IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2006-10-23

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rehabdollThe requested URL /svnweb/CRUX/log was not found on this server.00:25
rehabdollmplayer 1.0rc100:31
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nipuLawesome, native wmv decoder01:26
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bd2prologic, isn't stratum1 servers highly not recommended to sync with?03:52
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aonhey sepen04:17
pitillojau sepen04:22
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nipuLanyone have the crux64 repos available?04:58
nipuLcrap, danm's taken down completely05:01
prologicbd2, most you're not allowed to sync with :)05:05
prologicbd2, I have a special deal with a research lab :)05:05
prologic2nd stratum 2 servesr in oz here05:05
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Auge^ah, firefox2 is available on ftp! new pkg -> httpup sync firefox :)08:35
Romsterhmm does it crash as oftern as the current one :)08:44
Romsteror run slow, and hog heaps of ram08:44
j^2ah yes the next couple of days are going to be centered around good ol' FF. *sigh* use elinks people!08:45
treachAuge^: Actually ff has been pretty decent here since I linked it to the system wide libs instead of letting it used the ones it shipped with.08:48
treachs used/use08:48
Romsternar i like the extensions,,,08:49
Romsterand i do web pages, ya can't have flash on elinks now?08:49
Romsternot that i like flash personally.08:50
Auge^i just download binary, install the stuff and work with it :)08:50
Romstertreach, hmm, system wide libs? how did you manage that, just compiled it from source or some hackery?08:50
treach... I suppose disabling crap you don't use helps as well, like ldap,accessibility, etc.08:51
treachRomster: just set the appropiriate configure flags.08:51
jaegerRomster: it has several configure flags that influence those, like --with-system-jpeg08:51
jaegertreach: it's on my todo list to test firefox with system libs here and update the port if stable... also to add a .desktop entry and pixmap, etc.08:52
jjpkI have just used the binary shipped by Usually it has been decent, but oh well. :p08:52
treachNo panic, I use my own port. :p08:52
jaegerworking on x264 encoding with mplayer right now08:52
Romsterah, i hadn't messed with the configure part.08:53
Romsterbe a nice idea to recompile it.08:53
treachjaeger: it doesn't work? I could have sworn I played such a file a couple of days ago..08:53
jaegertreach: playing works fine. encoding is a bit more complicated08:53
treachRomster: be prepaired, it *almost* takes as long time as building kde :P08:54
jaegernot much, though. just need good x264 and gpac ports08:54
treachjaeger: ah, ok, that's a different story I gues.08:54
Romsterjaeger, btw thanks pn the nvidia-x11r7 and glselect-x11r7.08:54
jaegerthe problem I'm having right now is that I can't get spidermonkey from mozilla's FTP :P bastards08:54
jaegerRomster: not a problem, thanks for pointing out the typos08:54
Romstertreach, yeah i know how long it takes i'm messing with gcc-* stuff and thats taking ages to compile08:54
Romsterspecialy when i edit some stuff then rebuild it and repeat this process.08:55
treachmaybe you should use Han's pkgutils.08:56
Romstertreach, i'll start firefox rebuild b4 i goto bed :)08:56
treachwise choise08:57
Romsterwhats so diferent with han's pkgutils anyways08:57
treachthere *is* a README.08:57
Romsteractually i've thought of sme permant cache and not deleating the work directory08:57
treachI cannot imagine he put it there as a joke08:57
Romsteri've heard about it but i haven't read anything on it, i supose now is a good time to, but i don't want to deviate too much from crux standards08:58
Romsterthe power had been out this arvo.09:00
Romsterthat sucked..09:00
jjpkHan's pkgutils do not deviate too much. You could call them some fixes, and few extra conveniences added.09:00
jjpktreach: just rename it DONOTREADME, it is never important anyway. :p09:04
Romsterso why don't they find there way into mainstream crux?09:04
