IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2006-10-24

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pitillohi good morning, I want to redo all my ports using the chrooted enviroment. At documentation is explained to use this iso: crux-2.2-devtest2-030706.iso. I think the normal iso may works, but is used that iso for something special?03:37
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pitilloa bit difficult to use chroot enviroment to test own ports... I need to read more.05:33
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pitilloinstalling in a chroot enviroment from my CRUX install another fresh install where I can test my own ports.05:44
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Romsterpitillo, hmm i've always wanted todo that, but never figured how.05:47
pitilloRomster, ummm I figured how but having problems. May be I´m trying to do something crazy.05:50
pitilloI´ll continue reading to see if I can do something.05:50
pitillo(problems when running setup in chrooted enviroment and tries to open some terminal)05:51
Romsteri wonder if symlinks work or it has to be a copy in a chroot06:05
pitilloRomster, did you take a look to ?06:05
pitilloI´m trying to use that and the handbook to do that06:05
pitilloI´m making something bad with the mount -o loop... Always mounted with read-only perms. Don´t know if can be setup to rw.06:09
Romsteri could alter that to not use the iso but the working core system and then build each port on that,06:09
Romsteryou'd only need read only off a iso06:09
Romsterpitillo, your trying todo this on a dev release of current 2.2?06:09
pitilloummm true06:09
Romsterfor the current system you oculd use /usr/ports/core06:10
pitilloRomster, I´m trying to use the crux-2.2.iso to make a fresh install in another partition from my current system.06:10
Romsteryou could skip the iso and repoint "for p in core/* opt/*; do pkgadd -r $CHROOT $p; done" from the current core.06:11
Romsterthen build or add dependencys for each port, actually, you'd only need some of core to build.06:12
pitilloI started with that guide but can´t do nothing to test my ports. That´s the reason why I´m trying to makke a fresh install where test them06:12
HanYou'd better order the builds in core. binutils gcc glibc etc06:13
pitillowell better if this afternoon I reboot and prepare the partition where test them. (Quite difficult for me)06:17
Auge^mh. does anybody has a working nvidia module on 2.6.19-rc2 ?06:19
RomsterHan, yeah, good idea06:20
RomsterAuge^, on 2.6.1806:20
Romsteri happen to have a tool cahin instructions here.06:21
Auge^nvidia don't want to compile at 2.6.19-rc2-mm2 :/06:21
RomsterAuge^, damn06:21
Romsterwhat error?06:21
Auge^mh, it misses config.h06:22
Romsterthats odd06:22
Romsterand you have config.h?06:22
Auge^yeah, /usr/include/linux/config.h06:25
Auge^ah, it is searched in /usr/src... but 2.6.19-rc2 has no config.h06:26
pitillowell, now understanded it. (I hope)06:28
Auge^seems like the include/linux tree is sorted in a new way06:31
nipuLthat's what happens when you use rc06:31
RomsterAuge^, they must of done it diferently06:31
Auge^nipuL: so... how to resolve this problem?06:37
treachdon't use rc's and nvidia binary drivers.06:38
nipuLthat or try to fix it yourself06:38
Auge^ha, thanks a lot, treach ;)06:38
nipuLwho knows maybe even google knows06:39
treachnp :-)06:39
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pitillowell, using core/opt. Building ports and cheking errors and functionality.06:44
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Romstertreach, i agree on rc's but not on nvidia binary, xorg-video-nv dosn't have 3d hardware acceleration.06:57
Romsterand its limited to 1024*768 too06:58
Auge^ok, nvidia works. just a little bit patch work ;)06:58
RomsterAuge^, neat, gonna put them up on a site or something :)06:58
Romsterpitillo, i'm messing with that chroot stuff but i'm building my own bash script todo it all.06:59
Romsterfrom current system core.06:59
Auge^mh... just linked some things against latest kernel release and patched some unused things/signals in nvidia driver06:59
