IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-10-25

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pitillohi Romster, do you have a link to your script?02:42
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Romsternot yet i had a sleep and now messing with it again, i'll pastebin it, it works so if you know basic bash you'll be ok02:45 can not be found ???02:47
pitillouse another... for example02:48
Romsteryeah i'em but the fact that its not there...02:50
pitillointeresting the option != system, using the cdrom. I made the sript for that, but remade it manually because it didn´t work correctly. I prefer to use the cd iso to test own ports deps.02:59
pitilloI will eat something and think a bit later. :)03:00
Romsterpitillo, idea is to use the current updated system but it'll be clean.03:04
Romsteras the core is from the cd + updates03:04
Romsterit needs more work done to it but it works.03:04
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pitillotrue, understand the meaning and is usefull that. Need to read it better and then test it. With mine, I have problems with db. When installing my ports the scripts see all my ports of my current system, instead of see only core/opt .03:33
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pitillowhat is the meaning of this? cd='/home/*/crux-2.2'03:44
Romsterwell it'll look for the cd image in /home/*/crux-2.2.iso :)03:51
Romsterwhich could be /home/pitillo/crux-2.2.iso or /home/romster/crux-2.2.iso03:52
Romsterits a half baked part of the bash script03:52
Romsterwhich will get improved apon.03:52
pitillobut isn´t used at the moment, no?03:53
Romsterbecasue its set to 'system'03:53
pitillowell, understand it. :)03:53
Romsterits a work in progress :)03:54
Romsteri only spent a few hours on it yesterday03:54
Romsterand i'm no bash expert yet.03:55
pitillowell, I´m not too. But can be interesting to remake it, IMO. Mine made yesterday was very poor compared with your script.03:56
pitilloand what about the last soft links? (distfiles and packages) are you copying from your current system to the chrooted enviromet?03:59
Romsteri'm working on it more now, so its useable to test ports with03:59
Romsteryes atm i'em03:59
Romsteralthough i'm not sure on packages04:00
Romsteras some should be rebuilt in the clean chroot04:00
Romsterthats another area i need to work on04:01
Romstersure beats the old copy i was using that took forever04:01
Romsterwith a few GB of files04:01
pitillonot sure about that. I prefer to use the ports/pakages from cd by now to test my ports over a "fresh install" and make sure the dependencies are "well"04:04
Romsterpitillo, hence why i'm making the scrpt with options, system or cd :)04:05
pitilloyeah, but the last part of script will affect both.04:06
Romsterhmm, good point04:07
Romsterso it should copy files from the cd not the system in that case04:07
Romsteri'll make functions and fix that without duplicationg code04:08
Romsterpitillo, wanna work on this with me?04:08
Romstersince your interesed jsut as much as i'em04:08
pitillosure, but mmy knowledge is limited like i said04:09
Romsterso is mine :)04:09
Romsterany ideas etc is good enougth04:09
Romsterso far its working good on my pc but its not very portable yet.04:11
pitilloI need a break at work to test it at home04:11
Romsteri need to make it more generic example use settings for paths out of pkgmk.conf04:12
Romsterpitillo, you may need to edit it a bt in its current state04:13
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richi_authi, could you tell me, why libstdc++-compat is needed (i couldn't find it in lfs)?04:14
Romsterits old librarys to allow old binary programs to run04:14
Romstercompatability for older gcc compiled binarys04:14
richi_autahh, ok, thanks04:15
Romsterif i'm worng soemone will correct me04:15
richi_autand the linux-headers mentioned in lfs don't show up in crux. do you know the reason?04:15
Romsterafaik we use headers from fedoria or wahtever that distro is named,04:16
Romsterwe don't use the ones in the kernel yet04:17
Romsteri wouldn't mind testing them out actually04:17
richi_autbut it seems that they are for 2.6.12, or something like that (i read one post where someone reported, that they would work for newer kernels, too)04:18