Auge^is there a plan to use more than one download-source in Pkgfile?09:05
treachhehe Maybe it should be called "Forbidden" or something.09:05
Romsteryeah i know RTFM :D09:05
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* Romster fires up firefox.09:06
jjpkAuge^: do you mean mirrors? I don't think there is anything going on with that.09:07
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Auge^jjpk: yeah. is one of the ftps which is "full" a lot of time or you get a low bandwith...09:20
Auge^hard-linked mirrors in Pkgfile are ok, but not a good way.09:20
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RomsterAuge^, yeah, i'm thinking on a mirror addition to pkgutils09:27
treachif you take into consideration that this is a distribution with essentialy *NO* budget, you can see where it came from.09:28
Auge^mh, maybe an array var with hosts=(host1 host2) and source=(ftp://$hosts/pub/getme.tgz)...09:31
Auge^but this is not backward compatible. mh.09:31
jaegertreach: did you build with system cairo and nspr or only the image libs?09:32
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deus_ex will not compile with 2.6.18).09:50
deus_exIt compiles just fine here(2.6.18-ck1 kernel).09:51
deus_exI just might apply for bug tracker maintainer :)09:54
jjpkdeus_ex: might be your kernel, since ck is set of patches.09:55
jaegerit compiles fine for me on a vanilla 2.6.1809:56
treachdoesn't work here. (, glibc-2.5)09:57
Auge^mh, i should update kernel :)09:58
deus_exjjpk: I don't think so, ck is small patchset.09:58
Auge^uh, i've already built a
deus_extreach: Glibc 2.5?09:59
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treachjaeger: I basically used anything but the system nspr. it seems borked somehow.09:59
treachdeus_ex: yeah.09:59
deus_exHave you gone the Gentoo way, or...? :)09:59
Auge^is there somewhere an overview about patchsets?! i'm using vanilla, but maybe a patchset performs better?!09:59
jaegertreach: that's what I ended up going with, figured I'd ask :)09:59
richi_autAuge^: maybe this helps
treachdeus_ex: no, I'm just playing. Besides, I hope eventually to be able to upgrade to 2.3 without massive incompatibilities.10:10
deus_extreach: 2.3 will ship with glibc-2.5?10:13
Auge^git, bluez, mm, ck... a lot patches... and i guess noone will be necessary/helpful for me ;)10:13
deus_extreach: Isn't that unstable branch?10:14
deus_exAuge^: I suggest you start small, with patchset which is as unagressive as possible.10:16
deus_exSo, avoid gentoo, archck and so on, at least for the time being.10:16
j^2i'm trying to install crux on a raided poweredge server, and i cant see my hdd's can someone help me?10:17
deus_eximho, you could start with ck patchset, see if it works for you, than add more if you wish.10:18
j^2i've never installde crux with a scsi card that isnt auto detected10:19
j^2help :(10:19
jaegerwhich controller?10:19
j^2LSI Logic / Symbios Logic 53.103010:20
j^2PCI-X Fussion-MPT Dual Ultra32010:20
treachdeus_ex: I don't see any discrepancy wrt to what I said and you questions. But the answear to the will 2.3 use 2.5 question is "I've no idea, and I don't particulary care either".10:20
jaegerj^2: got any more info? model numbers or lspci output?10:22
jaegerwhich model server, even10:22
j^2that was the lspci output, Poweredge 260010:22
j^2thanks jaeger ;)10:22
jaegertry the megaraid_mbox or megaraid_mm modules10:23
j^2it's not it the kernel....on the cd right?10:24
j^2maybe i sholud up a ide hdd, then use the scsi as the file side, it's going to be a pxeboot server anyway10:25
deus_extreach: Sorry, I must've misunderstood what you wrote.I thought taht you are playing with 2.5 glibc, and that 2.3 will ship with it, so10:25
deus_exyou will upgrade to it without major problems.10:26
deus_exAgain, sorry for the confusion :(10:26
treachYou got it halfway right. First part is entirely correct, but the second part doesn't really mean anything except that I hope 2.5 will be more compatible with whatever "the powers that be" decide to ship with 2.3 than the old stuff will be.10:27
Auge^ <- nice.10:28
deus_extreach: Now I get it(little late, but better late then never) :)10:28