Romsterbe a good way to find missing dependencys for ports07:00
RomsterAuge^, why such a bleeding edge kernel though?just bored and like to try new things out?07:01
treachRomster: are you familliar with boolean algebra?07:02
treachdon't use rc's *_AND_* nvidia binary drivers.07:03
Romstertreach, to a degree07:04
treachthen you're familiar with the meaning of AND I suppose.07:04
treachit has the same meaning in normal language.07:05
Romsteran yes, AND, NOR, XOR, NOT etc07:05
Romsteri haven't done that for awhile, but i got truth tables someware on that07:06
treachSo, I did NOT say you shouln't use nvidia binary drivers.07:06
Romstertreach, how else do i use hardware acceleration on a nvidia driver? while avoiding the nvidia binary driver.07:07
Romsterah ok07:07
RomsterI wasn't paying alot of attention07:07
treachI noticed.07:07
Romsterre-read it and.... dumbfounded07:07
Romstertreach, will using -O3 break anything when compiling? or just the useall alot slower to compile so no one uses O3?07:09
treachI don't know. the only thing I know is that I've never noticed any difference at all using O3 except the binaries getting bigger.07:10
Auge^Romster: yeah, you're right... i'm just a little bit benchmarking around... see what cpu/ram/fsb settings, filesystems, kernels etc. can bring :)07:10
treachA feature I can live without.07:10
nipuLO3 has been known to break some things07:11
Auge^Romster: new kernel and nvidia driver -> approx. +2% overall07:11
nipuLnone of which i can recall07:11
Hanbuilding firefox-2.0 from source...07:11
Auge^good luck :)07:12
treachRomster: It might make a difference in some corner cases, like sientific calculations or video encoding or so, but for general usage, I'd rate it "useless".07:12
HanIndeed, it's a new port.07:12
Romsterhmm, i'll try it on the kernel sometime, and other critical things, maybe xorg even with -O307:13
Romsterbigger file size due to it using more optimised code i'd say.07:14
Romsteri'd prefer bigger binarys if it means better performance07:14
Romsteron a desktop pc07:14
treachwell, if that's the only thing you'll *notice*, I'd say it's a waste.07:14
Romstersuposed to make things run faster, i guess i'd need to benchmark b4 and after07:15
Romsterto see if anything is faster07:15
GSF_as nipuL said O3 is known for breaking stuff07:16
nipuLeven O2 can break07:16
RomsterGSF_, yeah, but what is the question, and if its stable on some important peace of code ex kernel, then why not? as long as the performance increase is worth it.07:17
Romsterif it breaks just revert it back to the -O2 build07:17
GSF_nipuL: yes, but for general userland, O2 is pretty safe07:17
treachRomster: what would be the point of an O3 optimized "hello world"?07:18
GSF_Romster: better to be safe than sorry07:18
Romsternothing there, but thats not a complex peace of code is it now.07:19
treachcorrect. but the point still stands.07:19
Romsteri live dangeriously, don't learn if you don't break things :O07:19
treachmost stuff isn't makeing any more gains from O3 compared to O2 than hello world does. All you "gain" is bigger binaries.07:20
GSF_what do you learn in having software randomly crashing due to over-optimization?07:20
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tilmanbeing annoyed07:20
Romstertreach, then theres no point in -O3 if thats the case,07:20
tilmanhe said "most"07:21
treachRomster: you're not having a good day at reading, are you?07:21
Cheikhafter installing i am having some problem booting what does the kernell line should say using grub07:21
RomsterGSF_, unstableness i'd just revert it but if its stable and gives really good improvment...07:22
Romsterso not alot of programs gain over -O3, not even kernel, databases, xorg, mesa3d etc?07:22
Romstertreach, long day working on speaker bins with carpet and glue thats so strong i sneese.07:23
Romstermaybe the glue is affecting me lol07:23
GSF_just compile your stuff with -O3 and check if it's worth it07:24
RomsterGSF_, i plan too.07:24
GSF_you'll just realize you've wasted your time for no obvious gains07:24