Romsterprobbly that old04:19
Romsterrichi_aut, crux is a small distro too, mainly just core ports then you add on top of that04:20
Romsterif you really want to be brave you can also remove some core ports too04:20
richi_autmaybe i'll try (got a long weekend ;) )04:21
Romsterheh i gotta work this weekend.04:25
Romsteri've never tryed to generate kernel headers04:25
pitillowell, added a header to use functions... (not tested, anly writed a bit)04:46
pitillos/anly/only ...04:47
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Romsteryeah simaler to that04:58
Romsteri hate this "Too many levels of symbolic links" error grrz04:58
* Romster gets a coffee04:59
pitilloredo it removing install_type and checking mount point. Do you know how to be in true that if $2 isn´t used shows help? $2 refer to the second parameter when using the image option.05:03
pitillos/that if/ when05:04
pitilloI need to read more bash scripts examples, sorry.05:05
pitilloummm what about this?  if [ i = i ]; then... can be removed by now. I can suppose that is thinked to install all ports instead of $toolchains´s ports05:14
Romsteryeah i gotta fix that05:32
Romsterand i can do the prams part i got that covered.05:32
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pitilloRomster, if [ $p != `grep -o $p "$toolchain"` ]; then06:14
pitilloNeed to be added -o option to match only the port I think06:14
pitillouploaded the changes...06:17
pitillonot tested, sorry.06:18
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Romsterpitillo, ah neat06:51
Romsteri was looking into bash more for that not into grep06:51
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* copwork buys an i07:47
rantoloobsoleted, sorry07:47
rantoloI'm having probs with the svn core/opt port repositories, am I missing something?07:48
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rantoloHan, can you help me tracing what I am missing?07:49
rantoloriccardo@crucio:/var/tmp> svn co
rantolosvn: richiesta PROPFIND fallita su '/svn/crux-2.2/ports/core'07:50
rantolosvn: PROPFIND di '/svn/crux-2.2/ports/core': 405 Method Not Allowed (
tilmansee the crux-devel ml07:52
rantolotilman, tnx07:52
tilmansvn isn't available any more07:52
rantolotoo bad07:53
HanBeats me, but maybe someone else knows how to fix it.07:54
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rantolotilman, the only svn thread I found on crux-devel is about contrib repo project (sep06)08:03
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Romsterpitillo, still about?08:20
RomsterHan, its git now.08:21
Romsterrantolo, don't you want to use rsync?08:21
Romsterouch infinity loop08:22
tilmanjaeger \o/08:24
jaegerRomster: what are you trying to accomplish with your script? If it's a clean set of packages you're after you could use the official makefile08:24
tilmanrantolo: maybe it's on the crux ml? i don't know.08:24
Romsterjaeger, nearly got it sorted its a chroot script, which will either use a iso or the current ports system thats installed.08:25
jaegertilman: yay, shark!08:25
jaegerRomster: have any project in mind for it? Or just sandboxing?08:26
Romsterjust sandboxing atm, but i think i'll make it as a program i've given it arguments now.08:29
Romstertesting ports is the intended pourpose, but it could be useful for other things like tool chain building etc.08:30
jaegerI use a chroot to build updated livecds08:31
Romsterthis is what i have so far08:37
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jaegerlooks interesting08:41
Romsteryeah figuring what to add etc is the problem and i hate the too many nested symlinks problem i got too08:42
Romsteri need to use paths out of pkgmk.conf yet too08:42
Romsteri'm also thinking it can be setup todo a automatic rebuild of ports apon system changes (ex new core port versions) to see if nothing is broken.08:44
Romsterand this be easy to find all the dependencys for a given port too.08:45
Romsterif you got any ideas let me know.08:45
jaegerno ideas but I'll keep it in mind08:52
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j^2hey all08:53
pitilloRomster, did you modified it?08:54
pitilloyes reading :)08:55
Romsterdebuging some stuff still08:55