treachnp :-)10:28
jaegerj^2: no luck with the modules?10:30
j^2jaeger, nope :(10:30
jaegerdid you try more than one?10:31
j^2i'm pretty lost to be honest, i'd really like crux on here, but nothing10:31
j^2maybe i'm just doing it wrong10:31
jaegeranything in dmesg when you load either one?10:32
j^2let me double check, one sec10:32
Romsterlast resort try all the modules then modprobe them all find the device and what it uses then slowly remove the rest.10:33
Romstermaybe it needs a addon module not in the kernel? google for kernel and that hardware?10:34
pitilloj^2, may be the aacraid module for poweredge 2600 ? Did you try it?10:34
jaegerI wonder if it needs megaraid_200210:36
j^2i'm getting "FATAL: Module <whatever> not found."10:36
j^2and the org dmesg10:36
jaegerso go look for it in /lib/modules :)10:36
j^2came out with Failed Initialization of WD-7000 SCSI card!10:36
j^2yep there's nothing in the /lib/modules dir to do anything with SCSI, i'm on the livecd :(10:37
jaegerare you using the original 2.2 CD?10:37
j^2that's the problem eh?10:38
jaegerperhaps. don't remember if it has the right modules or not10:38
j^2i noticed also in the /lib/modules dir, theres a link to /root/crux-2.2-svn/kernel/linux*10:39
jaegerit seems to have NEWGEN and SAS but not MM10:39
jaegeryou might try the updated livecd, it has mm and mbox on it10:40
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j^2lame, i guess...10:48
j^2and funnything i cant figure out how to open the box to put in a ide drive10:48
j^2i guess using this version of the server is pretty obscure so we shouldnt have to worry about it10:49
jaegermight not even have a free IDE port10:49
jaegersome of them only have 1 for the CDROM10:49
j^2oh wow, i didnt know10:49
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j^2the one off your site jaeger ?10:50
j^2thank you sir :-D10:50
deus_exIf chm(compiled html) is windows native format, I wonder why my friend has problems opening it with windows...10:55
deus_ex(xchm works like a charm, otoh ) :)10:56
j^2sorry about sucking your bw away :P10:57
jaegermine? don't worry, there's enough10:58
treach"compressed html".. and you are surprised that ms software have problems with opening their own files..?11:04
treachYou must never have used office.11:04
deus_extreach: Nope :)11:05
deus_exBut I have friends that use it regularly.They expect me, being a resident geek, to explain why Word won't open11:06
deus_exits own document :)11:06
jjpkdeus_ex: indeed, that is why I do not advertise that computers do not scare me as they seem to on some people around here. :p11:07
jjpkFeed them and they never leave. :)11:08
deus_exjjpk: I was as long as I can remember known as 'taht kid with book/computer magazine in his hands'.Thick glasses, also ;)11:09
deus_exMy neighbour was so fed up with Windows 'features' that he switched to Ubuntu last week.11:11
deus_exNow, I only drink beer/coffee at his place, no more tech support.11:12
deus_exHe manages just fine on his own.11:12
jjpkLucky you that ubuntu is relatively "dumbed down" that anyone who understands basic concepts should be more or less fine.11:13
deus_exThere is a strong ubunty community here, too, so it's not a problem when he gets stuck somewhere.11:15
deus_exAltough, I do hate Ubuntu policy regarding codecs(mp3, divx etc).11:16
jjpkWelcome to the real world. You can not even piss without having a lawyer present.11:17
deus_exOr is it that I'm used to Crux way of dealing with that?11:17
deus_exjjpk: True, true.11:17
jjpkUbuntu is managed and financially supported by a company, crux does not, therefore there is little incentive to sue.11:19
treachbah, WHAT should you sue, if you feel litigous?11:19
treachthere is no real entity, and then there is the pesky question of jurisdiction, etc etc.11:20
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jjpktreach: exactly.11:21
deus_extreach: Since when Americans worry about jurisdiction?Whole world is their playground....11:22
treachwell. They might not worry about it.. but it won't help them.11:22
treachunless they are preparied to go to war, and taking on the entire world might be a bit too much.11:23