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RomsterGSF_, maybe but its like listening to whos got the best filesystem too, i'll try some programs that i think might make a diference, who knows i might strike a improvment in performance, or i could waste time, no loss.07:26
GSFgo ahead then07:26
RomsterGSF, have you even tryed yourself or known anyone thats tryed, how do you know its a waste of time?07:28
Cheikhi am trying to boot but get error while parsing numbers using grub07:29
GSFI've tried it, and I didn't notice any difference in speed.. so I think it was a waste of time compiling all the stuff07:30
GSFbut if you're bored enough, knock yourself out07:30
GSFCheikh: what numbers?07:31
Cheikhkernel (hda,3)/vmlinux root=/dev/hda307:32
GSFit's hd007:33
GSF(hd0,3) not hda07:33
GSFthe root parameter is right, don't touch it07:33
GSFbut it either is (hd0,3) and /dev/hda407:33
RomsterCheikh, sorry i only use lilo not grub i'm no help there.07:33
GSFor (hd0,2) and /dev/hda307:33
RomsterGSF, ah k yu've been down that road07:34
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treachno, he's a liar. please knock yourself out and recompile your entire system with O3. It'll make 'ls' about 10.000% faster.07:36
Romstertreach, lol i scense sarcasim07:38
Cheikhit is telling me file not found now (hd0,2) <-- should it represent the partition where root is07:39
Romsterls is more dependent on hardware speed than anything else.07:39
GSFCheikh: try:07:39
GSFtitle whatever07:40
GSFroot (hd0,2)07:40
treachNO!? O'shit, I've been lied to. OMG.07:40
GSFkernel /vmlinux root=/dev/hda307:40
GSFtry those 3 lines07:40
GSFI've never seen the (hd0,2)/vmlinux notation you were using. I use the above and it works :)07:41
Cheikhgetta run to work but i will be back tonight07:46
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Cheikhit seems like those three lines gonna work but i need to fix another issue here my installed fs is reiserfs but my partition is type 0x8307:48
treachYou think it shouldn't?07:49
Cheikhis chrooting and changing the partition a solution to it07:51
GSFthat's the correct partition type07:52
Cheikhso why is it giving me that error07:52
GSFwhat error07:53
Cheikhthat my filesystem is reiserfs but my partition is type 0x8307:53
GSF"Various filesystem types like xiafs, ext2, ext3, reiserfs, etc. all use ID 83."07:53
treachCheikh: please give the exact error. you are currently only providing nonsense.07:54
Romsterid83 is linux, what you put on top of that is the filesystem.07:55
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Cheikhok that was some nonsense now says Error 15: file not found07:56
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treachsame brainiac who insisted on dd-ing the disk to get rid of his old filesystem. :-/07:57
Romsterwhats wrong with rm O_o08:01
GSFyou don't get rid of filesystems with rm now do you08:01
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copworkbut you can for sure get rid of filesystem support with rm08:17
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Hanoh yeah08:20
Hanbefore I forget. I just added a port for firefox-source08:21
copworkjust a quick question08:21
Hansyncing right now08:21
copworkdid you already compile firefox with another locale than en-US ?08:21
HanI never payed attention to the locale. And mine is set to en_GB by default.08:22
treach"paid" ;-)08:22
copworki was only successful with cvs sources08:22
Hantreach, blimey, that's an odd mistake indeed.08:23
copworkbut I am too stupid to build a cvspowered port08:23
copworkpayedback is a bitch08:23
HanWhen it's so easy.08:23
copworkeverybody knows that08:23
HanJust last week I corrected somebody who said `tryed' [sic]08:24
treachtryed, straight from the AU-dictionary, Romster edition. ;-)08:26
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HanWhich points to the very funny entry of
treach"Sicut erat in principio" :-)08:31
rxilol love the macintosh one08:36
treachIowa. :-)08:36
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rxihey jay08:40
rxi"PETA (e.g., People for the Eating of Tasty Animals," rofl .. i bet that really ticks them off08:44
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j^2hey gus08:45
j^2jesus i cant type08:45
treach@seen gus08:45