Romsterit needs a name too, i cna't think of a good one08:56
Romsterah another bug fixed, slowly getting there.08:59
Romsterunderstand it so far pitillo?09:03
Romsterhow do i get around this i've done 'umount .../dev09:14
Romsterrm: cannot remove directory `/crux-2.2//dev/pts': Device or resource busy09:14
Romstersudo rm -r /crux-2.2/09:15
jaegerumount /crux-2.2/dev/pts ?09:16
Romstertryed that09:16
jaegerand it failed?09:17
Romsterumount: /crux-2.2/dev/pts: not mounted09:17
jaegertry lsof, find out what's being used in there and what's using it09:18
Romsteri got a feeling i've moved my main one from /dev/pts to /crux-2.2/dev/pts09:18
Romsterhmm haven't got lsof installed. doing that now09:19
Romsteri have nothing in /dev/pts/ nor /crux-2.2/dev/pts/09:23
tilmanmounting devpts might be a good idea09:23
Romsteryeah i think so09:24
Romstersudo mount --bind /dev /09:24
Romsterand still nothing09:24
* Romster scratches my head09:24
Romsteri'm only just understanding the inter workings09:24
jaegermount -t devpts devpts /dev/pts09:24
Romsterah thats better09:25
Romstersh-3.1$ sudo umount /crux-2.2/dev/pts09:27
Romsterumount: /crux-2.2/dev/pts: not mounted09:27
Romstersh-3.1$ sudo rm -r /crux-2.2/09:27
Romsterrm: cannot remove directory `/crux-2.2//dev/pts': Device or resource busy09:27
Romsteri don't get it and lsof isn't saying anything.09:27
jaegerany process running in the chroot that might use it?09:27
Romsternow i can't get any ptys...09:29
Romsterand i closed konsole, how lovely09:29
Romsterbugered if i know, there shouldn't be09:30
Romsterlast time i got this i had to reboot09:30
Romsterarg no mouse now lol09:31
Romsteri did udevtriger too09:32
Romsteri can't do anything but reboot now switched to pty2 and i can't even login09:32
Romstermeh rebooting i can't think of anyway out of this unless i can exit xorg and get thigns running then restat xorg09:33
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jjpkday two, and the same continues. :p09:38
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jjpkI also keep having that issue with udev, that is if I run start_udev again, for instance after an update.09:39
jjpkWill look at it later on, right now these so-called group projects are driving me mad.09:47
jaegerstart_udev should only be run once, at boot09:48
jdolan_hm, pkgutils-c huh09:48
jaegerudevtrigger and udevsettle afterwards09:49
jdolan_kinda interested in checking it out.09:49
jjpkjaeger: no wonder then.09:50
jjpkThanks for the tip.09:50
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Romsterhopefully i won't be doing that too oftern09:54
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Romsterdamn battery rechargger i tested uit out to be greeted with alot of fireworks09:57
Romsterblown choper transistor shorting to case, looks like nothing else is damanged. i'll need to make a order for transistors later, right now i'm thinking about dinner09:58
Romsterand yes its 1am here09:59
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rantoloRomster, about svn vs rsync repos: svn repos look to me as the best way for easily maintaining customized core/opt ports10:02
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Romsteryeah was, there moving to git now10:06
rantoloso that's a migration. Must find the announcement on ml...10:10
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Romsterhacking docomentry on tv i'm watching10:52
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tilmanRyoS: did your fix your problem?11:04
RyoSnot really ^^'11:05
RyoSwell, i am on it now, maybe it works now :)11:06
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RyoStilman: i get a lot of invalid cache file errors when i install fonts or run fc-cache, maybe thats the problem? but i have no clue how to fix it12:01
RyoSand there is nothing to rejmerge12:01
tilmancool, just wanted to yell "STFW"12:01
tilmanRyoS: dunno, make sure your fontconfig config is sane12:02
tilman(pkgrm fontconfig && prt-get install fontconfig if you're desperate :D)12:02
RyoSi did that too ^^'12:02
RyoSand the config (which i didnt edit by hand) looks sane to me12:02
tilmanwell, no idea then12:03
tilmantry #xorg if you're sure it's not a layer 8 problem12:03
