway I don't care ;-)11:50
thrice`i sorta like x11r7 :)11:52
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thrice`er, I really dislike not being able to browse Pkgfiles from opt12:13
tilmantell people to serve their Pkgfiles as text/plain12:14
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maro_looks like mozilla removed nss and nspr from their mirrors :(16:16
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Auge^can i set a special umask for a dedicated directory?16:35
Handepends on the application writing to it16:36
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_mavrick61Have ntp pkg in opt been replased with msntp or openntp. I try to have the same basic setup on all servers. Use to us ntp pkg.16:50
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_mavrick61I got error using openntpd  ntpd.  dispatch_imsg in main: pipe closed. What can be the problem...17:14
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nipuLprologic: re: ... , you mean Peter Brock ;P21:32
prologicyes tahnk you :)21:33
prologicwas wondering what his name was21:33
* prologic updates page21:33
prologicdanke shan21:33
prologicpersonally this is pathetic, 3 quite famous people have left this world21:33
nipuLkeine wukkas21:33
prologicall within a couple of months21:34
prologicand lilo is gone :/21:34
prologicI just spoke with him a few months ago21:34
prologicwas going to be linking a server to freenode :/21:34
nipuLi ve spoken with ihm a few times, when he wasnt too busy he'd make some noise in ##australia occasionally21:35
jaegerI offered to host a server a couple times, never got any kind of response from staff =/21:35
prologichehe no me neither21:35
prologicbut that's not the point :)21:35
prologiche's gone :/21:35
nipuLprologic: what sport do you compete in?21:35
prologicthis place'll never be the same without him21:36
prologic100/200m sprinter21:36
nipuLcool, we sponsor a paralympic powerlifter21:36
prologicit's times like this I wish I had gotten to know him better or at least talk to the fella21:36
prologiclike my colleague said: they don't leave forwarding addresses do they ?21:36
nipuLi wouldnt worry abou tit21:36
nipuLmillions of people die every year21:37
jaegerused to talk to him a lot years ago but he's been too busy for a long time21:37
nipuLyou cant know all of them21:37
prologicyeah yeah :)21:37
prologicbut that's not the point :P21:37
prologicit's different when you at least know the person that passed on21:37
prologicneways ... :)21:38
prologicjaeger, since you're here, we need to do some myth work!21:38
prologicI was gonna set aside a Sat a couple of weeks ago, seems it's come and gone21:38
jaegermy myth setup is pissing me off, actually. all working except for the IR blaster, can't get it to do anything21:39
jaegerkinda tough to record scheduled shows when you can't change the channel21:39
prologicthough I have a frontend on my desktop too :)21:39
prologicafraid I can't help much with the IR I use a homebrew serial ir myself21:40
prologicwhich btw is crap, as it doesn't work with too many remotes21:40
jaegerI've considered that but my desktop is 2 blocks from the server21:40
prologicoh :/21:40
prologicsetup a 5.8Ghz PtP Link ?21:40
prologicblast a hole through the blocks21:40
prologicdrag some Cat5 ?21:40
prologicactually you'd prolly not make it with Cat5 :)21:41
jaegernot quite, no21:41
prologicdoesn't the latency get too large >100m ?21:41
jaegerI don't know from experience but I believe so21:41
nipuLover cat5?21:42
prologicI think once you hit past 100m or more the latency gets too large21:42
nipuLcat5 can go up to ~250 meters21:42
prologicnot sure :)21:42
nipuLbut latency wouldnt be the problem21:42
nipuLelectrons move pretty fast21:43
prologicneways, is your IR blasters well-known and supported ? (known to work) ?21:43
nipuLthe problem is the signal getting weak21:43
prologichmm yeah that21:43
prologicthat's why cat6 exists right :)21:43
nipuLor just a signal repeater21:46
prologiccan you get those for cat5 ?21:46
nipuLof course, it's just an amplifier21:47
nipuLyou could probably make one without too much trouble21:47
prologicwhat are they called ?21:47
prologiccat5 amplifier ?21:47
nipuLaplifier, repeater21:47
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prologicanyone any good at using dia ?21:54
_mavrick61Any one who have use openntp an get it to work?21:55
* prologic puts hand up21:55
prologicthough I'm using ntp atm21:56
prologicI'm running ntp on my Stratum 2 server21:56
prologicand openntpd on my clients21:56
_mavrick61I notice there was a change in ports db.. Before ther was an ntp pkg but is not there any more. No there is openntp and msntp.21:57
jaeger_mavrick61: just means no one wanted to maintain ntp21:57
_mavrick61What is the differnce21:57
jaegerI use openntpd without any trouble21:57
_mavrick61I got error21:58
prologicthere's no real difference21:58
prologicntp is just a smaller footprint and smaller design/less features21:58
_mavrick61dispatch_imsg in main: pipe closed  Lost child: child exited21:58
_mavrick61So the opnentp is almost the same then?21:59
prologicntp is kinda a subset of openntpd21:59
_mavrick61But what about the error...21:59
prologichmm my two routers are out :/22:00
prologicpeices of shit22:00
prologicI don't know why that error is happeninng :)22:00
jaegerno idea, sorry22:00
prologictry running ntpd in non-daemon mode22:00
jaegerit shows that when the rc script stops it, too22:01
jaegerhave another ntp running already, perhaps?22:01
jaegeror "listen on *" in ntpd.conf?22:02
jaeger(commented out by default)22:02
prologicgah my router is 2s out :)22:02
_mavrick61Yes I notice that.. But should it not work using
prologicif you just want a client22:03
prologicyou don't need it to listen at all22:03
_mavrick61es just client22:03
prologicthen leave it commented out22:04
prologicand use pool.ntp.org22:04
jaegeronly line you need for a client is the "servers" or "server"22:04
prologicis ntp in attic now ?22:05
prologichmm what's the url to crux's repo ?22:06
_mavrick61No error running from commandline but it will not start as daemon.22:06
prologichmm what I said earlier was wrong22:09
prologicother way around22:09
prologicopenntpd is a subset of ntp :)22:09
prologicI run the more feature-full version on my time server22:09
prologicit takes an unbelievable amount of time to sync to Stratum1 servers22:10
prologiccan take up to several minutes22:11
_mavrick61OK.. I'll check it out..22:12
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