clbtreach: I have not seen gus.08:45
rxihey j^08:45
jizzbottreach: I have not seen gus.08:45
HanI haven't seen him either.08:45
treachthere, it's confirmed, no Gus here.08:45
jaegerjesus can't help you there08:45
rxitreach, your on a wild gus chase :P08:45
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treachnoo, it was j^2 who was.08:46
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Han/m nickserv info gus08:46
treachlol "Vehicle of Liberals, Kooky Single Women, and Goofy Effeminate Nitwits"08:47
* treach looks at jaeger :p08:47
treachdidn't you drive a WV?08:48
treachVW I mean08:48
jaegerI still do, just didn't have any context08:48
Auge^VW. a boring average german car... :)08:56
rxisomehow i dont imagine the veyron very boring08:56
Auge^VW want to bring the 35h week back. 28h now... ha =)08:56
Auge^rxi: yeah, i know... the sound is awesome... i've seen one and checked it.08:57
Auge^but just with 650ps instead of 1001...08:57
Auge^a lot of problems there.08:57
Auge^but 405 tires at rear axle are... BIG!08:58
Auge^you can listen to the car in 2km around =)08:58
jaegerI'm pretty happy with my VW, for a 4-cyl :)08:59
jaegerhasn't been stock in some time, though08:59
* Auge^ has a 4cyl too... lucky ones who own a >4cyl car ;)08:59
Auge^or unlucky... on gas station =)08:59
treachjaeger: you're hopeless! You're an american, you shouldn't look at anything that doesn't come with at least 8cyl and a truck bed. :p09:00
Auge^toyota has the biggest success in USA - with small cars =) so... the people begin to think about fuel09:01
Auge^and chrysler struggles.09:02
* Auge^ stops talking. i'm just a small engineer in automotive business :)09:02
j^2OMG! some one _not_ a net/sys admin in the #crux!?!?! :>09:05
j^2i didnt know it was possible :)09:05
Auge^hehe... i am a hardware freak...09:10
Auge^it's better to use software than to write it ;) just asm is nice09:11
jaegertreach: I dislike most of the things americans generally like in vehicles09:15
jaegergive me a german or japanese car09:15
treachyeah, I can imagine. :-)09:15
treach(you don't seem to fit the sterotype at all, thus the joke. :-) )09:16
jaegerfair enough :)09:16
* Auge^ is a german and drives japanese car :)09:18
* treach muses about the use of "stereo" to indicate conformity.09:19
treachah, "stereos" -> "solid".09:21
prologicey how do you get the menu of konsole back ?09:28
prologicif you're hidden it :)09:28
treachor right click in the terminal09:28
prologicthank you :)09:29
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jjpkClicked the wrong part :p09:34
treachmaybe he did a "wrong" click instead of a right..09:35
jjpkThe left hand path in action ;)09:36
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treach_jaeger: problems? seems like the log isn't reachable either.09:57
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jaegerit's working fine from here... might be onenet having routing problems again :(09:58
treach_ok. :-/09:59
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j^2i've been having trouble with our t1 provider lately10:02
j^2maybe the telecoms in the us are dying :-P10:02
jaegermaybe so10:02
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cdhi all10:49
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cdi have a little problem, today i tried to update my ports, i don't use rsync i used httup for all repos, but now core, contrib and opt cannot be found10:50
cdnew adress or httpup disabled ?10:50
pitillocd may be this can help you...10:54
Romsterpitillo, yay i got it :) but i've made my own bash script, its not perfect yet but its not far from it.11:00
Romstergonna test it again then i'll pastebin it for ya pitillo11:01
sepencd, prt-get install rsync;11:03
sepencd, later you must have /etc/ports/*.rsync files for contrib core and opt11:03
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cdsepen: i cannot use rsync here11:13
cdthis is th reason why i used httup11:13
cdthis is my core.httup and it worked.11:14
Romsterhmm where do i restart udev, i've lost most of my /dev/* files lol11:17
treachin the shell.11:18
treachdid you expect a gui?11:18
jaegertry /sbin/udevtrigger11:18