RyoSwill do that if i really cant find anything :) thanks12:03
j^2hey when i try to sudo, i get a broken pipe error what can cause that?12:06
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HanYou put too much weed in your pipe12:16
Hanj^2, describe your problem as careful as possible.12:19
j^2i try to sudo vi /etc/rc.conf and i get Brokenpipe12:21
j^2Broken pipe12:21
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pitilloj^2, shows dmesg something interesting?12:24
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* Romster yawns12:26
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Roomsterheh 'the who'14:04
Roomstererm wrong channel14:04
RyoSanyone ever had the problem that /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.dir was an empty file?14:14
j^2RyoS, do you have fontconfig installled?14:15
j^2i think that happened to me once because of thath14:15
tilmanmisc/ doesn't contain TTFs14:15
tilmanfontconfig only cares about TTFs14:15
j^2it was *font* something14:15
RyoSwell, fonts.dir is created by mkfontdir right? which is from xorg14:16
RyoSand its supposed to be empty?14:16
RyoSso why is it empty for me <.<14:16
RyoSit makes me want to break my broom and eat it14:16
tilmanif it was supposed to be empty, i wouldn't have set up /usr/ports/x11r7/xorg-font-misc-misc/post-install the way i did14:17
RyoSwell it creates empty files for me14:17
RyoSit does that too for 75dpi and 100dpi fonts14:17
RyoSis there some way i can generate that file by hand..?14:19
tilmanstrace the fucking thing14:20
j^2tilman, relax ;)14:20
tilmani'm tired of hearing of stupid issues with x14:20
RyoSthats the way life goes14:20
tilmannext time i'll just tell everyone to bug upstream14:20
RyoSits not that i would say thanks in the end -.-14:21
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tilmanstrace -o put-teh-strace-there  /usr/bin/mkfontscale -b -s -l /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc14:26
tilmanupload the gzipped strace log14:26
rehabdollby the way, whats up with ?14:28
tilmanit was obsoleted by ;D14:31
tilmanRyoS: that directory _DOES_ contain font files, right?14:34
RyoShere is the strace outputfile for you14:35
tilmanseems the file shouldn't be empty14:37
tilmanit should contain "0\n" :)14:37
tilman(which means it has no font entries ;D)14:37
RyoSthere are tons of pcf.gz files14:38
tilmanRyoS: get me ssh access to your box and i'll debug it14:38
tilmannot today though14:39
RyoSsure thing14:39
RyoSi will try to fix it meanwhile :)14:39
tilmanif you basic (even very) basic c knowledge, you can take mkfont_scale_14:40
tilmanand put some printfs in the code14:40
tilmanspecifically the "doDirectory" functino14:40
RyoSmy c is more than basic14:40
tilmanMEH than why don't you debug it properly?14:40
RyoSi mean german meant more than14:41
tilmani typo'd than/then14:41
RyoSits more like i can say printf("hello world"); which may be wrong too14:41
tilmani corrected myself, not you :)14:41
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tilmanRyoS: okay, i'd say that's pretty basic ;)14:42
tilmanor i could prepare a diff for you14:42
RyoSi hope you like diebels? ;)14:42
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tilmanRyoS: maybe this can get you started:14:48
RyoSalright thanks :)14:48
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RyoStilman: compilation gives me now error in line 874, undeclared identifier `xfld_name`14:58
tilmantype it correctly then14:58
RyoSno idea whats wrong actually?15:00
RyoSi see nothing different to other fprintf expressions15:00
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tilmanthe variable isn't called xfld_name15:03
tilmanit's a typo15:03
tilmanxlfd_name is the correct one15:04
RyoSai, thanks15:04
* RyoS should really learn more c :/15:05
RyoSwhat should it say now?15:05
tilmanit will print crappy progress messages to stderr15:05
tilmanif you run it15:05
RyoSit checks many files, prints a 0 after it and in a new line it says rc? 015:06
tilmandid you give the -b option to mkfontscale?15:06
RyoSnope, sorry15:06
RyoSprints 1 after the checks15:07
RyoSnow fonts.scale contains a 015:07
tilmancat /usr/bin/mkfontdir15:07
tilmanuse the same command line switches that are written down there!15:07