deus_exTaking on Iraq was too much, so it seems ;)11:24
treachand afghanistan, don't forget that.11:25
* deus_ex was bombed by NATO/America, so is a little biased 11:25
treachproved to be too much for the russians and the brits before them.11:25
treachtilman: yeah. I know. OT. :-)11:26
tilmancomparing yugoslawia to afghanistan/iraq seems a bit unfair11:26
treachdepends on in what regard you're comparing them.11:27
tilmanyou could also say that deus_ex didn't actually compared them11:27
treachyeah that too.11:27
treachbut they are fully compareable as "fractioned, violent places where your troops get bogged down for all eternity when you'd sorely need them some place else."11:28
treachconsult your history books if in doubt.11:29
deus_extilman: At some level I understand why bombing happened, but I can not forget f-16s flying over my head.11:30
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tilmanthat's understandable, i guess11:30
tilmanhas hell frozen over or why did the mplayer guys release an RC?11:32
deus_exIn hindsight, that was probably last straw, which triggered events in year 2000.11:32
jaegertilman: both I think11:34
deus_exsvn Changelog for mplayer from june lists mplayer 1.0 rc1.11:35
deus_exSo hell froze over back in June?11:35
deus_exOh, you mean official release.11:35
* deus_ex looks for Chariots of fire OST11:37
deus_exThat's Vangelis, iirc11:38
jaeger1.0rc1 compiles with x264, too, fortunatelyt11:42
jaegerwell, I should say that it builds but doesn't actually USE it, it seems11:45
tilmantheir so-called theora decoder fixes actually make theora decoding worse11:46
* tilman is a bit annoyed11:46
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j^2heh, our t1 just went down11:49
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jaegerah, there we go, got it now11:57
*** treach is now known as treach_x26412:19
treach_x264hey, becareful where you point that thing!12:20
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j^2i love tux!13:12
j^2if tux was a woman i'd marry her13:12
tilmanyou'd marry a penguin?13:14
j^2yes yes i would13:14
j^2...i believe in beastiality :P13:14
j^2i'm in texas after all :>13:14
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jaegerencoding a test x264 video with 1.0rc1 with some fairly high quality settings, down to 7.6fps on this box :P13:20
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jjpkjaeger: suppose you can't have it all. :p14:11
jaegeryeah =/14:14
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jjpkMust be philosophy night.14:30
* treach_x264 decompresses14:36
*** treach_x264 is now known as treach14:36
treachgood thing it was lossless, or I might have ended up as "teach" instead.. :-/14:36
jaegerdon't worry, you'd be almost as good14:37
treachheh, no major loss, eh? :p14:37
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j^2turns out the only thing i could get the driver to work with is Freebsd...15:40
j^2odd eh?15:40
j^2this poweredge 260015:41
jaegerdidn't try a boot disk?15:41
j^2heh, i dont have a machine free with a floppy disk in it15:41
j^2i noticed it just a little while a go15:41
j^2i'm on my MBP and this machine is the only one with a floppy...ironic working for a compter company with no floppy drives15:42
jaegercould boot a usb stick or CD instead15:43
j^2lame and the install just started extracting :P15:44
j^2i'm gonna make this a pxeboot machine15:44
j^2fun eh?15:44
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jaegerj^2: I've set up a couple linux boxes to boot via pxe and nfs root, works well15:50
copworksome of the epias i nfsboot dont like to boot everytime15:51
copworki received 2 x 1024 MB DDR2 800 Mhz Kits instead of 2 x 512 MB DDR2 800 Mhz bars15:51
copworkreturn them or lol and keep them ?15:53
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seekwillKeep them!16:00
seekwillNot like you stole them.16:00
copworkhehe, thx16:00
seekwillPersonally, I would return them if they paid shipping.16:04
seekwillAnd they paid for next day air shipping for the 512s16:04
copworkthats what my conscience tells me too16:06