Romstervery funny treach11:19
Romsterta jaeger11:19
Romsterah fixed that but now kde compalins about no pty devices hmmz11:20
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Romstercd just install the rsync port and add the /etc/ports/*.sync files then ports -u will use rsync11:23
jaegerhe's said he can't use rsync11:24
treachwon't help if he's firewalled.11:24
Romsterbut why its a crux system?11:24
Romsterthen get someone to unfirewall rsync..11:25
Romsteror proxy it.11:25
sipput something like  URL= in the .httpup file(s)11:26
Romsteryeah or that.11:29
Romsterok why do i have no pty devices i'm looking in /etc/ but i'm dumbfounded to what i was thinking of.11:30
sepen$ rsync error: received SIGINT, SIGTERM, or SIGHUP (code 20) at rsync.c(242) [receiver=2.6.8]11:31
sipcd, out of curiosity, what's the URL of your current /etc/core.httpup file?11:31
siper /etc/ports/core.httpup11:31
sepencd, are you running 2.2 release?11:31
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jaeger@seen predatorfreak11:32
clbjaeger: predatorfreak was last seen in #crux 1 week, 0 days, 14 hours, 23 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: <predatorfreak> NVIDIA: We're giving root to random people.11:32
jizzbotjaeger: predatorfreak was last seen in #crux 1 week, 0 days, 14 hours, 23 minutes, and 23 seconds ago: <predatorfreak> NVIDIA: We're giving root to random people.11:32
tilmanwho's owning jizzbot?11:34
treachhm, now all we are missing is MelOne chiming in that he hasn't seen predatorfreak or anything else the last two centuries.11:34
treachtilman: make a guess..11:34
jjpktreach: jdolan probably. :D11:34
sipI'd bet on jdolan11:34
* treach too11:34
tilmani had betted on the aussie guys11:34
tilmanbut it's in the us11:34
cdsepen: the one above11:34
tilmanah, right11:34
cdRomster: i cannot use rsync here11:34
tilmanquetoo is his quake fork or something11:34
tilmanjdolan: is there a point in having yet another bot in here?11:35
cdsip: i wrote above11:35
cdsepen: yes 2.211:35
jaegersip: 11:14 < cd> URL=
sipcd, thanks, I'll send a note to the ML with the new urls11:37
sipor simply place some symlink11:37
cdok that would be cool11:38
cdi think i did a port update on saturday and there was no problem11:38
sipyeah, I spent the weekend upgranding our setup :)11:38
cdok ;)11:38
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* Romster grumbles and thinks of a xorg restart11:43
Romsterconsole is unable to open a pty...11:44
tilmanyou can restart xorg all day11:45
tilmani doubt it will help to summon a pty11:45
Romsteryeah probbly a complete reboot but i i knew what damn command to get the stupid konsole to work again, after messing with chroot...11:46
tilmanyou might need CONFIG_UNIX98_PTYS=y in the kernel11:48
tilmanbut i'm not sure11:48
tilmando you mount devpts?11:48
Romsterhmm no i hadn't11:48
Romsterjust ran /sbin/udevtrigger11:49
RomsterKonsole is unable to open a PTY (pseudo teletype). It is likely that this is due to an incorrect configuration of the PTY devices. Konsole needs to have read/write access to the PTY devices.11:50
Romsterand now i don't have a pty lol11:50
*** Romster has quit IRC11:51
* tilman ponders whether he should put romster on the ignore list11:52
treachthat guy always makes me think of "Dare to be stupid".11:52
tilmanthat reminds me of a song called 'dare to collapse' that i didn't listen to in ages11:53
*** Romster has joined #crux11:57
Romsterah well its ok now but yeah i'll try to not do that again11:58
Romsterah umount /crux-2.2/dev does it...12:02
Romsterok not sure why but i know how to fix it now.12:03
Romstermeh it's messing with my main system the export CHROOT=/crux-2.2/ isn't being exported...12:06
Romsterah no its working ok, my mistake for reading it wrong12:09
*** giulivo has quit IRC12:11
*** pitillo has quit IRC12:20
j^2....if i want to create a raid array with our live cd, how do i do that?12:25
jjpkIf you mean software raid, then you use mdadm for that.12:26
j^2nice thanks12:27
sepenIm trying to start a crux-es zone with dokuwiki
*** cd has quit IRC12:30
RyoStilman: can i disturb your peace for a second please? (i am very very sorry believe me please ._.)12:32