RyoSsame result15:09
* treach thanks $DIETY for "user.js", and curses the "usability-pussies" who appears to have infiltrated mozilla.15:09
tilmanRyoS: lies! it will write fonts.dir!15:10
RyoSit does that before! but its empty15:10
RyoSwell, contains one 015:11
RyoSthats all..15:11
tilmanbefore it wrote fonts.scale15:11
tilmanwhat about the frigging 'rc' flag?15:11
tilmanin the output15:11
tilmandoes it ever reach the xlfd_name output?15:11
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RyoSdont know? it just checks these files/fonts, prints this rc thing after it and thats it15:13
tilmanso the answer is NO obviously15:13
tilmancause if it, you'd see it15:13
RyoSwhat could cause that..?15:14
tilmanseems like your installation of freetype cannot deal with pcf fonts15:14
RyoSi try to rebuild it15:15
RyoSi think i use the freetype port which is in opt..15:16
tilmanprintf ("new face? %i\n", ftrc);15:17
tilmanbelow the line that says "ftrc = ft_new_face..."15:17
tilmanto make sure this is actually the problem15:17
tilman(22:17) <@   tilman> below the line that says "ftrc = ft_new_face..."15:17
RyoScould you provide me the line? please15:19
tilman+/- 2 ;)15:20
RyoSty :)15:20
RyoSadds some new face lines :P15:24
RyoSfonts.scale still contains just a 015:25
RyoSit says new face? 2 to be exact15:25
tilmanbecause "0 means success"15:25
tilmanaccording to the freetype headers15:25
tilmanso your freetype sucks ass15:26
tilmanfind out why it doesn't want to open pcf files15:26
RyoSalright, thanks15:26
tilmani should probably fix mkfontscale to give a meaningful error in that case15:27
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RyoSi dont get what freetype wants from me :/15:37
RyoStilman: i dont find the 'bug', i will go to bed now, and contact you tomorrow if its alright?15:52
RyoSalright, good night :) and thanks for the help15:53
tilmannp, night15:53
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_mavrick61Any one else who can't install/download screen pkg? I have been so for 2 days now.18:05
jaegerjust have to get the source from another mirror18:06
_mavrick61I can't find a mirror. Checked through freshmeat.18:07
jaegergoogle for the filename, usually comes up with a few18:08
_mavrick61I'll try that too again.. No success before.. All pointing to the borken FTP site..18:09
_mavrick61Make this search.. screen-4.0.3.tar.gz Bad luck...18:12
_mavrick61Noramlly there is a lot of nirrors... But in this case it seem to be big problem...18:13
jaegerstill too new, perhaps18:15
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seekwillWow, we have 1.1 and 1.3 workstations around...18:27
_mavrick61It might be soo...18:29
_mavrick61By the way.. I just come home from Stockholm, it seem we will get lest 100 Mbs to our system. So we can soon move everything to the Crux server.18:30
_mavrick61Internel backbone is now on Gigabit...18:30
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seekwillI need to setup a RAID1 on IDE/ATA drives. Is it better to use something like one of those external IDE controllers with RAID (I think Promise makes one) or have Linux do it?19:29
jaegergenerally better to let hardware do the raid if you can19:30
jaegerthey have nice features like battery-backed cache, etc.19:30
jaegerand linux sees it only as a regular disc and doesn't have to do extra work19:31
jaegermore or less19:31
treach...provided that you don't use those cheap integrated "raid" controllers featured on a lot of mainboards these days..19:32
seekwillThat's what I figured, but it's only mirroring. Should be 'easy' for Linux to do... I've never used the cheap integrated "RAID" controllers, nor ATA RAIDs.19:32
treachgood deal :-)19:33
seekwillIt's to mirror a backup drive. Storing backup files there before we burn to DVD.19:33
jaegerprobably fine19:33
copworkI once had a promise fastrak onboard controller19:35
seekwillDid it work welL?19:35
* treach has a SiI3112A :-(19:36
copworkno, I basically had to use a software raid19:36
* nipuL uses gvinum19:36
copworkyou were right with stay away from onboard shit19:36
treachyeah, I just use it as a normal controller.19:37
seekwillSo I'm better off going software RAID huh?19:37
treachtoo bad most OS's can't make decent use of it anyway. :-(19:37