copworkbut otherwise i could buy a new car16:06
copworkepaying them or going for a hotswap16:07
seekwillJust because they made a mistake, doesn't mean you have to suffer from it.16:13
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copworkat least right now i am happy16:26
copworkrunning 2gb ram for the first time16:26
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bd2coreutils 6.4 released!17:06
bd2btw, anyone have ports git driver?17:07
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Auge^hi. is there a nice gui for mencoder or transcode to cut videos?18:42
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Hanhmmm firefox-2.0 released19:38
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sepenHan, on your repo there isn't19:42
sepenwhere is?19:42
Hanone moment...19:49
HanOnly the binary package works, ie /usr/ports/han/firefox19:53
Auge^i've built a binary port this morning.19:55
Auge^but for compiling i need days... ;)19:56
* sepen =======> Building '/usr/ports/han/firefox/firefox#2.0-1.pkg.tar.gz'19:57
HanAuge^, where did you find the source?19:57
sepenalso from source19:58
sepenHan, mismatch found19:58
Auge^Han: which source? source of binary firefox package?19:58
sepen=======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:19:59
sepenMISSING   518cbd99a3fe663237070013e5cdb1a4  firefox-
sepenNEW       dec219811d989aeed2b8c7e338cc0b03  firefox-2.0.tar.gz19:59
* sepen =======> Building '/usr/ports/han/firefox-source/firefox#2.0-1.pkg.tar.gz'19:59
sepen+ cd mozilla19:59
sepenPkgfile: line 21: cd: mozilla: No such file or directory19:59
Hansepen, you should learn to read20:00
sepenHan, change it for firefox20:00
Hansepen, you should learn to read20:00
Hansepen, you should learn to read20:00
Hansepen, you should learn to read20:00
Hansepen, you should learn to read20:00
HanAuge^, no, for the source, but you build the binary.20:02
Auge^yeah, i just installed the binary. :)20:02
HanThey haven't released the sourcecode for 2.0 yet.20:02
Auge^ah, ic!20:02
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sepenmldonkey 2.8.1 released20:05
cheikhi am in the process of downloading crux when it is done i am gonna put it on my laptop first question first does the installer have an auto partitionner tool20:06
treachCrux and "automatic tools" are not compatible entities.20:08
treachmaybe you should have a look at the homepage in the topic?20:08
cheikhi have sir20:08
jaegerit's got fdisk, nothing that does it for you automagically20:08
treachyou have? And still ask about automatic tools? Amazing. :-/20:09
cheikhdo u think installing on top of my current partition would work20:09
cheikh i am more familiar with cfdisk though20:09
jaegeryou'd probably want to erase the filesystems but no reason you can't use existing partitions20:09
cheikhexisting filesystem is ext3 and ext2 for root20:10
treachthose will be fine, but you'll want to get rid of your old files.20:11
Hansepen, ports -u han :-)20:11
cheikhmay just partition again because fdisk is telling me now that my cylinder is set to 4870 instead of 102420:13
sepenHan, binary20:13
sependeleted firefox-source (old release)20:14
HanThey haven't released the sourcecode for 2.0 yet. Like I already said, but especially for you I'll say it again.20:15
sepenwe will hope20:16
Auge^the wires to sepen are a little bit longer ;P20:17
sepen<Han> They haven't released the sourcecode for 2.0 yet20:17
treachAuge^: My impression is that he's connected via two cans and a peice of string. :-)20:18
Auge^string? string tanga? =)20:18
treachstring, like the stuff you use to tie things together when a rope is an overkill..20:19
Auge^i know what you mean - i just joking =)20:19
sepenthanks for your opinions about me20:20
*** mrks has joined #crux20:20
Auge^don't worry, be happy! :)20:20
sepenoften I have problems reading english20:21
sepenand more problems when I try to explain me20:21
treachsepen: chill, it wasn't meant as patronizing, we were just kidding.20:22
treachI'm sure everyone understands that you're doing your best, and nobody can do better than that.20:23
sepenanyone using this port?