tilmanif you truly are very very sorry, i think i don't wanna hear the question12:33
RyoSi installed xorg, did everything according to your tut, installed all fonts, configured xorg, yet it cant find fixed, i really did everything i can think of12:33
tilmanthis calls for the f word12:33
tilmanRyoS: ran the post-install scripts?12:33
tilmanhahaha, freedom12:34
RyoSi said, everything according to your tut12:34
tilmanxorg.conf checked?12:34
tilman(FontPath lines)12:34
RyoSchecked em all, they are all correct12:34
tilmandoes X read the fonts.alias file that contains the 'fixed' alias?12:35
RyoSapperently not..12:35
tilman /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.alias12:35
tilmanprove it!12:35
RyoShow? ._.12:35
tilmanuse strace12:35
tilmanthat's hardcore, but who cares ;)12:36
RyoShardcore, yeahaw12:36
copworkmhm O.o ?12:36
RyoSmy god.. what am i supposed to do with that?12:36
tilmanrun "strace X"12:36
RyoSwell, strace startx12:37
tilmanmake it put the output in a nice file12:37
tilmangrep the nice file12:37
tilmansee whether it opens /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.alias12:37
tilmanif it opens it, it probably reads it too12:37
tilmani need to write a script that determines what stage you fucked up at12:37
copworkdont forget to call in sick for tomorrow12:37
RyoSwell, there is nothing with fonts.alias12:38
RyoSno wait.. ^^'12:38
tilmanyou could also have a look at fonts.alias12:41
tilmanfind out what font is actually configured for 'fixed'12:41
tilmanmm h well12:41
tilmanthat will only reveal that it doesn't open that file12:41
RyoSthere is nothing about fonts in the output file12:44
tilmanstrace X12:44
RyoSstrace -o file X is what i did12:44
RyoScat file | grep font12:44
tilmangrep font file12:44
tilmandoes anyone volunteer to confirm what RyoS says?12:45
RyoS? oO12:45
Hangrep font file12:45
RyoSresult stays the same..?12:46
tilmanRyoS: it's a neater way of doing "cat file |grep font"12:46
RyoSthats true.. ^^' still doesnt change the fact there is nothing about fonts in the output file.. :/ i am pretty stuck12:47
tilmani will try that strace in a few minutes12:47
RyoSalright, thanks12:48
RyoSi am afk for 5 mins then, brb12:48
Romsteranyone rememebr the binary name to link 2 directorys lndir or something like that.12:49
Hanxorg-lndir or x1112:49
Romsterjust simple bash, i want to link the contents of one directory to another.12:50
Romstercan't find the command i had it awhile ago i've seen it on the net.12:50
tilmanRyoS: works for me o_O12:51
Romsterguss it was a symlink to ln :.12:51
Auge^ /dev/hda3 on /mnt/disk1 type ext4dev (rw) :)12:55
RyoStilman: what works?12:56
tilmanteh strace12:56
tilmanon X12:56
tilmanclearly shows fonts.alias being opened12:56
RyoSnot for me ^^'12:56
tilmani suggest you search the logs for #crux then12:57
tilmanabout how this problem was solved before12:57
tilmanby others12:57
tilmancause i don't have any other immediate idea ;D12:57
RyoS^^' alright12:58
treachRomster: "for i in $(ls --color=never); do ln -s $i ../somedir/someplace/"?  :p12:58
Romstertreach, hmm that will work too12:59
Romsteri got a nice sand box now and improving it.12:59
treachyeah I can see that. Nice castle you have there over to the left. ;-)13:00
Romsterhmmz missing
jaegerAuge^: how's it working, so far?13:01
Auge^jaeger: fine. just a cat from /dev/zero or to /dev/null - 15..20% more bandwith13:02
treachstill causing as much disk activity as ext3?13:02
* Romster watches Auge^'s data go down /dev/null :P~13:03
Auge^data is in a raid, not at the test partition ;P13:04
Romsterwonder how long before ext4 becomes safe to use.13:04
Romsteranyone know where comes from?13:06
Romsterprt-get fsearch dosn't show anything.13:06
jaegerlibidn, in attic13:06
Romsterappears httpup requires it13:07
jaegersome apps/libs will use it if it's installed but don't require it13:08
Auge^mh, i need some benchmarktools for a comparable test13:08
jaegeryou can rebuild them to remove the link dependency13:08
Auge^i think the best performance you will get with a bunch of small files13:08
jaegerRomster: situations like that are why revdep came about13:08