copworkif you find a nice priced hardware solution19:37
copworkthat has linux support go for it19:38
nipuLimho hardare is overkill unless your system is enterprise19:38
treachsw raid doesn't use that much cpu, and you won't be tied to any specific hw.19:38
copworkbut the ram and battery that jaeger mentioned19:38
copworkmakes those cards expensive19:38
copworknipuL is right19:38
copworkdepends on what you use it for19:38
copworka software raid for mirroring purposes is good19:39
copworki had to install the os on the software raid19:39
seekwillBasically, at night, this computer uses backup2L to make diff backups. Then in the morning I burn to CD or DVD. So trying not to spend too much as long as if it works.19:39
treachsounds like hw would be a bit over the top.19:41
copworkgo software19:42
jaegertoo expensive in this case19:43
seekwillWell, those IDE RAID cards are pretty cheap hehe. But yeah, thanks.20:00
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nipuLnot at cheap as a few cpu cycles, but it's your money :)20:18
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seekwillnipuL: It's a Celeron366. I have WAY too much CPU cycles. It's only doing DHCP serving, DNS caching, some light PHP/MySQL work, backups of 4GB nightly, some ImageMagick magic, etc. It all fits in 96MB of RAM too.22:15
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Romsterfirefox 2.0 fails to compile
jaegerhaven't seen that one before22:38
seekwillAt what point does fstab get read? I like to init the raid, so fstab can mount it. Or maybe that's not a good idea...22:42
jaegerhave a look in /etc/rc, you can see the order of things there22:43
seekwillAh, interesting.22:46
seekwillThanks. Have to do it before the -o22:47
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Romsteralso whats up with mplayer files the md5sums are on the site but not the archives22:49
jaegernot sure what they did22:49
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jaegerit's annoying, though22:49
Romsteri got a previous version but, geez thats anoying..22:50
Romsterthey must of stuffed up something.22:50
jaegerlooks like it's on some of the other mirrors, just got removed from www322:51
Romsterhmm i'm gonna have ago at compiling firefox using the system stuff.22:51
jaegertry www122:51
Romsterand guess where the Pkgfile points to :P22:51
jaegerI know where the Pkgfile points, I wrote it22:52
jaegerAnd it worked, at the time :)22:52
Romsterthats better.22:53
Romsterdidn't know they had more mirrors22:53
Romstermust implment that mirror idea for pkgmk22:53
seekwilljaeger: Perfect! Thanks!22:54
jaegerthey manage to keep about 6 running most times but they're bad at syncing up their contents22:54
Romsterseekwill, just before mount -o ? in rc22:54
seekwillRomster: Yeah.22:54
Romsteryeah i see that, this is the first sync problem i've seen though22:55
jaegerseekwill: good deal22:55
Romstersourceforge is bad for mirrors keeping sync22:55
jaegerRomster: if we still had the cvs logs you could see how many times I had to commit a retarded mplayer mirror change22:55
jaegerit was a bunch22:55
Romsterseekwill, software or hardware, i'm interested in a raid later on, a howto be nice22:55
seekwillRomster: Software for RAID1. It's so easy!22:56
seekwillI used
Romsterjaeger, hence more reason to add a mirrors=() string to Pkgfiles and edit :P22:56
jaegerI'm running software raid1 on a server at work, been very solid so far22:56
Romsteri have a idea i want to try out22:56
seekwillRomster: But make sure you enable RAID support in the kernel! (I forgot and was stuck on that for a while heh)22:56
Romsterneat, what app?22:57
Romsterseekwill, lol22:57
Romsterits normally on by default22:57
seekwillIt is?22:57
Romsteri disabled it as i have no need for it atm22:57
seekwillMine wasn't.22:57
Romsterthats odd22:58
Romsterjaeger, any idea on that missing file in firefox?22:58
jaegerRomster: haven't run into that one, myself. have the file, too. /usr/include/firefox/system_wrappers/new.h22:59
Romsterwhy don't you have ./configure --prefix=/usr ?22:59
Romsterwho the hell does firefox ever install on other distros with the way the Pkgfile is.23:02
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