Auge^works :)20:28
Auge^sepen: my english is as bad as yours, believe me =)20:30
sepenI .... believe .... in miracles ....20:31
sepen:: ramones ::20:31
*** mrks_ has quit IRC20:32
sepenAuge^, I write an script for translate words using google20:32
sepenalso ported in my repo20:33
* treach wonders if Spain subtitles or dubbs tv/movies...20:33
sepennot all movies20:34
treachwhat? Are not all movies subtitled or are they not all dubbed?20:35
sepenall movies are dubbed20:35
treachok. I guessed so.20:36
sepenI think could be for hispano-american people also20:36
treachseems to be a common trait among nations where peopel in general speak more or less poor english.20:36
HanIndeed, subtitles are great if you want to learn other languages.20:37
sepenonly in south-spain people speak more english due to turism20:37
HanIn portugal they speak decent english because they use subtitles.20:38
sepenit's true, also norway, etc..20:38
* treach tries to imagine "Emil i Lönneberga" dubbed to Spanish. :-)20:40
sepenin addiction, in the school I studied french, here you can study french or english20:40
treachdanish was traumatic enough. :D20:40
Auge^no, subtitles are not great to learn languages... the only thing you will learn is how to not translate! ;)20:41
sepenI use lyrics from songs to learn languages20:42
sepenhhee! macarena! aha!20:42
treachbooks are good.20:42
Auge^yeah. and for some special things there are just some english books...20:43
Auge^but a online dictonary around isn't a bad idea =)20:43
sepenOreilly books20:43
cheikhdo i have to use reiserfs filesystem when preparing for installing or can i use my current ext320:43
treachcheikh: use whatever you want20:43
Auge^ext4 is in current kernel patches, i've read :)20:44
sepenminix ;=)20:44
cheikhmm tree20:44
treachminix won't work..20:45
treachiirc it doesn't support large enough filesystems, among other things.20:45
sepenmmm? umsdos jeje20:45
treachbesides, I don't think those tools are on the cd.20:45
treachreiserfs/jfs/xfs/ext{2,3} will work fine though20:46
cheikh76% downloading20:46
treachAuge^: you don't pick up forign languags by reading tech litterature, you've got to go for novells etc.20:47
sepenfrom 2.2 release: fsck  fsck.cramfs  fsck.ext2  fsck.ext3  fsck.jfs  fsck.reiserfs  fsck.xfs20:47
sepenmke2fs  mkfs  mkfs.cramfs  mkfs.ext2  mkfs.ext3  mkfs.jfs  mkfs.reiserfs  mkfs.xfs  mkreiserfs  mkswap20:48
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux20:48
treachtoo bad I've never found anything worthwile in german. All I've ever read was a bunch of boring memoares(?).20:48
Auge^treach: yeah, i know. i read things about hifi, loudspeakers, bowling. a lot of different things. but the last one - bowling - has a very "special" english. i think a typical US one...20:48
Auge^treach: you need a good german book?20:48
treachwell, I'm picky. :-)20:49
Auge^mh, so you need some modern ones.20:49
treachI'm considering getting some Hans Hellmut Kirst. :-)20:50
Auge^some books of frank schätzing... or walter moers (very vulgar, but goooooood!)20:51
treachThomas Mann und Freunde sind nichts für mich. :-)20:51
Auge^if you want to have fun, take walter moers =)20:51
treachI'll have a look at them, definitely.20:51
Auge^Thomas Mann ist sehr "speziell"... Alfred Döblin aber noch spezieller ;)20:52
cheikhcan someone reminds me of that dd command that get rid of files in hard drive20:52
treachcheikh: that's overkill20:52
cheikhno it aint20:52
treachjust mkfs.reiserfs /dev/blah...20:52
treachwhy on earth would you need to use dd?20:53
cheikhto zero out things20:53
treachThe ONLY time I've needed dd *ever* was to get rid of an old version of Solaris..20:53
cheikhu r proving my point20:54
treachso you're currently using solaris?20:54
cheikhno debian20:54
treachdd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdX.. but I fail to see how I proved your point.20:55
cheikhthanks every bit of info is needed before a fresh install20:57
sepenmldonkey running ok:
cheikhburning gonna say good bye soon21:05
*** cheikh has quit IRC21:22
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sepenIm going to bed, later!21:32
*** jaeger has quit IRC21:45
*** Cheikh has joined #crux22:22
rehabdolltreach: i bet you can find something by kafka in german :)22:36
Cheikhdoes it hurt to leave make menuconfig of the kernel as the default22:43
*** Cheikh has quit IRC22:58
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