Romsterah so i have to recompile ports so it won't depend on it.13:08
Auge^the best improvement, of course13:08
Romsteri have it on my pc but not in the sandbox.13:09
Romsterjaeger, ah interesting13:10
jaegerif you've never used it before, check it out. it's handy for sorting out things like that, especially after removing ports you're not sure you need, etc.13:11
*** laod has quit IRC13:15
Romster'em looking at it now.13:16
Romsternever looked at that one before, i ithink i've bearly touched the files in /usr/bin here :/13:17
treach"bearly" lol13:17
ningobearly = to touch it like a bear13:18
Romsterok i use the wrong word13:19
Auge^ext4: seq writing 36.8 MB/s (32% cpu), seq reading 26.4 MB/s (9% cpu)13:20
Auge^ext3: seq writing 36.4 MB/s (34% cpu), seq reading 25.5 MB/s (10% cpu)13:20
Auge^I've done this test several times with 819MB13:21
Auge^still without extents.13:22
Romsterjaeger, its verry cpu intensive but neat.13:25
Auge^no change with -o extents. mh.13:25
jaegerRomster: revdep?13:25
*** laod has joined #crux13:26
Romsteryes revdep13:26
jaegeryeah, it makes no effort to be nice, just does what it does as fast as it can, it's a simple script13:26
jaegerbut you don't need to run it 24/7, fortunately :)13:26
treachjust put it in cron to run at 20:00 along with everything else. (and watch your system die :P )13:27
deus_exHmm.Avidemux-2.3 won't compile with --disable-nls.13:30
HanRead the errormessage carefully.13:33
Romsterjaeger, i've wondered and tryed with out much luck to see if i can make a list of librays a port dependend on, myself, seems the sandbox is the best way to fidn out what it really needs as it'll die complaining.13:36
*** Wikipedia-Gast61 has joined #crux13:38
deus_exHan: errormessage  is not much help(to me anyway).Just libintl.h complaining, and build fails.13:40
*** Wikipedia-Gast61 has left #crux13:41
deus_exI checked avidemux forums, it's a known problem.13:41
deus_exAfaict, only --enable-nls fixes it atm.13:42
Romsterlol, then just have nls and do a rm later in the Pkgfile13:43
deus_exHan: This is part of the code responsible for this :
deus_exRomster: I might do that later, but I'm curious why it doesn't work :)13:46
Romsterlook though the Makefile *shrugs*13:48
deus_ex /me did that.13:50
Hanlast week I tried compiling avidemux-2.313:53
HanI gave up13:53
deus_exHan: Same problem or...?13:53
Hannah, I was not in the mood to go fix broken software13:54
Hanwhich it is13:54
deus_ex2.3 is a preview of next version, so 'borken' is pretty much a given ;)13:56
deus_exI'll stick with 2.2, for now.13:56
Hangood thinking :-13:57
*** ningo has quit IRC14:26
*** entreprenerd has quit IRC14:29
*** sepen has quit IRC14:31
*** sepen has joined #crux14:33
deus_exHan: If you are interested, latest svn snapshot of avidemux-2.3 builds and runs fine :)14:51
*** Romster has quit IRC14:52
*** Romster has joined #crux14:53
HanThat's nice.14:54
*** sip has quit IRC14:56
sepenwhat are your opinions for place instead the official crux tux in ?15:08
*** pitillo has joined #crux15:08
Hannice tux15:12
*** Romster has quit IRC15:18
*** Romster has joined #crux15:20
*** Brzi has quit IRC15:29
jaegerprologic: my brother solved the problem with the IR blaster so I may get some time this week or weekend to look at mythtv 0.2015:30
*** Romster has quit IRC15:30
*** Romster has joined #crux15:33
*** treach has quit IRC15:37
*** lasso has joined #crux15:41
*** pitillo has quit IRC15:44
rehabdolllooks great sepen16:01
rehabdolllot better than the current one imo16:01
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux16:04
*** ollli has joined #crux16:05
rehabdollhey prologic, got a footprint mismatch with you vmware port16:05
rehabdollMISSING   -r-sr-xrwx      root/root       opt/vmware/lib/bin/vmware-vmx16:05
rehabdollNEW       -r-xr-xrwx      root/root       opt/vmware/lib/bin/vmware-vmx16:05
rehabdollnot a big deal, but still :)16:05
*** ollli has quit IRC16:07
HanDo you really want that file to be setuid?16:27
*** lasso has quit IRC16:28
*** jaeger has quit IRC16:46
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC17:02
*** jaeger has joined #crux17:05
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger17:05
*** rxi has quit IRC17:07
*** j^2 has quit IRC17:08
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC17:41
*** deus_ex has quit IRC18:08
Auge^OpenOffice sucks... mh... but now i started a project in OOo... never again. back to latex.18:30
Auge^i just want to add a title page... at the end... no way. you have to do it at beginning!18:31
sepen development state18:37
sepenIm writing handbook2.2-es_ES from 2.0-es_ES18:38
Auge^now i can speak spanish fluently... =) mh... no, i can't speak spanish. =)18:39
sepenI great dificults with english, but I stay here18:41
*** selfish-ape has joined #crux18:41
Han ^have18:42
*** sepen is now known as se18:44
*** se is now known as sepen18:44
*** sepen is now known as is18:45
*** is is now known as sepen18:46
* sepen is going to bed, later!18:46
Auge^is "pkgrm openoffice" a good solution?18:47
Auge^hrmpf. someone have to die!!!18:51
Auge^ahhhhh... it works... but the point in menu is missing... :/18:52
*** entreprenerd has joined #crux18:52
jdolantilman, sorry, i didn't realize the presence of my bot bothered you ;)19:16
jdolani had him join a few weeks ago for ..something, i don't recall.19:16
jdolanjust had a nippy ride home on one of these:
selfish-apehey crux19:18
selfish-apeso hey19:18
selfish-apeif you upgrade19:18
selfish-apein crux19:18
selfish-apeare u left with files all around your filesystem?19:18
HanYou mix up the spacebar and the returnbutton.19:18
jdolanplease speak in sentences.  no need to flood.19:18
jdolandefine "files all around your filesystem"19:19
HanAnd the answer to your question is: no.19:19
selfish-apeso when you remove a package under crux it is gone, rather than leaveing bits around the fs, this seems to be the concern of one boss of mine and som soft of justification in using redhat linux, a hunk of shit I would love to blow to kingdom come19:27
jdolancrux has a simple (almost primative) package management system.19:33
jdolansoftware installed through the package management system is kept track of.19:34
HanAnd simple initscripts.19:34
jdolanyou can cleanly uninstall things, and the installation does not leave any "junk" (read: build) files laying around.19:34
HanMost packagemanagers keep configfiles around. Unless you specify to remove them as well.19:35
HanAt least dpkg can do that.19:35
*** jmvr has joined #crux19:36
selfish-apeso its a clean system?19:47
selfish-apeso why do people have pacman and rpm and apt-get?19:47
bd2selfish-ape, it's better to try things instead of asking about it, um?19:48
bd2or at least to read the docs before trying and then asking19:49
selfish-apeno its worse19:51
bd2I see.19:53
selfish-apewhy did crux do it this way instead of usign rpm or pacman?20:04
selfish-apethe question that drives us20:04
selfish-apewhy why hwy20:04
rehabdollpackages are the works of the devil20:04
rehabdollthats why20:04
*** selfish-ape has left #crux20:04
* rehabdoll owns the trolls20:05
*** Cheikh has joined #crux20:21
*** mrks_ has joined #crux20:23
*** mrks has quit IRC20:38
nipuLdidnt i read somewher about rss feeds for commits?21:15
nipuLnevermind, found the opml feed21:16
*** RyoS has quit IRC21:22
*** RyoS has joined #crux21:22
Hanpackages are the root of all evil ;-D21:25
nipuLi thought women were21:33
nipuLit's been mathematically proven21:33
*** laod_ has quit IRC21:39
Hanwomen are people too21:40
Hanget used to it21:40
*** laod_ has joined #crux21:44
nipuLyes, evil people :)21:46
*** thrice` has joined #crux21:56
*** will has joined #crux22:35
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux22:37
willWhat user does cron run as?22:49
Cheikhdo we have a howto setup xorg22:53
*** Cheikh has quit IRC22:57
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
prologicrehabdoll, well no footprint mismatch here, but I'll re-check :) been a while since I've used vmware23:31
prologicjaeger, ahh that's great :)23:31
jaegerthe current nuvexport requires 0.20, wish the author would version things more clearly23:49
jaegerdon't know if nuvexport 0.3 is what I'd need or one of the many snapshots23:49

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